Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Versed/Midazolam in the News Again

Here is a story airing on TV at this time in regard to Midazolam and the capital punishment protocol for drugs.  Even murderers should NOT be subjected to this diabolical drug.

Execution process shakes North Idaho family |

KREM 2 News | Facebook

Alabama inmate gasps, coughs during his execution |

Even with all the bald-faced LIES that are told by medical minions about this poison, people are starting to get the idea.  Why is there no outrage over a lethal injection drug being used on innocent patients?  What did they ever do wrong to deserve the torture?

Two words:  CONSCIOUS SEDATION  It means, boys and girls that you are conscious, awake and aware, unable to defend yourself or stop the procedure.  The "sedation" part is debatable.  Since when is amnesia (they hope) a part of sedation?  Oh yeah, the minute they came up with this diabolical drug.   Since when does getting a sedative involve skyrocketing blood pressure and elevated heart rate?  Call my crazy but the physiological changes are the result of fear, anger, and pain, not relaxation.  As I have previously noted, Aaron, my little anesthesia nurse stated that I was "very relaxed."  No, you cretin, I wasn't "relaxed.  I was seething with anger, absolutely furious that he had incapacitated me in such a sneaky way.  I was INCAPACITATED, not "relaxed."

Anyway, I hope that more and more people gain awareness of the troubling nature of Versed/Midazolam and confront those who use it against ALL of us, not just the murderous thugs sentenced to die.