Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Interesting Read

This is from a new reader who wishes to remain anonymous.  This person found some very relevent pieces of medical journalism.  I am very happy to give my readers this web site as well.  Commissioner - 05HDC07699

The patient said that she was allergic to Morphine and didn't want it.  It's a long involved story best read in situ...  However the findings are that she was given Morphine in defiance of her wishes. "[Mrs A] appears unhappy that intrathecal morphine was used when she clearly considered she was allergic to it, and that morphine should not be used. The validity, or otherwise, of the allergy is not the point at issue. It is clear from [Dr B's] letter of 8 August, in which he states that [Mrs A] was 'very anxious due to her past experience and did not want me to use morphine', that he understood she did not want him to use Morphine."   Then he proceeded to use it on her anyway.  This is a great quote; "The validity, or otherwise, of the allergy is not the point at issue."  I hope any CRNA's or MDA's reading this let that statement sink in.  Whether or not YOU PERSONALLY BELIEVE that the anesthesia is without risk, or doubt the validity of our statement that we are allergic to a certain drug is not the point at issue.  It is an issue of "informed consent" and our right as a patient for self determination and autonomy. 

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