Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some Mid Level Providers "Get It!"

It's not always bad news in the "War On Drugs." (specifically Versed) From time to time I run across one of those "mid level providers" whom I generally bash, that actually gets it! Here is a post from the Hospital Soup people's comments;

Mary says:

"It’s tragic that some gastor docs “insist” on the dangerous and mind-numbing conscious sedation for a simple colonoscopy………….this exam is easily done without amnesia drugs by a caring practitioner…………sign a consent for “TITRATED” VERSED AND YOU WILL HAVE A CHEMICAL LOBOTOMY…….sorry, I’m an advance practice nurse (NP) and can’t stand hearing from patients who were abused by “conscious sedation”. If you need sedation, get propofol from an anesthesiologist, not a CRNA ( a nurse with less than 2 years additional training)………………………I’m sorry that I have referred patients for colonoscopy; it should be done carefully and unsedated; it’s not, its a rush and to heck with the patient……..sorry, I have to tell the truth………."

Thanks Mary!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. "Discussions"

I snapped up the post I'm discussing from the comments in here somewhere. Colonoscopy Sedation Medications

Here it is.

Jean says:

I’m sorry but I think the necessity of screening colonoscopies for the general public is overblown. (emphasis mine) I understand Katie Couric’s concern but her husband died of colon cancer when he was still in his 40s, so more than likely he was at a higher than normal risk for developing the disease. They recommend EVERYONE get this test at age 50. I still think it would make more sense and probably save people a lot of anxiety if they took a more conservative approach. I read just the other day about a new DNA stool test that is highly accurate at predicting pre cancerous lesions (even smaller than most polyps) and that test if approved would cost only $300.00. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use something like that to identify only those truly needing the more expensive colonoscopy. Sometimes, sorry to say, I feel like it is all a big money making industry. I will be interested to see if the gastro industry embraces this new test or if they continue to recommend colonoscopy since, in their words, it is the “gold standard” in testing. Also, as evidenced here, so many people have negative experiences with it all. There just seems to be such a disparate way these exams are done from one doctor and facility to the next. You just never know what you are going to get unless you ask a million questions. And why, as patients/consumers should we have to ask? It all makes me a little angry, especially in my case when my doctor’s records show that she had a thorough discussion of the procedure and options with me during my office visit. I know I would have remembered that! It just didn’t happen. Only some vague statements as to the safety and importance of the exam; nothing specific. Not even a mention of what meds I would be given for sedation. (emphasis mine)I still get upset thinking about it and blame myself a little for not going in more informed, but it is a lesson hard learned. Never again! They will probably want to kick me out of the next doctor’s office for asking too many questions. Jean"

So here we have "Jean" who feels the same way I do about the necessity of getting a colonoscopy. If you are having problems, sure, but in the absence of a clinical diagnosis, this test is surely too dangerous (1 in 2000 will have an exam related problem) to just get for no apparent reason.

"Jean" also was subjected to the lying doctor claiming that there was a "thorough discussion of the procedure and options" during an office visit! Deja Vu! My doctor also claimed that we had "significant discussion" about my surgery! There was no real "discussion" of any kind about it, let alone anything that could even remotely be construed as "significant." Not only did my surgeon not respond to my demands for a nerve block and pain medication ONLY, he didn't even bother to tell me where the incision would be, what the TRUE rate of complication was, the common problem of needing yet more surgery, how much nerve damage I was likely to have, the months of rehab, etc. Nothing. He made the whole thing sound like there was nothing to it!

He also never told me that he would pawn me off on his PA, whom I assume did the surgery! Had I known that a PA was going to play doctor with me for real, I would NEVER have allowed it. What's the point of having a surgeon, if his PA is going to be my new doctor? I didn't choose to have a PA do my surgery. What kind of sick joke is it when your surgeon substitutes somebody without a doctor degree of any kind to do your surgery? I guess they just depend on Versed so that they can do this sort of thing without detection. Then they lie and say that you had all of this "discussion" about it. Amazing, especially in light of the fact that I hadn't had any Versed during this "significant discussion" in his office. I'll bet that Jean wasn't given Versed at HER doctors office either... So why can't either of us remember all this "discussion?" hint; Because it never happened.

What's the point of paying a surgeon, when he can't speak precisely about the ramifications of embarking on his own choice of remedy? My choice was NOT TO HAVE SEDATION AND G/A. If I had been told the true nature of the surgery, including the alternatives, and with a true recounting of the severe side effects, I wouldn't have had it! That's the real reason we aren't given anything like what the laws require for "informed" consent! So the doctor just PRETENDS that we had this all inclusive conversation, so that they can do the procedure and YOU won't say no!

I'll bet that Jean also paid this doctor for the (non existent) discussion at the "consultation" rate! This is also a rip off and a lie. "Consultation" my a$$! It's a quick office visit so that the doctor can con you into something...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

E-mail From A Versed Sufferer

"Happy New Year, Jackie:

I would not be late is we celebrated the Lunar New Year.

Cannot tell you how pleased I am to see your recent posts. People really don't know what a menace this drug poses for some of us in the hands of the self styled "professionals" that call themselves crna's.

My general attitude toward health care continues to decline. It is over a year since my versed horror experience, and I cannot go any where near the health center where they did this to me without my knowledge or consent. I am still so angry, and still having nightmares, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts. At least I do not cry and get uncontrollably freaked out as often. I have worked my ass off to try to heal from this awful experience. I'll share some thought later about that, if you can bear to be bored with them.

Sorry to be so brief (not like me!), but I am rooting for you! Hope all is well," (identifiers removed)

PS I am NEVER, EVER bored with my friends' stories. Obsession over Versed is probably the most common side effect of this drug. If you have ever been violently assaulted and felt the helplessness associated with such an attack, and relived it endlessly, wondering if there was something you could have done differently to avoid the situation, then you can get an inkling about what this drug Versed does to certain people.


I have drawn my own conclusions by observation of those of us that have had a bad experience with Versed. My conclusion is that the main indicator of severe Versed side effects is intelligence. I don't mean this as an insult to people with lower IQ's by any means! I am positive that there are other factors involved, it's just that the main one as *I* see it is intelligence. As a subset of bright people, those of us who have a mathematical bent have the most chance of bad "trip" with Versed and subsequent problems.

If you look through the sheer numbers of patients who have Versed induced problems all over the internet, pay close attention to those who are mathematical engineers of some type. That number is statistically impossible. Then add in those who have extremely analytical minds. Processing data mentally is a mark of intelligence... Pilots, upper management, even musicians who compose their own music are using math and analysis. These people have a high degree of Versed complications. Abnormally high.

As a truck driver, my subconscious brain constantly analyzes my speed, road conditions, the speed and spacing of all traffic surrounding me, the weight of my vehicle, (up to 120,000 lbs) my stopping distance, and where to go if the unthinkable happens around me. My brain tracks this stuff all the time and notes abnormalities in specific vehicles' driving patterns and road conditions. I KNOW where each vehicle should be at any given time because my brain has computed their speed, direction of travel, and consistency. I don't have to "think" about it as the computations are going on all the time without my conscious mind having to deal with it. If a vehicle suddenly appears where my subconscious says it should not be, I pay attention. I NEVER panic. This is an analytical mind at its best... Not to seem conceited! lol This is what Versed targeted.

*I* AM just a lowly truck driver, however my IQ has never been tested as in the normal range. It has always been MENSA high. My daughter's IQ is also abnormally high. IQ has been shown to be hereditary. As you can see that while IQ seems to have a correlation with engineers, not all people with high IQ are going to be engineers, so that a person's JOB is not the only way to perceive IQ or lack of it. It's just part of the criteria. Maybe the medical personnel should be asking about IQ and job choices. They should also pay attention to their perceptions about the patient. Even IF the person is a truck driver, it doesn't follow that this patient is STUPID! My crna should have been able to identify me as an intelligent person simply by talking to me... His lack of perception is a personality flaw, in my opinion, as shown by many others in his field as well.

If you have read some of the letters I've received and published on this blog from Versed sufferers, there is one thread which runs through them all. These are NOT STUPID PEOPLE! These are bright, articulate people who have had their brains damaged by Versed. They are also bright enough to perceive the damage, sort of like your computers' anti viral program. We have the ability to ponder our own brain, and to assess damage.

I watched a show about really good police investigators a while back. Apparently the best of them can recall information to an alarming degree. In my case it is almost like a computer screen in my head. Just like the best investigators say they have in THEIR head! I get the stored information in a format like a film reel. That's how the best detectives get it too! Not everybody can do this, according to the show. I had never considered this before watching the program, as it seems normal to me and I thought everybody had this ability. They don't. I've been asking people about this ability, especially those of my friends who have no problems with Versed. They don't do this with their memory. This is part of what Versed attempts to destroy.

It has taken me 6 years to get my film reels back in some sort of order after Versed wrecked my mind. I have ANXIETY over my inability to get my perfect recall back in its entirety. I never understood panic before, and now I have panic attacks over anything that MIGHT involve Versed. It's part of my new reality, an unwelcome part...

If you are reading this and you have a bright, analytical, mathematical brain, and/or are not prone to panic, do not allow ANYBODY, especially some arrogant little minion in a medical setting to give you this drug Versed. It will insult your brain and cause untold damage. Then when you correctly identify the poison that caused the damage, you will be further insulted by some little creep who can't hold a candle to your own brainpower. Hell, it seems that many (most?) of these medical people can't even learn from their own mistakes, because their little minds aren't CAPABLE of self examination. (This is also a conclusion *I* personally have come to by interacting with lots and lots of mid level medical providers. To an alarming degree, they have zero ability to second guess their own preconceived notions, especially about Versed!)


Friday, January 20, 2012


I got this video and article in my inbox... Health and Medical Pentagon to play mind games with soldiers These people just can't resist screwing with our minds!

Be On A Show?

Got this from a friend of mine;

Don't know if you've either watched the show The Doctors, but there are some upcoming shows titled "Are You Afraid to go to the Doctor? and "Do You Avoid the Doctor Out of Fear?

Click on "Be on the Show" and see other topics also. Not sure if they'd be interested in our traumatizing sedation experiences since they probably wouldn't want to scare anyone, but what about suggesting a segment on Informed Consent, and how the LACK of it can negatively effect a patient ? (Any other ideas ? )

They give very little time to most subjects, and sugarcoat everything, so although it may seem futile to even email them, if we direct them to websites such as Nomidazolam & VersedBusters, maybe their eyes will be open ?

(I like to think that some doctors out there who are simply ignorant about bad drugs)

Couldn't copy&paste for some reason :

Complain About Versed

PLEASE call and add your name and complaint about this drug! Here is the contact information: Headquarters for: Member Services, Health Research Group, Litigation Group and Communications Office 1600 20th Street NW Washington, D.C. 20009 (202) 588-1000 E-mail for the Ligation Department is

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Procedural Pain

I got this link; The Accidental Amazon » “This Might Hurt A Little” — Procedural Pain from a friend of mine.

Here is what my friend wrote to me in an e-mail...

"Also the writer of the article was surprised that the medical team ignored his pain, and showed no compassion towards him. Is this how they treat us when they think we won't remember it ? Scary.

I wonder how they would treat us if every procedure with conscious sedation was videotaped, and the patient was allowed to see the tape after it was over..."

What my friend is referring to is this statement, taken from the above link.

"...I woke up during an outpatient diagnostic procedure, began to feel stabbing abdominal pain, made the surgeon and clinical staff aware of this, and nothing was done about it. I was in a haze induced by the conscious-sedation cocktail I’d been given — Versed, Fentanyl, and, interestingly, Benadryl — so perhaps I was unable to articulate my symptoms as clearly as I might have. But still, I think saying, “That hurts!” and grimacing should have provided enough clues."

First of all, patients are almost ALWAYS awake while under the Versed, Fentanyl conscious sedation cocktail. You are CONSCIOUS as in conscious sedation. Not asleep or "out." Amnesia being what it is, it only SEEMS to you that you are out. Not the same thing by any stretch of the imagination. This explanation is so you understand what the writer of the above blog link was really experiencing. Their MEMORY began working again and they became aware of the torture. The staff was aware the whole time that the patient was experiencing pain... And chose to do nothing.

This patient WAS able to articulate their pain symptoms and probably had been making the medical team aware of this the entire time. THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT PATIENT PAIN! THAT'S the TRUTH about why this patient didn't get any treatment for pain. "Nothing was done" is the medical staff's PLAN when giving patients Versed. With Versed they can totally ignore patient pain because, according to staff, "the patient won't remember it anyway." The exception being those patients whose minds manage to struggle out of the drug induced amnesia. It is a matter of extreme indifference to medical workers and in fact, these people seem to be so inured to patient suffering, they don't even give a @#$% if you DO remember it. That's covered in their self righteous and sanctimonious "drugs work different on everybody."

This completely ignores the fact that if these drugs truly do work differently on everybody (which they do) then they themselves (medical workers) should be more diligent to PREVENT PAIN, knowing that their patient might be able to remember their torture. After all, complete amnesia is only their GOAL and they have no clue as to whether or not the patient will experience dense amnesia to hide the sadistic actions of the medical team.

Here's my e-mail response to my fellow Versed sufferer...

(Salutation removed for privacy), that IS how they treat you when you have amnesia. I didn't get amnesia, but I had no pain. I HEARD all the nasty things they said about me. I couldn't BELIEVE what I was hearing!!! I wondered what kind of house of horrors I was in where medical people talked like that RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PATIENT!!! I didn't know I was supposed to have amnesia. I wasn't even supposed to have sedation, so I was already pissed because OBVIOUSLY I had been drugged against my will. I just had no idea the depths of depravity my medical team had sunk to by using Versed.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Read Before You Decide

I don't like crna's. So you need to take whatever *I* say with a grain of salt. However, I invite you to read this site for yourself with an open mind. See if you don't join me in my dislike of these nurses as a group after you see how they act and what they think. It's astonishing to me that they would actually say the things they say and have this extreme attitude. Sorry but places like this reinforce my intense objection to these people. I think this kind of information can also cause prejudice in most of the public as well. See for yourself.

Pay attention to the posts from "Stanley." It's enlightening and frightening. Only 574 posts or so, so have fun.

CRNA vs MDA - Topix

Admissions At Last!

I found this post here; CRNA vs MDA - Topix

Aug 15, 2011
newtoeastcoast wrote: "Just transferred to the east coast and saw this thread. One simple way to end this problem is to include the credentials/status (or lack thereof) of the actual person/persons who will be performing the actual anesthesia right on the anesthesia consnet. 1. Your case will be done my a physician anesthesiologist. or 2. Your case will be done by an unsupervised nurse (crna). or 3. Your case will be done by a combo of the above, spelled out. Let the patient decide. Some people want a physician; others are o.k. with a nurse.

One simple way is to read the consent, pa's and first assists perform large parts of surgery this covered by the consent as" others that may be designated" or similar language." (emphasis mine)

If you have read this blog, you know that I retain deep suspicion that my surgeon did NOT perform my ORIF distal Radius surgery. (see below) One reason is that I never saw my surgeon prior to surgery. Where was he? His name appears variously as the assistant and sometimes as the surgeon. Another is the poorly performed surgery. My surgery started over an hour late, maybe the PA decided not to wait any longer? Is this why I was given Versed and g/a, so that I wouldn't know that an unidentified PA would do my surgery? The PA was listed as my attending surgeon in many places on the forms. (The hospital was cited for these irregularities!)

Here is an x-ray of the unprofessional installation of the implants in my arm. It's just the tip of the iceberg.

The post above seems to be proof that PA's and the like, with their 2 whole years of college are allowed to perform intricate surgery on hapless patients. I did NOT give permission for this PA person to perform any part of my surgery, however, just like the above poster says, there is clearly ambiguous language in my alleged "informed" consent. You can see the un-retouched alleged "informed consent" below. The hospital was cited for numerous violations in this uninformed informed consent as well. Anybody who thinks that this is fine needs a psych eval.

Here's the copy of my so-called informed consent. This is ALL of it. As in no additional info or pages to it. This is completely ILLEGAL! (look at the doctor's signature. It's not time stamped. Was he EVER there before or during surgery? Or does he just sign these after the fact? He wasn't anywhere that I saw at the time I signed this phony document. Yet there is his signature purporting to be present and able to answer all my questions...

PS, just so there is no confusion, see the little circle at number 3? That's as far as the nurse got. SHE made the marking. I asked her when the surgeon would get there to answer the rest of my concerns, which she brushed off, acting like he really would show up... See the little star she wrote where she had me sign? Like an idiot I trusted her, only to find out later that she had me sign knowing FULL WELL, that none of the rest of the required information was given... She also knew full well that the minute I signed this, I would be given Versed and the rest is history. DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY IN THE HEALTH CARE FIELD!

Health Care Costs (doctor blogging)

Here's the link;Our healthcare system is unfair and unbalanced I have talked about the extreme cost of healthcare AND the predatory pricing practices by medical treatment centers. Everybody already knows how I feel about doubling and tripling the cost of a simple procedure via Versed use.

If you read the blogger link I provided above, this doctor understands what we are up against.

My most recent visit to my new gp went like this... Cost of Dr. visit. $75 Very reasonable and picked up by my insurance. I pay $25 of it. Then I need a second visit to do a pap and see if my bp meds were working. Another $75. So far, so good. Another office visit to go over results and check bp again. $75 Here comes the expensive part. A blood screen = $781! Wow! He recommended a colonoscopy for who knows how much? My insurance lapsed so I can't do this even without Versed! He wants a pulmonary test for $? Who knows how much? He wants another pap. How much? My entire adult life I have had to have 2 separate paps each time because of "abnormal" cells which have never been anything but abnormal cells. Lots of wasted money here. He wants a mammogram, which I am not interested in doing prophylactically. Too many false readings and surgery for "suspicious" stuff. But how much does it cost? Then we have a nerve test to see just how much damage was done by my ill-fated ORIF Distal Radius surgeries... How much will that cost? Oh yeah and I need to redo parts of my blood screen to see if anything has changed. You can double this as my husband is going through the same thing minus the female stuff!

So one tiny little visit to the doctor for bp meds has turned into many thousands of dollars of testing alone. So what if they find something? Or at least pretend to find something...

Thought Experiment

Here's an interesting post from here; “Versed” « Feminist Philosophers

Versed” October 5, 2011

There is “versed” in “She is well versed in Roman history.”

And then there’s “Versed,” which a medical friend told me yesterday, is known as the anesthesiologist’s friend. E.g., suppose someone wakes up during their abdominal surgery. Not a nice thing. However, a quick shot of Versed removes the memory, along with sending them back to sleep.

I knew of the possibility of Versed through philosophical thought experiments, but I experienced the use of it recently, as reported here.

The thought experiment: How do you know you weren’t awake for the whole awful operation but just paralyzed and then given a drug which removed the memory of it? It turns out this is technically possible.

Does She Sound Like A Pansy?

Once again we have a blog post about Versed, from a generally happy person. She didn't like the Versed! What a huge surprise! (facetious) Her description of how she felt about her Versed trip and the AFTERMATH is pretty much standard, regardless of how medical minions want to deny it. Here is an excerpt from this blog page; Lost morning rockin' the bourgeoisie

"At first, we thought it was kind of funny. But as I learned more about what went on, it isn’t so ha-ha anymore. In fact, I’ve been drowning in alternating feelings of anger, embarrassment, and betrayal.

I’m talking about having my memory stolen."

Sound familiar? Here's another one...

"Now I’ve had a total of 13 different surgeries in my life. I am no stranger to the effects of anesthesia, and I’ve had all kinds of knock-out drugs. But I knew something about this was totally different. It wasn’t Valium or Demerol, and it obviously wasn’t Propofol (the drug on which Michael Jackson overdosed) because there was no anesthesiologist present. So what went on?

When the Thriller told me all the things I did, and got to the part about me putting a date in my Droid, I didn’t believe him. He said, “Get out your phone and look.” The horror I experienced when I saw that I had indeed done it is difficult to describe."

The whole post is interesting, and I encourage everybody who has had Versed and been told that 1) Versed has zero side effects 2) Everybody else just loves this med 3) There is something wrong with YOU if you don't like Versed 4) Nobody, but NOBODY ever objects to this drug and you are a liar and also subhuman! Go read how yet another bright articulate person has a horror of Versed and why.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Victim

I get e-mails from fellow Versed victims. I know that the crna types who read this blog can't believe this! They invariably claim that *I* am the only person to ever have a bad reaction to Versed! Or they try to claim that *I* am too stupid to correctly identify which drug it was that I objected to... Wrong again! They try to claim that *I* must have been insane to start with.

I want to connect the dots for all those people who populate medical and dental buildings. Versed is a bad drug. It was bad for me, it's bad for others, I am not crazy, and I have identified which poison it is that has caused my bad reactions. All of them.

As proof, I submit yet another blog in which the author ALSO correctly identifies Versed as the source of unhappy side effects. As another problem with Versed, this person also was not properly consented for Versed. As you read the comments at the bottom where others opine that there was consent for Versed, I'm telling you there probably wasn't. All you medical types know perfectly well that most people would object to amnesia. You medical workers also know that most people are not going to be interested in amnesia instead of pain relief. Amnesia is the operative word and *I* have NEVER seen this word used, nor have I ever heard of a medical worker saying this word. This is a common thread throughout the Versed complaints. You can see my own "informed consent" back in my 2009 posts. I copied it and put it up on my blog in its original and untouched state. Go look at it and see if there is ANYTHING AT ALL about Versed, sedation, amnesia or anything like it. Nothing. Just a generic and illegal paper with absolutely nothing on it to make a patient think its an informed consent. Especially not for something like Versed. Anyway, enough about me, here is the link; Esprit de Carp - Now where was I?

Here it is reproduced for your reading pleasure.;

Previous Entry Next Entry

Now where was I?

  • Dec. 9th, 2011 at 3:57 PM

Years ago I read about a drug that was used by obstetricians back in the benighted, paternalistic 1950s (and probably earlier). The purpose of this drug was to make women forget the ordeal of giving birth, so that they would happily repeat the hellish experience. I assumed that in our more enlightened era such sinister drugs were no longer in use.

Wrong! Yesterday I underwent a common, but potentially painful, procedure. No one asked me if I wanted the intravenous cocktail of fentanyl and midazolam, but I offered no objection. I figured it was in everyone's best interest for me to be docile and floaty. But I don't think I fully understood what the midazolam (brand name Versed) would do. In fact it's one of those amnesia-inducing drugs. For a period of about 30 minutes I could have been singing, telling jokes, screaming, snoring, or any number of activities that I will never remember.

As the Versed wore off, I remember talking with the doctor calmly and sensibly while he finished the procedure. So it could be that I was calm and sensible the whole time. If so, I would love to know what I heard and saw in my twilight stupor. If instead I was babbling incoherently for half an hour, I'd like to know about that, too. It bothers me that these so-called helping professionals routinely rob people of their memories without asking permission. I wonder how many of them take advantage of the opportunity to insult and mock patients who will never remember the humiliation.

Understandably, doctors would rather probe someone who's sedated, for the same reason that veterinarians prefer to clean the teeth of unconscious cats: It's safer for all concerned. But isn't it possible to dull the pain and ease the anxiety without messing with one's memory? Next time I'll insist on my right to remember how unpleasant the procedure was.

Actually this isn't the first time I've been tricked in this way ("Fool me once..."). When I had my wisdom teeth out, more than 40 years ago, I was given a mixture of Valium and Demerol, and no one told me that the Valium would induce anterograde amnesia. Maybe one insidious effect of these drugs is that you forget to make sure you don't get them again.

I do find it fascinating that memory formation can be chemically inhibited. Maybe if I'd gotten such a drug all my life, I'd be a happier person now (though I might be covered with tattoos and sticky notes).


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[info]jonathanpool wrote:

Dec. 10th, 2011 02:33 am (UTC)


Could you cite enough from the consent form to show that you were not informed of, and asked to consent to, a memory-suppressing drug? If you weren't, I'm surprised.

[info]friendless1 wrote:

Dec. 10th, 2011 02:38 am (UTC)

Re: Drugs

I don't remember what I consented to. The facility's Web site doesn't have the form but does say this: "To be certain you are comfortable and relaxed, you will be sedated through an I.V. In fact, most patients are asleep during the entire process and remember little to nothing about it."

[info]spuuky wrote:

Dec. 10th, 2011 02:38 am (UTC)

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I had a memory-eraser of some kind. I remember going to bed the night before, and waking up the day after. And nothing in between.

[info]spontanette wrote:

Dec. 10th, 2011 06:04 am (UTC)

I crave those sorts of drugs every day.

(Anonymous) wrote:

Dec. 11th, 2011 12:30 am (UTC)

At least you remember talking with the doctor. No one told me either that I would have amnesia , or that it would last almost ten times longer than the procedure did. My consent form (which I have a copy of) merely said I would receive conscious sedation. I woke up in mid-sentence, arguing with a nurse. I didn't just feel tricked, I felt deceived. Patients should be informed and given the right to refuse an amnestic.

[info]friendless1 wrote:

Dec. 11th, 2011 12:41 am (UTC)

I can't say that no one told me. I knew I was getting such a drug. I was just too much of a wimp to refuse it, and at the time I didn't fully realize the creepiness of it. Maybe if I hadn't come to my senses for the last few minutes, I wouldn't be so incensed about it.

Edited at 2011-12-11 12:43 am (UTC)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Drug Shortage; Good and Bad

Some friends of mine found this news! 2011 medication shortages set new record at 267 - NewsChannel 9 WSYR One of the drugs in short supply is VERSED!!! That's the good news. I recieved a missive a while back (up somewhere on this blog) that said that Versed use would phase out when the profits from exclusive patents on it ran out. In this article it mentions contamination and difficulty processing some of the drugs in short supply. My hope is that medical people start figuring out how to do their job without basing medical care on "sedation" and "amnesia" for all.

One of the other drugs allegedly in short supply is Fentanyl, a drug which is very useful for me and others like me who prefer a simple pain medication instead of Versed and general anesthesia. It's much safer for patients as well, not to have their brain destroyed with full on Versed and g/a for frivolous reasons. Fortunately there is another older and probably cheaper drug called Morphine which works just as well. It would seem that Morphine would be a safer choice anyway because it isn't as potent as Fentanyl. Less risk of overdose. Maybe cheaper too! Our little crna types can just learn get through their Versed-less days with Morphine used as a lightly sedating pain med. and they won't have to worry their pretty little heads about overdosing their patients.

I wish the whole supply of Versed would dry up to a trickle. Then our medical workers would actually have to do their job! They could earn their outlandish salary instead of being paid to simply destroy the patients mind and do whatever the Hell they want to us. They would have to explain things like the law says they have to instead of just giving us amnesia! Wouldn't that be nice? We would also be able to decline things and/or stop the procedure at any time, as required by law, if they didn't have Versed being used like water. If Versed was in limited supply then our medical workers would have to justify its use! (Real justification, not the lies and completely made up reasons they currently are addicted to!) They would have to save their Versed supply and reserve it for only those patients, if any, who actually need sedation and don't mind premature Alzheimer's and other mental problems as a result.

Despite the breathless reporting in this piece, there is a huge upside to this alleged drug shortage. In my NEVER humble opinion.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Special Hole In Hell!

Here is the link to where I grabbed the title! I'm worried about getting a colonoscopy? - Yahoo! Answers I wish I could say I was surprised that a person who seems to be in the medical field would write something like this, but I'm not. Here is their quote.

"Tink" says; "...The twisted individual above me obviously has no understanding of how anesthesia works.....and really needs to see a psychotherapist about being sexually traumatized earlier in life long before they ever learned about anesthesia - - because now all they do is scare the daylights out of people with lies. (Seriously, get some help. It's disgusting to see how you post that about every - every - single post relating to cancer prevention or sedation. How many ill people do you prevent from seeking treatment? There is a special hole in hell for people like that."

Isn't that post special? Prior to bestowing upon us mere mortals their infinite wisdom in the above quote, this person "Tink" tried to dazzle the reader with their medical terminology. It's my belief that "Tink" is probably some mid level medical worker such as a crna, who wishes to show unto us their supreme and God-like knowledge! Where else would they come up with an absolutely ABSURD paragraph such as the one above? Yes we do know how anesthesia works. We know just as much about it as you do and then some. Tell me the exact reason that Versed works the way it does. You don't freakin know, any more than I do.

Maybe "Tink" in their special magnificence can tell us why is it that this poison creates amnesia in some and not others? I want them to dazzle us with their brilliant medical knowledge. So far I'm only impressed with Tink's overweening sense of omnipotence and his/her deranged belief in his/her psychic abilities involved in making medical diagnosis and divining the cause of a patient's dislike of an amnesia drug. Tink is the "twisted individual." Why in the world would Tink immediately jump to a sexual abuse conclusion? With such snide contempt as well. Why would this person ASSUME that just because we don't want an amnesia and patient control drug that causes severe side effects, including death, that we need "psychotherapy" and are all liars? That's nuts.

Anybody who is this hostile over a stupid AMNESIA drug needs a psychological evaluation. Tink needs help, not only with their dangerous lack of empathy and over the top sense of self importance, but also anger management classes would be in order. "Seriously..." I don't know where Tink thinks he/she will be after death, but if there is a Hell, I'm sure that the "special hole" mentioned is already reserved for them.