Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry Folks

Originally I wanted to keep this blog open to anybody who wanted to post. I was actually hoping to encourage discussion between patients who had been harmed by the attitude of anesthesia providers, and their drug of choice Versed, and anesthesia providers. I thought that being able to post COMPLETELY anonymously would help people speak their mind a little more easily. People will be more frank if they think that they can't be identified. This was for YOUR benefit, not mine.

However this privilege has been totally abused by a lot of (medical?) folks who come here. I am not going to tolerate any more abuse from people purporting to be CRNA's. Since I have yet to have anybody come on here claiming to be a Dr., I can only assume that anesthesiologists are different. Since this has been completely anonymous there is a possibility that some of the posts are from patients who like Versed, but it's not likely. I am assuming that its all about anesthesia nurses getting mad at some upstart patient who would DARE to criticize their little drug and themselves for using it indiscriminately and without "informed" consent.

I don't care if you disagree with me because that's how adults solve differences. However there isn't one of you alleged CRNA's that want to have dialogue, it's all about insulting and degrading me further. That's totally childish. What is wrong with you? (Why in the hell would you people use Versed without proper consent and then become angry, so virulently ANGRY when we don't like it or want it?) I still don't know, it's one of those things where you KNOW that there is an answer somewhere, but all you see are the results. Grown educated professionals acting like thugs and trusting patients being harmed. It's unfathomable.

Just because you are not identified by my blog shouldn't mean that you can come on here, not to have intelligent discourse but to hurl profanity, spew venom, make threats against me and all the rest of it. It childish, tiresome and it has gotten to the point that I'm shutting it down. If you people can't identify yourselves and leave me some way to contact you or have the authorities follow up on the wild threats, then I just won't let you post anymore. You should be proud to be fully identified! Shouldn't you? The comments are YOUR erudite thoughts and feelings, and while I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves, I'm sure you have a different take on your behavior. So take credit for your comments. Be proud that the CRNA's that come here act like hoodlums and vandalize web sites. Put your name on it and give me your e-mail if you're not ashamed of yourselves.

I'm sure my readers have seen enough of this talk on here (and several other "professional" web sites) to make some reasonable decisions about health care providers, in particular CRNA's. As I have pointed out elsewhere on here there are a few good ones. The CRNA who did my Beir Block for the second operation was one of the good ones. It wasn't enough to outweigh the bad... If I had known ahead of time that he was from the same anesthesia group as Aaron, it's doubtful I would have allowed him anywhere near me. My experience was that bad the first time. The people who read the comments are probably getting more and more concerned about health care workers in general and CRNA's in particular. Isn't this counter productive? You want us patients to love you and trust you with our lives, but at the same time look what you are doing here! It makes no sense to me, but I must lack the capacity to fully understand how this behavior will get you the results you desire. That's what you need to tell yourselves... Never Again just doesn't comprehend that our actions and words actually make people love and trust us, because she it too (insert your own pejorative here).

FYI I have also sent links to this site with encouragement to read it, including excerpts from your filthy mouthed diatribes to both my Senators and my Congressman in DC. My state Congressmen and Senator likewise. I have hand delivered printed portions of this site to my elected officials in their local offices. I will be sending a copy to my state attorney general since this latest round of threats of violence and lawsuits I take very seriously. I have also sent a link to this site to the AANA as well. They are one of the bodies which I complained to about my CRNA. To say they were shocked and apologetic is an understatement. The ones I talked to were just wonderful, but they're not here are they? I hope they read what you people are posting in the comments and institute a rigorous program of reeducation for you. Obviously you people need some guidance about what is proper behavior, here and in the hospitals.

So for several reasons, I now want to IDENTIFY where these threats are coming from. You've had your fun medical people, but it's over now. If you can't be civil when I allow you to post anonymously, then I have to use other means to make you behave yourselves. You are not doing your profession any favors. From now on you must give me enough information that I or my computer guy can track you. I will turn you in to the AANA and whatever regional boards there are in your area if you misbehave. DON'T THREATEN ME in any way. I will not tolerate the foul mouthed abuse and the aspersions as to my character, mental health, appearance, or job. I'm done taking it.

As I've said before, if you want respect act respectable. You want to politely give me reasons why you would use a drug like Versed against patients wishes, take exception to ANYTHING I've said, share your shock at the comments on this blog, etc. be my guest, just be proud of your posts and identify yourself. If you want to explain why you would sneak Versed into a patient, why, even if they decline Versed, it's always the first thing you put in the IV, tell me. I am all ears. There are some good people who actually care about the patients well being, even after they are sent home...

But the good ones don't embroil themselves in this kind of pointless abusive behavior. I don't care to constantly defend myself against spurious personal attacks all the time. I want to discuss how this happened to me, and how we can fix it. Since I would never, ever have the unmitigated gall to deliberately do something to somebody that they had asked me not to, or that I knew they wouldn't like, I don't get it. None of you people can explain it either, so you go on the attack. Well, no more. Identify yourselves so that I can put a stop to the more shocking and anti social behavior exhibited by you people alleging to be CRNA's, that come on here. I think we've all seen enough examples.

Friday, July 30, 2010

For "M"

I don't know if you can post on here any more darlin', but I would like to draw your attention to a few other posts I have up. In particular my post from 6/13/10 where I say that I don't hate ALL CRNA's and then go on to give quotes from a discussion by them on Versed use. I also have the post where I commented on CRNA Lauren who seems like a wonderful person... You left one of your "deliberately malicious" comments on it, intended solely to cause me "emotional distress"! Most peculiar. There are others on here about the "good guys" IE those CRNA's who get it that Versed isn't the wonder drug you pretend that it is.

Also look at my post from 6/8/10 where I have a compilation of the abusive behavior from your own colleagues... Do you see anything in there that would lead me to believe that you guys aren't almost all a bunch of hate spewing fanatics? Look at all the names they call me, and the things they say, just because I took exception to my treatment at the hands of a CRNA! You said and I quote "I never said you were not treated unfairly by whomever gave you versed if you said not to. However, what I did say was you should not slander and libel an entire profession for the actions of ONE person."

This attitude is not from just one person is it? Not one of these alleged CRNA's is saying anything like "you were treated unfairly." Not on your life. And neither did you! This is the first I've heard of it! So you agree with me on that point. Belatedly, but judging by your other comments this isn't how you feel at all. I think you only said that to help your "case" against me?

Do you think that I should allow these profane and abusive statements to color my feelings about CRNA's? If not, why not? Nobody in their right mind would want to go to anybody who sends this type of message. They all CLAIM to be CRNA's... What would any normal person THINK about a group of people who act like that and say such things? Especially after having to suffer through the abusive behavior I had at the hands of the guy who did this to me originally. What do you say to that, besides I want to sue you? You say NOTHING about that! Your silence is deafening.

"I do not think anyone would blame you for being upset about your situation and noone is defending the individual who gave you a drug against your wishes." Yes you do blame me. Read the comments here and ALL OVER THE WEB! Yes you ARE defending the cretin who did this to me. You yourself leave hateful, hurtful comments on here disparaging me don't you? Your constant references to "getting help." The threats of lawsuits etc. Go look at those posts from other CRNA's, at least people claiming to be CRNA's, and I have no reason to doubt them based on my own experience with my CRNA.

"However, that does not give you the right to say what you did about an entire profession." The totality of the experience, the utter lack of caring about what this drug can cause long term, the spiteful degrading comments about ME and the continuing saga of attacks on me PERSONALLY which have continued all the way up to your threats, is what makes me suspect that all of you have some kind of problem. They are here on this blog for all to see.

Why would you threaten me with a lawsuit when all the evidence points to the fact that, in your words, the individual gave you a drug against your wishes. I am not the only person reporting this... What gives you the right to impugn my motives? What ever gives you the idea that you are in a position to take exception to the truth?

So what gives you the right to come on here and attack me PERSONALLY and patients in general? Do those nasty "comments" give me the right to tar your community, they were written by YOU (collectively)? I didn't write those things. I would NEVER have the nerve to go on somebodies blog and prove that I was a complete maniac, like nearly every single one of the alleged CRNA posters did to me! Why am I held to a higher standard? I am still shocked at the hostility toward people who hate Versed. You act like I said something blasphemous. I should be stoned to death or something for heresy.

I want to know why you people act like this when we tell you that your precious drug that you injected us with was unwelcome and caused all kinds of problems for us! Why do you give it to us even when we decline it? Why is this drug given without full disclosure? Of course I am going to try to figure it out. I have never seen anything like it! I KNOW that you aren't doing this to us "for our own good." Otherwise you would stop immediately. There wouldn't be this visceral hatred for people who don't want it and take exception to its use. IT ISN'T NORMAL! There is something else at work here that you people are not admitting. I am going to keep digging until I find out what the problem is.

It should NOT be a problem to dispense with a drug that so many people hate. If I have to shut down this site, believe me there will be more. Every day there are news stories about Versed, colonoscopies, sedation horror stories etc. I'm just one person, but I belong to a large subset of people who have been harmed by you guys and your insistence on using a very bad drug. If Versed was any good, there wouldn't be so many of us who have this kind of experience would there?

"Continue along this path and I will begin proceedings against you." First you have to prove that I lied. Then you have to prove INTENT. It has never been my intention to cause personal harm to you or your brethren. Then you have to prove that it has caused you HARM. What harm? You're upset because I don't like your comments, your arrogance, I don't like your hate mongering attitude, I don't like the slanderous statements from you guys about ALL of us who had a bad reaction to being poisoned, me in particular and I don't like your drug.

It has been my intent to expose THIS DRUG, you people for what you did to me and others with your mind control and freak out drug Versed, and to expose the prevailing attitude towards your helpless patients. I think I've done a pretty good job of that, thanks to all the help I got from CRNA's or those claiming to be CRNA's. That's what you won't look at isn't it? Never mind being horrified by what was done to me or what these psychos are putting up on my blog! I wish I could say that I was surprised by this newest threat against me, but judging by your fellow CRNA's who want to do much worse, I guess I should be happy that at least YOU are staying within the law and not wanting to physically attack me.

I don't have anything to get in your suit, and I will counter sue. The most that you can hope for is that I will have to pull this blog, but in the meantime I will be keeping everybody apprised of the extent that CRNA's will go to to crush dissenting, disgruntled or unhappy patients. I will be naming names and giving a blow by blow account of what happens for all those poor patients out there that you claim *I* am harming by speaking out. Maybe Geraldo Rivera or Oprah would be interested in what happens to a whistleblower patient? I think a lot of people would be very interested in the abuse we have suffered so far from the medical community... Especially the profanity and threats of violence...

Thank God for all those nasty people on allnurses and nurse-anesthesia too. This is not the only place in which this odd problem has been demonstrated.

More Threats From "M"

M has left a new comment on your post "Defamation Of Character":


You should seek professional help for this situation. I never said you were not treated unfairly by whomever gave you versed if you said not to. However, what I did say was you should not slander and libel an entire profession for the actions of ONE person. Which is exactly what you did.

I do not think anyone would blame you for being upset about your situation and noone is defending the individual who gave you a drug against your wishes. However, that does not give you the right to say what you did about an entire profession. Continue along this path and I will begin proceedings against you.

First of all honey, I am NOT your Buddy. What kind of professional help would you suggest I get and how exactly am I to pay for it? I don't make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year like you do. Why should I have to go "get help" for something that a CRNA did against my wishes? How many other people do you think have been harmed by your attitude and the propensity for not divulging what Versed is and does? That my friend is against the law.

What do you think is slander and libel? Stating my opinion, based on facts and the nasty comments provided here by people purporting to be from your profession? If it had been from just one person, then that would be different wouldn't it? Unfortunately YOUR OWN COLLEAGUES AND YOU have made comments about *ME* and threats against *ME* which I take exception to, every bit as much as *YOU* are taking exception to what I say. Maybe I should be tracking their IP addresses and filing charges against them for threatening me? HMMMM? Maybe a class action suit by those many of us who have been harmed by being lied to about Versed or forced into having Versed might do the trick?

You are absolutely WRONG in saying that "noone is defending the individual who gave you a drug against your wishes." If you have read much on here you would know that this is totally false. You are all defending him. If the entire profession (it seems) IS defending this action and attitude from one of there own, then there is no slander or libel. I have no intention of being frightened into silence by a CRNA who is acting just like what I think a CRNA would act like. Go ahead, spend the money to sue an old truck driver because, sniff, she's saying bad things about us just because she got HARMED by one of us and we all went right into attack mode.

Your statement "You should seek professional help for this situation" is just another example of the absolute disdain you people feel toward anybody who is angry that they were treated like dirt. How dare you malign my mental health? How dare you slander me and libel me in this manner without even knowing me! You are insinuating that I am insane aren't you? So you want to sue an insane person? What is wrong with YOU!

If this is so upsetting to you that you would spend money and lots of it, then you have a problem don't you. I'm sick and tired of people like you, who claim to be CRNA's attacking me, impugning my motives, threatening me and in general acting like petty tyrants. There is NOTHING on here that is slanderous or libelous. Maybe YOU get that idea when I respond to the hate filled comments from alleged CRNA's. I will be contacting my IP provider to see if I can find out where all these threats are coming from. In the mean time, I guess I will have to renege about letting all of you alleged CRNA's come on here and say your piece. I am sorry about that, I figured letting you spout off would prove my point! Now I am going to remove that tool, because I am having too much emotional pain dealing with the hate mail.

Why don't you e-mail me? I know, because YOU don't want me to find out who you are, do you? You are just mad because I don't bow down and worship the ground you walk on. Your attitude is just what I am railing about. Here is my counter suit... Some jurisdictions have a separate tort or delict of "verbal injury", "intentional infliction of emotional distress", "outrageousness", or "convicium", involving the making of a statement, even if truthful, intended to harm the claimant out of malice. You are on here doing "verbal injury", and "intentionally inflicting emotional distress" by your threats. I am an injured party and all the alleged CRNA's came out of the woodwork to assault me verbally and include threats of bodily injury and lawsuits. You are intending to harm me out of malice because of what happened to me and me having the audacity to talk about it.

Airline Pilot Speaks

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Turf Wars In Alphabet Soup Land; AA vs. CRNA vs. M...":

What a load..I love the pilot analogy. I'm an experiened airline and I guess that I hold people's lives in my hand daily....I have a serious problem with a nurse (CRNA) performing my anesthesia; I want a physician (anesthesiologist).. My family includes advance-practice nurses (NP, one CRNA and several physicians)...and until I needed cancer surgery, I could care less about the initials follong the name.......BUT, MY SURGEON SAYS "I WON'T HAVE A NURSE ADMINISTER MY ANESTHESIA AND I WONT LET A CRNA ADMINISTER YOUR ANESTHESIA. Unfortunately the CRNA communits inclused "militant" members who think that nursing (CRNA) is the same as practicing medicine. This is a dangerous farce.....

Thank you anonymous. I am feeling rather drained by my sparring with those "militant' members who feel that I should be shut up at all costs. Instead, of course, of looking at how we got here in the first place...

I am just a truck driver, but I would hazard a guess that I have saved at LEAST a hundred people's lives. I have probably saved at least a thousand from horrible injury, and many more from merely having a car wreck. I watch them, I make allowances for them, I give them MY right of way, rather than "arguing" with them. If they want my space that bad that they are willing to commit suicide on MY vehicle, then they can have their own way. Go for it baby, I concede. I don't want to be a party to it. This is how I have managed to put on MILLIONS of miles in every kind of weather without incident. Thinking of it another way, I have saved these people from Versed! How many of them would have had their mental processes turned into disarray ON TOP of the injuries sustained by fighting a one sided battle with a semi truck?

As for your surgeon not wanting you or himself to have a nurse anesthetist, my stepfather (the Doctor) feels that way as well. He is a champion of nurses, just not those nurses. I heard, but have not verified that one of the hospitals where he sends patients is no longer using CRNA's. They had too many problems associated with them... Like I said, I need to verify this, and then I will either print a retraction or name the hospital.

Health Care Reform or Medical Bailout Bill?

We have had the banking bailout, the auto manufacturers bailout, tarp funds, bailouts for days. Now we have the medical bailout under the guise of "Health Care Reform." I have been saying for a while that health care should be the next bubble to burst. We just can't have the expense of health care continuing its upward spiral. Health care is bankrupting government from the top all the way down to our cites and municipalities. It's bankrupting all of us. It just can't go on. Enter the federal government.

Our taxes are going to skyrocket along with energy so that we can keep on paying exorbitant medical fees. This isn't reform. It's yet another "bailout." All the crap about "tax cuts for the rich" is a crock. We all got a tax cut under GW! It's one of the few things that I approved of. Now we are all going to be taxed to death so that medical professionals, hospitals etc. can just continue on their merry way. There is nothing in this bill which will help "bend the cost downward." All that's in there is funding for a civilian army and taxing us all so that medical people can keep screwing us over. What about the rest of us? We are so screwed.

I have one of those alleged "gold plated" health care plans. It has a 2,500 dollar annual deductible. After that they pay a portion of the bill. That's for the family. However, I have to work 40 hours a week all month for that to happen. In this economy and the decimation of my business (construction) that's pretty iffy. I may garner enough hours for maybe 1 month of benefits. So for the rest of the time I'm uninsured. I can't even make my house payments regularly and now I get to pay a luxury tax on an insurance policy that I can't afford to use.

It gets better! If I don't buy the 1,300 dollar a month COBRA which there is no way I can afford, then the IRS gets to tax the crap out of me and levy fines and fees against me. So now I am paying 2 different taxes on top of the "health insurance." A "luxury" tax and a "no insurance" tax. The government in it's wisdom takes about 40% of my wages in taxes as I don't work all year. (construction) To them, it looks like I make a lot of money, although it isn't coming in all year they still tax like I'm rich.

In order to continue paying the outrageous bills for health care we had to have a medical bailout. This will not make things better, it's going to get worse. Here are some common sense ideas which DC won't listen to.

Put some teeth into "informed consent" laws. Fine these people for not following the law. I think that $10,000 per violation should get every ones attention! I also think that if the hospital personnel violate the parameters that the patient agrees to that the patient should not get billed for the violations. In my case that would mean that all the charges for general anesthesia would be crossed off. The charges for sedation drugs would be crossed off. The level of care charges, gone. The cast, the booties etc. all charges gone because *I* did NOT agree to this course of action. If the anesthesia provider does more than you required or accepted, such as shooting the patient up with the amnesia and control drug Versed without informed consent, or converting to general anesthesia against the patients wishes, then we patients don't have to pay that anesthesia provider. We don't have to pay for car repairs when done as described above, so why should medical care be different?

Put a cap on the number of people who are involved in our care. There is no reason to have all these people. There are CRNA anesthesia nurses making over 100,000 probably closer to 200,000 per year. (for a nurse!!!!!) The anesthesiologist who is allegedly watching the CRNA and that person probably makes between 300 g's and half a million dollars per year. Then there is a radiologist who looks at the x rays in the hospital. Who knows how much this person makes. I paid 15 bucks for this person to look at my xrays in the outpatient surgery complex even though I allegedly had an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon should be able to read an x ray. How many circulating nurses does one need for a 70 minute operation? I don't know how much they make, but there were plenty of those. As for charging extra for levels of care? Ludicrous. It's the same nurse, why pay extra? Isn't the nurse SUPPOSED to watch us? Sooo unless we pay much more per minute, they don't care? (not bloody likely) Why can't the surgeon do our nerve block? Why do we have to have a CRNA? Can't the regular nurse give us pain medication? I had a machine that *I* could regulate when I was in the hospital for my femur! So please tell me why we have to have an anesthesiologist or CRNA for this. $800 for a nurse to give me a local (Beir block, second operation to repair the first) and some pain medication (Fentanyl and not much) is an outrage! There is no excuse for it! I had to pay some nurse extra to put a sloppily done cast on my arm. (while unconscious during first operation, and I still have that piece of crap just in case some health care worker comes unhinged at my suggestion) I came in with a perfectly good splint! So I was charged about 125 dollars for a cast which I wore home, where I promptly ripped it off so I could see what the hell had happened to me! Another pointless charge on the bill. How about 200 dollars for some "booties"? Are you kidding me? 20 bucks to rent a blanket!!! What the hell. I also got charged because there was a machine in the room, which was never used. It was there if it was needed so *I* got charged for it. A 300 dollar charge for "electronic transfer of data" back to the CRNA's workplace (I guess) 300 smackers for an e-mail or fax? Seriously?

By the way, dispute your bill. I got the outrageous fee for "electronic transmission of data" removed, the cast fee, the rental on the machine that was never used removed, the booties (if they had not gone ahead without consent I wouldn't have needed them) etc. I called my insurance company and complained. Do that too.

Hospital should be responsible for "hospital acquired infections" as well. Why should we have to pay because THEY didn't wash their hands? The way it is now, you have to pay for any additional treatment you get because of their negligence. That would save money. Ditto for ANYTHING done without informed consent or anything detrimental that occurs as a direct result of medical care.

Make hospitals justify their rates, just like your electricity supplier etc. does. That way the hospital can't just jack their rates to cover their own shortcomings, such as the hospital acquired infections and the lack of informed consent compliance. Along with this would be transparency on pricing. They can give a ball park figure and they need to be REQUIRED to. This would include all the little add ons that amount to astronomical sums by the end. $8 aspirins, 800+ dollar an hour charges for anesthesia nurses, cast nurses, x ray techs, hats, blankets, booties, suture material, drugs, levels of care, all included in the estimate. They have done thousands of the same surgery and they have an idea. Then the patient can negotiate to have certain items (like sedation) not done for cost savings. Bring your own aspirin for instance.

On informed consent, we need a standard of informed consent, not just whatever they all feel like telling. Right now it says that informed consent is whatever other people in the same position tell the patient. You can guess where that leads... No information at all. Just like this whole Versed thing. Nobody tells the patient anything about this evil poison. What they need to say is that Versed gives you amnesia and makes you totally obedient, it is NOT a pain killer. You will be walking and talking, answering questions and doing EXACTLY what they order you to do. They also need to divulge that with Versed, even if you scream STOP, they will not do so under the premise that you lack mental capacity to order them to stop, so the abuse will continue. Patients need to know that by allowing the use of Versed, they are waiving their right to stop the procedure at any time, as per the law. If you can imagine a particularly painful episode where you do NOT get amnesia from the Versed as I don't and are unable to stop them. My skin crawls at the thought. In my case, my inability to stop them was construed as consent for exactly what I had repeatedly said NO to, IE general anesthetic. So patients need to know that once you are knocked on your keester by Versed, the medical team can proceed with other things not covered on the informed consent because you "didn't object." This was my personal experience all documented. This abuse needs to stop.

There also need to be some laws to protect patients from the kind of abuse I see all over the web pertaining to "amusing" patients. I don't care if they are not named. It creates an atmosphere of contempt for patients to have these stories glibly written for all to see. I fail to see any amusement value in these stories whatsoever. Describing patients humiliation while drugged up isn't funny.

All these medical types also want "tort reform." They don't want to get sued for their breaches of the law or their carelessness. They want to be able to do whatever they want and get away with it. I have news for you. Very very few people get to sue for even the most egregious acts of medical personnel. Medical people are so well protected as of now that they can do whatever they want and if you complain they will threaten YOU with a lawsuit. (Please see my other post from today.) So, I have an idea. Let's have a civilian task force or mediation group. When the patient has a grievance about their care, let's have a committee of regular people look into it. Not anybody involved in medicine or filthy rich or famous. The latter 2 probably get vastly superior care and wouldn't have the frame of reference like most of us. This group would decide if the law had been breached and decide on an amount of money owed to the patient for the irregularity. It could be that they owe no money to the hospital, or some amount of compensation. Let's give the patients some power instead of only rich medical personnel (and their lobbyists) getting preferential treatment.

Back to Versed. There is no reason to use this medication in most cases. Most of the people I talked to were unaware that they weren't "out" that their mind was merely screwed with and they had AMNESIA. These people are upset that they were lied to and humiliated with Versed. I would venture to guess that most people find that this drug is unnecessary. Add to that the enormous SAVINGS to be had by NOT having sedation. Since most people would do just fine without this drug and it's waaay expensive, let's not allow its use except in extreme cases. Versed should be an OPTION albeit an expensive one. Insurance companies should NOT be paying for this as all it does is enrich the medical field, and cause ALL of our insurance premiums to go up. If the patient truly needs amnesia and wants to be totally obedient, then fine, they can pay extra for it. It is my contention that omitting just this one thing could save billions per year.

Here's a more controversial idea. Since medical care is a necessity, not really an option... Read about the "right" to health care in the reform bill. If this is a right, then we should be able to cap the salaries of medical personnel. The salaries that are being paid are so far out of whack with reality, that it isn't even funny. CRNA's should NOT be making $800 or so an hour. Don't argue with me on this, I have the hospital bills to prove it. That is what I was charged for your "services." It is my contention that these nurses should be making $30 to $50 an hour. Teachers with the same years of college don't get anywhere near this amount of money. The anesthesia job, ESPECIALLY in my case, could have been done by a regular nurse and the surgeon. They are just as hard to sue as the rest of the medical personnel, so don't even go to the malpractice insurance costs. Why add 800 bucks to the cost of a simple surgery. It makes no sense.

Along with the patient right to informed consent, we need to know who is performing our anesthesia. Supposedly this is the law, but like most laws pertaining to the medical field, they are unenforceable. An anesthesia nurse should clearly identify themselves as a NURSE and reveal to the patient that it is the patients right to have a real Doctor. There is no way I would have allowed a mere nurse to perform a dangerous nerve block (axillary) OR give me general anesthesia given my paradoxical reaction. Not in a million years. I had a right to decline this substitution which I was not given. Shouldn't I have the right to decide who I'm going to pay EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS to? The hospital REFUSED to allow me to speak to the "anesthesiologist" prior to the morning of surgery in the hospital. This also needs to change. It should be against the law to refuse patient access to the anesthesia provider. (again we need to figure out how to get medical centers to COMPLY with the law...) I should have the RIGHT to interview the anesthesia provider prior to appearing in the hospital to see whether this person is on the same page as I am... This is an important part of patient care and should not be left as buying a pig in a poke.

I might also add that at no time did the hospital correct my usage of the term "anesthesiologist." The person on the phone did not at any time inform me that an "anesthesiologist" would NOT be performing my care, that instead I would have a cheap imitation (my opinion) called a CRNA or "anesthesia nurse." This is a violation of my right to know who is going to be performing my care. I would certainly have cancelled surgery if I had known. An anesthesiologist is a DOCTOR not a nurse. This term should not be confused with "anesthetist." I clearly said ANESTHESIOLOGIST.

Where are the SAVINGS when we are forced to have a non Doctor perform health care? I'm not talking about just CRNA's although they are the ones *I* have had a problem with. I'm talking about ALL of the substitutes. We have NP's instead of GP's. We have AA's and CRNA's instead of anesthesiologists. Where is the savings for having this? Who is getting all the money that should be passed along to the patient as a savings? There should be laws about savings when accepting a lesser trained person to do our health care. Why should we be forced to have nurses instead of doctors and pay just as much money as if we had the real thing? This is also unethical. I don't mind seeing an NP, I just object because she costs just as much as the doctor does. We are under served here so I "get" that we need NP's! I just don't understand why there isn't some cost savings associated with it.

I also don't like that patients are forced to have separate visits for everything. If you have high blood pressure, there's an appointment for that. If you have eczema, separate visit. If you have any problem at all, it's all separate. Why can't we just pay for one visit and get it taken care of all at once? In my business this is called "milkin' it." Why are medical people getting away with this? We patients are trying really hard to contain our health care costs and we are meeting up with this kind of treatment. It's unethical and counter productive.

Make some laws to the effect that if a patient refuses any part of the procedure, that they can still get treatment. It's unethical to demand that patients tolerate abuse or Versed in order to obtain treatment. It's our right, our duty and our obligation as patients to set the parameters of care. We should not have our care held hostage to the whims of medical providers. In particular I urge you to look at colonoscopy providers. There is no end to the desperate attempts to force patients to accept additional significant risk by insisting on "sedation." It's all about money as far as I can gather because they have to go slower, can't charge for anesthesia etc. Here we patients are trying to get medical care without bankrupting ourselves and health care providers seem to be hell bent on doing the opposite. (Notice that I am NOT going into paradoxical reaction from Versed, just the money aspect of it. This drug is just BAD on so many levels.) Not fair, unethical and should be against the law. Then force them to comply.

So anyway, there is nothing like what I have outlined in the Medical Bailout Bill, oh, sorry, the Health Care Reform Bill. All there seems to be is more and more taxes, fines, fees and penalties which will drive the cost UP some more. One of the scariest parts is the claim that the new health care reform bill will REDUCE THE DEFICIT! So our illustrious leaders are going to finance their spending sprees (and civilian army) with HEALTH CARE dollars, which cost is already way out of control. I don't see the logic of this at all.

Defamation Of Character

There is one person, "M" that I assume is a CRNA who takes exception to *ME* taking exception to the horrible way I was treated by a CRNA. This person has NO PROBLEMS AT ALL with how I was assaulted and forced to have risky treatments which I had catagorically declined by a CRNA who broke (all) the laws pertaining to patient rights and patient autonomy. That isn't a problem. This person has zero problems with the verbal attacks on me by people purporting to be CRNA's. This person has apparently no problems at all with the threats of violence toward me by alleged CRNA's for speaking out about my abuse at the hands of a CRNA. No problems at all there either.

I suppose it should come as no shock to my readers that NOW this person is threatening me with "liability" for talking about it and showing how bad this has become. Here's *M*'s latest post.

M has left a new comment on your post "MY Kind of CRNA!":

Just to be clear, some of the statements about CRNAs here are slanderous and libelous. Making such broad statements about an entire profession is not only morally wrong but creates a potential for a lawsuit. Many recent court rulings have found owners of sites like this, as well as the original posters, liable in these cases. I would suggest you reconsider making broad statements about a profession and simply stick to the topic lest you find yourself in regret.

Isn't it odd how this person posted on one of my FAVORABLE CRNA posts? Is this person jealous because Lauren seems to be the kind of person that I WOULD allow to work on my behalf? The threats and character assassinations toward ME are just fine. This is acceptable behavior by CRNA's? Is it "M"? "M" it is morally wrong to disobey the law. It is morally wrong for CRNA's to act like they are above the law and willfully inject a poison, known to cause long term adverse reactions simply for their convenience. It is absolutely morally reprehensible to defend this kind of action by one of your own. Why am I so angry? Because you and people like you have directed hatred and abuse toward me, AFTER I was abused and treated with absolute disdain by your profession. Go over to nurse anesthesia and look at all the nasty horrid comments are left about stupid, ignorant patients. Maybe I can sue them? What about the web pages devoted to the "loopy things patients do while under anesthesia"? Is that OK? Is it morally wrong?

I HATE VERSED! I hated it when it was given to me against my will or knowledge and without informed consent, and I hate the long term problems associated with it. I should never have even known about this drug! Don't you get that "M"? If my wishes were followed and if the law had been adhered to I wouldn't even know how bad a drug this is because it would never have been used on me. A CRNA broke the law and attacked me with this drug Versed and there is nothing I can do except write about it. I have previously said that I believed it was just this one person... That is what I thought until the whole group of you went on the attack. Look through the comments and see "M". See anything on there that would make me think otherwise? This wasn't an isolated incident at all. It is pervasive.

Then to have as bunch of self righteous CRNA's continue the attack is UNBELIEVABLE! Since when have patients been so devalued that we are subject to this kind of assault? This is YOUR fault, not mine! There has to be a reason why you all seem to be so rabid when it comes to this drug. My musings are not at fault. Your attitude is. What part of slanderous and libelous do you apply to what has happened to me, and what YOU people post here? You think being called "nut case," stupid bitch," etc. is not slanderous and libelous? How many of your peers have posted this kind of tripe here? What kind of person posts that they "hope you die and get out of the gene pool?" But that's just fine with you isn't it "M"? All the venom spewing isn't enough for you is it "M"? You won't rest until the my whole life is ruined will you? Will that be enough for you?

I don't know what you would hope to accomplish by this. I don't have anything of value to take. I seriously doubt that they would put me in jail for this... If they want to garnish my pathetic wages, I will simply go on disability. I have been having major problems with PTSD which I got from my treatment by a CRNA. Some days I can hardly go to work. I can't go past a hospital without hyperventilating and sweating just THINKING about having to get medical treatment. I worry continuously about a CRNA getting their hands on me again. (Look at all the comments here and look at all nurses and nurse anesthesia, this should scare anybody) There is a post which claims that I may not get Versed prior to surgery, but that I WILL be getting Versed during the operation. Oh great! Why would you say this? I just can't stand the thought of going through this again.

A CRNA caused this problem because of an insufferable arrogance and a wholesale disregard for the law. The people who post here are in favor of this. If that is too upsetting for you, then maybe you should rethink just whom you are so zealously defending. Coming on here and threatening me doesn't really change my opinion of you OR make you seem like a caring health care worker. In fact dear "M" it makes it worse. Now not only are we patients doped up, attacked, besmirched, ridiculed, slandered, accused of being mentally unstable, ignorant, stupid, better off dead, nut cases, unscientific, ad nauseum now we have to worry about being sued when we complain. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about CRNA's.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

MY Kind of CRNA!

There are always exceptions to the rule. While I find that most of the CRNA's that I have had dialogue with along with most of them who have posted their "comments" here are disgustingly arrogant wannabe Doctors, there are some very refreshing posts ostensibly by CRNA's on the web and here is one of them...
16 Lauren September 20, 2009 at 1:22 pm

I’m a CRNA and a significant component of my salary comes from providing endoscopy sedation (propofol for colonoscopies, usually). If you want sedation, get an anesthesia person to administer it. Anesthesia providers use propofol for deeper sedation without the problems associated with midazolam (Versed) that is usually given by endo clinics. I have heard hundreds of sedation horror stories from patients who have undergone colonoscopy sedation with Versed; about 10% have a terrible experience during the procedure and many go home to develop PTSD as the wonderful Versed amnesia wears off. I hate to say it but the reason that colonoscopy sedaionis so common is: money. They want to do the procedure quickly, giving the patient a large dose of an amnesic like Versedmakes this also makes colooscopy WAY more dangerous for the patient. Find a decent endo who will do your exam unsedated… probably don’t need it anyway. And nobody needs Versed………. (Italics mine)

Thanks Lauren, for proving my point about anesthesia providers being closet dictators or worse, by being the exception. You also corroborate my thinking that these drugs are used for MONEY as one of the reasons, not "patient care or comfort." (I have several older posts about exactly this!) Your candor is very much appreciated. While Propofol was part of the cocktail I got when I said "NO incapacitating drugs and NO general anesthetic" and I will never allow it's use, I'm so glad that you recognise the Versed/Midazolam problem. Thanks hon. Here's where the post was gleaned from; Would you undergo a colonoscopy without sedation?

PS The reason I will never allow propofol is because of the EXTREME mental anguish I suffered for years after my hospital debacle. Since nearly all of the CRNA's I've had dealings with claim that it just couldn't be the Versed and that I must be crazy or sub standard in some way, then I must consider other reasons for my long term problems associated with being tricked, abused and attacked in the medical center. It WAS the Versed, but perhaps the Propofol had a synergistic effect on the original problem with Versed? You anesthesia people are the ones who claim this, I'm just taking it a step further. Since *I* know myself pretty well, certainly better than any anesthesia nurse, I KNOW my problem is with Versed/Midazolam. I am open to thinking that Propofol could have exacerbated this severe drug reaction however.

Also all of you anesthesia types who claim that Versed merely reveals underlying mental disorders, THANKS A LOT! I was a totally functional person before the "incident" with no clue that I was actually a complete "nut case" "stupid bitch" "crazy person" as you people have so lovingly enlightened me about! I wanted to keep it that way. I liked myself just fine the way I was. This alone should convince you people who adore shootin' up unsuspecting, trusting patients with this gotcha drug that maybe this isn't the best thing to be doing... Just a thought.

Seriously, if this is what you think and this is your excuse for what happened to me and many others, then this drug should not be used except in severe cases of medical paranoia or medical phobia. Then, if you think about that statement, wouldn't there be a possibility that Versed could exacerbate THOSE problems? If it CREATED paranoia about medical care in my case, after being sanguine about any procedure for my entire life, what could it do to a patient who ALREADY HAS A CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE PROBLEM? Hmmm?

In my case this would mean that you created anxiety (look in my medical records for descriptions of me before and after) in me by using Versed and then, because now I have a medical phobia, you would like to "treat" that with more of the drug that caused the problem in the first place. This defies logic, so who is the "unscientific, illogical person" now? Is it me or is it YOU anesthesia people?

At least LAUREN gets it. Thanks again Lauren, it's CRNA's like you, however few of you there are that almost restores my faith. I probably would let you do my anesthesia....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

From NPR

Many Doctors Stay Mum On Unfit Colleagues : NPR Very interesting article and the comments are very telling. For the anonymous from my post "More From "More On The Comments" why didn't you read this article or one like it before you spouted off at me? Get more information, rather than basing your ideas on just one source, me. I am not the final word on anything, I'm just an injured party. I am angry about all of this!

I had no idea about what kind of abuse I would suffer at the hands of medical personnel. I had absolute trust in my medical team and they ALL betrayed me. Since my last major surgeries, except my c-section when my step father the Dr. was a colleague of the ob, were in 1986, I just didn't have a clue how bad things had gotten at the same time as the cost had skyrocketed out of control. I had no idea about Versed or any other amnesia and/or patient control drug! I had no clue that the Dr. who was performing a dangerous nerve block and had full intentions (albeit ones not revealed to ME, the stupid patient) of knocking me out against my will was actually just a damn NURSE! I would NEVER, EVER have allowed a nurse to perform anything like this on me. Pain meds and local anesthetics are as far as I want a nurse to go! My right, my choice. I may have more intellect to bend to this problem than many, but please, people, don't take anything I say as Gospel. Do your own due diligence. Gather intelligence.

Since I am one of those intense people whose personal ethics demand that I do the very best job I can do regardless of the job itself, I was totally surprised to see that not only was my anesthesia done wrong causing permanent harm, my surgery was badly done. Course the surgeon denies this, but the fact is that I was further degraded by my experience with the surgeon. Why is medical care so degrading? Is it the Versed? Patients under the influence of this poison are not worthy of respect and act like blithering idiots from what I gather. Anybody can be reduced to this with a very small amount! Is it arrogance? Is it what some of the articles I've printed this morning state? That Dr.s and the rest of medical personnel are ignoring their rogue colleagues for a myriad of reasons? I wouldn't tolerate this in a co-worker of mine for one second! Believe me you can be killed just as fast by 80,000+ pounds of rolling iron going at freeway speeds as you can by a careless medical person. I won't put up with it. Why do medical people?

Dr. Mercola; 8 Hospital Secrets You Need To Know

Here's the whole article. 8 Hospital Secrets You Need to Know Pay close attention, especially the last one about your anesthesiologist. Pretty sure that this article is using the term anesthesiologist as a generic term for anesthetist which would include CRNA's and AA's.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ offers a few essential facts about hospitals that you should know before you check in:

Stay Healthy in July

July is the most dangerous month to visit a hospital. That's the month when students graduate from medical school and start doing residencies at teaching hospitals. Deaths due to hospital medication errors spike by 10 percent in July.

Hospital Wait Times

Hospitals have terrible wait times, which may actually be endangering patients. Patients who need to be seen within 14 minutes of arriving ended up having to wait more than twice as long.

The Rise of Bedsores

In recent years, the number of hospital patients suffering from bedsores has increased significantly. In order to prevent them, ask your doctor or whoever is accompanying you to make sure that you change positions every couple hours, keep your skin clean and prop yourself up with pillows to relieve the pressure.

Risk of Infections

There are 1.7 million cases of hospital infections every year, and 99,000 deaths that are related to these infections.

Medical Identity Theft

To date, 1.5 million Americans have had their personal information stolen so that someone else can use your health care to cover their costs. At the moment, hospitals are struggling to deal with this problem.

Bills May Be Negotiable

Most Americans have been the victim of hospital bill shock at one point or another, but it's important to remember that sometimes these bills are negotiable. Some hospitals have been known to drop the price by a third or more.

Hospitals Scan Your Credit Reports

Some hospitals have taken up the controversial practice of looking at patient credit scores, credit card limits and even 401(k) information. The issue has raised privacy concerns among consumer advocacy groups.

Get to Know Your Anesthesiologist

An inept anesthesiologist can cause serious harm to a patient, including death in the worst case scenario. It's best that you request to interview anesthesiologists before your procedure so that you can feel confident you're getting the best care.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:
Follow me on twitter Follow me on facebook

One of the reasons I am so passionate about sharing information about healthful eating, exercise, and stress management is because these basic strategies can help keep you out of the hospital.

There are plenty of reasons – health related or otherwise -- for wanting to avoid hospitals, and several valid ones are listed in the Main Street article above, from having your identity stolen to getting killed...

Over the past decade, health care settings have become increasingly dangerous, mainly because hospitals are prime breeding grounds for newer, deadly superbugs like MRSA and other serious infections. Other reasons include understaffing and human mistakes.

The Frightening Statistics of Hospital Infection Rates

According to CDC statistics, approximately 1.7 million Americans contract infections during hospital stays, and 99,000 deaths are attributed to these infections each year! And that's just ONE cause of death directly attributable to the medical system you entrust with your health care needs.

Most of these hospital acquired infections could be avoided if hospitals maintained stricter infection control measures; simple strategies such as washing hands before touching each patient, and making sure bedding is cleaned, for example, go a long way to ensure a safer environment.

As I've mentioned many times before, the modern health care system as a whole is the leading cause of death in the US. And well intentioned but ill-informed US doctors are the third leading cause of death. Their mistakes claim some 225,000 lives every year.

Knowing what we know about infection rates in hospitals, I strongly recommend checking yours out. In the above article, Main Street provides a helpful link to Consumer Reports' listing of infection rates at major hospitals across the US.

You can review this list and see how the hospitals in your area fare before you plan an elective surgery, for example.

Should you fall ill, either ask to be taken to another hospital, or ask a friend or family member to stay with you to ensure proper hygiene measures are employed.

Americans Pay TWICE as Much for Health Care, but Receive the WORST Quality of Care

This was true in 2008, and over the past two years absolutely nothing has changed.

American medical care is still the most expensive in the world. We spend twice as much for health care, per person, than other industrialized countries. And we're still in last place among seven countries surveyed, when it comes to preventing avoidable deaths and providing quality care.

The US also has a drastically different range of life expectancy between people living in richer or poorer states. A 30- year gap now exists in the average life expectancy between Mississippi, in the Deep South, and Connecticut, in prosperous New England.

Sadly, the decline in life expectancy in these worst-off areas are primarily caused by a rise in a number of preventable diseases, such as lung cancer, chronic lung disease, and diabetes, highlighting the dire need for proper health education and preventive measures.

The latest Commonwealth Fund report -- which used data from "nationally representative patient and physician surveys in seven countries in 2007, 2008, and 2009" -- again ranked the United States dead last, compared to Britain, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

According to Reuters:

"The report looks at five measures of healthcare -- quality, efficiency, access to care, equity and the ability to lead long, healthy, productive lives.

Britain, whose nationalized healthcare system was widely derided by opponents of U.S. healthcare reform, ranks first in quality while the Netherlands ranked first overall on all scores, the Commonwealth team found."

Ironically, researchers are also finding that Americans are increasingly being over-treated to death. Treatments that buy only weeks of time are frequently employed when patients are terminally ill, or dying from old age. Meanwhile, medical bills are a leading cause of family bankruptcies.

Again, most diseases and health conditions in the US are treated incorrectly and inefficiently, at extremely high cost, and I believe a major part of this problem is lack of prevention.

Focusing our efforts on educating about healthful lifestyle strategies could make all the difference, along with reducing our knee-jerk inclination to treat every symptom with toxic drugs.

BEWARE of July – The Most Dangerous Month for Any Hospital Stay

If you live near a teaching hospital, you'll want to pay attention to these stats.

In the US, medical students graduate and begin their residences in July each year, and as a result of inexperience combined with the sleep deprivation, medication- and other medical errors in teaching hospitals spike upward. Additionally many inexperienced interns and residents join the staff.

Nationally, error rates go up by 10 percent in July in teaching hospitals, a recent study shows, while non-teaching hospital error rates stay more or less fixed.

I agree with Main Street's advice to investigate whether your local hospital is a teaching hospital or not, and if you do get sick, either request another hospital, or at least be prepared to ask more questions to make sure you're getting appropriate care.

How to Survive in a Diseased Health Paradigm

In January of this year, Reuters reported that the U.S. spent $2.3 trillion dollars on health care in 2008. But although this was slightly less than projected, showing the slowest rise in health care costs in nearly 50 years, it's still dramatically disproportionate compared to what other nations are capable of accomplishing with less than half of what the US spends.

By 2017, health care spending is projected to exceed $4 trillion. This is largely due to the reliance on a medical system that treats only symptoms and never the cause of disease. The US also tends to over-test and over-treat, and I think it's obvious by now that most Americans are grossly over-medicated.

Still, every available index shows that this multitrillion dollar investment is a miserable failure.

More drugs, more surgeries, and more medical tests do not equal better health. All it does is bankrupt individuals, and the nation as a whole.

Will anything change as the US health care reform takes effect?

I sincerely doubt it, because the attitude toward health care is not being properly addressed. The reform is simply trying to figure out how to keep paying these exorbitant prices.

Preventive measures are still largely ignored.

I still believe you can influence this negative trend, however, by changing your own attitude toward health by realizing that some of the best ways to improve your health are very inexpensive. Some are even free.

Folks, you CAN Take Control of Your Health. You don't have to be just another sad statistic.

There are a number of basic strategies you can use to avoid getting sucked into the current disease-care paradigm. Following these guidelines will be a powerful way to avoid premature aging, and improve your health, no matter what your age, so you can avoid having to take your chances in a hospital.

  1. Eat a healthful diet that's right for your nutritional type (paying very careful attention to keeping your insulin levels down)
  2. Drink plenty of clean water
  3. Manage your stress
  4. Exercise properly
  5. Enjoy some daily sunshine
  6. Limit toxin exposure
  7. Consume healthy fat
  8. Eat plenty of raw food
  9. Optimize insulin and leptin levels
  10. Get plenty of sleep

Related Links:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Dissatisfied Versed Customer

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Please Explain This Comment! Anybody?":

If you are a nurse, especially if you are a crna, then stop insulting patients who have had a bad experience with midazolam...they are a HUGE percentage...check out for versed horror stories.............

I agree with this, naturally. For you people who call me childish names and swear words, maybe YOU have the problem. Do you ever think of that? I am not the only person reporting bad reactions and/or misuse of this nasty little drug Versed. There is no excuse for it, so you people resort to personal attacks. Grow up.

More from "More From The Comments"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More From The Comments":

You are a nut lady, a complete NUT CASE! No wonder you couldnt win in court, you are insane!!!!! Wow, I'm scared to meet you in a dark hallway at night, do you even work now? Or do you just suck off the welfare system in the USA and blog all day about shit no one cares about...I wish I could slap you across the face you nut

Yet another comment designed to make patients comfortable with anesthesia providers and with Versed. I will answer the questions though. No I'm not on welfare. I never have been on welfare. Yes I have a job, even in this economy. (If I wasn't working I would get "unemployment insurance payments" surely you've heard of those? Those are the ones that *I* and my employer pay for.) I'm actually quite popular at work if you must know. Of course if you had been able to read more, maybe you would have already known this... I don't know what this has to do with having a bad reaction to Versed, or taking exception to the poor quality of workmanship exhibited in my "care," but I guess it has some correlation in this person's little mind. Hate Versed=Welfare Queen. Not in this world. Tell me anonymous, what color is the sky on your planet?

As for the comment "shit that no one cares about" how did you come up with this pearl of wisdom? Oh, you must be in anesthesia. Those people can read minds. They KNOW what everybody wants, is thinking, needs and cares about. Soorrryyy! Also of note is the use of profanity in a pathetic attempt to shock. Try again.

I want to know how you arrive at the "you are insane" comment as well. I guess everybody is insane if they don't like Versed? Why would you care anyway? You are on here reading, are you obsessed with Versed and the people who don't want it or what?

If you are an anesthesia provider, I want everybody to see that you want to get physically violent with me! "I wish I could slap you across the face you nut" Why? Nobody knows because you, my dear, have not explained your position. If you want to spew venom that's fine. It would be nice if you would at least clue us all in on what your problem is... We are waiting with bated breath! Why would you want to assault me? What could you possibly hope to accomplish with that slap? Would being able to slap me make you feel better? I can assure you that having you slap me wouldn't change my mind about anything, so, this would be for your pathological need to dominate? Is this to satisfy your craving to create fear or awe in patients? Do you have problems with anger management? Did you tear the wings off of flies in your youth or drown kittens? Abuse your significant other? Were you beaten as a child? I'm just trying to find some basis for this off the wall statement.

Once again our anesthesia providers resort to pejoratives to describe the stupid patients. My God, these stupid "nut case" patients want to be treated like human beings and want their surgery and anesthesia to be carefully done! The gall! They must all be nut cases! (Oddly in the Spokane area there is a radio ad specifically about anesthesia. I am thinking that I will go to that hospital if I ever need surgery again. Anesthesia is getting to be a big deal what with all the horror stories about Versed and CRNA's.)

FYI, sweet cakes, you have every reason to be "afraid to meet me in a dark hallway at night" if you are an anesthesia nurse. Trust me, I would love nothing more than to meet one of you anesthesia providers in a dark hallway at night and especially have you strike me in the face. I would clean your clock. Self defense. YOU go to jail. That is you would go to jail AFTER the ER got done fixing you back up! I have my fantasies too you nasty little sadist! Bring it ON! E-mail me at, and I'll tell you where to find me... I'll give you every opportunity to slap me, hell I'll even turn the other cheek. Let me know when you want me to take you up on that slap! Not that I'm into masochism, let's just say that I harbor some resentment about being treated like I was some kind of sub human life form, and it would be nice to have an outlet! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

I lost my case on a technicality which is what 99% of people who are harmed by medical personnel have found. This is exactly why we are being treated like cattle and patient rights laws are not being followed. There is a singular lack of enforcement in the medical community and this has created a problem with medical treatment. Sloppiness and carelessness are the norm now and not the exception simply because the laws aren't enforced and there is no recourse. Believe me if there were consequences for criminal behavior inside the medical community we would be seeing a lot less harmful treatment.

Please look at the x rays and see if you think I might not have liked what was done to me. Not only was I poisoned against my will, the surgery was badly done. I also have permanent nerve damage, permanent numbness, permanent loss of grip etc. that obviously don't show up on the shocking xrays. See if you can follow; I laid out very clear parameters to my medical treatment. I'm terribly sorry if this is too much for anesthesia providers to handle, but that's life get over it. My instructions CLEARLY were not followed and I was FORCED to have medical treatment in excess of what I had allowed. That arouses my ire, as it would anybody else. The janitor or WHOEVER was able to perform my surgery due entirely to my mentally unhinged (in my opinion) nurse deciding unilaterally that he wanted me to have g/a and sedation. IF MY STUPID CRNA HAD FOLLOWED MY PRECISE INSTRUCTIONS I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THIS SURGERY! (it still amazes me that a highly trained professional couldn't follow simple instruction.) Or conversely, my Dr. would not have substituted a janitor for himself or maybe would have been more careful. Seriously I have my suspicions that Travis, the PA was allowed to perform the surgery. No real surgeon would have done such a piss poor job would they? The way my anesthesia was done (botch job) it just may be that surgeons are doing stuff like this botch job on my ORIF distal radius. But according to my illustrious poster above, I have no reason to be angry or upset! I must be CRAZY! lololol, yeah right.

I'm waiting in breathless anticipation for our upcoming face slap meeting! Oh, how about broad daylight outside in a public place. Since you are terrified of meeting me in a dark hallway at night, I'll make it easy on you! Or is this just another pathetic empty threat from an anesthesia provider, unhappy that patients want to prohibit the use of their precious drug of choice Versed/Midazolam?

Liar, liar, pants on fire! (I can be childish too)

This post is from this site; Sedation-Free Colonoscopy: Why Isn’t It the Standard? Gut Check on Gastroenterology I have seen Gareth's posts in other places, but his experience is telling and dovetails nicely into what I am saying about Versed misuse and abuse of patients with this drug. The lies and deceit boggle the mind. I am italicizing again...

Gareth says:

It makes me sad to say, but the GI docs insist on sedation because it makes their job easier and faster, not for the patient’s benefit. Most of the world does these exams unsedated and they are fine. Google versed horror stories and tell me that any thinking person (This would include me. Sorry anesthesia nurses, lying to yourselves about my alleged lack of intellect doesn't work) would consent to versed. 6 local GI doc’s told me it was imperative that I get a colonoscopy (FAP), but when they saw that I was allergic to versed and propofol, all said “too bad, we can’t slow things down to do an unsedated exam (and a lot of docs get theirs unsedated; they don’t want the memory loss)…..I’m sick of the USA medical system and wish that my daughter would drop out of medical school, but she’s still under the illusion that docs help people. The last GI doc that told me that she wouldn’t do an unsedated exam was a gem; when I politely walked out of her office (after she told me an unsedated exam was impossible), she followed me into the parking lot and agreed to do the exam unsedated; in fact, she had her own colonoscopy unsedated! She knows my terrible family history and seemed to care that I get this needed exam; she is a sweetheart, but when she grabbed my arm and asked me why I wouldn’t do the exam (unsedated), she didn’t understand the answer: you lied to me repeatedly about the sedation and I wouldn’t want a liar involved in my medical care. I’ll take my risk with colon cancer.

Here's another from Colonoscopy blog: Do you want conscious sedation?Anonymous said...

Never again will I ever allow anyone put Versed I me for any reason! I was lied to by the Dr about sedation "putting me to sleep" even though I know now it really causes amnesia. Exactly one hour after after the colonoscopy was complete I was put out the door and I found myself at home having never even seen or talked to anyone again at the hospital after the drug was put in me. I delt with panic attacks every day for over a year after that drug was used on me. I was 51 at the time and I had never had a panic attack before that in my life. I know now that anyone allowing Versed to be put in them had better know and fully trust their Dr and hospital, because Versed gives no pain relief and the amnesia it causes is strictly for the Dr and hospitals benefit. It allows them to maintain a schedule and to go as fast as they want even to the point of hurting you. They know you will never remember what was done to you and if you do have a problem or reaction to the drug once they get you out the door it is your problem now not theirs.

Here's another one from the same site;

Anonymous said...

nursind duse said it all" nevery agree to colonoscopy nder Versed...the amneis is fleeeting, haunting and I still have nightmares about ebing lied to about this drug, I met with m GI doc,he said that the had it and thought that "it was fine"........I asked him if I could verify this (I'm a hospital computer specialst), so I punched up his recent colonoscpy on STENTOR ( a records storeage system) and sure enough, his was with a miimal dose of painkiller (fentanyl)-no verded, no propofol..but it's what e told me tha the had.........I asked him to document tohis deceit in my medical record (he did!) then asked me sheepishl is I would complain/sue..I said no, told him I was disappointed and left. Incredibly, they mailed me the prep and expect me to ge the exam next week. I told him that I wold not trust him to ash my car,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Craigslist Warning

No this isn't from me. Some other poor soul has been poisoned and probably had their entire life changed by Versed and the unheeding "professionals" who advocate the use of this poison. Of course they don't TELL the patients about it...

"If you are going to have oral surgery or a colonoscopy you need to Google this first. Type in Versed Read down through the pages and you will see how dangerous the drug Versed is. It is especially dangerous to young people or old people. It is widely used during colonoscopy and in most oral surgeons offices because they want to RUSH you through instead of going slow like they should!. If you feel pain you will not be able to complain and they hope you won't remember it. If you tell the Gastro Doc you don't want sedation he will refuse to do the exam because he wants to rush you through, GREATLY increasing the chance that your bowels could be perforated! It makes more money that way. These medical people DO NOT CARE about you! Its about money. Uninformed consent is NOT consent!
This drug has a 10% serious problem rate. That is astronomical! Many people have been seriously damaged by this drug that should be outlawed. Your doctor will most likely NEVER admit he is going to inject you with it and he will use trickery and lies to use it. He surely will NEVER tell you that the drug is designed to cause amnesia and force you to be compliant! If you wish to forget everything that should be YOUR CHOICE! No doctor or nurse would EVER allow themselves to be given it. THEY KNOW what the bad effects are!! PLEASE- Google it before you get that IV. In most cases you do NOT need to be fully sedated but they don't want any noise or complaints from you. You could just take a valium or another type of pill before. IV sedation costs around 360.00. They make more money that way. They will tell you "we do this to everyone".
You want to be next?"


While I'm at work I have unlimited time to think about why exactly anesthesia providers are so adamant about Versed. As I've noted previously, it's fun for anesthesia people to deal with patients on Versed. The uncensored thoughts and statements, the absolute, unquestioning obedience to their every command, etc. How enjoyable for the staff! I imagine it makes the day go faster to get to watch these patients acting the fool. BUT is this enough to make these same anesthesia providers go berserk when we suggest that Versed is no good and warn others NOT to allow its use? I'm thinking not really. I don't go into meltdown because the truck I drive has no radio, no air conditioning, etc. Those things make my job easier, but if I don't have them, oh well. I don't tend to get hysterical over it. So anesthesia providers have yet another reason to use Versed. The entertainment aspect of forcing Versed on people isn't ALL that there is.

What if anesthesia people are scared out of their wits just THINKING about working with somebody who does not have amnesia? Aaron, my CRNA claims that he gives 99% of his patients Versed. 99% of his patients DO NOT NEED VERSED! So there is another reason. Forget about anesthesia providers' claims that they "tailor the anesthesia for the individual." This is a bald faced lie based upon Aaron's own statement to me, and the other statements here. Don't buy into the lie that Versed is for the precious patients' comfort. These people like to use Versed for a myriad of reasons, (completely UNrelated to patient care) but maybe the real reason that they are so desperate that they would come here acting like little high fallutin terrorists and attacking me is because they are unable to cope with cognizant patients. Anesthesia providers' own fear may be the main reason Versed is used.

Maybe in their entire anesthesia lives they have gotten used to patients with amnesia. From anesthesia school on, they have never, ever had to actually deal with a patient for more than the initial five minutes or so? What if they never did learn how to properly consent a patient because they can just shoot them up with a drug which causes amnesia? Why would you bother to tell a patient what to expect when they aren't going to have recall of it anyway? (they hope) They obviously feel like they don't even have to mention the lack of recall or AMNESIA, so these jerks have been able to completely disregard the patient, patient rights etc. Afterward they even claim that they DID tell you all about it, that the Versed erased those memories too. What a crock, but how CONVENIENT for the staff! (read the law as it pertains to staff convenience elsewhere in this blog.)

What if these people (anesthesia providers) not only got to disregard patient rights, consent laws and explanations about the procedure, but also get to continue their substandard care as well. Why learn to do your job well, when nobody cares and the patient won't (they hope) remember any of it? Why bother perfecting their technique for say, nerve blocks? Who gives a damn if they don't work anyway? The patient WON'T KNOW how pathetic the attempt was will they? Not with Versed.

What if the REAL reason that colonoscopies are so painful ISN'T because they inherently are, but because with patient amnesia it doesn't matter anyway. There seems to be ample proof of this one. So Versed keeps those patients coming back because they can't remember and report the abuse. Is this fair? Is it ethical? Versed makes it so that you can be tortured. If colonoscopy procedures were remembered and THE PROVIDERS KNEW IT, do you think that they would be a little more careful not to cause pain? Do you think that maybe they would improve their technique so that they could keep the steady stream of dollars coming in? What would be the point of becoming extremely skillful with colonoscopy when you have patient amnesia to hide behind? Sloppy care or skillful care, with amnesia what's the diff.?

Contrary to what the hysterical anesthesia providers who come here think, I am a fairly normal person by anybodies definition. (I also have empathy which anesthesia providers don't seem to have. That means that I can put myself in their shoes and imagine what it would be like.) When I think about how it would be for anesthesia providers and some doctors who have become completely reliant on patient AMNESIA to actually have to deal with real people instead of zombies, I think it would be pretty scary!

What if the patient wouldn't go along with what the doctor wanted and they weren't drugged into obedience? What then? What if a patient said "stop" and they actually had to stop the procedure? Think of all the MONEY they would lose. (read where Aaron states that I gave consent by "not objecting." I was drugged to the point that I couldn't object... I couldn't stop them and I couldn't sign out AMA) What if you people actually had to OBEY the patient instead of the other way around? Would the surgeon or whatever be mad at YOU? Aaah, but with Versed you guys don't have to worry do you? Job security.

What if the patient realized that their nerve block was inadequate? Then what? If the anesthesia person couldn't do their job right and the patient (and Dr.) was AWARE of it? Makes my blood run cold... (remember the empathy thing) Right now, with Versed this isn't a concern for anesthesia A-T A-L-L. What if you couldn't use Versed? Can any of you perform a block without first drugging your patient? I don't think very many of you can... That scares you doesn't it anesthesia providers? It should scare you. Too many complaints about those of you who can't do your job and you are out on your a**! I already know that you don't give a damn about your patients, their pain or anything else, so this has to be the real reason you inject poison into all your trusting patients.

You anesthesia people are scared out of your minds that you will be revealed as to your lack of skills aren't you? You have no clue, do you, about how to treat a patient who isn't amnestic? You just can't properly perform your job and you don't want the patients to know. (in my opinion) Like the nerve blocks I mentioned above. Fear is a powerful motivator, and I think that maybe, just maybe, this is why people who hate Versed for whatever reason are attacked. When animals are cornered they are liable to attack. Anesthesia providers are animals too and have the same atavistic feelings as any other cornered animal.

YOU CAN'T DO YOUR JOB WITHOUT VERSED CAN YOU? You are frightened by the thought and dismayed at the very idea. If patients could complain about your sorry butts, you might lose your cushy overpaid under worked job! This may just be the main reason that Versed is used and that anesthesia providers are so belligerent about it. The fear factor.