Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Good News" or "My Hero"

This is one of my older posts on this site;Anesthesiology: Versed, date rape drug, criminal consequences  since you probably already know my story I will cut to the answer from MY HERO!!!!!

Answer (from JM Starkman MD)I've addressed the Versed controversy in some previous postings.  The good news is that this drug is now sold as a generic so it is no longer making any money for big pharma (as to what the pharmaceutical industry is often referred);  pressure to buy and utilize the drug is therefore OFF and I think you'll see it drop by the wayside like Halcion, a similar drug, did.  I pray that this is true!!!  Isn't it terrible that "big pharma" can cause patients to be mishandled, abused and tortured just for monetary gain?  I think that the medical practitioners are going to be loathe to give up the "cooperative" patient and the amnesia.  It's too much work to have to deal with patient's minds, when all they want to do is work on the body...  I have another post on this topic in this month's diatribes.

Please note that I'm not a legal expert.... It seems to me that if anyone "admitted they [gave you] Versed against your will" they have committed a battery to which there may be civil and criminal consequences.
Ah contraire mon frere (that's French I think) there is nothing to stop these people which I found out the hard way.  No recourse whatsoever, which boys and girls, is EXACTLY why I was treated like this in the first place. 

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