Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yet Another Rapist Utilizes Midazolam/Versed

Here are a couple of recent news reports on a man who used Versed to rape his babysitter.   How did he get this drug?  Well, some people DO get prescriptions for this drug.  Isn't that special?  The video claims that you can't get this drug at a pharmacy, but several people have responded to this blog and claimed that they absolutely do get Versed/Midazolam at the pharmacy.  They get it for seizure control.  Plus, on the video that I linked, one place the police did NOT investigate was the dentist's office.  How safe is this drug being kept in a dentist's office?  If the police have run out of medical places and people to investigate, maybe they better look and see if the rapist has a friend in the dental business...

Here's an L.A. Times article about this;  Man Accused Of Drugging, Raping Babysitter -

Here's the video about the Versed guy;  VIDEO: Norwalk Man Allegedly Drugs, Rapes Babysitter - David Begnaud reports --

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is SUPPOSED to be an informed consent!

Here is yet another example of a so-called "informed" consent. 

I pulled this from this site:  Hysterectomy Information - Mercy Hospital's Medical Documents

 Here is a direct link to the document;

Even though it CLAIMS to be an informed consent, it isn't.  The law has some (cough) 'suggestions' about what MUST APPEAR in this document.  At least this particular document CLAIMS to be the 'informed consent' in bold letters at the top.  If the patient KNEW what was supposed to be contained in an informed consent, they would at least realize what this document was purporting to be...and be alarmed!  If you have perused mine, you will find that MY alleged 'informed consent' had that little tidbit of information in the bottom right corner in small type face.  Anyway, THIS so-called informed consent has the same vague gobbledygook (sp?) that mine had.  This item in NO WAY contains all the information required by law.  This INFORMED consent is actually nothing but a vague carte blanche and hold harmless agreement, just like mine was.  This consent is ILLEGAL!  It isn't a real consent at all.  How do these people get away with this kind of subversion of the law?

Reply From Allexperts

Here's a reply I got from Mike, crna.  I think this might be the same one I took to task for an article, since removed, he wrote about his srna days.  Too bad this is NOT the way it works in the real world.  I don't know how many times I have heard that if the patient doesn't want Versed, they won't get it!  Maybe it makes these guys seem more rational and normal to at least pay lip service to the idea that we can refuse Versed?  Other places (and in my own life) I find nurses arguing with patients and injecting them with Versed anyway.  I find nurses injecting Versed even after agreeing not to.  I find nurses implying that Versed was deemed 'necessary' for saving lives...  (what a crock)  Anyway here's the latest missive which claims that Versed won't be used.  I tend to believe this guy BTW, if only because of his previous encounters with me.  I have highlighted certain passages and added my comments.

Expert: Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNA
Subject: Versed/Midazolam
Date Asked: 2012-05-14 20:20:03
Date Answered: 2012-05-15 03:12:20

Mike, why do you think I got Versed for my axillary block?  I specifically said no drugs that would incapacitate me which would most certainly be Versed.  I have seen you mention that nearly everybody gets Versed...  Why would that be?  Everybody doesn't desire amnesia.  I don't understand WHY I need some nasty little drug like Versed even after I said no, for something like a nerve block.  I didn't get amnesia anyway, so was awake and watching my arm twitch etc.  You say that we can refuse this drug, but in practice it's far more difficult than you would you state.  I had a Beir block without any Versed or g/a the second time.  I'm trying to understand the unholy ZEAL that there is to use Versed.

Hi J-M

Let me first start by saying that if you as a patient ask not to have a specific drug then you simply shouldn't get it. (Thank you, that's what I want to hear!)

Now onto the question at hand!

I have done hundreds of blocks and I have done them with and without versed. When I talk to a patient I always tell them what I plan to give so that they can ask questions or let me know if they do not want it. Some patients are so incredibly anxious about having a needle placed that they cannot or will not be able to remain still when the block is being performed. These patients would be at serious risk for damage if they did not have some degree of sedation to calm them. However, if they did not want the sedation I would be fine with that and not do the block. Some patients are totally calm and when that is the case I do not give versed.  (I was totally calm, and I'm unafraid of needles.  In light of my declining ANY DRUGS WHICH WOULD INCAPACITATE ME, even if it was discovered that I needed a little something, why the Hell would they bring out a big gun like Versed?  Wouldn't a little Valium be enough?  I find that Fentanyl or Morphine tends to calm me down without the rest of the side effects of Versed.  Why can't I have that?  Wouldn't that be my choice to make?  I have offered my opinion that *I* would have been far happier if my bumbling crna HAD refused to treat me in the precise way I demanded!  I have no problem with people being honest with me and admitting that they are not comfortable with patients like myself.)Giving versed for blocks or before going back to the OR is a very common practice in anesthesia. This is because these events are anxiety provoking (not really) and often make the patient very uncomfortable. (I can live with uncomfortable, although after having 2 ORIF surgeries WITH a bone graft from my iliac crest for a snapped femur, I am understandably not too worried about stuff that happens in the OR, especially a stupid wrist surgery!)  While you mention amnesia the real use of versed is as an anxiolytic (decreases anxiety) (I didn't have any anxiety and for me this drug shot my anxiety level through the roof.  There is nothing like being unexpectedly rendered obedient and unable to speak after being very clear about this kind of thing NOT HAPPENING!  My blood pressure shot through the roof as well, so I'm having a hard time with all this "decreasing anxiety."  Quite the opposite.  Judging by the LIES my crna told about what happened to me, the real reason for Versed IS AMNESIA!  A simple drug like Valium can decrease anxiety without all the rest of it.)  and as you experienced not everyone gets amnesia from versed. (Oh but they TRIED!)  However, before I give anyone versed I tell them they may not remember (code speak for dense amnesia) going back to the OR and that it will calm their nerves (not true in my case and many, many others.  It doesn't calm the nerves at all, it's just that these patients CAN'T REMEMBER THE SHEER TERROR!  Their slack muscles prevent them from EXHIBITING terror.) if they were to ask not to get it I would not give it. (unusual Mike, truly unusual, but I believe you...)  To date I have never had a patient choose not to have versed though I wouldn't care either way as I only offer it for their comfort.  (I have problems believing this.  Clearly MOST people do not like the word AMNESIA.  I'm lucky I didn't stroke out in my chair when the lawsuit mitigation nurse told me that they tried to give me AMNESIA!Nobody *I* know would go for this.  Versed is waaaay too extreme a drug to give for mere 'patient comfort' in my opinion.)I cannot speak to every practice and how they interact with patients, only my own. In my practice I tell patients my plan, before i give each drug and answer any and all questions about the anesthetic experience before anything is given. It is just the right thing to do. I have had patients tell me they don't feel "right" after getting morphine and so i choose a different drug to take care of their pain. My job is to make the patient comfortable, meet their needs and respect their choices.  (I absolutely agree with this entire paragraph.  I only wish that this was true in general.  It isn't.  As an aside, I have a problem with Demerol.  How strange is it that I can refuse Demerol without any problems, but try to refuse Versed and it's world war 3?)

I hope this helps.


Please do not respond to this message.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Radio Show Featuring Versed

Here is a link to a radio show done by one of my cyber friends who has been permanently harmed by Versed and the subsequent actions by her medical team.  WOW!  Thanks so much to the Versed sufferer who was brave enough and persistant enough to do this!!!

"LIFE" Radio Show 10/11 by LIFE Radio Show | Blog Talk Radio#.UHc9Acialfs.facebook

Thanks also to the interviewer who was brave enough to tackle this problem.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Arm Surgery Goes Wrong...

I have complained vigorously about my arm surgery which was an ORIF distal radius implant.  I complained about the Versed, the general anesthesia, the NURSE anesthetist, the lack of informed consent, to include the previous and some little items like NUMBNESS, additional surgeries, tendon damage, screws sticking out all over the place, right down to who the Hell performed the surgery.

Imagine my surprise (do you believe me?) when I found this link;   The surgeon said he could fix the injured arm. He had an odd definition of ‘fix.’ - The Washington Post  This person works in construction, was close to my age at time of surgery and has had nothing but trouble with HIS arm surgery.  Amazing.  He also complains about the lack of informed consent and the RUNAROUND he got trying to extract information from his doctor.  It's not just me, people.  This kind of thing is RAMPANT in our health care today. 

Here's where I found a link to the story:  Safe Patient Project (CUsafepatient) on Twitter  If you tweet and twitter, you should go over there and look through all the stuff.  I'll bet that you will find others complaining about the exact same thing YOU are!

Medicare Billing FRAUD Being Prosecuted

All you anesthesia nurses who are bragging all over the internet about how you 'suffer' no supervision and that the LAW about supervision is just a medicare billing ploy WATCH OUT!  Here's an article about medicare fraud...  $430 Million False Billing Medicare Fraud, 91 People Charged  Apparently one of the things that the government is going to spend the 'Affordable Care Act' monies on is an aggressive ENFORCEMENT policy.  I hope that somebody who reads my blog immediately runs to their supervisor and they start investigating this egregious breach of the law by anesthesia nurses! 

There are so many other laws that are routinely dismissed by arrogant medical people and their treatment centers that the FRAUD branch should be making a lot of money to help us patients defray the extreme COST of this so-called 'Affordable Care Act.'  I knew if I looked hard enough that there would be a few things I liked about this HORRIBLE piece of legislation forced on our population!  The ENFORCEMENT areas where our out-of-control medical people get caught with their hand in the taxpayers wallet may just work out well, at least until medical lobbyists get their way!  Go FBI, go Eric Holder, go HHS, go CMS!  We patients and we taxpayers (I belong to both groups) are sick and tired of being taken advantage of by the lawless medical community.  (You know who you are and I hope your time is running out!)

We don't want your expensive and disastrous sedation.  We don't like it, it harmed us and we don't want it used on us or any of our loved ones.  We don't want to pay the enormous charges involved in its use.  We don't want you people lying about it, and we don't want nurses working on us with Versed especially without the supervision required by law.  We are tired of the "informed consent' laws being violated with impunity.  We are tired of the "informed consent" being used as a hold harmless agreement.  We want ENFORCEMENT of all the laws pertaining to medical care.  ALL OF THEM!

In the future I would like to see every single complaint to all boards and medical facilities turned over to the FBI to be used in any investigation they may have in the future.  It needs to be set up like the CSA rules that we truck drivers have to put up with.  If this kind of law is good to use on commercial vehicles and their drivers, this template is good enough to use on medical treatment centers, hospitals and medical personnel.  Legislation set up like they did for us would go far to rein in excessive costs and would contribute to the safety of ALL people. 

For a quick peek, look here:  Registration & Licensing - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration  You can see the LAWS as it pertains to trucks.  You can look up any motor carrier by the number on the door of the cab.  You can see how many of their drivers are in violation, how many times the trucks  are inspected, the results of the inspections etc.  I HATE these new regulations, as we are already held to a higher standard and more supervision than medical workers.  I want to share the pain with medical entities.  Just imagine if we could look at something like this page in regards to hospitals and the like!  We could see the laws that pertain to medical care, results of any treatment center inspections, the laws that are broken, etc.  Something on this order would be good for our safety as patients.  I am urging my legislators to do something like this to the medical community.  If you agree, call all your elected officials and tell them in the interest of safety and savings, they need to do this.  We could call it the MCSSA (Medical Care Safety and Savings Act)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

National Security and Versed

In light of my previous post, I want to say something to all those people involved in government security.  I'm talking about military, ex-military, undercover cops, CIA, FBI, DOJ, the state department, anybody who works at the pentagon, area 51, the underground facilities at the Denver airport, the Stanford Linear Accelerator, Lockheed, the Lawrence Livermore Lab, etc. DON'T LET ANYBODY GIVE YOU VERSED/MIDAZOLAM!  (I deliberately left out TSA, they are worthless as far as I can tell.  Maybe medical workers can find out about all the stealing...)

I am serious about this.  Our medical workers are taking a very light hearted view of "extracting secrets" during "sedation."  I have long held that they are doing this, and it has been recently confirmed.  So much for my "paranoia!"  It isn't just sexual fantasies and other escapades they are privy to!  They are digging up information from the depths of peoples minds in an outrageous invasion of privacy.  I can hardly wait until I find something about the Gitmo 'detainees' being given Versed.  No wonder they found Bin Laden, huh?  State secrets could be blabbed about in a busy medical facility and who knows how many people would hear it.  Then they take it home and in a scandalized tone, tell their wife, husband, drinking buddies etc.  Next thing you know, it's all over the news.  People could get KILLED FOR THIS!!! 

I want to point out that I as an honorary member of the Dolphin Base,  I have enjoyed hobnobbing with (arguably) THE FINEST military men on the planet for about 30 years.  As General Shwarzkopf said during Desert Storm "We never discuss submarines."  Submarine deployment, capabilities etc are not for us to bandy about.  It's a serious matter of national security.  My submarine men would never willingly reveal certain things about what goes on with their boats.  Not even the WWII guys discuss where they went and what they did, if the brass said NO!  Some went to their graves with this information!  So what does it say about medical workers who use this brain poison on a daily basis on just about everybody who walks in order to access the contents of any one's mind?  Do you really think that they are all benign and are only looking for light entertainment?  What does all this mean for national security?

As I told the FBI when I turned in my medical treatment facility for medical FRAUD, do not let anybody near you with 'sedation' for any reason if you have any valuable information pertaining to state secrets.  You WILL BE COMPROMISED!  Ditto if you are an undercover police agent.  (among other things)Your cover will be blown, and possibly the wrong people will get wind of it.  If any medical people are dealing drugs on the side, they might be inclined to have you taken out.  This Versed could have disastrous consequences for our undercover forces. 

I am urging anybody who works with secrets to be very careful about medical treatment.  These medical minions can and will drug you and ferret out anything you don't wish to divulge.  You probably won't even remember it!  Their cavalier attitude towards this breach is shocking, and I truly believe that this is a national security issue.  Don't trust anybody with your compliant, uncensored, and amnestic mind.  Don't believe these people when they tell you Versed is only to relax you.  This is THE most diabolical drug ever invented and medical people want to use it ON YOU!  That way they can have unfettered access to the entire contents of your mind.  Can you imagine anything much worse?