Friday, December 3, 2010

More from a Versed Victim

I get e-mails from fellow Versed sufferers.  We have a kind of support group for one another as the medical community is singularly lacking in any kind of compassion or empathy for the people they harm with their drug of choice...  This particular sufferer is in anguish about the latest dereliction of duty from the FDA.  You know my take on the FDA.  They are open to the highest bidder.  Their studies are bought and paid for by the very people who want approval.  There is lots of evidence, anecdotal and empirical that Versed, or for that matter Benzos are very bad drugs.  Lots of problems associated with their use and YET!  We have the FDA approving another use of Versed, this time injectable.  I'm now waiting for the aerosol mist so that every predator can have a field day and every medical worker can make their job even easier.  Anyway I digress.  This particular person is having a Versed day...

The same article was printed here:  (reference to previous article on injectable Versed)

Jackie, this depresses me NO ONE taking us seriously ?  And have you checked out AskAPatient lately ? Someone (obviously medical) has been posting phony "5" ratings (again) from so-called patients who trusted their doctors and supposedly had good experiences with Versed. When I read those reviews, I can't help but wonder why my experience was so different ?  What the hell happened to me? I will never get over my experience, EVER.  When I went for counseling, the therapist told me not to think about it or continue to read about it, that was feeding my obsession... no more therapy for me. He didn't get it either. I will never feel safe until the drug is banned;  doctors will continue to assault patients with that poison even if they refuse it, , because they know they can get away with it. (As you can see, this is a "bad" Versed day for me !)  Keep up the good work on your website, and keep me informed if any medical people respond. Thanks.
Does anybody in the medical field feel this person's pain and fear?  Are medical people so calloused and accustomed to causing pain instead of alleviating it that this kind of story makes them angry instead of feeling bad?  Are they so consumed with their own importance that they have lost sight of what they are there for?  I.E to HELP people.  Are any of the people in health care today doing it because they love people and want to help or is all about money, power and control?  Medical workers seem to have lost their humanity.  If this person's post makes you angry instead of sorry, maybe some serious self examination is in order..

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