Friday, December 3, 2010

Study on Natural Altzhiemers as Opposed to Synthetic Altzheiers Via Versed

It is my contention that the "amnesia" that most people get from Versed/Midazolam is a deliberate and malicious drug induced Alzheimer's.  Since most of our medical people, in particular CRNA's, seem to feel that once they give a patient Alzheimer's disease by drugging, that they are free to make nasty comments about their patients, and to disregard patient pain.  Don't bother to deny this, I HEARD what my loving CRNA Aaron said about me.  It was part of the whole freak show at the hospital.  Since I had NO IDEA he had tried to produce amnesia without my knowledge and consent, I was shocked, appalled, horrified, humiliated, furious, helpless, impotent, incompetent, words fail to tell the tale of what I felt, to be rendered insignificant and humiliated by people that I had trusted.  (Aaron states that I was "VERY RELAXED" during all of this!)  Don't ever believe that "amnesia" can insulate your patient from your nasty, rude, unprofessional, unspeakably cruel treatment of them.  It can't.  Here is a study on natural Alzheimer's, which DIRE AND DREADED DISEASE YOU PEOPLE PURPOSEFULLY GIVE TO YOUR TRUSTING PATIENTS!

Patients with amnesia still feel emotions, despite memory loss

I have stated this as my premise as to why people who were abused and tortured by their medical providers experience PTSD and anxiety disorders subsequent to treatment.  Our brains are marvelous and delicate instruments.  Memory isn't something that has been studied in enough depth to know exactly how it works.  Implicit, explicit, inherited memory such as migratory birds and Monarch butterflies exhibit, aren't mechanisms that are understood by the medical community.  I just can't get over the fact that medical workers are so sanguine about harming their patients and inducing a dreadful disease with a chemical!  Why would you ever think that this is without side effects?  Are you insane?  You don't know what memory is, how the brain works, nothing basically, yet feel smugly superior and perfectly willing to destroy people's brains.  The HUBRIS!

Since I didn't get amnesia prior to the g/a I can't judge that amnesia part.  However they told me that I was awake and alert prior to my memory starting back in after surgery.  I awoke in a rage, already on my feet, violently throwing things and swearing.  According to witnesses, my transitions in and out of memory acquisition mode were seamless.  Oddly I remember going in and out, but somehow I knew what I had been saying during the "black hole" experience.  So even though I have partial amnesia after surgery and my explicit memory wasn't working, something was.  I had full knowledge of where I was and just who was responsible for the assault.  AND I have never been the same since.  My vocabulary sucks, I'm irritable and unable to cope with the simplest frustration, can't multi task etc.  Versed absolutely wrecked my brain. 

Here's a question for all of you know-it-alls out there who love Versed....  Is my newly acquired mental disorder a result of way too much Versed, being used in a manner and in amounts that were unjustified?  Was I so overdosed that it caused serious brain damage?   OR is my memory of the shockingly bad treatment I received after injection the culprit?  Since you medical workers claim Versed has zero side effects, it must be the PERSONAL attack, like a rape or beating that caused the PTSD, right?  I was absolutely "relaxed" to the point of helplessness, while my CRNA continued to arrogantly force me to have treatments I had declined and he had some "amusing" commentary about me while he was at it.  So which is it?  Either way, you are exposed as the sadists you are.  Alzheimer's patients have emotional memory of events and so do chemically induced Alzheimer's patients.  Overdose of a dangerous and unpredictable drug designed to mimic a lobotomy or Alzheimer's or patient battery.  Your choice.

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