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Graphic Excerpt

This is from; 12 Drugs Used For Torture

12. Versed


Versed is particularly diabolical and slightly frightening. Subjects under the influence feel pain and discomfort fully. But when the drug wears off, all memory of the pain and the torture session itself is purged from the mind. The diabolical a heart might see the potential in using versed along with non-marking torture techniques.

Another Person Forced to Have Surgery

I have said that I would never have had the surgery I had, had I been properly consented. Sloppy anesthesia from a CRNA and then sloppy surgery from the janitor or somebody. Since I never saw my surgeon at the hospital, I have no idea who actually performed the horribly done operation! Anyway here's an article written by somebody whose surgeon also used Versed to gain compliance and then claimed that she gave her complete consent for surgery. Just like my CRNA saying I didn't object once he pumped me full of brain disabling poison. This is from here; Versed for couple's counselling Brad Ideas


I have been doing some research becasue a few years ago I was scheduled to have an elective, but highly drastic surgery and the day of surgery, I was at the hospital with my husband, mom and sister, and I was fast realizing I still had some unanswered questions, and that the decision to have this surgery was one I had made because I felt pressure by the waiting list, but I mentioned I didn't want to go through with it after they had started my IV. I was anxious and with my family all supporting me in whatever I decided, I told my mother to give me my clothes, I wanted to go home and I didn't want to have this surgery, and I was quite certian I was leaving. I asked the nurse to remove my IV and told her I didn't want to have the surgery. I was obviously embarrassed by doing this at the last minute, but the nurse told me I needed to speak to the surgeon before I went. He came in a few minutes later and in his best bedside manner, held my hand, reassured me I didn't have the typical problems that cause others to have complicaitons, and didn't have any reason to be overly anxious. He told me that they had given me an antacid to prevent aspiration in surgery and in some people it causes a strong reaction of extreme anxiety, and he intimated that I should let him give me something to counter that and calm me down, and he would return in 10 minutes and then looked me right in the eye, said, and if you still don't want to have the surgery, we're not going to make you do anything you don't want to do, okay. I said okay, but if I still don't, you're not going to be mad at me? He said no we're not going to be mad at you. I was thinking in my head, well I have inconvenienced everyone and I feel like I can't refuse to let him do this so I will just give him the 10 minutes so I can prove it isn't some reaction, which I knew it wasn't. So he left, and my memory starts to get a little foggy there but my last one was watching the nurse inject into my IV, and asking if I was being given a Valium. I was thinking that since I have never taken drugs for anxiety, I knew that I didn't want whatever he was giving me to counter the anxiety reaction he claimed, to knock me out and my family to have to wait on me to come around to go home. That was my last memory. My next memory is a feeling of tugging, which I now know was my being sutchered, and then I heard a nurse trying to wake me and I was in recovery. I immediately said, "they did it without my permission" and I kept repeating it, but I thought I was saying it only in my head. I was trying to focus on a clock I could make out on a wall to see how much time had passed, and my next memory was my husband telling me, after I told him they did it without my permission and I was so upset, and he told me that I did give my permission and was fine with it. Because my husband wouldn't ever decieve me, I just figured I must not be remembering because I also can't remember the surgery, so I was thinking the anestesia must be affecting my memory before the surgery too. Years went by and I have had the same conversation so many times with my husband trying to retrieve a memory of how I could get from where I was in my head at my last memory, which was, "ten more minutes and I am outta here" to sure doc, lets cut me open. He would tell me that just like the doctor said, after they gave me the calming medication I did relax and became very happy and comfortable with everything around me. And he didn't recall my exact words, but when the surgeon returned as promised in ten minutes he asked me how I was feeling and I was all fine, and when he asked if I was ready to go, and I answered in the affirmative. I would ask how I sounded and over time, it became clear to him that there was something a little odd, but he just assumed it was the lack of the anxiety, but he said when they rolled me away I was waving and smiling and almost exhuberant. That has led to my really trying to remember because I knew that was a bit uncharacteristic of my personality, and the conversation eveolved over time to where I started wondering if what they gave me to relax me had anything to do with my giving my approval to go ahead with the surgery after I had stopped it. But then i would do the mental math and you know how things need to add up and I would say, okay, the nurse would have to be in on it, and the well renouned surgeon, and hospital, and they would have to know that the drug they were giving me to calm me down would make me change my mind and say yes, and to make sure they would have to know that the anestesia would erase my memory so I couldn't be upset with them, and since they can't predict how a person will react so specifically especially right there in front of my family, it just would have to be such a conspiracy, I couldn't see it and would think, I guess I had to have changed my mind. Even though I can't find any way that I could have gone from where I was in my head that I didn't sya out loud to the surgeon, which was that I was feeling obligated to let him prove to himself that I wasn't under some medicine reaction anxiety that was making me decide against the surgery. I knew it was too drastic for me and I wasn't doing it under any circumstances.

Fast forward to a few years later. Now just short of 2 years post op, I started developing a lot of health problems. My other doctors were diagnosing me with hormonal issues, perimenopause, and as they got worse over the next few years, as I had a complete meltdown of my entire central nervous system and started having "true" anxiety. This wasn't nerves or stress. This was something I had never experienced in my 42 years to then, and I began having complete panic meltdowns eventually just from a ringing phone. I also developed severe blistering on my nose, lips and face, and a million other things that alone might seem minor, but it was becoming clear I was very mentally ill. Then one day I was having a phone conversation with a cousin about her half sister who was having a lot of troubles and when she listed everything, I thought wow that sounds a lot like what is happening to me. Then a day later, I get a call out of the blue from a lifelong friend I hadn't spoken to in a long time and her husband was about to be put on permanent disability and she rattled off efverything he was dealing with, and I heard the same series of problems I was having, plus the person I heard about the day before and then I tried to figure out the common denominator. They had the same surgery that had been performed on me. So I started researching fiercely and started finding many things that prove that there are studies showing all of the problems are from the surgery, and that even though it claims many benefits, turns out, they have been and still ar hiding a really serious problem that a high percentage of people have, but it happens so far down teh road, few people put it together with the surgery, just like me. But I had my studies and after three years of agoraphobia and the loss of my ability to work, we lost everything we had, cars, house, to bankruptcy and my inability to work, adnthe side effect issues are expensive because you can't get the medical profession to listen to you because they jsut want to prescribe you more drugs and keep the process going. But when I finally saw my original surgeon, and remember, I still think I gave my permission and just couldn't remember it even though I was disturbed by how that could happen, but I just wanted to get well, and the surgeon admitted everything I was experiencing was valid. He told me I needed to go see specialists, and they were, a psychiatrist because I will have to have medications to treat the many mental illnesses I have developed. I would also need a Psychologist for therapy to help me overcome the problems I have developed from the years of mental decline because you can't get a psychiatrist to provide therapy, an endocrinologist to test my thyroud and other hormone levels, and since I mentioned I had been told I might be perimenopausal, a gynecologist. So I left feeling relieved that I finally know what has been causing my troubles and I could get doctors to finally start listening becasue I have been treated so badly before that and I asked the doctor to be prepared to give me a letter for my doctors to listen to me because nobody would listen to me before. And then I continued to research and the more I learned, I have come to the knowledge that the life span for people after this surgery is between 9 years and 13 years when they have the problems I have, and the numbers are much higher than they thought, believed 20%. Think fo that and let it sink in. Now I have the documentation that they knew that all of this was a big problem back in 1983 and yet to make it mainstream and a big money maker, they chose to leave out the complete truth that would make it cost prohibitive to insurance companies to keep rubber stamping it because the patients would be coming for regular blood work that so far by my tests, would run about $15,000 per year for the rest of you life. By not telling, they save the money form the other things they were paying for later, and this pretty much makes them eventually uninsurable, and many commit suicide, and that is a formal study I have. I had tried myself jsut 4 months before those phone calls told me where to look for relief because I had already lost so many years and my poor husband had lost the wife he married, and we were the most happy couple you could find before the surgery, but now the love is there, but I knwo the burden must make him miserable even though he would never say it. We have lost everything. My business that I had started, we lost the entire investment because I got sick to where I couldn't do anything and everything went to medical bills $4,000 a month out of my pocket, and I couldn't do anything. Then, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and was having to have surgery. I hadn't been able to leave my house but for rare times when I got lucky that the date landed on a day I was able so long as my husband took off work and took me through it all. We were standing in my mother's room just after consent and before sugery and the anestesiologist finished the consent questions and mom signed, and then went into t his almost "legal definition" of a drug he was going to give my mom, and he told her that she would remain fully awake, and be able to talk and seem lucid, but basically it was the "I don't care" drug and that she wouldn't remember anything because no matter what she said or did, he would tell her secrets, and she won't remember anything she says anyway because it erases your memory. My husband was across the room and both our eyes locked and I started getting dizzy at the accuracy of his description because it was the same scenario I ad described to my husband that would ahve had to exist for my surgeon to fool me into having the surgery that I now knew was killing me and had already taken everything from me, including my life as far as quality, and I have been mostly bedridden for the last three years. And now you know what I was thinking. I was so angry because I just really suspected that is what happened. So I immediately called an attorney and everyone was uninterested because of the statute of limitations. But I was within the extention when you learn something material within the final, no exceptions deadline. But I thought I jsut wanted to get well and I knew I didn't have it in me to go through what I would have to probably. I would die before I could get any recovery for all that had been done to me, if I could prove it,a dn I believed that if he did it, he certainly wouldn't put it into the medical records. But I finally got through my moms ordeal nad it ate at me and I had to know. I just got my records this week and ther eit was. But it didn't tell that I changed my mind on the surgery, and it also didn't have that the nurse gave it to me, but the anestesiologits did. There were no normal notes that the nurse does before and after the surgery that I saw in the records for my gall bladder surgery at the same hospital and same surgeon. Everything else was the same but no nurses records like my other surgery. They, 100 pages in, they had buried her 4 pages in with the nurses records that were all in date order, but hers were with the inpatient notes 4 days after and I held my breath, and there it was. She noted my anxiety and t hat I was changing my mind about the surgery. Then that was it. nothing written ever again by her before or after the surgery. But she had made notes on everything every few minutes, and made her entry of my decision at 11:20am. Then on the page there was a square that they put the time to the OR. 11:40am. That covered the 20 minutes for her to get my surgeon, convince me that I was having a reaction to the antacid so that he could conivnce me to allow them to give me someting, and he needed permission to give me an injection obviously because I was leaving. In my records, there was nothing given me to calm me down for him to come back and see if I still wanted to leave. And I looked up the antacid they gave me and there is no such thing as an anxiety reaction. I was given Versed by the nurse. And I have the documents to prove that they chose to not make any n otes for 20 minutes before the surgery when the last note was that I was restless and anxious and wanted to cancel the surgery. So I am filing as soon as I decide on my attorney since they find their way when you have so much documentation and such severe losses as me, but also I have proof so many have killed themselves because they are hiding that the surgery can cause permanent brain damage that will make you die. Andn of course, I can guarantee you that this is going to be the next big class action lawsuit we hear on the national news like the boob implants years ago. But trust me, if you are reading this before a surgery, if you change your mind, don't feel guilty and if you choose to allow any doctor to give you something to calm you down, speak up and ask the nurse and doctor to make notes in your record that you have decided to not have the surgery, and that you are going to accept a mild sedative if you think you are really having a reaction that is causing you to be unreasonably anxious. But I say, if you don't want it, LEAVE. You can come back any time. You can't undo it once done no matter the sugery. And now I see that Versed is becoming so popular from my research becasue it erases your memory. I never imagined there was a drug you could be given that would erase your memory but leave you appearing lucid. Well, there is. And thankfully I didn't know until I heard that other doctor tell my mother what he did or I still wouldn't know. I truly believe, because I had been praying tearfully to God to help me either find what was wrong with me or just let me die in my sleep. I don't want to be dead, but I don't want to continue in this state of living dead either. We have lost nearly 9 years to this greedy surgeon that played God that day. And I fully plan on nailing his license and hide to the wall. He has been making millions and millions and gained fame with his fortune for being the one that was teaching other surgeons this surgery because it was becoming the fastest growing specialty in the nation. It is a real money maker for the healthcare industry, and the insurance company has to be in on the "keep quiet" part or they wouldn't be rubber stamping the sugery like they are. So I plan on taking them all on. I mean the insurance company for collusion, the hospital for not having a protocol for what to do if a patient changes their mind about surgery. The surgeon, I fully plan on taking every dime he has earned since he did this to me because he stole my entire life from me. I went from living a wonderfully happy life with financial security to losing everything and a mental invalid except for the part of my brain that used to be known for its amazing creativity and ability. Now it still works, but I have to try to teach it to stop inventing things for me to act on because the part of my brain that does the followthrough can't do anything anymore. I have to give myself daily injections. I have to force feed myself daily. I have to take fist fulls of vitamins and minerals to stop all of the oddball things that were happening to me that I didn't knwo were all related, but I was able to help with my own research.

I dont' know why I am posting htis except that I feel like I will explode if I dont' tell someone that you can have your life stolen from you by people who are greedy and will sell their soul and yours to the devil for money. And Versed might be a good thing if you don't want to remember your surgery. But you had better make sure you discuss it before any surgery if your surgeon is planning on using it at all.

Best to anyone who is in either situation as me. The post surgery that you weren't told the whole truth about, or given the equivalent of a date rape drug to force you to do what you don't want to do and have the right to decide you don't want to do.

Any surgeon who would give you a psychotropic drug when implying he is giving you a mild sedative to counter some kind of reaction he says you are having that might be causing you to make an irrational decition, just dont' trust. I used to trust all doctors. Now I can't trust any. Ruined for life after the hell I have lived through following htis and the horrid treatment I have been through with the many other doctors who could have all helped me early enough to prevent the permanent brain and organ damage I have now, but they were all too quick to jsut give hte fastest diagnosis, ignore what I was crying and begging them to do which was test my nervous system because something was happening that was really bad and I couldn't understand what it is, so please test. No looking back, it was all ther ein my blood work but nobody would listen or help me unless I would sign on to their chosen misdiagnosis that I kenw in my heart was wrong... Go figure. I think we need a major healthcare overhaul and remove the opportunity for surgeons to make extreme profits for unnecessary surgeries.

I agree with this person. This is how barbaric our health care system has become. You can't trust anybody... I also know how she feels when she says if she doesn't write about it she will explode. Welcome to Versed World.

More Proof Of Sickos in Anesthesia

Naked Time! « Lost on the Floor Link to entire article... This article is more proof that using Versed is for the entertainment of staff. (among other things having nothing to do with patient care) I do NOT find this funny or amusing in any way. How humiliating to find that you had been running around naked whilst your loving caregivers laughed at you. Ha ha. Very funny. You people who do and write this stuff need to grow up. You are obviously too juvenile to be entrusted with patient care.

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Shocking Versed Facts You Won't Hear From Anesthesia Providers (CRNA's)

Here is the entire site;SURVEYOR Health - Drug Interactions and Side Effects of Versed Here you will read about the SEVERE, LIFE THREATENING SIDE EFFECTS OR THIS "SAFE" DRUG VERSED!!!!! Nobody is admitting to any of this it seems. Here is an excerpt.

Versed has 18 Life Threatening (Major) Side Effects
Major Severity - Abnormal Heart Rhythm - Conduction Disorder of the Heart is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Abnormally Low Blood Pressure - Hypotension is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Delirium is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Easily Angered or Annoyed - Irritability is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Fast Heartbeat - Tachyarrhythmia is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Hives - Urticaria is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Inflammation of Skin caused by an Allergy - Allergic Dermatitis is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Involuntary Quivering - Tremors is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Itching - Pruritus of Skin is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Nervous - Nervousness is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Over Excitement - Excitement is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Periods of Not Breathing - Apnea is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Rapid Deep Breathing - Hyperventilation is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Rash - Skin Rash is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Reaction due to an Allergy - Allergic Reactions is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Significant Decrease in Lung Function - Respiratory Depression is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Trouble Breathing - Dyspnea is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed
Major Severity - Wheezing is a Life Threatening Side Effect of Versed

My personal experience with Versed/Midazolam is that I got several of the life threatening side effects from the drug. Since there was no informed consent and my CRNA Aaron decided unilaterally to inject this poison, look at the risk that he subjected me to without permission!!! I got the low blood pressure such that I required some kind of machine to help bring it back up. Regardless of what Mr. or Ms. Smartypants says in their post here, that this is just fine, it was UNACCEPTABLE RISK for an extremity surgery. Where is this little gem of information on the informed consent, hmmm?

Let's lump some other severe and life threatening side effects together... Delirium, Easily Angered or Annoyed-Irritability, Nervousness, Overexcitement. These all have to do with your mental state. This article claims that these are life threatening side effects. Did anybody tell you about any of this? Of course not because they don't give a damn about that. Compared with making their job easier, getting some entertainment value out of the patient, the absolute obedience to their every command, and the ability to indulge their sadistic tendencies by torturing patients that they believe will not remember the abuse, YOUR mental disorders caused by Versed DO NOT MATTER!

All of the above disorders are categorically denied by those providers who have become dependant on working with Versed zombies. Did your informed consent list any of these severe side effects? Versed is safe only for the person injecting it, not the person receiving it.

Did anybody go over the breathing stoppage with you? I doubt it because they have tubes that they can "ram down your throat" (LMA) as one CRNA (?) describes on here. Your ability to breathe is of complete unconcern to them. Lack of oxygen to the patients brain is of no consequence to anesthesia providers. Who cares if you get POCD from their administration of a drug which is not properly consented? They don't. Here's the standard lie; "Everybody reacts differently to medication." So what? Then there needs to be a CONSENT for this kind of risk.

There are no less than 5 alarming and life threatening severe side effects associated with Versed/Midazolam usage and breathing, any one of which could kill you or at least damage your brain even more than the Versed itself damages it. Know that nobody cares about your mind or your quality of life subsequent to your procedure. They only care about making their job easier for that period of time that you trusted them. They don't care how bad it is, how your life is destroyed, in fact they go out of their way to smear you further by attacking patients who object to the subhuman treatment they received at the hand of anesthesia providers. Look for yourself on this blog and others.

Versed has 4 Most Frequently Occurring Side Effects

Abnormally Low Blood Pressure - Hypotension is a Frequently Occurring Side Effect of Versed
Hiccups is a Frequently Occurring Side Effect of Versed
Periods of Not Breathing - Apnea is a Frequently Occurring Side Effect of Versed
Significant Decrease in Lung Function - Respiratory Depression is a Frequently Occurring Side Effect of Versed
If you guys have been reading about Versed for a while, you have seen the hysterical ranting of people all over the internet who claim that the "4 Most Frequently Occurring Side Effects" don't happen. Never, ever. In particular there are many people who deny the breathing problem. Oh, NO, Versed would NEVER stop you from breathing, you are insane, uneducated, stupid, and don't deserve to live because you say that. AND YET, here we have a list which outlines exactly that risk. Why would these people continue to use a DANGEROUS drug, without the consent of the patient and then go on the attack when it becomes clear that their "safe" drug Versed, isn't so safe after all. THE ANESTHESIA PROVIDERS KNOW THIS DRUG ISN'T SAFE AND CONTINUE TO PUT PEOPLE AT RISK FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH REASONS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PATIENT SAFETY OR CARE, AND WITHOUT CONSENT.

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This just came in my e-mail...

Was the person who built your car high on the job? Was the mechanic who just fixed your plane high on the job?

Is the Anesthesiologist who is about to put "you under," under the influence?

Proposition 19 could make that all a possibility.

On Election Day there will be an initiative on the California ballot to legalize the sale and cultivation of recreational marijuana.

As California goes, so does the rest of the country. Your state will be next.

Lest Anybody Forget

The reason I started this blog was because of a horrendous mishap with the medical community. Not just one person, but each and every person who was involved in my care.

Here is what I thought would happen... I imagined that I would be treated with respect. I really did! I had no idea that surgery had been transformed in the 20 years since my last surgery. I didn't have any problem with my c-section, looking back, probably because they didn't want to harm my baby. It was a rough pregnancy. They respected my wishes even though I am a difficult patient.

I had full confidence in the "informed consent" laws and sorry, I expected them to be followed. I have had other major surgeries and my teams in those cases were only concerned with my well being, AND they made sure that whatever they did to me they had my full consent and permission. Everything was fully revealed and those things I didn't want done to me weren't done. Nobody argued with me or made a big deal out of any of it. No shocking surprises at all. My trust in them was well warranted.

So I had preconceived notions about the trustworthiness of medical staff. I also had the strange idea that informed consent laws meant something. They always had before. I was completely innocent about what medical care has become. My trusting innocence was betrayed in a violent way by those people whose job it was to take care of me. Instead of helping me, I was attacked.

To begin with I had a CRNA who didn't identify himself as an anesthesia NURSE. I didn't even know they had such things. I wasn't expecting to have g/a so I wouldn't have been that concerned anyway. I certainly wouldn't have let a nurse give me a dangerous (his words) nerve block! He put himself up on a pedestal so high that he actually had the nerve to tell me (afterward of course) that he "knows what's best" for me. Forgive me, but this is INSULTING! How dare you people decide to do things to a patients mind and body which the patient has declined based on "I'm so wonderful and perfect that I don't care what risk the patient wishes, I know what's best." It's unbelievable. Then to say NOTHING about their devious plans to kick me in the head with a drug like Versed and then viciously knock me out against my will is breathtaking. Words can't convey how WRONG this is, how evil, it's immoral, unethical, violent, and psychotic. Nobody can read minds, I can't and neither could my anesthesia nurse. I was very clear about the limits I placed on this CRNA and he never said a word, just ordered Versed to force me into obedience.

Then to have all the rest of the CRNA's behave in the same anti social way because I have the nerve to complain is mind boggling. Do they teach you this in CRNA school or what? Don't they teach you about the laws that govern your behavior and drug pushing? Do you have a clue as to what "informed consent" is? Do you really think that you can read minds? Do you believe that you are so perfect that a mere patient can't place any restraints at all on what you want to do? Can you do your job without using Versed? Do you have a shred of doubt about imposing your will on defenseless patients? Do you have an ounce of empathy for what you are forcing patients to endure? After dealing with you people (and I use the term loosely) all I see is overweening egotistical behavior and an inability to see anybody else's point of view. All you care about is your salary and getting the most money you can for the least amount of work. You seem to care about NOTHING but your own selfishness.

I hope that you all lose your jobs. We need somebody else to take over for you since you CAN'T do your job properly within the confines of the law. We need sympathetic people who are not overpaid to the point of arrogance.

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A Doctor Reveals His Feelings

"This is a great article. I always want an anesthesiologist to do my anesthesia; CRNA's just don't have the skill set if something goes wrong. Every CRNA that I have ever met was underskilled, arrogant amd totally absorbed by his/her salary (or percieved lack thereof). I recently had GA and a CRNA let the sevo vaporizer run dry (guess how that felt for 10 minutes, LMA, paralyzed and in horific pain; as she chatted merrily about her upcoming vacation)..No anesthesiologist would have been that stupid. I'm a physician; if it could happen to me, it can happen to you. CRNA's are a joke." (italics and bold face are mine)

An Oddity

As I was searching for verification that a certain hospital no longer uses CRNA's I came across an oddity. When I looked at 20 or so "anesthesia groups" not one of them mentioned anything about their CRNA's. Only Doctor's are listed. Isn't that weird?

I happen to have personal knowledge that at least one of the outfits I looked at uses CRNA's. Yet, there is no mention of any CRNA, anesthetist, anesthesia nurse or anything at all that would lead a person to believe that anybody but a Dr. would be involved in the patient's care. I don't know why this would be so, but CRNA's are a very well kept secret. I think this is wrong. I think that these Doctors should honestly advertise that they use nurses instead of themselves. It's kinda false advertising isn't it?

Don't take my word for it, look for yourselves.