Saturday, December 4, 2010

Older Article about Anesthesia and Premature Death...

Read it and weep!  Even when surgery is over, sedation's risks could linger - Los Angeles Times  2 research studies suggest that deep SEDATION is linked to an increased risk of death for a year or two after the sedation.  I wish I could find a follow up for this.  The researchers discovered that people were dying after non heart surgery from HEART ATTACK and CANCER!  If this wasn't frightening enough, here's a quote from near the end of the article;  "The idea that what we do in the operating room may impact outcomes in our patients, weeks, months or years down the road is exciting,..."  (emphasis mine)

I really hope that the Doctor, apparently a highly regarded one, didn't mean this statement like it sounds.  It's EXCITING to have people die of heart attacks and cancer subsequent to and as a result of deep sedation?  Really?  Do we need any more proof of how medical workers regard patients?  OMG!  I may have to stop now, the warm and fuzzy feeling I get from possibly dying from heart attack or cancer as a direct result of deep sedation is making me giddy with joy and excitement.  (sarcasm)  I am so glad that somebody is EXCITED about this!  (more sarcasm)  I am thinking that ALARMING would be a more appropriate term for this?  I'm just sayin'.

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