Sunday, October 25, 2015

Anesthesia Worker Agrees

The post below is from  Here is a link to the post in situ: Blogger: Versed Busters - Post a Comment  I like to re-post this kind of sane thinking to balance the craziness that I deal with on this blog.  Of course I agree with this intelligent man.  As I have said before; there are some very good anesthesia nurses out there.  The problem is, you won't know whether you are getting a rational nurse or a control freak.  Since I mostly deal with the latter here, my opinion is that anesthesia nurses are dangerous if you value your cognitive function.  All anybody has to do is look through the responses nomidazolam gets from the vast majority of nurses who post here.  This gentleman is the exception.  Thanks Robert.


Blogger Robert Dickinson said...
Dear Folks, I feel your pain. I am a nurse anesthetist with over 27 years of experience. Every single day I watch as patients are given this drug needlessly. I very rarely administer midazolam for all the reasons I read above. There is a subset of patients who desire to be heavily sedated before they ever leave their families. I accommodate this request of course, but first I have a calm caring conversation with my patient about their specific fears. Sedation anesthesia is very challenging. Most of the time what we call sedation is actually a variation of a general anesthetic. An oversedated patient will loose the ability to cooperate. They may misinterpret sensations causing them to respond inappropriately. For instance, an elderly patient presents for a cataract surgery may think that a drop of water tricking down her face is a fly and move to swat it away. This prompts the staff to restrain her or administer more sedation when what she really needed was a different medication and some reorientation. Ask questions. Take control of your care. Tell the professionals caring for you what you expect.
October 21, 2015 8:03 PM