Friday, December 31, 2010

Hope For The Helpless!

For years now I have felt the terrible hopelessness that Versed brought me.  For those of us who seem to have long-lasting problems subsequent to getting Versed/Midazolam, we are not the only people who are alarmed with the results of being injected with brain disabling poison.  Here is a post from a reader; 

Life has left a new comment on your post ""FDA Approved Drugs With Serious Side Effects" Jo...":

Have added you to my blogroll. You might be interested in mine, though I'm nowhere near as prolific with my posts as you.

Here's one I wrote about the British benzo cover-up scandal that broke in November of this year ...

Here is the link to this person's extremely well written post.  My readers may also want to subscribe to this blog as well.          Benzo cover-up scandal could pave the way for large class action lawsuits | life lies waiting …     Don't forget and as well.

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