Saturday, June 17, 2017

Just In...

Here is yet another erudite post from a reader.  He/she opines that regardless if we suffer from side effects, since we have no medical training, we are not competent to judge whether we like the drug or not.  Sooo, if we are not educated enough to dislike the side effects of a particular drug, then does it follow that deleterious side effects are not reported?  After all, who are we to judge, we are suffering, but it has no meaning because we aren't in the medical field.  Wow.  That's some logic.  The post is also heavy on gratuitous insults as usual. Really, is this how a well reasoned argument reads?


You're a dumbass. When you have a license to practice medicine then you can comment of the efficacy and safety of medications. Until then, stop your fear mongering bullshit  


Oh and by the way?  I want you to enlighten me as to how you plan to enforce your diktat?  In other words do you plan to make me stop my "fearmongering bullshit."  Who is the "dumbass" now?  Brave words from a typist with no way to back it up.