Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bipartisan Hatred of Versed

I am a Republican.  This post is from the Democratic Underground.  I am happy to report that I am in complete agreement with the person who started this thread;  is versed (an amnesiac medication) evil? - Democratic Underground  Three cheers for bipartisanship!  Excerpt from the previous link as follows.  Of course I have added emphasis as usual.

"versed is often given patients undergoing medical procedures that do not require general anaesthesia. versed has most of the properties of anaesthesia, except that (at normal doses) does not cause unconsciousness. it is, however, very effective at blocking the transfer of memories from short-term to long-term.

in other words, you will feel almost everything the doctor is doing to you, will only minimal pain reduction; however, you will have no memory of it after a few minutes.  (They HOPE you won't have any memory of it!)

personally, i feel this is an evil medication, inspired by lawyers seeking to avoid damaging testimony. yes, i am fully aware it is far safer than general anaesthesia. however,
i find it repugnant that, the war on drugs being what it is, they find this a wonderful alternative to actual painkillers.  ( Oh yes and just who is inspiring these lawyers?  It can't be medical workers can it?  *Rhetorical question*)
i have personally witnessed (back when i was an emt-in-training) a doctor take about 5-7 minutes setting a severe radius/ulna (forearm) fracture on a poor little 8 year old who was screaming his head off. i mean, i thought his face was going to explode. his parents were right there, cringing.

where did they get the idea that an inhuman level of pain is fine, just so long as you can't effectively testify about it later?" 
(Any medical people want to address this one?  I thought not.)

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