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I love this word.  It describes the actions and attitudes of medical minions perfectly in regards to Versed.  Here's the definition of 'obscuratism'.

Obscurantism (French: obscurantisme, from the Latin obscurans, "darkening") is the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or the full details of some matter from becoming known.
"The essential element in the black art of obscurantism is not that it wants to darken individual understanding, but that it wants to blacken our picture of the world, and darken our idea of existence."

Perfect!  "...the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or the full details of some matter from becoming known."  Isn't that what all the attacks are about when we complain about Versed?  Isn't this why we patients are almost invariably told some phony platitude about just what Versed is and what it's for?  Medical people are deliberately obscuring the truth about this poison.

Versed is absolutely to blame for darkening individual understanding, AND our picture of the world and our idea of existence.  This one word manages to contain almost the whole gist of our complaints about Versed.  Versed, one dark black hole, into which one is sent by people who are using obscurantism.

"Do You Feel Safe In The Home?"

I recently read an article about the questions from medical workers.  One of them is "Do you feel safe in the home."   They think they are doing us a service asking such an asinine question.  Who in their right mind would answer that one "yes"?  If you answer yes, then they will keep you longer and run up the bill?  Or will they send a little government minion out to your house (called a social worker) to endanger you more?  The last thing most people who aren't "safe in the home" need is some busybody coming out, demanding entrance to the home and questioning the people who live there.  If you have ever been around an abusive partner, then you know how dangerous this kind of behavior from the government is.  The minute the intruder is gone, the hapless battered wife/husband is going to get the sh*t kicked out of them, I can guarantee it.  No I don't indulge in this behavior myself, but I have known some people who have.

They asked me that question in my own debacle at the treatment facility.  They were all so very concerned about my SAFETY IN THE HOME. but they were entirely unconcerned that I was at great risk FROM THEM!  It amazes me that these medical people can be so obtuse about things.  They themselves were far more of a danger to me, physically, mentally and financially than any wife beater.  What kind of sanctimonious thinking goes into asking a question like this?  A bunch of creeps who batter people for a living are concerned over your safety at home?  What a crock.  At least with a wife/husband beater the victim has some recourse.  The police will come and lock up the perp.  What can you do when your medical team performs surgery badly, harms you, drugs you, falsely imprisons you, causes infections etc.?  Nothing.  They are above the law when it comes to assault with grievous bodily harm.  (yes it is false imprisonment when your medical team DRUGS YOU or STRAPS YOU DOWN on the gurney to prevent you signing out AMA)

So, to my mind, (some) medical workers get away with doing the EXACT SAME THING as a violent predator does.  They just have to claim that they were only trying to help.  STOP TRYING TO HELP!  Don't these medical workers realize that their HELP is not needed in this case?  What we all need help with is some kind of protection from the predatory practises of medical workers.  We don't need intrusive questions which may cause us even greater harm.

The other question avidly asked by medical workers is about the "advance directive" you may or may not have.  They want to know if they SCREW UP ROYALLY do they really, really have to try to save you?   Go in for some minor surgical procedure and they want permission to kill you/let you die.  I've never seen anything like it.  That's for another post.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More On Dr. Fields-Midazolam/Versed Rapist

Here's an update from the story about the anesthesiologist, Dr. Fields, who used Versed in order to rape and molest his patients and co-workers.  Of note is the FACT that the doctor ADMITTED molesting all these women, and yet, and YET, medical workers are still defending Versed usage against some of their own.  Oh yeah the doctor ADMITTED raping and molesting a bunch of women after he sneaked Versed into them, even though others claimed that it was just the "Versed causing these hallucinations".  That's the defense?  Well, it didn't work.  The guy is going to prison for a long time and the hospital is going to be paying out like a slot machine, as they deserve to for letting this degenerate roam loose through the hospital for YEARS after they knew what he was doing.  I guess between the phony "hallucinations" defense and the idea that if the patient can't remember the abuse suffered, then it's all just fine and dandy.  Don't let anybody NEAR YOU with Versed!  It's not safe for so many reasons, like this story. 

Here's the link to the story in the newspaper;  Lawyer: ‘red flags’ ignored | The Dalles Chronicle

Lawyer: ‘Red Flags’ Ignored


On Sept. 24, 2007, the first abuse of an employee by Field, an anesthesiologist, took place during surgery. The woman did not report this incident until May of 2011.

In 2011, Hobbs, a patient, was abused on Jan. 3, and Gmeinder on Feb. 10. The last incident of molestation occurred Jan. 24 and involved a co-worker of Field. He was arrested four days later.

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Old C/W Truck Driving Songs (not about Versed)

A nasty little character recently wrote me and included a reference to the handle "Rubber Duck".  I had forgotten about that song it was so long ago, so I was delighted to take a trip down memory lane.  I know some of you are old enough to remember the spate of trucking songs that came out in the seventies. 

? CW McCall Convoy - YouTube

? WOLF CREEK PASS ~ C.W. McCALL.~ 1975 - YouTube

? Classified by C. W. McCall - YouTube

? 'Old Home Filler-Up - YouTube

Here's a couple by Red Sovine;

? Red Sovine - Teddy Bear - YouTube

? Red Sovine - Phantom 309 - YouTube

Eddie Rabbit, remember him?

? Eddie Rabbit "Driving My Life Away" - YouTube

Quintessential Truck driving song from the movie;

? eastbound and down-jerry reed - YouTube

Here's a couple of silly ones; 

? Cledus Maggard - The White Knight - YouTube

? Del Reeves-Girl on the billboard. - YouTube

last one;


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The Magical Thinking of (some) Nurses

Recently I was sent a copy of this post from an online conversation;


Nearly every medical situation? In your first comment, you sounded like a druggie. You just confirmed it.
I reiterate: If you don't want to be given versed, stay away from situations that will cause that to happen. Stay out of the ER, and leave the emergency department for people who truly have a life-threatening emergency.
I wanted to share this post (deleted by the administrator, "warm socks" couldn't read the RULES on posting on this site) as an example of "magical thinking" by some nurses.  I am making some of my own assumptions here.  1) (a) This person is a nurse (b) in an OR or in an ER  2)  This person is female  3)  This person is a BIG fan of Versed. 
My assumptions about "warm socks" are arrived at thusly; Warm socks are used in the OR to keep the patient warm in a cold environment. I think it likely that a person who uses "warm socks" as a screen name is female, because it conjures up warm, caring, "maternal" feelings. The obvious assumption about "warm socks" loving Versed being that most medical workers LOVE Versed and immediately attack, disparage, impugn the motives of, slander and libel anybody who disagrees with their assessment of Versed. Hence the "druggie" references. Since doctors don't generally act like this, I'm thinking nurse. 
Here's the post where "warm socks" claims that the writer has CONFIRMED that they are a druggie;
"Pretty hard to stay away from Versed as it is used in nearly every single medical situation. I have looked up the side effects of Versed (called Vitamin V by medical workers) and it's very hard to find any literature about the severe side effects. Mostly medical people like the drug and conceal the bad stuff..."
Do you see anything in this post that would lead you to believe that the poster is a druggie?  Let alone any kind of "confirmation" that they are a druggie?  Do you see anything in the post that would lead you to believe that the author haunts emergency rooms?  This is an example of "magical thinking" by somebody, presumably a nurse.  I can make assumptions myself.  However mine are based on facts in evidence, not magical thinking.

It's not like I have never seen this kind of "thinking" (I use the term loosely) in medical professionals.  I was treated to it by my "team" in the debacle that started my journey into medical practices.   I have been treated to "magical thinking" by some of my commenters as well.  They IMAGINE that they know what happened to me, what I did or did not say before, during and after my debacle, the content of what I signed, and in one extreme instance I was blamed by the hospital "patient relations nurse" for my NEGATIVE THOUGHTS causing a poor surgical outcome at her facility.  I'm very aware of magical thinking in some nurses, but I digress...

Moving along, "warm socks" did not do HER OWN RESEARCH into the person who wrote the comment on Versed.  The poster is NOT a druggie.  The poster doesn't frequent emergency rooms.  I personally know the original poster and nothing could be farther from the truth. (Absolutely provable.)

The person that "warm socks" references holds several government sub-contractor badges which allow them to enter sensitive sites, military bases and off limits (to the public) portions of airports.  It is simply not possible in the real world for this person to be a druggie.  This person's various licenses and permits won't allow it what with all the random drug testing and FBI background checks at EACH AND EVERY FACILITY.  Entry points, guard shacks etc have drug sniffing dogs and men/women with guns.  Go ahead and try to get into a facility like that while on drugs.  I also want to mention the "drug wands" which detect drug RESIDUE on brief case handles, steering wheels, clothing, you get the drift.  If any part of you, your vehicle or your personal possessions has a .5% (that's point five percent) reading of drug residue you must have everything including the personal vehicle CLEANSED before you are allowed in.  The drug residue readings even capture "ephedrine" which I believe is common in cold remedies.  I do not know if pseudo-ephedrine shows up as ephedrine.  Poppy seed bagels DO also show up as heroin.  They can do more tests to determine if the "residue" is from poppy seeds or drugs, but this process is involved and means that the poster won't be doing their job at THAT facility for a day or two.  Thankfully this person has no "state secrets" for nosy drug pushers at hospitals to ferret out.  However this does not mean that the poster wants Versed under any circumstances.

Isn't it amazing that a presumed nurse has such psychic powers?  "Warm socks" states with absolute authority that the poster is a druggie who uses an ER for non life threatening things in order to get drugs, and that they have proved or confirmed it in some kind of imaginary way.  The poster doesn't like Versed so this is what they are accused of.  Does it make any sense to you?   Here's another flaw in "warm socks" thinking...don't druggies WANT drugs?  Why would a druggie who wants drugs object when given a benzo?  I don't understand, but then I have no psychic powers.

Do you like the idea of a (presumed) nurse deciding that you are some kind of sub standard human being and attributing to you this kind of thing without any proof or merit to the claims?  I find it alarming.  How do you think this person will treat you if they divine in their little minds that you are guilty of things that you are not?  I'm not sure if reality (proof of innocence) interferes with magical thinking. 

I have other examples of magical thinking by nurses sprinkled throughout this blog in my posts and especially in the comments.  It absolutely amazes me.  I wonder if being around drugs all the time does this to what would be a normal person?  I don't know one other field which produces so many people who think they are omnipotent mind readers.

This post is getting a little long so I'll close with this...  "Warm socks" opines that we should all avoid anything that would lead to a Versed injection.  Here's the quote;
"If you don't want to be given an injection of versed, stay away from situations that will lead to that happening."

The magic nurse (my opinion, if he/she can give an opinion on a person he/she never met claiming that they are a drug user who frequents ER's in a quest for drugs, then *I* can make some assumptions myself) wants you to stay away from the dentist's office, don't drive a car, don't walk down the street, never grow old, don't get sick, don't ride horses, don't ride a motorcycle, don't drink, don't eat food, don't drink the water, don't go to an emergency room, and on and on and on in order to avoid getting a Versed injection.  In fact maybe he/she wants you to just die so that you won't have to worry about getting Versed.  No you moron, YOU DON'T SHOOT US UP WITH VERSED!  That's the real answer.  It's pure insanity to tell us to "stay away from situations that will lead to that happening."  How absurd your reasoning is cupcake.  But then why would I expect sanity from a "psychic" with magical powers anyway? 

Here's An Advertisement For NOT Having Colonoscopies...

This advertisement is for alternative medical treatments, but it has some shocking facts in the little slide show.  It's from a doctor who tells us NOT to have a colonoscopy, why, how to avoid it and alternatives.  When I saw that SEVENTY THOUSAND patients die each year from colonoscopies, I thought that some of my readers might like to see it.  We are not even talking about the sedation problems...

Insiders Cures

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Einstein's Brain

Here's an article I saw today on Einstein's brain. Einstein's Brain Had Well-Connected Hemispheres That Sparked His Brilliance, Study Suggests Isn't it interesting that his prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain with abstract thinking was "extraordinary"?  What part of the brain does Versed affect badly.  That's right the prefrontal cortex.  Einstein's brain also had a much larger corpus callosum which allowed a more free exchange of information between the two hemispheres.  Does this explain why so many bright people retain memory even when their brain is assaulted with Versed?  I have thought that since bright people OBVIOUSLY process information differently than most, that they must have more "pathways" in the brain enabling them to store more information globally.  Just a theory, I don't do experiments in my home.  That behavior would get me thrown in jail! 

The question posed by a commenter on is (paraphrased) Would medical workers vandalize Einstein's brain with Versed or would they recognise the superior qualities of it and not try to damage him in any way with their brain poison.  I truly believe that today's medical workers would GLADLY inject Versed into Albert Einstein without a second thought.

Peculiar To Versed

Here's a post from yet another person who has had his brain fried with Versed...

Posted by Charles T on September 22, 2013
"I was given versed without my consent.  For the last three months I've suffered from anxiety and depression.  The hospital said that they could do whatever they wanted to me.  I've had thoughts of suicide and self harm to include blood pressure of 180/125 which they say is nothing to worry about.  I'm so angry at times I just shake and then I just break down and cry afterward.  The hospital has offered me no help and I guess according to them, nothing is wrong.  Do I really need to put a 12 guage to my head in their burger shop so they can't ignore me?"

I have gotten e-mail after e-mail from people who feel the way this poor guy does.  Charles T you should never have gotten Versed without consent.  It's a violation of Federal Civil Law.  The hospital told me too that "they could do whatever they want" and that's what they did.  They cited "Standard of Care" which is the medical cartel's carte blanche to themselves.  "Standard of Care" is a misnomer used to cover up wholesale assaults on patients, in my opinion.  "Standard of care" is CONTRARY to the LAW as it pertains to patient care. 

What a "relaxing drug" Versed is to cause blood pressure of 180/125.  This is way too high and is of concern to everybody at any time EXCEPT when their precious "relaxation" drug is used.  Then and only then is this kind of blood pressure of no consequence.  Any normal medical worker would be alarmed at this blood pressure. 

Why should simple little anti-anxiety drug cause the mental destruction of Charles and lots of us who have been treated to this wonder drug?  That's because the "anti-anxiety" properties of this poison are not real.  This is a patient control and (they hope) an amnesia drug.  It does absolutely NOTHING to alleviate anxiety, it only erases SOME of the symptoms of anxiety by preventing the patient from ACTING on the increased anxiety.  Blood pressure spikes are not a sign of relaxation.  Only medical workers who love Versed would say such a stupid thing.  They will do ANYTHING, say ANYTHING so that their "screw you" drug isn't targeted.

Rage is a common "side effect" of having your brain attacked by the drug.  I can't tell you how many people are reporting this.  So far all I have been able to find out about this is that Versed affects the amygdala, the "lizard brain" in a bad way and creates this almost unbearable hostility...or murderous rage to put it another way.  My husband caught me looking into the faces at a marathon.  He asked me if I was looking for Aaron, my crna.  (Aaron told me he broke his ankle jogging, I figured he might run in marathons) I didn't even notice that I was doing that!  My husband wanted to know what I would have done if I HAD seen him.  I honestly don't know.  I don't know if I would have verballed him or physically assaulted him.  I just don't know.  My amydala had taken over with its fight or flight ideation.  My personality style dictates a more, shall we say, aggressive approach.  I understand Charles completely.

The hospital doesn't give a shit about you Charles.  They got their money, now you don't matter.  I'm sorry to say that, but one of the steps to healing is to understand the enemy.  They are NOT concerned about YOU.  They are concerned with procedures and billing.  They can bill more if they use Versed, that's all it is.  Well, almost all.  They surely do like obedient mindless zombies who will reveal their darkest secrets for the amusement of staff.  YOUR reaction to this is of complete disinterest to them.  They LIKE torturing patients when they think that the patient won't remember.  It's so much EASIER to deal with those nasty, pesty patients that way.  Get rid of them and their demands at the earliest possible moment by detaching their brain. 

I know how much more ANGRY it makes patients to have their concerns dismissed by the medical behemoth.  It made me angry too and I had similar thoughts.  To be deliberately and perhaps MALICIOUSLY injected with this kind of control drug, which leaves the victim alone to fight off the often severe side effects is detrimental to us. 

I hope Charles gets a grip on his drug induced rage for HIS sake, not medical workers.  To my mind medical workers have to be FORCED to recognise what their pet drug does to people.  They apparently need some really bad things to happen before they wake up and smell the coffee.  Of course with their delusional thinking that Versed is wonderful, they will probably blame it on something else...the fluorescent lighting maybe?

Insane Nurse Lectures Us Peons!

Insane Nurse strikes again! LOL Not content with being a mere np this person must try to convince us of their complete and supreme Holiness. Here's the quote and it may also be found in the comments section of "Pulled From The Comments" where I comment on their previous comment.
"Name removed" has left a new comment on your post "Pulled From The Comments...":

"CRNA's have been giving safe anesthesia for many. many years and not much if anything is beyond their skill level. As far as the attitude is concerned, get over it. Medicine isn't a social gathering. Physician's have the same if not larger attitude problems than CRNA's. This isn't about what you "deem" acceptable unless you are an anesthesiologist or CRNA.
Oh yes, regarding your warning to people to not have ORIF of distal radius fractures, that is absolutely ridiculous. How would YOU have them fix the fracture? Maybe YOU in all of your astounding medical wisdom could come and walk us through an alternate procedure.
You are doing nothing more than spreading lies and misinformation. Shame on you..."
Of course I have some things to say about this arrogant and angry post. First of all I am well aware that nurses helped with anesthesia for years. Look at the ARROGANCE behind this next statement. "...not much if anything is beyond their skill level." If that's true then why do we even have MDA's? Why do these nurses need supervision in most cases? Why would MDA's do the hard cases, you know, those that require extra skill, not just sedation and easy cases? YOU are spreading lies and disinformation when you make this claim!

In my experience physicians DO NOT HAVE THE EGO PROBLEMS THESE NURSES DO! Doctors are not out there prancing around and claiming superiority. They are not crna's comparing themselves to doctors and whining and crying because they aren't paid as much...
My stepfather is a real Dr. and he isn't like these nasty little nurses at all. He is the nicest man you would ever want to meet. He CARES about his patients and respects their wishes AND their decisions. Insane Nurse can you see that you are proving my point? Could it be that YOUR attitude is why you feel that physicians are so terrible? Maybe you need to be put in your place? You may be doing something to cause their wrath. Time for some self examination...

Second of all honey, *I* am in charge of my own care! Do you not know or understand "informed consent" laws? What do you believe these laws are designed to provide? Are they hold harmless agreements for YOUR benefit or are they patient autonomy laws designed to protect patients from people like you who feel we have no right to decide what is in our own best interests? What is your problem? IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! It's my body, it's my mind and you dear Insane Nurse are merely the hired help. You are to do as you are told. What is so hard to understand about that? IT'S THE LAW!

I had a terrible and entirely preventable outcome from my ORIF. I would never have risked it if the law had been followed. I guess according to Insane Nurse's logic, the surgeon was also under no obligation to reveal what the surgery entailed including the risks. The only person who could make the decision FOR ME about whether this surgery was advisable would be the surgeon himself? So when do we start dragging people off the street and deciding that they need Versed and/or surgery? What happened to the laws pertaining to forced medical care and full disclosure? What happened to the laws which state that patients have a right to decline any part of medical treatment? By the way nurse, you are not a doctor. I am supposed to care about the OPINION of a nurse, as opposed to my personal experience! ROFL! Get over yourself.

Let me explain some things to you about distal radius fractures. There are other ways to treat them. Insane Nurse did you know that? There is something called an External Fixator. That's when they use a device OUTSIDE the body to hold the fracture in place. Look it up, as you won't believe a mere patient such as me. This wasn't mentioned to me until after my debacle. It's the law that this be mentioned. It's the law that the horrible effects of my ORIF be mentioned as well. But according to you, I don't have a right to this info at all. Only my surgeon needs to know this because (obscurely) "Medicine isn't a social gathering" What the Hell are you talking about? Social gathering? I don't think I'm going to have surgery, or any other medical thing happening at a social gathering, so what's your point?

FYI, A surgeon told me that given the skill set of the man who (allegedly) did my surgery I would have had a poor prognosis even if he had done the external fixator.

Moving on, there are also casting techniques that can be used with a distal radius fracture. Don't tell me you've never heard of this! They use a plaster or plastic cast (have you heard of THAT?) and place the arm in certain positions for a period of time. Gee I feel really silly having to explain this to a person such as yourself who know everything! You aren't a doctor either, so stop with the sneering... You are just a nurse and apparently I DO have more "astounding medical wisdom" than you do! I hope that you are now enlightened about alternatives to ORIF distal radius. Happy to be of help.

Last but not least, THE most important statement of Insane Nurse. "This isn't about what you "deem" acceptable unless you are an anesthesiologist or crna." Everybody get that? Insane Nurse is stating that we patients are insignificant cretins. (In so many words) He feels that there are no laws to protect us from this kind of arrogance. This is the most insightful statement I have ever read as it pertains to medical personnel. We patients have NO RIGHT to decide what we "deem" acceptable. None. No law will protect us. We are to be helpless pawns for the enrichment of crna's and others. Whatever they say goes. It's OUR body and it's OUR mind, it's OUR money, but according to insane nurse, too bad, it's all up to whatever THEY WANT! I have never seen such an arrogant, lawless statement from a so called medical professional in my life. Insane Nurse I'm surprised that you would actually write this in a public forum. Thanks for your candor. I've been saying this for YEARS! Our medical workers could give a crap less about what we want, need or give permission for. They could give a crap less about patient protection laws or anything else. I am still having trouble grasping the cold evil soul of a person who could write such a thing!

Another Article On SEDATION Causing Delirium

As you all know delirium is a MAJOR problem for people.  It's not just having hallucinations, there is underlying BRAIN DAMAGE to it.  Delirium is a common effect of being in the ICU for any reason.  Why is that?  Well, it's the Versed stupid.  Here is a fascinating article from the NYTimes no less that coincides with what we patients have been saying about the dangerous drug Versed that our medical workers are so enamored of.  (WARNING; Might be a little scary for some whose Versed experiences are still too fresh in their minds) 

Nightmares After the I.C.U. - 

I would like to know if these patients were also given Ketamine/Versed or Demerol/Versed.  Adding known hallucinogen/dissociative drugs to Versed seems to me to be a really, REALLY stupid thing to do.  But they (medical people) like it.

In this article you can see that the PTSD we Versed haters have complained of is a real and common side effect.  Not so "anecdotal" NOW is it?  We patients already KNEW this stuff without any "scientific" studies.  Makes you wonder if the ONLY reason these scientific studies are being undertaken at all is because of all of us detailing our "anecdotal" experiences here, on www.versedbusters.blogspot, and on and on.  Finally people are starting to listen to us.

Here's an excerpt;

"They (Society for Critical Care Medicine) urged I.C.U. doctors to treat pain first and only then to weigh using benzodiazepines for anxiety. (emphasis mine)  Although evidence is not definitive, lighter sedation seems tied to better cognitive and physical rehabilitative recovery, as well as fewer and less shattering hallucinations. I.C.U. staff were encouraged to keep assessing patients for pain, alertness and delirium." 

The entire article is voicing the same concerns that we patients have had about sedation FOR YEARS!  We are tired of having our MEMORY of pain tampered with by an unpredictable amnesia drug instead of having our pain addressed directly.  This is HARMING US!

More On The Hospital Prank

I wrote about how a hospital employee was subjected to humiliating photos by her co-workers a couple of weeks ago.  Here's the link to the article about it.  The OR is not a good place for a prank  I pulled the following from the comments.  (none by me)  We patients are starting to notice problems with health care and the individuals who populate treatment centers... 

"Patients under anesthesia are violated regularly in teaching hospitals.
An unconsious patient is nothing more than a "lab rat" for medical students, interns, etc.
No one entering a hospital should just sign the consent form the patient registration people throw at you, unless and until you read it thoroughly!!
Signing it without reading it, gives the hospital total control of your person (body) and you have no recourse.
Consent forms DO NOT PROTECT CONSUMERS, they protect the facility and its agents."

I thought that maybe "hearing" it from somebody other than me might help.  DON'T SIGN THE CONSENT FORM until you read it and strike out the offensive parts.  I have stated over and over that the alleged "informed consent" and the "consent to treat" forms are nothing but "hold harmless" agreements to allow medical people to do whatever they want to you without recourse.  Here is another person admonishing you to do the same.

Here's another quote from the same place, also not me;

"It just makes me wonder how many hapless patients have been deliberately humiliated by their so-called "trusted" doctors and nurses once they've been put under, but they just haven't found out about it."

I don't wonder at all after my assault in a hospital setting.  I was aware and forming memories when they all thought I had amnesia from Versed.  I had a first hand experience with medical workers at that time "up close and personal."  It wasn't nice.  I WAS "deliberately humiliated" by my so-called "trusted" doctors and nurses."  Lucky me their amnesia drug didn't work on me (no surprise here, for me at least, paradoxical reactions are my stock in trade) I KNEW all about their behavior for all the good it did me...


SEDATION Causes Brain Damage! Scientific Study!

I found an excellent article here:  ICU Delirium Affects Brain After Discharge  We who have suffered after our medical interventions with VERSED the chemical Alzheimer's drug have been saying that the VERSED has caused us to lose some brain function.  Here's an excerpt from the article, which is not written by me! 

"At the early follow-up point of 3 months, the scores were worse than typical for moderate traumatic brain injury for 40% and more than two standard deviations below normal, akin to mild Alzheimer's disease, for 26%." 

Did you catch that?  A hospital stay CAUSES more brain damage than moderate traumatic brain damage in a huge percentage of patients, and the culprit is often sedation!  "Prior studies have shown that reducing sedative exposure can cut down on ICU delirium as can attempts to get patients alert and mobile in the ICU, he explained in an interview."  The article (of course) doesn't say WHICH drug they are using for "sedation" but we can guess can't we?  This is AFTER 3 MONTHS!  All you medical people who claim that once your nasty drug Versed is out of our system, that the brain damage you deliberately induced goes away are lying to your patients.  Medical workers MUST know that their drug of choice is causing us harm, sooo why don't they care?  Why do they suggest that those of us who write/speak about our problems with Versed are crazy?  Why do they HATE us with a passion that has to be seen to be believed?

Here's another statement from the article for all the under 49 age group who may think that this brain damage only happens to "old folks".

 "Even for those 49 and younger without any coexisting conditions, 34% scored similar to moderate traumatic brain injury at 12 months and 20% scored as if they had mild Alzheimer's disease.

"Unlike Alzheimer's disease, however, which affects delayed memory much more than other domains, long-term cognitive impairment after critical illness tended to affect multiple cognitive domains," Pandharipande's group pointed out."

34% of younger people scored similar to moderate traumatic brain injury A YEAR AFTER BEING SEDATED and suffering from ICU delirium!  A full ONE FIFTH, that's one out of five young people scored as if they had mild Alzheimer's disease.  Except that the "sedation" induced delirium created MORE brain problems than Alzheimer's!  Wow!  Yet our esteemed medical workers pretend that Versed is harmless in any amount.  Even this article is deliberately understating the importance of sedation causing and creating the problem.  We are all lying about our symptoms and deserve their hatred for even suggesting that their favorite torture drug isn't causing us permanent damage.  Also of note is the "without any coexisting conditions".  Normal functioning people are going in for treatment and are leaving the hospital with "moderate" brain damage.  Just like all the people who have written to me say has happened to them.  You know, all that "anecdotal evidence" that medical workers tell you to ignore as they prepare to damage YOUR brain...