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Related Topic;COST of the Anesthetist

I found this article from Dr. Kevin's list of reading material. It is germane for all of us, insured and uninsured... The challenge of pre-authorization for an elective procedure

I can't help but compare this Dr's attitude with my own surgeons attitude. MY surgeon didn't give a damn how much stuff cost! He did me the very great favor of "allowing" me to get away with not having an expensive MRI. (I think he is part owner of the machine) He conned me into a surgery that was a budget buster and refused to allow me to have the "no frills" surgery that I could actually afford. He forgot that my particular surgery has a huge fail rate, necessitating yet more bankruptcy making intervention! That is unless I was going to be HAPPY to be a cripple, in which case all was well. My surgeon said so.

Nobody at the hospital mentioned that there were all kinds of add-ons including the worthless but expensive anesthesia nurse. Of course their main purpose in life as far as I can tell is to soak the patient. So they do anything and everything to maximize their profit at the expense of the patient. Do NOT trust anybody in health care. Sorry to have to say that, but they WILL deliberately omit pertinant details about charges and reimbursement payments in order to get the money. You may end up with a very unpleasant surprise like the person mentioned in the article. Funny how it all comes back to anesthesia in the end.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

CRNA Behavior Yet AGAIN!

I found this post over on and liked it so well, I reproduced it here. This is post # 590! That's right, 590 posts, the majority of which have bad things to say about the drug Versed/Midazolam. Due to recent posts on WWW.ANESTHESIA-NURSE.ORG and in light of the fact that I am encouraging everybody who has had a bad experience with a CRNA who was rude, dismissive, arrogant and nasty and who shot them up with Versed in a furtive manner, without informed consent etc. to report them to and ask that remedial training and continuing training for their people be implimented, I figured I would put this post up. Yet AGAIN we see yet ANOTHER patient being ridden rough shod over by their CRNA. It's unbelievable that they can get away with this! There are LAWS!

Here's what "Karen" has to say.

Blogger Karen said...

"I am so thankful to this site. ( ) Your information was so helpful when I really was afraid I was losing my mind.
My experience with versed (midazolam)was also a nightmare. I had received general anesthesia a few months before without versed and experienced no problems with anxiety, nightmares, amnesia. Nothing unexpected happened, but then I had a SECOND encounter with general anesthesia and had a bad reaction with so many serious and lingering after effects. I could not understand what was wrong with me. I have never been prone to depression, and cried almost every day for weeks. I had nightmares, I was upset or angry almost every day for no apparent reason. My surgery was 100%successful, so my anxiety wasn't coming from that. And it kept bugging me that I couldn't remember what happened for several hours after surgery. Finally I filed a formal complaint with the hospital: and got profuse apologies and the truth about my amnesia and those hours of time. I was never told I was getting an amnesia drug. Just "something to relax" me injected into my hand via IV port. I had actuallly received a Press Ganey questionnaire asking me rate how my treatment in recovery was. I wrote that I couldn't remember the 2+ hours and didn't know why.
I should explain I work in health care as an administrator (not in a service unit that uses anesthesia!) I never told this to the rude crna "surgery nurse" that was barely spoke to me. There was no indication I was nervous (I really wasn't) and the anesthesia doc nor the crna didn't speak to me enough to assess my level of anything.
I am absolutely sickened by the way I was disrespected and purposely misled. When I found your blog, ( I felt such relief I can't begin to express my thanks.
There is more to my versed horror story, but you have all heard it from others. In closing, I will tell you I have been able to focus my fury in making the agency I work for the most patient friendly and respectful we can be. I have become relentless.
But I can't go near my old hospital or even think about any thing to do with iv ports without major anxiety problems. This is eight months later.
I don't care that some medical people accuse us of being nuts or liars, or worse. I know what happened to me, and am not interested in the defense of a drug given in deceit that was obviously not for my benefit. It harmed me as it has harmed so many."


There is no defense for this. O-B-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y these "rude,""deceitful," "disrespectful" CRNA's do NOT know what's best for us. Assaulting our brains with this drug is not only indefensible, it's inexcusable as well. Then to attack us afterward, and "...accuse us of being nuts or liars, or worse." is beyond the pale. They (CRNA's) can't seem to see the harm they are doing. That's what is so wierd! They call people without a conscience "sociopaths." this behavior from CRNA's is dangerously skirting this... That's my opinion folks. Way too many patients are reporting this behavior. If you want to change my mind, I invite you to e-mail me at Try to be rational about it, is all I ask.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Letter Writing Campaign

I am asking my readers who have been harmed by the drug Versed and also by a CRNA who failed to identify themselves as nurse, or shot you up with Versed without informing you about amnesia, abject obedience etc. to write a letter to the AANA. (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists) The email is

I am requesting that they have some classes on patient rights laws. We have the absolute right to decline any and all portions of treatment AT ANY TIME! This needs to be stressed. I want CRNA's not to hide behind "mental capacity" any more. If the patient is screaming and begging for them to stop, stop they must. It's the law. Just because the patient has received Versed shouldn't mean that they waive the right to stop the procedure! What if they don't have amnesia, just like *I* didn't have amnesia? Torture is NEVER OK in civilized society, and has no place in our medical treatment centers. CRNA's need to know this. It should be part of their continuing education, in my opinion.

I am also asking for some continuing education on how to treat patients. (bedside manner) It's not enough to simply wake up from surgery although that should be the primary goal, we need to wake up with our mental processes and emotional health intact. That means getting CRNAs to let go of Versed. IF they are going to use this kind of drug there needs to be a request from the patient. There needs to be true "informed consent" about the amnesia and obedience issues with the drug. POCD and anxiety disorders should be mentioned as well. They mention things like this with g/a, why not with their chemical Alzheimer's drug Versed? I also want to stress that Versed amnesia is not always the case. Nobody should have to listen, helpless, to the conversation that I did. Never. This type of behavior is unprofessional and harmful to patients.

CRNA's need classes on how to deal with "difficult patients." I.E. those of us who have our own opinions about what is acceptable to us. We have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. Our wishes should not and cannot be secondary to the whims and desires of the CRNA. Somewhere along the line CRNAs have lost sight of just exactly who they work for. Versed has caused these people to see us as brainless living cadavers instead of real people. We pay their inflated salaries, and we are in charge. It's the law.

I am asking that the AANA, as the premier CRNA organization, pay attention to their stated goal which is "Advancing patient safety and excellence in anesthesia." That is a lofty mission and I approve of it. I am asking that they pursue this mission with a little more zeal. We are NOT safe right now, and our anesthetists are far from advancing excellence in anesthesia. If they were, they would not be degrading and besmirching those of us who have had severe and long lasting problems because of Versed. They would not be using this drug "millions" of times. They would be saving it for extreme patients who need this kind of intervention, not subjecting all of us to unecessary RISKS with this drug.

If Versed wasn't being given to nearly every single person who presents themselves for treatment, it would be different. But this widely used drug is causing emotional harm, POCD, PTSD and other anxiety disorders. Not exactly safe is it? (Don't tell me that it's only N=1! From my viewpoint Versed is a 100% bad drug, but I'm not claiming that am I? So spare me.) As an additional problem it seems to have interfered in patient rights law. By injecting Versed and gaining compliance these people can claim that you actually wanted this treatment. You went along with it didn't you? Can't remember giving permission? Oh well, you did. YOU COOPERATED! We can't help it that you had amnesia and were totally obedient because of Versed... It seems to have bred a singular lack of compassion in our anesthesia providers as well. This is NOT "excellence in anesthesia" by any stretch of the imagination.

As always this blog is for my opinions. You are welcome to disagree. I welcome opposing opinions and as you can see, I even post the very nastiest and most profane ones. I post the ones which threaten me with physical and financial harm. You may e-mail me at if you don't want to register to post. I will keep your identity secret. I won't even post your response if you ask me not to.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hope and Change? Maybe not!

Just after I posted the "Hope and Change" article, I went back and sure enough, the anesthesia providers are in attack mode. They are trying to ridicule me for agreeing with the thread. I say something nice and I get verbally assaulted by them. So anyway, please disregard my post on "Hope and Change" We have a very looooong way to go.

Here's one of the posts, isn't it nasty? Don't you want somebody like this doing your anesthesia? (the things in parenthesis are mine)

Quote from JWK; "Anecdotal evidence just won't get you very far - you say anecdotal evidence is still evidence. My translation of that is "I don't have anything else I can blame my problems on so I'll blame Versed". ( Yeah right! You a board certified shrink too? IT-WAS-THE-VERSED)

A few people get together on Facebook (nasty, nasty) or something similar and discover that they all got Versed somewhere in their lives and EUREKA - that's the source of ALL their problems. How many have had real issues with Versed? A few dozen? A hundred? Any idea? (do YOU have any idea? How many does it have to be before you ADMIT that the Versed caused it?) Compared to the many millions of patients (overuse and misuse of Versed) that have received Versed over the years, it's just not much to hang your hat on. (10% is the number I hear bandied about. I think that's low as we have people like JWK here denying that there are any problems) As noted - the animal studies are INCONCLUSIVE. You want to blow off the animal studies and say they're unnecessary from your N=1. ( Do you really think I am stupid enough to allow Versed again to see if that's what caused the problem? The problem is Versed) That just doesn't cut it. (How do you measure POCD in a rat? Are their brains just as good and as delicate as the human brain? How could animal studies be anything BUT inconclusive?)

BTW - what is "copious Versed administration" ? (7 mils inside 70 minutes, where 1 was too much) And how do you know Versed was the cause? (Because *I* was there. You weren't) What other drugs were given? (not one before they slammed me with this poison and caused PTSD PRIOR to surgery) Versed is usually not the sole drug given for colonoscopy sedation. (Here's where JWK goes completely off the rails. I did NOT have a colonoscopy. I clearly stated that I had minor surgery...) What other drugs do you take? (NONE) Did you have any of these anxiety disorders prior to getting Versed? (NO)

I can at least get my hands around the concept of POCD, although most of the recent studies I've seen are involving inhalation agents. But Versed-induced PTSD? Seriously? "Other anxiety disorders" Really? All from a single dose of Versed? (YES, if the experience was as bad as mine was, ABSOLUTELY! All it takes is a ONE TIME event to cause PTSD)

This is similar to the Carol Wiehrer-induced anesthesia awareness stuff from several years back. The difference is she actually had a problem, although the anesthesia awareness hysteria she has tried to generate is so over-the-top it's absurd. (WHATEVER) From her N=1, she thinks all patients receiving a general anesthetic MUST have and demand that a BIS monitor be used. (AGAIN, WHATEVER)

Fortunately you have an easy solution. Nobody has to have Versed. (this is NOT true) You can simply let your caregivers know not to give you the drug. (I don't think so...) Problem solved. (DON'T I WISH!) You can even have your next colonoscopy with no sedation at all. (I didn't have the first one, so what the Hell is JWK talking about?) Enjoy." (snide comment intended to be facitious I'm sure, aren't they sweet! Our choice is agree to Versed or get Versed anyway. No pain meds, get Versed and deal with your POCD and your PTSD, because we don't believe you.)


A fellow Versed sufferer found this article for me. Anesthesia Could Accelerate Alzheimer's, Expert Suggests [Archive] - WWW.NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG I haven't gone to this site for a while because Tim and I were verbally attacked, rat packed by a bunch of CRNA's who felt that Versed is a wonder drug with zero side effects and that if we took exception to Versed and the sneaky way it was administered, that WE were at fault, not the drug. I'm pretty sure I put that thread up on my blog somewhere way back there. It was illustrative of the thinking at that time.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the recent thread on is talking about Versed in a negative way. Several anesthetists have indicated that they don't use Versed much any more. They have noticed that their patients exibit POCD (post operative cognative disfunction) after Versed! I'm not even going to verbally batter them about this being "anecdotal evidence," the way some CRNA's attacked me! Anecdotal evidence is useful and good, especially if it causes anesthesia providers to omit Versed in their arsenal.

Special thanks go out to AnesRes2014, Dr. Echenhoff, Forane, iceemike1, and the administration at www. NURSE-ANESTHESIA.ORG for this thread.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Duran Duran and Medazzaland

Allegedly one of the group Duran Duran had a very bad experience with Versed which inspired him to write this song! What? Somebody had a bad experience with Versed? The Hell you say! (sarcasm) Here are the lyrics to the song:
Duran Duran Meddazzaland: Lyrics

Oh Medazzaland

I had a problem
They say they can solve
Soon I won't speak
I have no words left in me...

I dream in pictures
But the sound is muted
I have no way to understand
What they say

Into Medazzaland

People are starting to talk
But I don't hear them anymore
Now I can't see
But I am still able to think

Do I have any feeling left?
What are they saying about me?
Do they really understand what's wrong?

I feel their hands on my skin
The time has come for them to begin
I'm sinking deeper and deeper

I can feel the scalpel on my skin
It's cutting deeper and deeper
I'm in Medazzaland
Oh, Meddazaland

Into Medazzaland
Into Medazzaland

Doesn't this sound like fun? Wanna go there? Here's a link to a video of this song.

YouTube - Duran Duran - Medazzaland

Health Care Worker On-Line Reviews

Most people who read this blog are unhappy with their medical providers. Or they are medical providers themselves who are unhappy with patients like me. So, statistically most people who read this blog are unhappy! BUT, since medical providers have the money, time and the belief in themselves as supreme beings, they are the ones most unhappy with any kind of medical revelation. They wish to work in absolute secrecy, hence drugs like Versed which act to conceal every single thing that happens in a medical setting from the patients.

Now medical people are going one step further and agitating for a "non disclosure" form that patients must sign in order to obtain medical treatment. Let's see, no "informed consent," no transparency in cost analysis, no way of suing for malpractice unless you are rich, the use of BAD drugs such as Ketamine and Versed for patient control and amnesia, the list goes on of the things we patients are subjected to on the whims of medical workers and treatment centers. Top it off with sloppily performed surgeries and all the rest, simply because patients have no recourse at all. We are helpless pawns in the machinery of health care. We are cash cows to have every last penny wrung out of us. That's how I see it! (called an opinion) What makes it really BAD is that we all need to see a doctor on occasion! It's not like we can just buy a Chilton's manual (obscure reference to popular books about the mechanical workings of personal conveyances) and do it ourselves. We are at the mercy of our own health care!

What is the only thing left to us patients who have been deliberately harmed by all of the above? Writing an on-line review or starting a blog! (Medical workers, you CHOSE not to follow the law as it pertains to "informed consent." Starting right out with your amnesia and patient control drug Versed which harms us!) If that is followed by shoddy workmanship, whether its an ORIF like mine, or a colonoscopy which perforates or causes infection, then it makes us even madder! Just because (occasionally) there is a hold harmless agreement which reveals SOME of the risks of a certain procedure, does that make it OK to go ahead and CAUSE those risks to be realized?

Just because my Dr. mentioned in passing that there MIGHT be nerve damage, is it OK to go ahead and cause nerve damage? In my case, I have had to do extensive research AND reevaluate what my surgeon was saying when he mentioned the "no big deal" stuff. "Possible nerve damage" is actually "I am going to tug on your nerves and cause nerve damage. Your hand will be completely numb as a result. This is very common in my patients. I HOPE that it will resolve." Is this OK? Compare the true statement to the innocuous "possible nerve damage" given prior to treatment. Can I sue? NO! So what can I do?

Enter the on-line rating services. I post on one. Somebody else posts, apparently using mine as a template, and says the exact opposite. The service swears that they know who posts and that it isn't the Dr. himself posting glowing reviews, precisely rebutting what *I* say. I have found this one to use as an example. This is not my post, nor is it my doctor. This is just illustrating my point...

The rating for this post are 3 stars out of 5 for the office staff and ones for the rest. Not sure how this works as who ever sees or interacts with the office staff of an anesthesiologist? (Subject of this review.) I am going to assume that this disgruntled patient contacted the office staff and outlined his displeasure with this particular anesthesiologist. Here's the body of one of the scathing reviews.

"First of all the entire sugical team showed up an hour late. I was supposed to have MAC instead of general anesthesia. I was given Versed (Midazolam) before being taken to the OR with no description or explanation of the drug whatsoever. I asked her what it was she was putting in my IV and she responded with "benzodiazepines". My spouse was with me and agrees that this person was very vague and misleading about what was going to happen. Versed causes amnesia and takes effect in 2-3 minutes. I woke up in recovery very surprised and disturbed that I could recall nothing after the first few minutes after the Versed was put in my IV. If she had been forthcoming I would have refused this drug under any circumstances. I am convinced she was determined to use Versed and was going to BS me any way she had to in order to get this drug past me. I found out after surgery that I had a bad reaction to the Versed and was put under after all. Read the negative reviews of Versed on Insurance: Anthem"

The next post, which obviously was only to refute the previous post above, reads as follows;

"Dr. ________ is a wonderful caring and knowledgable anesthesiologist. She explained everything she was going to give me before she gave me medications. It was a perfect anesthetic. Insurance: Blue Cross/Blue Shield"

Note the "explained everything" as opposed to being "vague and misleading!" "IT" was a perfect anesthetic? What is "it?" I figure that "it" is Versed. So this last post also states that "it" the Versed is a perfect anesthetic, in direct opposition of the previous post. The glowing review also has 5 stars across the board including the anesthesiologists staff!!!???

Anyway, I am finding this time and time again in the Dr. reviews. Who is writing these rebuttals? My hope is that the doctors, upon reading the on-line reviews, are altering their treatment of patients in a good way. Learning from their mistakes is a good thing. As poor as my perception of medical workers is right now, I suspect that these same workers who are so upset about us talking about our miserable treatment and want a gag order placed on patients, are the same people who are posting the good reviews. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Here's a link on how to protect yourself when writing on-line reviews.
Protect Yourself When Posting Online Reviews! Top 100 Writers

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Isn't This Special? (K)

I found a study from April 2011. It makes me wonder what the Hell goes on in the minds of the medical community. They seem so absolutely DETERMINED to use bad drugs! The study (link at bottom) is another example of this intent. The drug is Ketamine. Special K. Known to cause extreme distress in patients due to the bizarre hallucinations that it causes. Here's a site with the side effects of having Ketamine; Ketamine Effects - Long Term Effects of Ketamine - Side Effect This isn't just in the OR, these problems are long term. The medical community KNOWS THIS! Why in the world would doctors etc. keep trying to figure out a way to use a drug like this? What are the effects that the medical community DOES like, to the degree that they just keep on trying to figure out how they can keep using it?

After all that, guess which other nasty drug they want to use to immobilize the patient and cause amnesia of what they forced the patient to endure with Ketamine? That's right; the OTHER bad drug which causes long term problems in people's brains, Versed. Why are doctors and researchers so determined to destroy the brains of human beings? Why would they do this to an already injured or ill patient? In order to assault the body, they also want to totally disrupt the delicate processes of the mind PERMANENTLY! This behavior is pure evil in my opinion. Somebody needs to stop this human experimentation with known problem drugs immediately if not sooner. There is absolutely NOTHING to be gained from this. Maybe the researchers and doctors can experiment with their own brains by poisoning themselves with not one, but two brain damage drugs. Then they can turn in their license to practice and/or do any further research because of the damage done inside their OWN heads.

Here's the link; MedWire News - Anesthesiology - Prophylactic midazolam quells ketamine reaction in adults UNBELIEVABLE!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Proper Screw Placement (again) ORIF Distal Radius

Here's an article in pdf which has x rays of a properly done ORIF Distal Radius. They also have photos of the same device which *I* had implanted. Back in my 2009 posts I have my own x rays reproduced which show the WRONG way to put the device in. Since I can't reproduce the article I found without their permission, I am putting the link up so that you can read it in situ and compare the xrays with what *I* had in my arm.

Oh yeah, look at the stated complication rate in this particular article... 15-35% Shouldn't this be something that is revealed to patients PRIOR to insertion of the device? I have another article elsewhere on this blog which claims a 50% complication rate, necessitating additional surgery. My thinking is that risking Versed, g/a, and medical bankruptcy, not to mention nerve and soft tissue damage, sacrificing the use of the hand etc. over a broken arm is ridiculous. Even though there are scientific studies which show better outcomes with regional anesthesia for this particular surgery, good luck getting the medical people to go along with it. It's not about what's best for the patient, its about getting to do expensive stuff to the patient regardless of OUTCOME!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rusty Jane

This is a followup on my previous post "Is This Lady Lying?" She said that her eyesight was affected by her Versed injection, so I checked around and came up with this Rusty Jane thing in regard to Versed/Midazolam. Link; Urban Dictionary: midazolam (see #3.) I hadn't heard of this particular side effect of Versed/Midazolam. Yet another problem with the drug that the medical community has swept under the rug.

Here's #3. for those who don't want to click the link.

"Slang term for the drug Midazolam, a potent, fast acting benzodiazepine used for acute pain relief, before medical procedures, and in some cases terminal sedation in cancer patients. The term Rusty Jane comes from the drug's ability to sometimes cause mild inter-ocular bleeding, causing the patient to see everything in a pink or red hue."

You can even buy Rusty Jane coffee mugs and other gift items. Most peculiar indeed!

As for the above quote, look at the other claims! "...acute pain relief,..." Really? Versed/Midazolam is NOT a pain med, regardless of what medical people say. This person also claims that Versed is used for killing patients as in "terminal sedation in cancer patients." Yet another off label use for this horrid drug! We saw this in the Katrina fiasco and in Michael Jackson's death didn't we?

I am leaping to conclusions here and saying that this post is probably a medical person who joyously uses Versed to render his/her patients helpless. The remarks about Versed being a "pain medication" as put forth by medical workers, and the use of Versed in "terminal" patients is provable. Now to find empirical evidence that Versed causes "mild" bleeding into the eye. I'm thinking that this will be a well kept secret, and/or medical workers who see this will attribute it to something other than Versed.

So the lady in my previous post wasn't kidding when she said that Versed messed with her eyesight.

Is This Lady Lying?

All over the internet I see medical people and others disparaging those of us who have had a severe reaction to their wonder drug Versed/Midazolam. Here is yet another post from on 06/07/2011 correctly identifying several of the problems we are having with Versed! Is she a liar? What would be her purpose in blaming Versed for her anguish? Why? What would make people arbitrarily decide that a particular drug caused them harm? Does it make sense to have people do this? I ask these rhetorical questions as a way to show medical people and others how ridiculous their assumptions are. It was the Versed stupid!

Here's the symptoms quote; "anxiety, disorientation, vision and coordination problems, anger, flashbacks and nightmares"

This is what the lady says she experienced after her Versed injection. What makes medical people think that these symptoms are not from Versed? It's because medical people like the effects of Versed, and do NOT CARE if we suffer as long as they can make their job easier!

Here's the body of the post which describes the OTHER reasons why she dislikes Versed and anybody who is involved in using Versed. This lady exhibits an absolutely normal response to the situation.

"I honestly do not know why this drug was used. I was told it would "relax" me and within minutes I was incapiciated in the "holding area" before surgery. When I finally came to, I was scared and disoriented about where I was. I couldn't remember what happened in recovery or being moved and had lost hours of time after I was supposedly brought out of general anesthesia. My already poor eye sight was worse for days, and I couldn't get my balance. I was disrespected by the crna that gave me this drug, which I do remember. (thanks for making fun of my inability to talk after you "medicated" me and laughing behind my husband's back at his concern) Frankly, I suspect this drug and the bad behavior of the people that inject it are among the reasons people avoid doctors, hospitals, and health care workers in general. I have become one of them."

The lady is correct in her assessment. Many, many people are saying the exact same thing. For medical people to argue with us over the problems with Versed is lunacy. It makes us patients think you are all conceited morons. Sorry if that upsets those medical people who think that Versed is the best thing since sliced bread, but it's true. When you people state categorically that we are all lying about Versed, for no reason, and that we are all crazy people, it makes YOU look like a crazy person. The truth about Versed is slapping you in the face and yet, you lie about this drug! BTW what color is the sky on the medical workers' planet?

"Frankly, I suspect this drug and the bad behavior of the people that inject it are among the reasons people avoid doctors, hospitals, and health care workers in general."

Absolutely, categorically, indubitably, indisputably correct. No question about it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Whim" of the anesthesia provider!

I have opined previously that anesthesia is NOT individualized at all. There is a little drill that these providers use, and it's just too damn bad if the patient says NO, they don't want it or not. Versed is enough to turn the most adamant patient into a little obedient zombie, who will accept all those things they previously refused. Here is a quote FROM AN ANESTHESIOLOGIST, THAT'S RIGHT AN MD that states that anesthesia is performed on the "whim" of the anesthetist. At least she admits this. Everybody else babbles on about how they cater to the patients needs blah blah blah ad nauseum...

Here's the link; What drug is usually given first in the pre-op area to start the anesthesia induction, Midazolam or fentanyl? - Yahoo! Answers

Here's the quote; "Sometimes we give sedatives in the pre-op area, and it could be either of those drugs, (Fentanyl) depending on the patient, the case and the whim of the anesthesiologist. (emphasis mine) Midazolam is more common."

Source(s): I'm an anesthesiologist.

Doesn't it make you happy that your life has been shattered, you suffer from Versed induced mental disorders and panic attacks to fulfill the WHIM of a drug pusher in a medical treatment center? I know I am just feeling all warm and fuzzy thinking of it... (sarcasm)

Here is the definition of "whim" from whim - definition of whim by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. just so you are very clear on what this anesthesiologist is saying!

1) a sudden, passing, and often fanciful idea; IMPULSIVE OR IRRATIONAL THOUGHT (emphasis mine)
2) arbitrary thought or impulse

Here is a definition from this site; Whim - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
1: a capricious or eccentric and often sudden idea or turn of the mind : fancy
( capricious - definition of capricious by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
1)characterized by or liable to sudden unpredictable changes in attitude or behaviour; impulsive; fickle or this one; 2)Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable.

Is this how these people should be conducting themselves? Who the hell wants an anesthesia provider who is subject to "whims" and fickle, unpredictable and/or capricious behavior?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Funniest Thing

As people who have read my blog know, there are some pretty nasty customers out there masquerading as healers. I have some posts on here from them, threatening me with physical violence, law suits, etc. not to mention the nasty profane comments and snide posts.

Think of this... Ever since I decided to identify everybody who posts here, guess what? No more posts from alleged medical workers, CRNA's and the like. Hmmm. This seems to be a personality trait. No wonder they like using Versed so much. They like to do their dirty work under cover of darkness, and/or anonymity. They don't want to be identified here and called on the carpet for their evil ways, and they don't want to be called on the carpet in a patient treatment facility for their evil ways. They like their actions to be cloaked by amnesia in a medical setting and anonymity on blog posts. Sneaky!

It's creepy, unethical, unconscionable, underhanded, words to describe this kind of lying in wait behavior fail in comparison to the ACT! Medical people are PROUD of this kind of behavior. They think *I* am the bad guy for objecting. They are angry that I didn't know enough about HOW TO DO THEIR JOB! Why bother with them if they expect us to know just as much about the job as they do?

I don't like amnesia, the reasons are my own, good, bad or indifferent. I don't like being forced into submission with drugs or physical violence either. So even without amnesia Versed is the WORST CHOICE for me. My CRNA Aaron thought that he knew more about what's best for me (after 3 seconds with me) than I did. I SAID, in English, DO NOT GIVE ME ANY DRUGS WHICH WILL INCAPACITATE ME. I WISH TO REMAIN AWAKE AND ALERT AND WATCH THE PROCEEDINGS. I EXPLAINED MY PRIOR EXPERIENCES WITH SURGERY WHERE I WAS AWAKE AND ALERT TO WATCH 2 SEPARATE ORIF FEMUR SURGERIES. Instead of following my directions and deferring to my personal experiences with surgery and anesthesia drugs, he 'lay in wait' until I was otherwise occupied (nerve block) and then and only then had his partner in crime inject the "muscle relaxant" Vitamin V into my IV! If that isn't a dirty trick, then I don't know what is! This behavior reminds me of a blitz attack by a rapist or serial killer. Just because I survived the attack, doesn't mean it wasn't bad.

I don't want g/a unless *I* deem it necessary. (not medical people) I certainly wouldn't accept a CRNA to administer g/a to me in any circumstance. I have paradoxical reactions to it. My CRNA had to give me so many drugs to try to knock me down, that he also had to use one of those foot blood pressure machines to try to get my blood pressure back. He was incompetent to administer anesthesia to me. He failed to identify his lowly nurse status, so I could fire him. Who wants a nurse to do a dangerous nerve block either? Not me!

As for the g/a I wasn't going to have... I said so in plain English, many times, over and over, in the face of their attempts to coerce me into it. My CRNA and the nursing staff I met spoke English as their first language, just like me. There was no need to interpret or "decode" what I said to them. I made it very plain. Then to find out that not only was I to get the g/a I had SPECIFICALLY FORBIDDEN, but that a DAMN NURSE was going to do it, well, it was unbelievable. See my anesthesia chart for the proof that this man was totally out of his depth with me. No wonder my surgery turned out badly. No wonder I have PTSD now! They gave me Versed so that they could go ahead with g/a over my objections. Once I was doped with Versed, they deliberately misconstrued my lack of objection as their PERMISSION to do g/a! That is just so sneaky, so unbelievable disrespectful! It's so PATHOLOGICAL for somebody to do this to me.

What they wouldn't do to my face, they did behind my back. They did the same thing here as far as their poison posts. Oh they all talked the big talk while they were anonymous didn't they? But when I wanted to shine a little light onto these people and figure out who they were, they ran. Cowards! Here's the thing... If you as a health care worker, are going to do things to your patients which normal people would find despicable, stop doing it. Don't just wreck people's brains so you can get away with antisocial behavior. Ditto on the internet. If what you want to say is reprehensible to us patients, then don't say it. Don't just sneak around hiding behind anonymity. Be proud of your hatefulness. Anyway, it's remarkable that since I quit allowing anonymous posts the MEDICAL PEOPLE quit posting! LOL

Making Inroads;

Here is a pdf file that I just found on the internet!

The medical community in the United States is finally starting to get the message that Versed/Midazolam is not only not beneficial for a large majority of patients, but it's actually harmful and increases the risk to the patient.

At Last! A Person Who Likes Versed

I am injecting some humor into my discussions on Versed! (Or RANTS, if you will...) I found this one today and I had to laugh! Watch the video on this site for a glimpse at somebody who likes Versed. LMAO

Colonoscopy Versed - Colonoscopy

Friday, June 3, 2011

Next I Hope For A Line Item Veto

Here in my neck of the woods some legislation is afloat for pricing transparency in hospitals. It's called The Idaho Health Care Transparency Act of 2011. I hope this gets passed! I have several posts on this subject up on this blog. Next is a patient rights bill to ensure that patients can look at the pricing and decline any parts of it that the patient wishes to forego. In my case VERSED and everything that happened after I was poisoned with this drug!

Here's the link; Posting the cost of health care - Coeur d'Alene Press: Political#user-comment-area#user-comment-area#user-comment-area#user-comment-area I put the link up to include the comments. One person had the same pricing experience as *I* had in re Kootenai vs St. Maries! Another poster says that they get better care for less money in Spokane than at Kootenai!

My experience was that I asked and asked how much my ORIF Distal Radius would cost at the place I went and they just didn't know, despite the fact that this is a very common surgery. The medical center gave me a figure, $3000, which was less than 1/3 the true cost. Some of it was the fact that Doug, my surgeon, was an hour and half late, which added to the cost. This wasn't hospital's fault, BUT, there were all kinds of charges which nobody mentioned. #1 on that list was sedation and g/a costs. Both of which I had declined. I told them BEFORE I asked the cost to omit those charges as I would not be having these "therapies." I had no idea that they would do these things to me anyway, no matter what I said and without a proper "informed consent." They should have told me that it was NOT POSSIBLE to decline sedation and g/a. Yet another chance to decline the whole surgery missed because there was no transparency in pricing.

#2 was what they called "levels of care" wherein the same damn nurse(s) costs more once you are sedated and have g/a. Of course that wasn't factored in because I HAD DECLINED SEDATION AND G/A!

Then there was an absolute IDIOT of a CRNA (a freakin nurse) who gave me the sedation and g/a against my will. He added another 800 bucks or so and was totally UNNECESSARY! Aaron the CRNA did such a poor job that they had to use a blood pressure machine which cost hundreds of dollars more. This after I had informed him that he was NOT to use any incapacitating drugs and NOT to give me g/a as I have paradoxical reactions to it. I guess he didn't believe me and tried his little experiment to see if I was lying. This is totally against the law, but what does he care?

Radiologist was extra because my surgeon was apparently incapable of reading an x ray. The radiologist was a joke because he OK'd a surgical outcome which involved misplaced screws sticking out all over the place necessitating yet another surgery to correct!

They charged me over a hundred dollars for a plaster half cast! Of course this too was sloppily done. I had a perfectly good wrist splint with me, so this charge was also just a padding for the final bill.

7 HOURS (!!!!!!!!!!!) in the hospital for a 70 minute outpatient surgery cost almost 15,000 dollars at where I went. I would NEVER EVER have agreed to have the surgery if the true cost had been revealed to me! Believe me I tried to extract this information from them. Unfortunately, once you are in there they feel that "we can do whatever we want to you!" Quote from Dorothy the "patient relations" nurse. "Patient Relations" is a euphemism for "risk management." Just so you know. Then if you don't, won't, can't pay, they will lien your house. How's that for the perfect scam?

I had my second surgery for the same ORIF problem at the St. Maries Hospital. It was around $5,000 bucks. That's because they followed my instructions about drugging me. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to St. Maries for any reason! This is not to say you don't have to watch the charges! I had a couple of charges on my St. Maries bill which I questioned. One was hundreds of dollars for an "electronic transfer of data" for the CRNA to e-mail or fax his anesthesia documents back to his office... Like he couldn't take them back with him? There was also a charge for a flouroscope that was never used. I guess if they have the machine in the same room as you, they can charge you for its mere presence. In St. Maries favor, they took those charges off my bill.

With medical care costing as much as it does, it's about time we got some protections from predatory practices by points of treatment. Knowing the cost is a good start. Mechanics have to give you a good faith estimate to repair your car. Roofers, gardners, plumbers etc. all have to reveal the cost of repairs and so should hospitals.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Tool For Versed Sufferers!

I couldn't wait to put this up! One of my good friends sent this jewel to me. I want all my readers who have been harmed by this drug Versed/Midazolam along with anybody who has had an extreme reaction to any other poison that the FDA has approved and big pharma has made gobs of money on, to put your complaints up on FACEBOOK! Here's the link that was sent to me. Thanks girlfriend, this is indeed good news.

Facebook Tells Drug Companies: No More Ignoring User Comments BNET

The countdown begins! Mark August 15th 2011 on your calender. Lets flood them with complaints about their precious money maker Versed. Irritate your CRNA and/or your anesthesiologist by using the premier social network to voice your displeasure with their patient control drug! (smiling widely and rubbing hands together in glee!)

More On Sedation For Vent Patients

Yesterday I put up a link and some comments about this subject from I was very alarmed! I have read countless studies (I put up another one yesterday) that state that SEDATION is a huge problem for patients in the ICU. In this country with our lazy, control freak type medical workers, excuses are MANUFACTURED in order to use sedation, especially Versed/Midazolam. Versed is NOT safe. Versed causes delirium. Versed causes death. Versed causes PTSD. Versed is unnecessary under any circumstances.

I found this PDF file on-line. The title is; "Analgesia and Sedation for the Ventilated Patient" Here we have a DR. who says basically the same thing *I* have been saying FOR YEARS! Versed isn't good for patients. The amazing thing to me is that this Dr. is from Africa. When I think of African doctors I immediately think of witch doctors and voodoo. What a total shock to find that medicine is much more progressive over there. The very first thing that this doctor addresses is what the primary purpose of medical care is... What do you think it is? Here's what the good doctor says it is.

Aim of Medicine; Save Life? NO! It's to relieve suffering. (paraphrased) Sedation causes suffering in way too many people. The article shows how sedation creates more problems then it alleviates. I hope you can download it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Does Your Blood Run Cold?

There's a new thread on allnurses that makes MY blood run cold! Here's the link; Intubation and Sedation (547425) - Page 4- Nursing for Nurses They are talking about using Versed/Midazolam to intubate ER patients. They might as well let me die as shoot me up with mega doses of Midazolam!!!!! My mental processes are disrupted so hideously by Midazolam that I seriously would rather they just gave me some Fentanyl and let nature take its course.

Here's a quote; "Are you saying it doesn't matter if a patient only gets Versed during their intubation and their BP goes sky high and ICP dramatically increases? There are literally thousands of patients that have had MIs during intubation. Patients have MIs everyday during intubations, so I am missing what your point is."

MI= Myocardial Infarction=heart attack. These people are giving their patients heart attacks by using Versed. The nurse says "their blood pressure goes sky high." That happened to me as well. The minute they shot me up with their little control drug, my blood pressure shot up! And yet, these same people will say that Versed "relaxes" you! How the Hell does that work? How can health care workers sanctimoniously claim that Versed is oh so very relaxing when people's blood pressure and ICP "dramatically" increases upon injection? This makes no sense at all! The patients blood pressure increases enough to cause a heart attack? (or maybe stroke out) How relaxing is that? What would cause an increase so dramatic? It's because these patients are stressed out to start with and Versed finishes them off. Versed isn't a pain killer, it's an amnesia drug.

Just because the patient usually can't remember what happened later doesn't mean that they aren't living through Hell every single second during the whole thing! They aren't UNCONSCIOUS! Medical people even describe Versed use as "conscious sedation" emphasis on CONSCIOUS! The assault on the patients brain on top of everything else is causing them to check out. You medical workers should ask yourselves; "Would I be doing this if I knew the patient was NOT under the influence of Versed?" If the answer is "NO" then...

Pain is stressful, so why not give pain killers instead of Versed? Don't bother to tell me that Fentanyl can cause hypotension... That's still better than dying in mortal agony of a heart attack because the caregivers would rather torture the patient with Versed then give adequate pain relief. You people should rethink what you are doing to your helpless patients.

Elizabeth L Bewley's blog

Here's the link; Hospital Delirium « Killer Cure Ms. Bewley is the author of Killer Cure, truly a must read for all of us who struggle with the aftermath of medical "care."

I grabbed this one single sentence from the whole blog because nearly every sentence is pertinant and this one epitomized what I have said about the severe and long lasting side effects of Midazolam! Here it is.

"Midazolam use is “the strongest modificable predictor” that delirium will develop in a patient..."

Let this little quote from a Dr. as seen on Ms. Bewley's blog sink in... You really need to read the whole page. Midazolam is CAUSING DELIRIUM! This is brain damage, a mental disorder! Caused by VERSED/MIDAZOLAM! The very thing that medical people for the most part will deny to their dying breath. What happens to people who develop delirium during their hospital stay where they were treated worse than slaughter animals? They are sent to nursing homes where they die much faster than normal. So if you tie this together, the alarming truth is that the wonder drug Versed is killing people. It may not kill them in the OR or ICU, but the brain damage it does will kill them sooner rather than later. They will die as a direct result of having this poison injected into their veins.

Versed and Torture

A guy named Brad started a blog years ago about using Versed for information extraction as an adjunct to torture. Well, I found another place where the poster opines the same thing. Here's the link; Is Torture Ever Justified? - Science Forums

I took the liberty of "extracting" the part that was personally interesting to me.. Here is the quote. I have italicized and made bold the most germane part of what "Marat" has to say on this subject.

"There has recently been renewed talk of torture being justified because it may have produced information which led to the killing of bin Laden. But is it technically necessary to extract information from resistant subject by such methods?

Some have said that since people being tortured simply tell their tormentors anything they think the torturers want to hear, the information produced is always suspect. Also, the drug Scopolamine was used by the Germans during World War II as a preferred method of extracting information from those they were interrogating, since they found it easier to use and less unreliable in the results it yielded than torture. Another drug, Midazolam or Versed, which is today often used to calm patients
(Yeah right, Versed is used to enable medical people to torture patients without patient recourse, to FORCE "cooperation" (yes I am aware that using the phrase "force cooperation" is an oxymoron, but medical people aren't smart enough to figure that out.) and otherwise violate the patient.) during minor surgical procedures, causes people to babble freely about anything and everything, and under the influence of this drug they are quite suggestible and respond readily to questions posed."

Do you just love the description of people under the influence of this horrible drug? it "...causes people to babble freely about anything and everything..." Doesn't this make you feel safe? I am absolutely positive that health care workers encourage this. I have seen the revealing posts from them all over the web. You won't even know what all you told them! (usually) How about this quote? "...and under the influence of this drug they are quite suggestible and respond readily to questions posed." Are you liking Versed better yet? The "quite suggestible" part is also known as "patient cooperation.' You are cooperating with your torturer and doing everything they tell you to do, whether you want to or not. It's an uncanny feeling if you are cognizant as I was.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to know that people other than me are thinking along the same lines as I am about Versed being the PERFECT choice for sadists, torturers and medical people without scruples and/or a moral compass.

After I posted this I decided to add a couple of quotes along the same lines as above from this place; Midazolam Sedation Is Not ALWAYS Safe - Opinions Forum Page 2

Toward the bottom of the second page you will find the following 2 posts from 2 unique posters;

This one is from "PYOTR" "I've heard of Versed being used as a truth drug before; I believe that the physician who administered the drug was depending on Versed's reputed neurolept (amnestic) effect to cause me to forget a rather inappropriate question asked during induction of anesthesia. I wonder what else this creep asked his patients during induction with Versed, or what they may have divulged while under its influence.
As a medical writer and statistician, I've also had occasion to witness several conscious sedation procedures using Versed. Patients are generally quite talkative and often wind up sharing information that they may not intend to (why, apparently, Versed gained its reputation as a "truth drug"). "

This One is from "Grumpy" "In my job, I have access to highly private and sensitive information. Some of it is about people working in the very hospital where I was. I almost hope I got "chatty" in the eight hours of chemically suppressed memory. This is mean and very unlike me, but I am so angry I don't much care. Gosh: I wonder if I could have divulged ugly details of one of their chief surgeon's very messy divorce." Grumpy I sure hope you did!