Saturday, October 22, 2016

Here's Yet Another Drug to Decline!

The medical minions will not rest until they get the opportunity to destroy our minds.  They want to use Midazolam for every little thing, have authorized it in nasal spray form and syrup.  People may now purchase the drug (with a prescription) at the drug store and keep it in their houses.  Many seniors go straight from their little "sedation" episode to an old folks home, with their brain destroyed, just like the medical people want.  Now this...

Novel Sedation Agent for Colonoscopy Meets Phase III Endpoints | Medpage Today

The base drug is still a benzo.  It acts on the same receptors.  The medical minions claim that patients "recover" faster, but are these patients hooked up to an EEG machine?  It amazes me what passes for "recovery" when these benzos are used.  You are awake the whole time, talking incessantly for the amusement of staff.  How do they know that the patients have recovered their BRAIN FUNCTION?  When they stop babbling?  I will be adding this drug Remimazolam to my list of drugs that will NOT be given to my family or me, under any circumstances or for any reason.

Since I was told by an anesthesiologist that since I hadn't said "under any circumstances" and I hadn't NAMED the drug Versed, that they felt sanguine about giving me a drug that I had declined with my "Don't give me any drug that will incapacitate me" directions. I thought I was pretty clear, but apparently patients need to spell it out for these people.