Monday, December 6, 2010

"When Healing Meets Marketing"

I got this article in my inbox today from Jon Rappoport, investigating journalist.  Jon Rappoport -- When Healing Meets Marketing  There are a couple of things in this report which are pertinent to my discussions of Versed, forced medical treatment, the arrogance of our supreme beings called medical workers etc.  This is a frightening take on the future of medicine.  However, in some ways the future is here already, as those of us who have been chemically forced into obedience with Versed,  without consent.  I have chosen a couple of sentences from Jon's report to show below.

"In case you've been living in a cave for the last 30 years, drug companies and their researchers can invent any vague disease label they want to—and then they can invent five or six sub-categories of the label—and they can set out rules on how to diagnose each sliver of the label—and of course the doctors will make these diagnoses and prescribe drugs. It's marketing and “healing” at the same time."  In my case and many others the diagnosis was either "anxiety" (whether or not the patient themselves felt this anxiety or knew about this diagnosis) or it was "agitation" which vague diagnosis includes those patients who declined medical care or were a little slow to obey their masters.   This automatically makes us a "candidate" for the brain poison named Versed!  They don't even have to tell the patient what the diagnosis is (in their opinion) OR get consent for giving this drug.  I feel that they know that most would refuse amnesia and abject humiliation that this drug causes, but these medical workers feel justified.  "It's for your own good!" they parrot.  "Everybody NEEDS this medication!"  "I don't have the TIME to follow the law and get informed consent, besides patients are so stupid that they can't understand it anyway."  These are the actual words from medical people justifying their assault on patients.  The law is slanted in their favor because "they were only trying to help."  "Healing" my patooty!

"A little thing called individual freedom. Which includes the right to refuse medical treatment, no matter who prescribes it under what regulations.
People imagine that this right is some arcane matter best debated in medical-ethics journals. It's an obscure curio.
They couldn't be more wrong."  This is where the rubber meets the road.  I and all the rest of us who have been damaged by the unauthorized use of a psychotropic drug weren't told of the split second diagnosis of "anxiety" or "agitation" so that we could rebut the findings.  We weren't given any options or an informed consent, we were simply stealthily injected with Versed.  Then we were subjected to more intrusive treatments than we had consented to.  We don't have individual freedom already as regards to medical treatment, or we would never have received this drug in the first place.  Res Ipsa Loquitor. 

"As I've been writing, the ObamaCare plan contains the seeds of a future in which, by law, the citizen will have less freedom to determine his own medical fate. The walls will gradually close in.
The Founders knew what they were talking about when they warned of the incursion of government and the loss of freedom. At every crossroad, since then, the issue of freedom has resurfaced as the unavoidable key factor.
Well, we're at one of those crossroads again."  I have talked about this exact thing in other posts.  We have no more freedom if the medical community is allowed to dictate what we shall have done to us.  We already have tort reform and a singular lack of oversight for medical personnel as I've said before.  We are all slaves of the system.  They steal money away from me in order to facilitate my enslavement.  As bad as the drug Versed IS, just think of what other freedoms can be stolen once it is established that an individuals health is government business. 

No more overweight people or you will be taxed and denied services.  No more smoking, drinking or any drugs or homeopathic remedies except the ones from the FDA whackos.  Motorcycles banned, horseback riding, bicycles, skateboards, skydiving, swimming, loud music, snowmobiling, boating, home grown apples,  etc. all too dangerous for slaves to indulge in.  You must remember that you are a member of society and as such must not indulge in risky behavior which could cost society (government) any money.  The "greater good" thing.  Oh yeah and if they can save just one life it is all worth it.  Unless you are old or disabled and your benefit to society is negligible, in THEIR opinion.  Think about the consequences to your freedom from officials that feel that "saving one life" is an admirable goal at any and all costs.  (except health care costs)

Since Versed is a mental drug, imagine all the new and different diagnoses that we will be forced to accept, just to justify and facilitate the use of Versed!  It boggles the mind.  Any excuse will do because medical people love this drug.  The 10% of us who have had a really bad reaction to it don't matter now and will matter less once the government owns our body and brain through the mis-named "health care reform" bill. 

Versed is used to 1) Maximize profit for the medical center.  2) Minimize health care workers duties.  Sorry guys but patient comfort isn't a part of this, and you people know it.  You can reserve the right to refuse treatment if I don't go along with the program, but *I* want to retain my right to put restraints on my medical treatment starting with the absolutely unnecessary and costly Versed "sedation."

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