Sunday, July 28, 2013

Light Entertainment or What I say to Versed Pushers

I love this video.  It's of the "Kiss My A$$" song from Brits. Got Talent.  With a few tweaks this could be my theme song for all those drug pushers out there who can't keep their grubby mitts off of the damn Versed vial.  Kiss my a$$ baby!

Britain's Got Talent 2013 Auditions - Kelly Fox shocks and rocks! - YouTube

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Next Victim of Versed Tells His Story

Here's an e-mail I got at  In this one a man details a lot of what I personally felt about being assaulted with Versed.  I'm telling you that this drug is bad, so is this guy.  Certain people (including me) change into monsters if their brain is tampered with.  Read his letter and tell me how it exactly parallels what so many of us feel after a bad Versed trip! 

warning; language

"Hi, I saw your blog about Versed. It really is terrible medicine.

 I was given it in the ER and it turned me evil with homicidal rage. I begged them not to give me the medicine and they would give it to me anyway. They had to tie me to the bed. Since I couldn't physically harm anyone, I became verbally abusive.

 I don't remember much from the experience. Just an overwhelming sense of being wronged. Like they bullied and abused me.

 The hallucinations were scary. I hope they were hallucinations. I saw a night nurse bring in a leaded briefcase with radiation warning stickers. It contained radioactive stones and he would put them by my groin. I thought the nurse was trying to give me cancer or something. I also saw him inject a syringe in his arm then into my IV.

 It seemed very real at the time. I was in fear for my life, and was looking for anything that could be used as a weapon, like a screwdriver. I would have killed that nurse, given the opportunity. I was helpless, tied up and couldn't find anything.

 I was so out of it, the nurse asked where I was, and Id say Im at the basketball game, cuz that's what was on the tv. The sitters would watch dumb tv shows like Criminal Minds that's mostly about murder and mayhem. Makes me think they caused the disturbing hallucinations and fear.

 My fears aren't unfounded. I saw a story on 60 Minutes about a nurse that was convicted of killing over 30 people. Investigators think he may killed over 100 people. The hospitals protected him. When they suspected wrong doing, they would just ask him to leave and not investigate further. They avoided knowing what happened to avoid lawsuits.

 I will die before I go back to the hospital. Fuck them!"

More From Jason About Nurses

"How does it feel when the surgeon yells at you to raise the bed up or down?

How does it feel to be a MALE nurse? LMAO"
This guy is more rude than I am.  I feel better now.
 "NPs suck, they dont know what they are doing and just refer everybody to a specialist who doesnt need to go to one if they actually knew what they were doing.

My doctor wanted me to see his NP that worked in his office. I quite going after 3 visits because the NP wanted me to see a specialist for every little thing because she was too stupid to know how to fix the problem herself."

And another astute observation;

"Sorry dude you're still just a male nurse. I'm sorry you are so broken up over that. You can try to hide it with a white coat or claiming that you got some fake doctorate that nobody respects that you got out of a cracker jack box, but at the end of the day you are just a male nurse. I know this bothers you but you need to get over it and DEAL WITH IT! LOL"

"LOL I'm glad you brought up New Mexico. The idiot governor said that giving NPs independence would mean all the rural New Mexico folks would get good primary care. He was wrong!

In 1990 there were exactly 23 rural clinics in New Mexico run by MDs.

In 2012 there were 24 rural clinics, and only one of them is run by an NP.

NPs like 9-5 hours working in big cities just like doctors do. They also like working as employees, they dont like running their own business/clinic.

Thats why for every "independent" NP running a clinic, there are 10,000 who work 9-5 jobs under a doctor.

This is why NPs will never solve the primary care problem, even if they get full independence."

And more;

"Yeah your fake nurse certifications! Where did you get those, out of a cracker jack box? LOL"

There are so many more that I will have to put them in different posts as I find the time.


Yet another victim

I got this e-mail at where I can be reached.  I'm printing this letter with the full permission of the author.

"I needed a hernia operation, my fourth. First one was 20 years ago, second 10 years ago, third a month prior on one side and now needed the other side done.

The three prior surgeries were done with spinal anesthesia methods and went very well, so I absolutely refused general or midazolam. As I had been sexually abused as a child and then felt abused by two male doctors, later, I was adamantly against general anesthesia or memory wiping. Also, as the first three surgeries went very well I was not about to change things.

The student CRNA kept insisting, prior to surgery, that I must have midazolam for anxiety. I said NO on three occasions and reminded her that anesthesia doctor had ordered that I only be given the spinal and no midazolam.

They administered the midazolam intravenously against my will.

I woke up in recovery and instantly felt violated. I was so upset that security escorted me from the recovery room right out of the hospital. I do not remember sleeping any of the next three nights. I was suicidal. It was Christmas and my suicidal thoughts plagued us for weeks without let-up until I checked into a psychiatric hospital for 12 days. I had never sought psychiatric care of any nature before this."
Does anything more need to be said? 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here's Where Things Go Wrong

I'm duplicating some "Conditions of Admission" from an unnamed hospital.  This is the kind of stuff that patients need to be aware of because this is the start of things going wrong.

I understand it is the policy of the hospital to allow services to be performed by competent authorized personnel who are in education, training, or teaching programs.  Authorized medical personnel do include students of health professions as well as trained medical personnel."

Pretty self explanatory, however, you need to know that even if you strike this clause, you will still be subjected to ONLY medical trainees.  You will probably not see your real doctor, who can't be bothered with the likes of you.  You will probably be surrounded by nurses, phlebotomists and assorted mid-levels who are rookies.  You will be subjected to being asked the same questions over and over and over by different interns and residents.  It's FRUSTRATING.  Why do we patients have to pay exorbitant medical costs for trainees?  Shouldn't we get a cost reduction for being used as the living cadaver?  Why CAN'T we strike this clause and have it mean something?

I also want to point out that "authorized medical personnel" doesn't mean what it you think it means.  The hospital administrators also put this clause into the "Conditions of Admission" document.

Many physicians and surgeons furnishing services to the patient in the hospital, including the radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist, emergency room physicians and the like, are independent contractors and are generally not employees or agents of the hospital.  Some of these physicians will bill separately for their services."

This means that although the hospital CLAIMS that these people are "authorized medical personnel" it doesn't mean that they are in any way subject to any scrutiny by the hospital.  They are completely autonomous and the hospital is in no way accountable to the patients for allowing substandard people to perform duties within the hospital.  (Where's the part about the crna's hmmm?)  ALL of these people will bill you independently whether you wanted them or not.  They seem to be maximizing patient exposure to multiple billing for the same patient encounter. 

Here's another one.  (Keep in mind that if you can't stop the above from happening, what's to stop the next thing from happening?)

I agree to allow the hospital to take, reproduce and use photos, video tape, video monitoring/recording, or audio recording for the purpose of diagnosis, testing, medical evaluation, care, or treatment (including invasive procedures) patient safety or medical education, and to preserve clinical information.  I understand that this material may be treated as a part of the medical record and that the hospital's privacy policies apply to them."

How do you like them apples?  What is the hospital's privacy policy?  Practically non existent to start with, and then with all the exclusions, there really isn't one.  You know it and I know it.  You patient modesty people need to know this in particular.  Naked photos are going to be taken, used, reproduced, disseminated and serve as part of the "medical education" among other things. Even if you strike this clause, how are you to know how many people are photographing, taping, viewing you regardless of your wishes?  They certainly won't allow YOU to view these photos etc.  I DO NOT agree to this.  How do you stop them?  Are we CHARGED for this? 

I wish our elected representatives would actually look into this kind of stuff.  Why should we be terrified of getting ill or injured and being subjected to this?

I AM glad and grateful that the hospital at least put these articles in the admissions document.  I WAS allowed to strike the the "training" clause and the "photograph" clause without issue.  They apparently retained the right to reinstate them without my knowledge or consent.  So here we are.

PS  When I contacted the administration they apologized for the errors in my care.  They said that most people simply sign what's in front of them and they don't pay ANY attention to what you struck.  Even if you strike the clauses you disagree with right in front of the admissions clerk and include them in the conversation about what clauses you are striking and why.  *I* myself signed the "Consent to Treat" last time when a hospital asked me to sign a simple little admissions document.  At that time (ORIF featured in this blog) I didn't think that most of the items could possibly apply to anything that was being done to me at the time.  I was wrong.   In the future I'm asking the hospital to FLAG MY DAMN CHART!  They have it electronically on every single computer on every single floor.  There is no excuse for being unaware that the patient has declined certain unnecessary requests from the hospital.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Great Blog (sent by a friend of mine)

Here's the link;  Bioethics Discussion Blog: Patient Modesty: Volume 56  There are some interesting conversations about medical things other than patient modesty.  Little things like that pesky "informed consent" problem.  Things like hospital acquired infections, just a wide range of issues that make for good reading.  I highly encourage people to peruse it.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Like This Guy

As I wind my way through the internet I occasionally find a kindred spirit.  Here's a guy who "likes" advanced practice nurses as much as I've grown to like them.  (not)  Here are some scathing comments from him.

Jason Simpson 21 days ago

"Shifting to a team-based model will only increase costs.
For the same episode of care, we are now paying for a physician, an NP, a PA, a social worker, a pharmacist and a copule of other ancillary people when in the past we would have paid only an MD.
Why are we paying 5 people for the work of 1? Costs will skyrocket as everybody bills insurance for the same patient encounter."

I've said the same thing.

"When my son needed anesthesia for a tonsillectomy, a person pretending to be a doctor wearing a white coat walked into the room and said "hello I'm Jackie and I'll be your anesthesiologist today." (emphasis mine)

I knew she was lying because her name tag clearly read "Jackie Jones, CRNA" on it.

I called her out on her lies and said that in no way would that lying piece of trash be near my son during the surgery. The surgeon came in, I explained what the charlatan tried to do, and he promptly called the department chairman of the anesthesiology department to come down and handle the anesthesia personally.

I refuse to ever let a watered down nurse play doctor with myself or my kids." (Now where have we heard that sentiment before?  Oh yeah, here on this blog.)

"My experience: MDs > PAs > NPs

NPs are lazy 9-5 employees who clock out and go home at the end of their shift. They dont contribute anything to medical research or advance the profession. Their idea of "scholarship" is to write a study about the stresses/pressures of home care givers or some other soft social research BS that provides no real value.

Like I said above, there are certainly many lousy MDs out there too, but at least I've found a good number who are smart, hard-working, and actually contribute meaningful information and research to healthcare.

NPs are grocery store clerks sent by their bosses to collect the bill.  (I love this!  Emphasis mine)

I've also had many more misdiagnoses by NPs than MDs. One NP told me that my son should take liquid albuterol instead of inhaled albuterol for his asthma! LOL I've seen a few misdiagnoses by doctors too, but the NP mistakes greatly outnumber them."

ROFL!  I just had this conversation with a nurse in regards to grocery personnel.  A psycho nurse said that we should all be bagging groceries as we are his INFERIORS.  Here Jason puts the correct spin on it. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Restrained By Versed"

Here's a sad story about a doctor's regret about a patient of his.  Look at the first statement from here;  I failed to appease pain during her life, so she died terribly 

(excerpt) "Ellen died a clockwork machine, restrained by Versed, fed by nasal tube, secretions in bags, and as her blood pressure dropped intravenous pressors accelerated in dose until blood squeezed from her extremities left fingertips dry and black as coal."

"Restrained by Versed" this poor lady had to deal with all this while unable to stop them or request more pain meds.  She was doomed to waiting, conscious of everything, for death to take her out of the torture chamber she found herself in.  I sure hope I die of something catastrophic so that the medical field can't do this to me. 

Using Versed as a chemical restraint isn't something that most medical people will admit to.  However it seems that this is EXACTLY why they use it as shown by this doctor.  Remember why this is called CONSCIOUS sedation.  You are CONSCIOUS but not necessarily "sedated".  Your muscles are flaccid, but your brain still has the same brain waves as unmedicated people.  There is no way to tell what the drug is doing to a person's psyche, and most medical workers don't care.  Can you imagine a worse nightmare?

Thanks to Dr. Salwitz for recognising this barbarism.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Proof

Yet another article on what "anesthesia" (to include sedation) does to people.  I wanted regional anesthetic along with pain medication.  This is the BEST way to do surgery on an extremity in particular.  Why in the world are we being subjected to brain destruction for no reason?

How a general anaesthetic could harm your memory for life: Research finds that three quarters of older patients develop memory loss after surgery | Mail Online

Monday, July 8, 2013

Nurse Rogers aka Last Call Killer

Here's a story about a nurse that got caught. 

Richard W. Rogers, aka Last Call Killer, is sentenced to life — Last Call Killer — Crime Library on

Here's another one:

Richard Rogers | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers  In this one I want to draw your attention to the drug used to gain compliance so that this nurse, employed at a very prestigious hospital, Mt. Sinai, could kill them more easily.  Or did he just inject them with our (ahem) favorite drug and dismember them alive?  OMG can you imagine?  Here's the excerpt;  "On May 28, 2001, Mr. Rogers was arrested at Mount Sinai Hospital. When investigators searched his home at 62 Bridge Court on Staten Island, they found a bottle of Versed, a sedative that can be used as a date-rape drug, (emphasis mine) rug fibers consistent with those found with Mr. Mulcahy's body, and "several photographs of unknown men on which stab wounds had been drawn," according to court documents."  Versed should be banned.

This same nurse got away with murder by claiming self defense while he was still in nursing school.  How does it happen that nurses with a violent past get hired in the first place?  He killed somebody with a HAMMER for heaven's sake!  WTH?  Wouldn't that be a red flag or (ominously) do nurses not have to have a "background check" like truck drivers have for hauling hazardous materials? 

Want More Proof Of Medical Malpractice?

Here's a quote from that a friend of mine gleaned.
"That's just it. It was a surgical procedure and I was doing the IV sedation with Versed and Fentanyl. I said to the doctor we do not have a signed consent. While I was filling it out he inserted the biopsy needle into the patients abdomen!! He never said one word to the patient, he didn't even introduce himself. When we were taking the patient back to ICU she complained bitterly, and rightfully so, that the doctor had not said a word to her and that she didn't even know his name. In his notes he goes into detail about how he explained the procedure, risks, etc and provided the patient an opportunity to ask questions, and that he then had the patient sign the consent. This doctor is getting off scot free without even a slap on his wrist.

I was so stunned by what he had done. I felt caught between a rock and a hard place. Here's this young person with a needle in their liver. No permit. I truly did not know what to do. Stop? Make him remove it? Get the patient alert and explain to them what the doctor had done and then ask them to sign the consent? Knowing that the patient had verbally acknowledged that they knew what was going to occur and they were doing fine, the procedure would be done in a matter of minutes. It all happened so fast.

Working in radiology the management does not understand the implications of what this doctor did by performing the procedure without a consent while knowing what he should have done and by lying in his charting that he had done what he what he didn't do. I think that is very serious. They don't see it that way."
My surgeon said the same things about how "he explained the procedure, risks, etc and provided the patient an opportunity to ask questions, and that he then had the patient sign the consent."  (you can see his remarks in my medical records)  My doctor "got off scot free without even a slap on his wrist" as well.  As far as *I* know my doctor never was at the hospital in the first place, let alone there prior to surgery.
My take on this is that the management DOES understand the implications of the behavior and CHOOSES to ignore it because there is almost never a successful malpractice suit that can be brought.  They don't care!  Besides which there is money to be made by doing things to patients without their consent.  They are all so protected that they don't even bother with silly things like informed consent.  What's to stop them?  (not a rhetorical question, I'm serious, WHAT'S TO STOP THEM?)
The doc in this story probably felt that the patient was already under the influence of Versed and so he could dispense will all niceties like informed consent or identifying himself.  Versed is SUCH a bad drug and it's not just bad for the patient, it's bad for medical practitioners as well and leads to this kind of anti-social arrogance. 

Medical Malpractice: A Patient's Story

A friend of mine sent me this article;  You Can’t Handle The Truth | Medical Malpractice: A Patient's Story  This is a harrowing tale, and until I had my own debacle I would have found it hard to believe that medical people were this hardened and callous, not to mention INCOMPETENT!.  If I hadn't received so much hate mail from nurses, especially advanced practice nurses, I would have thought that what happened to this lady was an isolated incident.  How many times does this go on each and every day while the perpetrators whine and moan about "tort reform" to give them blanket immunity from their behavior? 

Friday, July 5, 2013

We Are Slaves, All Of Us

If you think of it, this whole blog is premised on the thought that the medical community feels that our bodies are THEIR personal property to be used/abused and drained of money.  I was treated like some kind of inferior being by the folks at the hospital *I* went to.  My desires were not important.  My restrictions on what they could do to me, mind and body were completely them.  They OWNED me.  They had the perfect right to attack me, destroy my mind, botch my surgery, give me a hospital acquired infection etc. because *I* (and probably you) belong to THEM, body and soul while you are in their clutches.  Their purpose is to make money off of you.  They do shoddy workmanship because you are not a real person.  They don't care about you as long as they can get your hard earned money and convert it to their own.  Isn't that how people used to treat slaves?  Steal their money and their autonomy? 

Did you celebrate "Independence Day" yesterday?  We as a country gained independence from the capricious rule of a foreign king.  Do we have independence from a "king" today?  Aren't we slaves subject to the whims and rules of a tyrannical government?  Don't our "rulers" think that we are their slaves, working to support them and their lifestyle?  Don't we pay enormous amounts of our income as "taxes" on everything.  Taxation I might add that would make ole King George the Third smile and rub his hands together.  Our own government is no less gleeful as they ponder how to get even more of our, sorry THEIR money, out of our hands.  Now they have the "Affordable Care Act" to remove the last vestiges of autonomy from us, in collusion with the medical industry.

It's all about control these days, in the government and in the medical field.  (That's what Versed is REALLY about, control)  Here in my city we are not allowed to have sparklers.  The city puts on a shindig for us slaves to keep us happy.  We aren't ALLOWED to have our own fireworks lest we hurt our little selves.  We are too stupid to trust.  We aren't really human, just child-like proto-humans, in need of their protection.  Isn't this how they viewed/treated slaves?  Just a sub human life form to be worked and kept healthy so that the master could have more money? 

Look at the wording of the "Affordable Care Act."  Do you see where the law is supposed to "protect productivity"?  It's mentioned several times.  Productivity.  As in producing income for our government.  Did you see the part where the government has DIRECT access to your bank account?  That way they can take THEIR money out of your bank account.  That's how they see it.  It's their money that they have graciously allowed us to keep...until they want it.  That's how the medical field sees it as well.  We now have an unholy collusion between big government and big medical.  It's not going to be fun being a slave, count on it.  The only "good" part of it, if you can call it that, is that we have slowly been inculcated with the slave mindset by all the laws, rules, regulations, fines, fees, behavior modification attempts, restrictions, taxes on everything and so forth that the final chains won't be so onerous.  Maybe.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Usually Don't Do This...

One of my fellow Versed sufferers has experienced the loss of her dog.  You don't need to know her name to say a quick prayer for her.  On top of the devastation Versed wreaked upon her, she didn't need to add the loss of her emotional mainstay.  Anybody who is a "dog person" will understand the devastation.  Please pray for her strength if you are a praying person.  If you are "new-age" of some type or pagan, say something that might get to her and help. 

This person has been of enormous help to me, especially early in my recovery from Versed and selfishly I don't want to lose her.