Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Psychiatrists have long known that Benzodiazipenes can cause brain damage."

Brain Damage from Benzodiazepines: The Troubling Facts, Risks, and History of Minor Tranquilizers | Psychology Today

Quote from above article;  "David Knott, a physician at the University of Tennessee, voiced strong concern about short-term memory loss among such patients, warning: "I am very convinced that Valium, Librium and other drugs of that class cause damage to the brain. I have seen damage to the cerebral cortex that I believe is due to the use of these drugs, and I am beginning to wonder if the damage is permanent" (qtd. in Whitaker 137)."  This was from 1975!  It is my belief that studies are not initiated because of 2 reasons.  The MONEY (always follow the money) to be made by destroying people's minds and in the case of Versed/Midazolam, the patient control, malpractice deterrent properties of amnesia, and the ease of working on people whose minds are detached.

Everybody in the medical field should be required to read this article.  How much more damaging are IV Benzos in strengths where 2 mls causes Alzheimer's like symptoms?  All you CRNA's who routinely smash into patients' brains with this evil poison, should think about somebody besides yourself before deliberately damaging your patients.  Recent studies...  My pattooty!  I've been complaining for 4 years.  Others have been complaining for a lot longer than that!  Since at least 1975 doctors who care about their patients have been sounding an alarm!  Here's your "empirical" evidence!  Here's the result of "scientific" studies, not just our personal experiences with the absolute nightmare that Versed/Midazolam is!  Stop screeching "anecdotal evidence" and stop being so lazy and selfish medical people.  We pay you far more than you are worth and enough to make you take care of US instead of coddling yourselves.

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