Thursday, December 23, 2010

Relationship between Benzos and Depression in Clinical Settings

This one is fairly self explanatory.  Since I have not allowed anonymous postings here, there haven't been any medical people berating me for so much as suggesting that Versed might be causing problems.  Here is a recent study stating that sedation appears to be the culprit. 

For medical workers, this study doesn't specify WHICH Benzo is used in ICU.  Since I already know that Versed is the drug of choice, and I already know that if ANYBODY says anything negative about Versed you all go psycho on us, I must conclude that this drug IS Versed.  Can you just start CARING about your patients?  Can you CARE what OUR quality of life is after your ministrations instead of demanding that you damage our mental health for YOUR benefit?

ICU Medication May Influence Later Depression | Psych Central News

There are hundreds of these studies on the same subject...  This is not an isolated concern.

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