Thursday, December 9, 2010

More From My Inbox; "versed ordeal updates"

This is an update from "Linda."  This is an excellent example of the lack of oversight and the supreme indifference to patient suffering, patient rights and THE LAW, by those entrusted with our safety.  How frustrating.

"Hi everyone,
I wanted to write to let everyone know of my latest sham. As you are aware two years ago I contacted NYS dept. of health regarding the illegal and clumsy treatment I received at the hospital. As you are also aware they did an investigation (ya right) and found no problems. This year I finally completed my letter of rebuttal (thanks to PTSD triggers it took a few months) anyway even with the proof of illegal behavior clearly outlined they continue to say nothing happened. I contacted the attorney general he has referred me to the inspector general as he explained they investigate state agencies. Also the attorney general recommended a private lawyer. I'm not sure if this is another way to ignore the facts but I will send a letter to the inspector general. I am so sick of this. And by the way Jackie I have been reading your most recent blogs. Let me say that we know the culprit of your illness is versed. It now three years following my getting versed without permission and although the anxiety is mostly abated ( as long as I don't go to any medical providers) I still have trouble organizing my thoughts and memory issues. I have already mentioned the PTSD (love the flash backs and insomnia). Anyway hope everyone is prepared and enjoying the season of cheer. Keep up the good fight. I love all you guys and the never ending energy you put into this fight. Medical people beware, we will not give up and we will not tolerate abuse. Take care Linda"
As anybody who has read this blog, or looked at the 2009 posts which reveal my personal information knows, I went through pretty much the same experience as "Linda."  The only people who actually did do an investigation (regardless of the phony claims where I went the point of treatment) was the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare.  The Medical Center was cited for NUMEROUS AND BLATANT VIOLATIONS OF PATIENT RIGHTS!!!  The only part of the ENTIRE (alleged) "informed consent" that was legal and lawful was my name on the document and the name of the procedure.  Even my signature on this unrecognisable, alleged "informed consent" was obtained through fraud and deception!  (I have lists of the very laws that were broken elsewhere on this blog)  How do they get away with this?  Linda explained it pretty well.  Phony claims that the incident was "investigated" and found to be "without merit," the inability of LAW ENFORCEMENT to do their job, (I even filed a complaint with FBI for medical fraud) the complete and total inability for medical centers et al to know the law and follow it etc.  No oversight + no recourse has led to disdain for us patients. 
P.S.  Even though the medical center where I went was CITED for all kinds of violations of the law, there was no FOLLOW UP to ensure that the legal remedies demanded by the Idaho Board of Health and Welfare's reforms were actually implemented.  I would love to have a copy of the new, LEGAL "informed consent" that the place uses now!  Or is this just another scam to get patients off their back?  Promise to follow the law and then continue on their merry way with their "inferred consent" which went out of favor in the 1960's.

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