Saturday, May 21, 2016

Videotaping: The New Breach of Patient Privacy

I have often spoken of the downside of Versed.  The immoral breaching of patient privacy, inside their own mind even.  Right on the heels of this comes videotaping, the new way to breach patient privacy as shown in this article.

Hospital in Secret Video Drama Offers Apology | Medpage Today

First we have the immoral use of Versed for the entertainment of the staff, wherein one injection can lead to many happy hours of eliciting the private thoughts of patients.  Then we have videotaping of same.  The prominent hospital near me actually had as part of the admissions paperwork, a little blurb about me allowing them to videotape my procedure "for training purposes" and other uses.  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  While *I* would like a video of the procedure to monitor my  "teams'" behavior, if I were to need general anesthetic, I would never consent to any medical minion or entity having a copy.

While patients need to know exactly what is going on in these surgical suites, what we do not need is videotaping of ourselves in our most vulnerable moments being disseminated as was done in the above link.  Nothing is sacred any more, there are no depths to which you "caregivers" will not stoop.  DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, allow a medical entity to take away your "right" to privacy.  Do not sign any document giving them permission to film you.  Just because it is hidden in the intake paperwork, you don't have to sign it.  Strike the verbiage from the consent form and have them initial it.  Get a copy IMMEDIATELY of any paperwork that you have signed.  It's the law.  Any legal document that you sign MUST be given to you and that's what a consent to treat is.  Then if something like happened in the California hospital mentioned in the article happens to YOU, you will have a legal leg to stand on and can sue the dog snot out of them.

Please make sure to read your intake forms and the "informed consent" BEFORE you sign it.  Strike anything you don't like, and there will be some things that you find objectionable.  Lists of things to deny are in this blog elsewhere.  You have that right.  Take care of your most precious assets, your body and mind.  These are YOURS, not the medical behemoth's.  It's time we take back our rights to our own bodies and our own private thoughts.