Saturday, April 24, 2010

Confusion about Sexual Battery

OK, for those of you who take umbrage at our comparison between rape, sexual battery, child molestation and your forced injection of Versed, let me draw you some verbal diagrams. I might like to add false imprisonment to these charges.

The patient goes to the Doctor for help. The Doctor and his minions CONCEAL their true intentions to render you a compliant piece of meat and have their way with you. Once you are on their turf, you accept an IV and they surriptitiously inject you with a drug which usually causes amnesia and perfect obedience. You cannot object even if you try because your psycho motor skills are now non existent. Slurred or incoherent speech is also a feature of Versed. You also are suffering from the "anti-conflict" component of this drug Versed. You cannot escape. You are now their prisoner. You can't sign out against medical advice and you can't make them stop. They claim that they have your permission to do this (debatable) and you can't retract that permission once they drug you. (also debatable) You, the patient, who trusted these people with your very life are now totally helpless while they abuse your body and make crude comments about you. If you are able to struggle they will place you in restraints and continue the abuse. Maybe they will give you general anesthesia to get more control and more money, but they won't release you.

They torture you, watching you scream and writhe in pain. They violate EVERY ORIFICE that you have. If you are having colonoscopy, or just a simple procedure, you are subjected to having your sexual organs exposed and breached. You get a tube "rammed down your throat." (according to another post) You get tubes shoved up your urethra while they all giggle and watch (ten or twenty of them along with drug salesmen and anybody else who wants to get in on the action.) You will have prostate or pelvic exams if you are in a teaching hospital, also without your knowledge or consent. (At least that's what they hope for with the amnesia part of Versed.) But since you went to the medical center in the first place willingly they will say that this degradation is all part and parcel of getting "help."

Then you go home to find that you now have a preventable kidney infection and possibly other medical problems as a result of them treating you like an object instead of a human being. Your friends can't believe that 1) medical people have a drug like this, 2)that they would sneak it into you. (Remember the so-called "informed consent" that everybody allegedly signs, and patients rely on?) And 3) that medical people would behave like this, especially a whole group of them. You are a target of hate now for saying these things about such wonderful life saving people.

You are humiliated, ashamed, angry and frightened. You don't feel like a human being any more. You now have PTSD like symptoms and are put on Prozac, Amitriptiline, Lexapro or some other drug.

Contrast that scenario with this one.

You go on a date in a public place with a charming, highly regarded professional man. You meet some of his friends at this place. They are all funny and polite, including some women. You accept a soda pop from them and suddenly you find that you are woozy. You know something is wrong, but you can't get your legs to work. The charming date and his friends help you to their car.

For the next few hours or more, you are sexually abused by this group of people. You are going in and out of consciousness. You are trying to scream for help and make them stop. They continue. Your crotch, anus, and throat are violated. You are totally helpless. They simply force more drug down your throat if you get too out of control. The drug they use makes you obedient, so that even while you are objecting, you are still obeying their orders. They tell you that once you have gone "this far" that you can't stop them.

After the horror of it all these people drop you off apparently safe and sound, although violated, in front of your house. Your friends just can't believe that these particular individuals would EVER do this. The highly regarded individuals claim that they had your complete consent to do this. After all you DID willingly go out with them. You obeyed their commands while under the influence and this is construed as; you were a willing participant. They might even claim that it never happened, you are hallucinating or a drunk. Nobody believes that there is any drug which will cause this kind of reaction. You are a target of hate now for saying these things about such wonderful people.

You are humiliated, ashamed, angry and frightened. You don't feel like a real human being any more. Then you discover that you have an STD, and other medical problems. You also have PTSD which is treated with Prozac, Amitriptiline, Lexapro etc.

Is this getting clearer yet?

As for the child molestation, there are parallels. Children are helpless. They are subject to the whims and desires of the adults around them. They are easily controlled and if the molestation is from a family friend or member, there are obedience and trust issues which go along with the violation. Patients are being treated as trusting children to be violated at will. And, like a dear family friend, priest, scout leader, PTA member, parent, police officer, teacher etc. the abuse from highly regarded medical people is hard to imagine or believe.


P.S. These scenarios completely disregard the very real physical reaction to Versed. The jangled nerves, cognizant disfunction, memory loss etc. I am only dealing with behavior in this post, not paradoxical reactions to Versed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Could I have PTSD from a hospital stay?

This article is from CNN News.Could I have PTSD from a hospital stay? - It was sent to me by a Versed sufferer, thanks Linda! Tim from says "Notice the doc says" were violated in a moment of utter vulnerability in a way that provided no warning. This is a classic recipe for the developement of PTSD symptoms."

Tim correctly seized on the most germane sentence in the article. No wonder we have PTSD-like symptoms. You medical people violate your patients on a regular basis, by unexpectedly turning your patients into compliant zombies with the amnesia (hoped for anyway) drug Versed/Midazolam. We ARE "utterly vulnerable" while under your care. Especially if you hve knocked us silly with Versed. You are providing "no warning" before you inject us with this drug. Not to mention our treatment subsequent to administration of the amnesia drug whether it works or not. When we complain about it we are verbally attacked.

What you are doing is wrong, people, and it is having long term effects on your poor patients. By your non disclosure of your patient control and amnesia drug, Versed, you are creating "...a classic recipe for the developement (sic) of PTSD symptoms." Yet you insist that Versed is SAFE, and you discount us as "tin foil hat" people when we develop PTSD as a result of your ministrations!

The behavior exhibited by the tube changing nurse smacks of the standard of care for people under the influence of Versed. You people are incorrectly ASSUMING that the patient has amnesia and doesn't require even a modicum of care. I have first hand knowledge of how quickly the smarmy polite attitude of health care givers changes once the patient is presumed to have amnesia and it isn't nice. I was there and you guys are truly UGLY, just like the e-mails I get that you would NEVER say to my face!

Nobody would ever consent to the sloppiness of care exhibited by my crew. (or this patient from the article) The only way to prevent this is to stay cognizant the entire time, or at least until the ga is administered. Health care providers; there have been studies which seem to show that if the conversation in the OR is alarming enough to patients they retain some form of memory of it, EVEN UNDER G/A! You are not safe saying crude things about the patient even if you think that they can't possibly remember, doing things to the patient that you would NEVER do if you thought that they could remember and identify you! We simply must have actual caring people and not bullies intent on imposing their will on the luckless patient.

No more fake "informed consent." No more phony people pretending to be caring. No more amnesia and obedience through forced drugging. You know who you are and/or you know who is guilty of this kind of evil. We go to you for HELP, not an assault, verbal and physical!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Power to the Patient

This is only slightly off topic. It deals with drugs and attitude from health care providers so I thought I would print it. Italics and bold face type are mine.

Sent: 1/3/2010 5:10:32 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Daily Dose - Power to the patients

It's easy to take medical risks when it's not your own body at stake.

Docs often forget that -- or some just don't give a hoot -- as they volunteer their unknowing patients to be Big Pharma's next set of human guinea pigs... and too many patients just go along for the ride without asking questions.

But a new study shows patients are much less willing to board the Big Pharma drug bus when they know where it REALLY stops.

The study found that patients are as complacent as sheep when a doc TELLS them what to do. But when a doc ASKS for their input, they're far more likely to thumb their noses at Big Pharma meds and pick less risky treatments.

Researchers at Yale University let patients watch videos in which a doctor described a drug along with a low risk of a serious side effect.

In some cases, the video was followed by instructions that they take the drug. In others, the patients were asked to make a choice.

And it turns out those who were given the choice were much less likely to take the new drug.

I can hear the whines now.
"They're only patients! When the heck do they know?" Sound familiar?

I've always found they know a lot more than most docs will ever give them credit for. What they don't know, it's up to us doctors to tell them... and by that I mean the whole truth, not just a line from some drug salesman's propaganda sheet. This is very important! This goes to the heart of informed consent laws!

Believe me, most folks are perfectly capable of figuring it out when we give them all the information they need. But too many dictator docs expect patients to walk into the office and submit to their every command, pop every pill and lie back for every test and procedure -- no questions asked. This is EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT!

Don't put up with that. If your doc won't invite you into the process, politely thank him... walk out... and then invite yourself to a new physician's office. I advise people to do exactly this!

You're not a sheep, and you're no one's guinea pig. If docs don't like it, too bad.
Thank you very much!

Reader Comment about The "Jerk" From Versedbusters

Dear Jackie,
I can't believe the carelessness of the jerk. When will these people understand that we have a right to determine what happens to our bodies. When will the law be inforced? This guy needs to understand that the law was made to prevent unwanted touch (battery, rape) whatever the term you prefer. Like it or not the law does equate it to rape and OH Yea hmm let me see isn't rape against the law? What about molestation? Is that the same as Rape? Only a moron cannot see the similarities. For his information just because it is not sexual it is still violating because we all have the right to decide how and when we will be touched in anyway. Including a pat on the back. Therapist are taught the simple polite thing to do is ask before touching maybe he should try this instead of bullying his way through people. I would like to say that I too was given versed without consent. In fact I was told I was getting morphine. There is an example of a bald face lie. Also I don't have short term amnesia you jerk. I have had and continue to have memory problems three years later. Not to mention PTSD and there is evidence based studies that prove versed causes long term problems. Perhaps this shining example would like to look them up. Jackie feel free if you so desire to put these comments up on your site. I too will be proud to let health care (non professionals) know we will not tolerate there brutality.

"Comment" from Brad's blog

Get over it

Wow am I sick and tired of you people. You decide you need help, you consent to treatment and demand drugs to help you then question the manner in which we provide you help. Patients are given Versed BECAUSE IT'S THE SAFEST INDUCTION AGENT for them. If you were given Dip instead you would need to be intubated and on a vent, but I suppose you would complain about a sore throat or raspy voice then. the truth of the matter is all patients need something to complain about. Even with a 5 star rating on a survey there's always the line "the only thing that I didn't like was...". Get over yourself and realize that you didn't want the anxiety, you didn't want to remember the procedure, and you didn't want to be aware under anasthesia. Why don't you look up anasthesia awareness in between your complaint sessions and understand that with the right drug (Versed) you'll never be aware or at least not remember it. You want to talk dangerous drugs? APAP is absolutely terrible and according to a FDA report looking at the years 1990 to 2001: 26,000 people are hospitalized and 458 die each year from acetaminophen overdoses. It is the number one cause of acute liver failure in the United States. Now chew on that and GFY.

Here is another enlightening post from Brad's blog on Versed used as a vehicle for torture. Once again this person begins with some erroneous ASSUMPTIONS. They assume that we "consented" to Versed, they assume that we "demanded drugs," assume that we had "anxiety," assumes that we "didn't want to remember the procedure,"and finally this person assumes that only Versed can prevent "anesthesia awareness." This person also claims that Versed is the "safest induction agent." Then this cretin actually makes a comparison to acetaminophen poisoning to prove some kind of point? Doctors and hospitals are the 3rd leading cause of death in this country and he is going to point to an aspirin substitute to prove a point about the safety of Versed?

I like his/her last statement. We patients object to Versed, especially when used for the convenience of the staff and for frivolous reasons. We object to the lack of "informed consent" for this drug. We have a problem with PTSD, anxiety, rage, insomnia etc. following the injection of this poison and this sympathetic person says; "Now chew on that and GFY." "Go Fuck Yourself" is what the acronym stands for. Isn't that special. Every single one of this idiots assertions are totally false. But we are the bad guys.

Also I keep pointing out "anesthesia awareness" has nothing to do with Versed induced amnesia. Anesthesia awareness is when your CRNA/anesthesiologist screws up your knock out drugs. This post is somewhat confusing in that first they point out that Versed is "the safest induction agent for them." This presumes that the person is going to have general anesthesia. With general anesthesia you are going to have that "tube rammed down your throat" as shown in another comment on this blog. So why then are we discussing Diprovan leading to intubation? Doesn't this seem to indicate that if you have Versed before you are put out, that you WON'T get a tube rammed down your throat? HUH? So, this person gives Versed so that you (hopefully) won't remember your "anesthesia awareness" brought on by their complete lack of skill?

"Wow I am sick and tired of you people" is the line I am going to use to describe my feelings toward this person and all the rest of you medical people who treat us to this kind of vitriol SIMPLY BECAUSE WE DON'T LIKE YOUR STINKIN' VERSED! "Now Chew on that and GFY" you delusional drug pushers! (How do you like YOUR OWN attitude coming back at you?)

This whole Versed thing just amazes me! I have never had this problem refusing Demerol! Nobody cares, if I don't want it, I don't get it, no problem. I can't believe how incredibly nasty the comments are when we complain about very real problems with this drug Versed. You medical people know full well that this drug is BAD for lots of patients, yet you attack US because we don't like it! You use it against our will, in an unlawful manner, for made up excuses and if we take exception to it in any way, or criticize Versed's use, misuse and/or severe side effects we are treated to this kind of comment.

Medical people; accept the truth that Versed is a very bad drug for many of us. Accept the truth that you (some of you) are using this for selfish reasons which have nothing to do with patient safety and/or comfort. Accept the truth that you (some of you) are willfully injecting us with Versed in violation of "informed consent" laws. For you good guys that this does not apply to; where are your voices defending the patient against this kind of assault? Where is your outrage? To use a trite phrase "one bad apple spoils the whole barrel." Why are you not speaking out about the abuse of patients with Versed and while under the effects of Versed? Where are YOUR comments on this blog?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Grateful Reader

Here is a letter I got from a grateful reader...
I've been following your writings and blogs for some time now. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you've said and done to expose the atrocities taking place in the medical field - physically, emotionally, legally, monetarily. We've learned from past experiences and mistakes and do our best to ensure the treatment we want (and deserve), but STILL those in the medical field lie, cheat, obfuscate, mislead, mis-represent, ridicule, cajole, and get their way. And after the fact is a bit too late to undo/change things!
After much discussion in regards to our latest foray into the medical world, we foolishly believed and trusted them once again with disastrous results. Unlike yours, ours was not physical damage, and most would say, "What's the big deal?", but to us it was (and is) important.
I loved, trained for and worked in the medical field -- now I despise everyone in the field and trust not one person. I challenge everyone from the receptionist to the doctor to the billing clerk as nicely as I can and get hostility and ridicule in return. My husband says we ought to move to the far reaches of Alaska to get away from it all!
I've learned that most people don't want to hear your/my warning, foolishly believing as I once did that the doctor/nurse has my best interest at heart and would do nothing but what was in my best interest. NOT! As you and I know this could not be further from the truth.
Thank you for all you are doing. I just hope you are making an impact. Please know you have at least made me feel that I am not a loony and not alone in our experience and thinking and for that you have my heartfelt gratitude.

From the "Comments" Medical Worker Says We Are Ignorant.

This one is sort of nuetral, but I wanted to put it up as somebody took the time to READ this blog and deserves mention.

passlline has left a new comment on your post "Wages and Health Care":

"some good points were raised. But others make this person sound very ignorant."

I wish that you had been more informative passline. I would like to know especially which points make me seem "very ignorant?" I have everything researched, evidenced etc. There is no way you can argue with my personal experience with the torture chamber where I went. Which were the good points? Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I would love to know what you think of the other comments I have put up from alleged anesthesia providers. (Or at least people pretending, I hope, that they are!)

Medical Worker Says GFY

This is reprinted with permission from Tim won't allow this kind of comment to remain on his blog because he thinks it doesn't add to civil discourse. However, this comment illuminates the workings of the health care workers' little minds. I proudly present this comment here!
Drew has left a new comment on the post "Introduction":

Yeah I agree with everyone here! Doctors are terrible people and the world doesn't need them!

Thanks for making the sweeping generalizations you jackasses.

Versed does not give everyone a bad experience, in fact, it's quite the contrary for most people. Being informed of the medication you are getting is always good: but complaining about memory loss for a brief period is ridiculous. "Like being molested as a child"... don't even TRY to compare having Versed used on you to being molested as a child. That is ridiculous, and you are a moron. Period. The fact of the matter is if you are having a procedure done that involves general anesthesia (any major surgery) you aren't going to remember the procedure anyway so the complaint by Kirt on the main page is not only whiney, but utterly pointless because the experience would have been the same had he just been completely himself for the part of the General Anesthetic where you get a tube rammed down your throat.

There is no informative information on this site, just stupid whining and fear-mongering.

"Forced on patients"

Give me a fucking break. Kill yourselves. Out of the gene pool.

Where to start with this one... Let's start with the statement at the end of "Drew's" rant. Here is THE BEST EXAMPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN ABOUT HOW OUR HEALTH CARE WORKERS VIEW US!!! Here is his statement again; "Give me a fucking break. Kill yourselves. Out of the gene pool." You the patient demand that your rights as enumerated in the laws of this land as it pertains to medical treatment, (full disclosure and the right to refuse any or all of the proposed "theraputic" procedures) you object to a particular drug, and this wonderboy wants you dead. This is the person in charge of making sure that you are SAFE and he wants you DEAD if you give him any lip. Also please note his highly educated languge... "fucking" break! How original. Were you a truck driver before or what? (Sorry for insulting truck drivers.)
Let's not leave out that we are "jackasses" and "morons." I guess that since we are just patients, that we are necessarily jackasses and morons for taking exception to Versed and the cavalier disregard for our wishes AND THE LAW! Funny that I have never seen another drug which causes the people who push it to go berserk. This is an example of that. You medical types must be so proud. This makes you look GOOD doesn't it?
As for "sweeping generalizations." Drew is a master of the sweeping generalization! "Versed does not give everyone a bad experience, in fact, quite the contrary for most people." I don't think so! This statement is a "sweeping generalization." We already know that Versed is fine for many people, however "most people" is a stretch. "Most people" do not want amnesia. Just ask them! As for the "Doctors are terrible people and the world doesn't need them." None of us have said that. That little piece of hyperbole is all in YOUR mind, honey. Are you paranoid or what? (That statement is a "sweeping generalization" on your part as well.)
Moving on, we are all idiots and unworthy of "informed consent." Never mind that the law clearly states that we are to be INFORMED before proceeding! It's the law! What part of this does this man not get? Here's his statement again; "Being informed of the medication you are getting is always good: but complaining about memory loss for a brief period is ridiculous." No cupcake, "being informed of the medication you are getting is" NOT "always good." It is REQUIRED BY LAW! This information is not optional! Can you grasp that concept?
As for the second part of the statement, "complaining about memory loss for a brief period is ridiculous," if you had followed the law, we would not be surprised by memory loss. This is not ridiculous. Nobody except drunks are sanguine about memory loss, the potential for humiliating ourselves, the potential for abuse etc. is huge. Drew, do you really think that ANY SANE PERSON should trust you with their amnestic, obedient selves after reading your statement? How "ridiculous" is that? Furthermore I am TOTALLY p'o'd about being forced into obedience and having every single thing which I had forbidden done to me for NO REASON other than the convenience of the staff! There is a LAW about doing anything like this for staff convenience. That law is on this web site! Sooo do you know the law as it pertains to you Mr. Go Kill Yourselves?
Also, once again, one of our allegedly highly skilled hospital personnel can't grasp the difference between "amnestic" and "unconscious." These 2 terms are not interchangeable. There are verifiable changes in brain function when a patient is unconscious vs. having amnesia. With Versed, the brain function remains almost the same as when the person has not been doped. That is why these new machines can't be used to determine the depth of AMNESIA! It doesn't work.
I remember the tube being rammed down my throat you idiot! It was not pleasant. You have no "fucking" way of knowing whether somebody has amnesia or not you "moron." (Using the same truck driving language which Drew demonstrates.) I said NO to general anesthetic you braying "jackass." They should not have "RAMMED" a tube down my throat in the first place. I love your terminology "you get a tube rammed down your throat." How kind and careful. I imagine most patients would be concerned about somebody like this man Drew RAMMING tubes down their throat! Wow, this inspires trust and confidence in the medical "professionals."
Last but not least, Drew, sweety, you prove my point about uncaring, aggressive, arrogant, psychotic people in the health care field. So our alleged "sweeping generalizations" are not that far off the mark are they? You demonstrate exactly WHY we feel the way we do about you people. I have plenty of information and proof on this site that this drug Versed WAS "forced" on me as was the general anesthetic. LOTS of other patients are complaining about the same thing. I have the LAW pertaining to this sort of behavior here too. We are not just "whining and fear mongering." Anybody who is NOT afraid after reading your illuminating post has a problem!

From the "Comments" Medical Worker Thinks We Need "Gunsmoke"

"I'm glad you've got the problems with health care figured out. So go back to the old "Gunsmoke" days and have ole Doc have you bite on a leather strap while he pours some Redeye on you wound to sterilize it. He'll then have you lay on your kitchen table and dig out the bullet you shot yourself in the foot with. Saves a lot of health care money. And you'd probably die from infection. Good luck suing for getting what you asked for. "
Oooh temper temper! I don't have ALL "the problems with health care figured out," but this is a prime example of what a big part of the problem is! If the patient objects to being treated as sub human by sub standard employees, the answer is "...go back to the old 'Gunsmoke' days." I am not asking for Redeye instead of Keflex you moron! I am not asking for a leather strap to bite, I want pain killers and Morphine works just fine for me. What is the matter with you? That's the choice? "Let me do whatever I want to you with Versed or I will personally attack you?" You don't see anything wrong with deliberately and maliciously flouting patient wishes and this is your alternative? How very helpful. You just shot your own self in the foot didn't you!
On another of your "points" did it ever occur to you that it would save a lot of "health care money" if you quit shooting up unsuspecting patients with your control drug Versed? Thousands of dollars PER PROCEDURE!!! Versed is NOT necessary for any procedure. YOU may feel its necessary for your own selfish reasons, but most patients don't find it necessary.
I would have died from my HOSPITAL ACQUIRED INFECTION Hospital-Acquired Infections, MRSA, Killed 48,000 Americans In One Year if they didn't have sulpha drugs. You guys can't be bothered to wash your hands after all these years of KNOWING how infection is spread? Back in the "Gunsmoke" days they didn't know how infection is spread. What's your excuse? Not to mention that if this surgery had been performed the way *I* wanted it, I wouldn't have had your dirty hands on me and wouldn't have been infected. I have documentation elsewhere on this blog about how to get the best results from my particular surgery and it ISN'T general anesthetic.
"Good luck suing for getting what you asked for." I didn't ask for any of this. In fact I was adamantly opposed to sedation drugs OR general anesthetic. Lazy, hostile health care workers with the compassion of a flea and a propensity for disobeying the law did this to me against my will and very verbal expressed wishes. Thank you for your comment. It is very enlightening.

From the "Comments" Medical Worker Sneers At Fibromyalgia Sufferers

"All you do is complain and moan about how horrible these people were to you, yet you don't give specifics about what exactly they supposedly did to you. I predict from the tone of your rant that you "suffer" from fibromyalgia too. Those in health care know what I'm talkin' bout!"

First of all I have given specifics including copies of my personal medical records on this site. All you have to do is click on them to see them full size. I have hospital charts with fraudulent data, lies, ommisions and incorrect dates (as in "go back and change them...") I have correspondance from the "Doctor" in here as well. Since he refused, in direct violation of the law, to give me my actual CHARTS on demand, I am sorry but from the esteemed surgeon all I have is what he gave me. They are here though. Maybe you don't know how to click the "older posts" link at the bottom of the page?

As for the second part of the statement, here is a link to a fibromyalgia study. Video Microscopy: ‘Live’ Blood Analysis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients – exciting breakthrough or pure hype? Honey babe, I do NOT suffer from Fibromyalgia, but I do know one person who does. The idea that you are so dismissive of the very real suffering in a fellow human being is very illustrative of YOUR mental problems. You exibit a TOTAL lack of empathy or sympathy for others. This is known as "psychopathic" behavior in its severest form. If you need the definition of this mental disorder please leave another inane comment and I will look it up for you and print it along with your post!

Thanks for leaving us this breathtaking example of the compassion of health care workers. Snide comments which prove my point are always welcomed here!