Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How long will I be this way?

How long will you be completely demoralized by Versed? How long will your brain be fuzzy? How long will you feel violated, yes raped? How long will you obsess over what you did or said while under the influence? When will you be able to sleep through the night? How long will it take to be able to trust anybody in the medical field again? Will the obsession ever stop? Will my brain ever feel the same? How long will it take for you to feel like a human being again? How do you get back to the same mental state you were in BEFORE you were poisoned with Versed?

Sorry but the answer is "who knows?" The medical people are obstreperous about this drug. They willfully refuse to see that it causes long term mental status changes. Or, even more sinister is the idea that our caring medical people that we trust with our lives already know this and are deliberately trying to conceal this effect. Either way, the answer is the same. We just don't know!

For me and others the first few months were the worst. This was the time period where I had suicidal ideation because I just could not function with the synapses in my brain going crazy. It felt like my brain was being electrocuted. My theory is that having my brain electricity artificially reduced, that when the neurons started firing again, they went crazy. The sleeplessness, rage, etc. was at its worst during this time. For you medical types who inject this poison, this is the most dangerous time for you as well.

A common feature of Versed poisoning is HOMICIDAL RAGE!!! I am not the only person to report this. This fantasy involves severe bodily harm to the person responsible for the injection. I am waiting for a violent person to go on a rampage after receiving Versed. Lucky for the CRNA, I managed to control this phenomenon! He should feel very lucky that I was not a maniac BEFORE he gave me this nasty little drug.

Talking to a shrink about all this is not helpful either. Doctors are responsible for this poison being used why go to another one and be drugged up some more? I found that fish oil was like chapstick for the brain. It made the bizarre hyper active brain stuff better. It is a balm not a cure. I tried Prozac and Amitriptiline which did not work. The shrinks look at you like you are something the cat dragged in if you tell them that your mental disorder stems from Versed. Be prepared for some unhelpful delving into your past trying to find some miserable excuse for the disorder other than the truth; Versed caused it!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Making an Ass of yourself

A nurse on another site claims that she WOULD NEVER TELL THE PATIENT WHAT THEY DID OR SAID WHILE UNDER SEDATION! She states that it would be unethical. Ever wonder why? Another quote "patients are chatty and amusing" while under Versed. They state that they want a "cooperative patient." Wonder what that means?

I am having trouble understanding why this drug is such a "good" drug according to the people who INJECT it. Since I have recall let me tell you what I did that had them all laughing! In my torpor which resembled being extremely drunk, I decided that I had had enough of them touching and examining every part of my body. Don't forget that I was there for a WRIST OPERATION. There was no reason why they were trying to strip me naked.

Anyway, when they went to put the little cap on me, I tried to put it on myself to prevent them from touching me. I couldn't even do it! My arms wouldn't work right, they were all jerky and the whole room erupted into laughter. I quit trying to put the damn cap on. It was HUMILIATING!!!

Then my CRNA Aaron, began making snide and I guess to his mind, funny remarks about me. He was prancing around with my partial plate high in the air and saying "I don't know what good this little thing is!" More humiliation. I was so angry and upset, but there was nothing I could do! (Aaron claims that I was "very relaxed" while all this was going on. That's why I call him a wannabe psychic. He has NO IDEA how angry, upset and humiliated I was.)

I remember wondering what kind of date rape drug they had given me that would make me so obedient even though I objected to what they were doing, I still obeyed them. If you have never consciously experienced this total decimation of your personality and free will, you CANNOT imagine the horror of it all! I said NO and I was attacked. Then I "cooperated" (blindly obeyed) with them. I wasn't me any more, I was an amoeba.

Of course the worm of a CRNA was very smug about it all. I guess he showed me who was boss. It was just like being raped. I even got a kidney and bladder infection from their ministrations so it was exactly like a rape. I was exposed and penetrated, violated and given what amounts to an STD. I was knocked out by that time so I don't know how many people had access to my crotch, but maybe it was a gang rape. Completely unnecessary as I had told them NOT to knock me out. Not knocked out, no reason to fiddle with my crotch.

They say that you have sexual dreams under Versed, like its a good thing. So was I trying to hump the catheter? Is this funny? I like to think that I was completely out when they did this, but I was probably awake and amnestic when they took it out. Do they deliberately try to stimulate the clitoris when they do this for a little extra fun?

I don't drink. When I was young I drank for a while, but never enough to black out. My personality style does not include making an ass of myself. I might also add that I was a MEAN drunk. Does this type of person indicate that Versed isn't the right drug to use? These medical people like to talk like they personalize the anesthesia, but since I told them not to give me a drug like Versed or general anesthetic, obviously this is not the case.

They made an ass of me by defying my wishes and giving me a control drug like Versed. They laughed at me and made me feel sub human. I don't care if they thought they had given me enough poison to kill an elephant, maybe they should have heeded my warnings and instructions. NOBODY should be subjected to this drug.

All you people who think that you are treated with respect while you are under the influence of this drug had better start having a reality check. You are an idiot under Versed and will tell all your secrets. These people will encourage this because it's just so much bloody fun for the staff. They will help you make an ASS of yourself. They all have favorite stories to tell one another about YOU! Then they sanctimoniously say they won't divulge what you did TO YOU! The patient isn't to be told the truth at all costs. Can't have dignified people refusing to make an ass of themselves for the staff.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dentists and Versed

Dentists are using this drug for their "sedation" dentistry. Unfortunately they are using the same devious behavior seen in our hospital personnel to get this drug into the patient. Even small children, or maybe because they are small children, are getting Versed unknown to their parents.

I got a call today from one of my friends whose wife is a nurse at a geriatrics hospice. His wife states that each time one of her old folks goes for an operation that features Versed, "a little less of them comes back." She will NOT allow Versed to be used on any of her family. She states that it is a very bad drug.

They took their small boy to the dentist where he was given a little cup of something to "get him to relax." It didn't occur to either of them that the dentist would give Versed without telling his parents, that the Versed was sneaked into an oral solution, etc. I think a red flag should have gone up the instant they heard the word "relax." I am so suspicious over every little thing now, that I would have been very alarmed.

Anyway, they get the bill and notice a charge for $85. It was coded and so they called the dentist office to find out what the code meant. It was the code for Versed. The very drug that my friend's wife never allows to be used on them!!! Dentists are also getting in on the money to be made on Versed. They are behaving in the same sneaky way that CRNA's etc. are.

BEWARE OF YOUR DENTIST. Ask specifically what the drug or mouthwash is. Better yet do what I did and call the dental office and ask if they use Versed. If they do, find another dentist who doesn't. Remember that I was stealthily injected with Versed against my will. I don't believe for one minute that a dentist won't take similar advantage with their oral Versed. A little gargle or mouth wash with this drug might be capable of rendering you helpless and possibly with amnesia.

Dentists are also responsible for several patient rapes after injecting them with their "sedation" drug. You really can't be too careful. I know this sounds like I am off my rocker, but if you have never had an experience like mine you cannot imagine the fear and loathing I have for people who would administer a drug like this, that causes such severe side effects without a warning or a permission at any time.

By the way here is a youtube video showing how unhappy this young patient is with his being drugged into oblivion. His Dad is trying to convince him that he "feels good." Is this how YOU want to be treated? Is this how you want your child to be treated? Do YOU want to be acting like this for the entertainment of the staff? YouTube - David After Dentist

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Angies List, ratemds, ripoffreport

If you are the victim of an out of control Doctor, nurse, hospital, clinic etc. here's another way to get the word out! Write what happened to you and rate the Doctor etc on www.angieslist.com or www.ratemds.com. Just follow their prompts.

These places are getting so much use in the information age that the Doctors are wanting their patients to sign a non disclosure form in their office to prevent us unfortunate patients from warning others. Also posted are good reports.

I am absolutely positive that Doctors themselves are using these same lists to post glowing reports on THEMSELVES due to the anonymous nature of some of the posts.

Remember to tell only the truth without embellishment. Warn others on what to look for and what happened to you.

Don't sign a non disclosure form. So far it isn't widely used, but I can see a day that these Doctors are going to completely muzzle the poor patient and prevent the Doctors' bad acts from becoming known. The AMA is impotent in regards to preventing rogue Doctors from practicing. There is NOBODY looking out for US, so we need every little thing we can use to gain some power over our own bodies and well being

Also interesting is an online complaint site called http://www.ripoffreport.com/. The cool part about this site is that it comes up FIRST when you type in a name to search for. I don't know how they do it but it's very effective. File your report here as well detailing how you were ripped off by the medical field. They can put in a rebuttal and then you can rebut that.

Depending on the response from the party you are complaining about, they very often prove the complaint by their attitude. Pretty good, if you can handle it. Many people are very fragile after their Versed experience so for them I would not suggest this.

Complain to the FBI

The FBI is interested in health care fraud! If you have received "unnecessary" treatment you have a right to complain. There is a local office in your area that will probably have a person on staff that handles this kind of thing.

This is why it is so important to know who these people are that are in the room with you. You will need to give this information to the FBI so that they can investigate. Health care costs are in the spotlight right now and we patients don't have to just shut up and take it.

Versed "conscious sedation" comes under the heading of unnecessary treatment most of the time. I will grant that there are some people who are temperamentally incapable of handling unpleasant necessities, but most of us are perfectly fine without Versed "therapy."

Most of us who have had Versed have had some amount of deceit and or force used to inject us with this drug. It adds enormously to the cost of any procedure along with making the medical professionals job easier. This unnecessary, unwarranted, unpleasant, unwelcome drug is used to fraudulently add to the hospital or medical clinic bill. This needs to stop and the FBI is here to help.

At the very least these people will be a little more careful in the future if the FBI comes snooping around demanding to see the hospital records.

The FBI is also trained to see right through the subterfuge that the hospital uses to obfuscate. If there is no informed consent detailing the "conscious sedation" then they violated patient law for monetary gain. This is against the law.

Believe me my hospital went to great lengths to conceal the fact that they did not have my consent. They wrote that "pt. is irate because she had to have a general anesthetic that she had hoped to avoid." NO, patient was irate because the patient categorically declined general anesthetic and was injected with Versed in order to gain compliance. See how that works?

Here's another one. "She did not object when I went to give her general anesthetic." This is from the CRNA. What he forgot to document is that I was HEAVILY SEDATED also against my direct orders when he gave me the general anesthetic. I couldn't object any more. Also note that he didn't refer to the INFORMED CONSENT where I gave permission for this! There wasn't any, but this didn't deter him.

Want more? The response states that "the patient was informed that general anesthetic may be necessary." What's left out? What's left out is the fact that I declined this when it was mentioned over and over and over. He says absolutely nothing about my response to this "need" for general anesthetic. How convenient.

The FBI can see through this kind of double speak. Call them.