Monday, December 17, 2012

Ketamine And Versed Along With Propofol

Over at nurse-anesthesia I'm seeing more and more about adding yet one more freakout drug into the anesthesia mix called Ketamine.  This is called 'Special K' on the street.  Its claim to fame is lifelike hallucinations and disassociation.  Disassociation is also a very bad mental disorder (depersonalization disorder) that these medical people want to chemically induce, just like the chemical Alzheimer's that they induce with Versed.  (also can be described by another dissociative disorder called dissociative amnesia)

Propofol isn't good enough for our medical workers.  They must "butter us up" with Versed and then add Ketamine to the mix.  FOR WHAT?  This makes their job easier, that's what.  They don't want to deal with us or manage our pain.  They want to screw up our brain for a while (or maybe forever) just so they can brag to one another how wonderful they are.  Brag about how easy it is for them to work with a brain dead patient.  What do they care what we want?  I have not seen one single thing about whether their 'cocktail' is good for the PATIENT.  THESE PEOPLE DO NOT REFER TO PATIENT SATISFACTION!

Isn't it bad enough that we need our physical body cut open etc. without having to have our brain destroyed as well?  Think of how terrible it is to have our anesthetists create havoc within our brains that we need to heal as an adjunct to having to heal our body!  Has anybody explained to them how hard it is to heal physically if our brains have been tampered with?  I know *I* didn't heal well after general anesthetic, but healed up fast after a nerve block only in my numerous surgeries.

Most people would be shocked at the cavalier disregard for our brain function by our so-called caregivers.  I don't think most people would be sanguine about having medical professionals 'experimenting' with dangerous street drugs, just so we can have a simple (or not so simple) medical procedure. 

Legal Drugs and Lethal Violence

Some people just don't need drugs.  It is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE how much our medical workers want to drug us.  This blog is about just one of them, Versed, a benzo, but there are a lot of other drugs which cause problems for people.  Here's a video about some others...

Drugs The Link Between Psychiatric Drugs and Nearly All Recent Mass-Shootings

Isn't it amazing that nearly every single one of the school shooters was on some kind of LEGAL drug.  You know, the ones that medical folks think are good for us.  I myself tried Chantix for my nicotine addiction and almost immediately grew depressed and suicidal.  I guess killing yourself pretty much cures smoking!  Ya think?  But is this the 'cure' that I had in mind?  Not quite.

When I was assaulted with Versed, I grew murderously angry.  Ask any of my nurses if they want me to be given Versed again.  The whole time that my crna Aaron was claiming I was oh so very relaxed, I was absolutely furious.  I remain angry to this day.  His administration of Versed to make his job easier and to bypass my rights was the culprit.  How many times do I have to repeat that I WILL attack anybody who gives me this drug again.  I know how I felt while under the influence of Versed, and I remember what I wanted to do.  (no amnesia)  I won't even TRY to control the drug induced rage next time!  It's too hard.  I used up all my self control the first time Versed happened to me.  There is no more confusion about what is going on when I suddenly can't speak and want to obey.  The minute either of those two things happens to me next time, I will react.  Remember that one of the effects of Versed is a loss of inhibition. 

Will the newspaper report that I went on an inexplicable murderous rampage, or will they tell everybody that a potent benzodiazepine called Versed caused me to go out of control?  Same with all these school shootings.  Almost every single one of these kids is on some kind of brain melting chemical.  I'm sorry but all this 'gun control' stuff won't do a damn thing unless and until we can convince the FDA and all those doctors who routinely prescribe what I call 'murder pills' to stop doing that. 

In my case, let's start with not using Versed.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Practising" On Drugged Patients

I have droned on and on about how medical people use us a a living cadaver.  I find it shocking and completely unethical, not to mention AGAINST THE LAW!  I don't know very many people who want some apprentice working on them, especially if they do it in a sneaky way.  Informed consent is supposed to be INFORMED, but it almost never is.  Here's an article that a friend sent me...

Doctors in training taught to physically violate unconscious patients Learn more: ht

Yes, once again it's from that bastion of bigotry over at nurse-anesthesia.  There are a couple of posts from nurses that are on our side, but for the most part these cretins have zero problems with using us as their lab rats.  They may have more feelings towards the rats because they are so cute...  One person goes so far as to say that we shouldn't go to a 'teaching hospital' if we don't want to be gang raped and fondled by all and sundry, in full view of anybody who wants to look.  Sorry folks but this attitude smacks of sociopathic behavior.  We patients are not there for your edification and convenience.  How the Hell would we know that the place is a teaching hospital and that they will USE US for their own selfish wishes?  Besides which aren't there trainees at ALL hospitals?  Just asking! 

Patients, especially those of us who have moral character would probably never stoop to the kind of behavior exhibited by our medical workers.  Naturally since we ourselves would never act like this, we don't suspect others of behaving in such a diabolical way!  We need fair warning of this kind of behavior from our medical workers.  Any training workshops being undertaken upon our physical and mental being needs to have the full knowledge and CONSENT of the patient. 

Is there a neon sign out front that says "Beware, Teaching Hospital'?  Is there one single sentence in our informed consent that states that "This is a teaching hospital and you will be subjected to being used as a training device for NUMEROUS student lackeys"?  (of course it won't be an exact duplicate of my sentencer here, lol)  Is there anything in the verbiage that gives SPECIFIC consent for this kind of activity?  No of course not.  NOBODY WOULD WANT THIS!  That being said, how dishonest is it to conceal the facts from the hapless patient?  An informed consent should be exactly that.  Just because we may be unaware of things going on around us, doesn't mean that you people have carte blanche to do things to us that, if aware, we would take exception to! 

In these days of total surveillance, I hope that soon we patients can request a video of our procedure.  SOMEBODY needs to yank on the reins of medical people as they are in full runaway mode. 

A Reader's Story: Disrespect and Lies

1. I asked my surgeon 3 weeks before the surgery if I could have the Foley catheter placed while I was awake- he agreed.

2. On the day of my surgery, I asked him again- he agreed.

3. I asked the OR nurses if I could have the cath placed while awake- they all agreed, and one said she'd be the one to do it- it was fine with her.

4. The anesthesiologist was very snappy with me because I asked if I could keep my tongue jewelry in. She bossed me very rudely " Take it out now!" and the nurse explained that I wanted to keep it in until the very LAST possible moment (because tongue piercings can close very quickly). She said "The tongue ring comes out NOW!"

5. When the anesthesiologist said "I'll go get the goodies" and left the OR Prep room to get medication, another nurse asked me if I understood that one of the medications they would issue would cause amnesia- I asked if they could hold off on all medications until the catheter was placed- that I wanted to remember it. Every nurse in the room agreed. However, no one explained to me AT THAT TIME, that the medication would cause RETROGRADE amnesia. I don't even know if this is true.

6. When the anesethesiologist came back, the other nurses told her that I'd like to hold off on all medication until after the catheter was in. She walked behind me and started fiddling around with "something", as she rudely agreed to wait on the meds. She said in a way that frightened me "That is very unusual". I asked her if I had upset her and she said "No! Let's go! Let's do this!" very rudely.

7. I was immediately wheeled out of the room. Very quickly I started getting drowsy. I don't remember the trip to the OR. I have short snippets of memory- the feeling of being wheeled, waking up with my gown up and my legs open, the pain of the catheter insertion. I remember talking at times throughout this duration- trying to say that I shouldn't be feeling sleepy yet, asking why I was feeling drowsy. However, I could not see straight, just bodies moving to the right of me and at my head, arms reaching toward me, people grabbing my legs etc. I kept drifting in and out of conciousness, I don't recall anyone answering my questions and my last memory is rolling my head to the right and giving up.

8. The next thing I remember is waking up (if you could call it that) in recovery, shivering, trying to sit up and talk. There were people talking around me, removing the EKG wires from my chest etc. I was trying to ask questions, and once again, I don't recall anyone responding to me.

9. They wheeled me to a regular hospital room. When I was able to see the clock, I noted the time, and asked for my husband who was in the waiting room. The nurse came back a while later and said that my husband was not in the waiting room. I began to cry for the next hour, confused and drowsy. Two more nurses who noticed said they'd try to find him. Finally he came in an hour or an hour and a half later and said he'd been in the waiting room the entire time-asking about me at the desk. It turns out that they just didn't have my paperwork there yet, so my husbands name was never on the "To Page" list.

10. My surgeon didn't see me for 2 more days. I asked him why I wasn't awake for the cath insertion and he said that I was. He said he was there, I was awake, and talking. As the days go by, I realize that I am completely disappointed in my surgeon-who I really liked. I'm now realizing that he lied to me as well. He told me that the Versed caused retrograde amnesia-implying that the drug wasn't administered until after the cath insertion, and I just didn't remember it because the amnesia was RETROGRADE. This is an obvious lie, as I REMEMBER fighting sleep, trying to talk, not being able to see straight, and waking up periodically during my move to the OR and the cath insertion. Why would I have an immediate realization that I was getting sleepy, if I wasn't even drugged yet?!

11. I requested the operative report, which stated that I was placed in a lateral decubitous with low lithotomy position. I am distressed by this as I did not know my legs would be open. I also did not know that they would "prep" my perenium before surgery.

12. My surgeon failed to tell me that he DEFINATELY WOULD be performing a cystoscopy (a camera up the urethra to view the bladder). I signed a paper that gave consent to perform one- but as I signed it, my surgeon told me that he would only do one in the event that he could not place the stent through the the incisions "sometimes it's difficult that way". According to the operative report, he WAS able to place the stent through the incisions. He performed the cystoscopy to check the position of the stent after everything else was done. Why then, did he omit the fact that he would check the stent that way? Why do doctors try to hide what they do? I signed the freakin consent...why then not inform me about things happening TO me?!
As you can tell this reader is not only unhappy with Versed, but also the same litany as I and others have expressed about the total and absolute disrespect for not only the patient but the law as well.  I wonder what it will take to get these medical people under control!  They are supposed to be trained personnel at OUR disposal!  Why are we being subjected to this type of treatment?  It puzzles me as these are NOT minimum wage workers who could understandably be resentful.  Medical minions whole job is about customer service.  IT'S A SERVICE INDUSTRY!  How did it happen that we patients are now the enemy, to be treated like dirt?  These people are bankrupting the entire country so that they can have their lavish lifestyle!  Why can't we be treated with respect, dignity and within the parameters we place on them?  Why can't we expect that medical workers will FOLLOW THE LAW?  This is a chilling story about how much disdain medical people have for the very people they are (over)paid to serve.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tammy Wynette Dead From VERSED?

I have no explanation why I haven't picked up on this tidbit in all this time...  I was watching a biography on Tammy Wynette this morning and Versed was mentioned as the probable cause of Tammy's death.  Tammy's own daughter is a nurse and believes that the Versed is the reason for Tammy's death.  She also clarifies that she is not allowed to inject Versed into any of her patients.  She also claims that Tammy's husband, George Richey, was regularly injecting Versed into the i.v. that was permanently placed into her.  Tammy's husband was not a nurse, nor was he authorized to inject this poison. 

If you google Tammy/Versed you will find hours of reading, and many denials that Versed could have been the culprit.  Because Tammy needed other painkiller drugs as well as the illegal injections of Versed, there is plausible deniability that Versed caused her death.  However, her daughter the nurse understands what Versed is...  AND she feels that Versed WAS the cause of her mother's death.

Here's a quote from here; What did tammy wynette die from  "Versed is a very dangerous drug and should only be administered in a hospital setting. George Richey denied being told that Versed was a dangerous drug."
Of course nobody said anything about Versed being a dangerous drug!  Medical people deny it to this day, even after the MJ debacle.  I wonder if Versed had anything to do with the tragedy of Anna Nicole and her son?  Anything to do with Versed seems to be hushed up.  Versed/Midazolam is a wonderful, benign, beneficial, side effect free drug, right?  Don't you dare say anything against it! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hernia Repair and Versed (again)

Oddly I have found several references to hernia repairs and Versed recently.  Tim from had his experience with Versed and created the premier site for people to vent about their Versed experiences.  In November I found (and wrote about) a man who went in for a hernia repair and was killed by his anesthesia.  You can find it here No Midazolam: Death From Anesthesia  From the sparse details, I submit that the drug used was Midazolam, but as it wasn't NAMED, I can only extrapolate from what IS there, that Versed was the culprit.  You have to draw your own conclusions on that!  Now I find this one from here; 

Midazolam Sedation Is Not ALWAYS Safe - Forum Thread Page 3  Here's a copy of the post;

Versed Sneaked Into Hernia Operation

posted by Ross on 07 Dec 2012 at 9:20 am
On November 4, 2012, I had hernia surgery at a Prince William County ambulatory center. Neither the surgeon nor the anesthesiologist mentioned beforehand their intention to use Versed, nor did I ask for or need a sedative. They told me about the Versed only after administering it, and then only because I asked persistent questions about what they had done.

Within three hours of being released by the center, I started experiencing severe nausea. This led to vomiting and heaving, which aggregated he pain. By 8 pm that evening, my girlfriend, an RN, arrived back from out of town, took one look, and hustled me to the ER. It took over five hours for them to control the nausea and pain. Even after they released me, I had significant problems into the next day.

Over the next three days, I experienced periodic nausea combined with confusion, memory loss, and irritability. I wrote a lengthy protest to the hospital over their use of Versed. They have not yet chosen to respond. In general, I do not have allergic reactions to anything. Versed appears to be the exception. Making it worse, the center's anesthesiologist has insisted that it has no side-effects, which is simply a lie. And it had no legitimate medical role in the surgery. I've had surgery before without such things and have fared far better.

The deception practiced by the Prince William doctors in this case was reprehensible. They want trust yet turn around and make moves that seem medically subversive at best.
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Here an excerpt which I particularly like....  "Over the next three days, I experienced periodic nausea combined with confusion, memory loss, and irritability. I wrote a lengthy protest to the hospital over their use of Versed. They have not yet chosen to respond. In general, I do not have allergic reactions to anything. Versed appears to be the exception. Making it worse, the center's anesthesiologist has insisted that it has no side-effects, which is simply a lie. And it had no legitimate medical role in the surgery. I've had surgery before without such things and have fared far better.

The deception practiced by the Prince William doctors in this case was reprehensible. They want trust yet turn around and make moves that seem medically subversive at best."

The above are the last two paragraphs in the piece.  "...the center's anesthesiologist has insisted that it (Versed) has no side-effects, which is simply a lie."  Of course it's a lie.  These anesthetists know perfectly well that THEIR  drug of choice (not the patients choice by any means) causes major problems for a large sub-set of patients.  These side effects are very well documented, but are deliberately minimized or denied by medical workers because it makes their job easier and/or more fun.  There is AMPLE PROOF of this.

"And it (Versed) had no legitimate medical role in the surgery."  Absolutely, categorically, indubitably true.  (The emphasis is mine.) 

The very last paragraph sums it up PERFECTLY, don't you agree?  "reprehensible" and "subversive" are words which are very descriptive of what the actions of the medical minions are.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Do You Need That Test?

From time to time I get questioned about my medical credentials.  The writers opine that *I* have no right to point out anything in regards to big medicine because I lack the training necessary to have an opinion of my own....  COMMON SENSE and the ability to extrapolate from the facts at hand do not need any specific medical training. 

I have been saying that all these colonoscopies as a routine 'preventative' screening are a waste of time and money.  Statistically you are MORE likely to be harmed by the test itself!  (Especially when performed with the chemical Alzheimer's drug, Versed.)  This test is not without risk, risk which is not necessary.  I'm talking about routine colonoscopies where there is no reason to have them, as in asymptomatic people. 

I have been saying that having a mammogram every year is, or at least could be, putting yourself at greater risk due to bathing sensitive breast tissue with radiation for no apparent reason.  Again I'm talking about asymptomatic women!  How often do the 'find' something that 'needs' surgery, biopsies and the like on healthy women? 

I believe that not only are the tests themselves bad for most of us, but that they only lead to more and more medical intervention.  Kinda like a witch hunt leads to more and more witches being uncovered.  If you let medical people poke around in your body, they will find reasons why you need more medical treatment.  You may feel perfectly well and have no problems whatsoever, but I can guarantee that medical people will find reasons to extract more money from you for 'necessary' treatments.  It's the nature of the beast.  They don't make much money from well people, and need you to be sick.  (You see it all the time with Versed/Midazolam.  They seek any behavior which they can define as 'anxious' so that they can give you an expensive and detrimental drug allegedly to 'help' you.)

Anyway, for those people who feel that an MD needs to present the theories that I profess, here you are. 

General Health Checkups and Medical Screening Tests – Do You Really Need Them? by Joseph Mercola