Sunday, February 28, 2016

Interesting Discussion

Here we have a question posed by a member of the public who takes exception to Versed's brain scrambling effects.  Two people answered.  Of note is the anesthesia person.  Look carefully at how little he/she cares about continuing cognitive dysfunction.  This should scare EVERYBODY!  Medical minions in anesthesia don't give a damn whether they turn you into a permanent vegetable.  It's not their problem, as shown.  These people are incorrigible.  Don't let these anti-social miscreants have their way with you.  The level of disdain they show for your brain function is out-of-control.  Let me ask you this: Would you rather be alive in a permanent vegetative state, with chemically induced Alzheimer's via Versed, or would you rather have a different drug which isn't KNOWN to cause brain damage?  The choice isn't live or die.  The choice is living with your brain intact or living without.

Alternatives to the drug Versed, Midazolam? | Yahoo Answers

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Man Harmed by Versed

I got the following story from my inbox.  It saddens me that with all the negativity surrounding the drug Versed/Midazolam it is still squirted into the IV without a second thought about the brain function and emotional health of patients.  This story is far too common.  Here's what "G. P." says.

"I too was brain injured by a colonoscopy via analgesia on board. The little bit of Fentanyl did nothing since they pierced my vein. I disassociated into 4 brains/people.  I screamed, cried, tried to get away.  It was terrifying.  I was in a chemical straight jacket and they just kept pushing more Versed every 2 minutes when my left brain would wake up from the pain and was trying to help me but they just rendered me more incapable. I asked for general anesthesia during the consultation and they gave me 9 mg Versed and 200 mcg (?) Fentanyl instead without telling me before hand. It did nothing.  I remembered everything.  I felt everything.  He was unskilled, rough and the n a hurry he was an hour behind and was rushing and did not stop until the ascending colon when i screamed (the right side of one of my brains screamed "Take that f*cking pole out of my ass now you bastard!" He noted in his report that I asked him to stop.  What about the 7 other times I screamed for help? Yelling, pulling away involuntarily each time.  Yet he refused to acknowledge my pain and kept on hurting me even removing a flat polyp I would not have allowed me him to do because he was so unskilled.  He refused to answer my questions that day 3 hours later when I called.  In fact I had to make an appointment and pay to complain, then he lied in his report saying I was dreaming.  I was not dreaming it was reality.  Not one staff member or the doctor would admit any thing.  I am permanently disabled now from disassociating and have severe PTSD.  Dr Brain Cleary, an Eisenhower Medical Associate in Palm Springs, California committed this brutal and cruel act on me and big famous Eisenhower Medical Center didn't even do a thing to him or offer me help.  My life for the past 1 1/2 years as been living hell and will continue to be until I die."
As you can tell, this was the colonoscopy from HELL!  Just like most of them are, except this time the guy remembered it.  This is barbaric.  If this is what you want from your medical minions, by all means allow them to abuse you like this.  Otherwise demand to know what the "sedation" is and if it's Versed, refuse it.  Do not engage in any discussion over this issue, they will argue until they are blue in the face, and, ominously, they will find something in what you said or didn't say which they can misconstrue as permission to use Versed.