Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Phony (?) "5" Rating From Askapatient

On one of my recent posts my reader opined that there were some phony appearing top ratings for Versed/Midazolam on a PATIENT data base.  Here's my reader's quote;
"5 more phony "5" postings on Ask-a-patient !  Probably written by the same person - the claims are that she was "happy as a clam"  and "fit as a fiddle" after being given Versed... and having no memory is "the way it should be" (OBVIOUSLY a medical person)"

This is yet another problem with devious medical people!  They go to a site for PATIENTS to discuss their medications and put up a bunch of tripe lest their patients decline Versed.  Of course this is just a minor roadblock because these people will give it to you anyway!  It just adds some drama to their day as they try to con you into accepting it. 

I can just imagine how irritating it must be for them to have to explain how marvy Versed is.  Then they give it whether you agree or not.  "You evil, aggravating patients!  How dare you try to second guess we professionals?  We have ways of dealing with your type!  We are not here to answer your stupid questions 20 times a day.  We have a job to do and this just messes with our minds.  We owe you NOTHING by way of explanation.  Your job as a patient is shut the hell up and let us do as little as possible.  We want to drug you into an obedient form of plant life and we WILL NOT TOLERATE your objections!  How dare you think that exalted beings such as we are (medical people) should actually deign to speak to such as yourself(patient)?  Or worse yet, expect us to follow a PATIENTS wishes!  Who the hell do these patients think they are?"

Anyway I went over to VERSED: Side effects, ratings, and patient comments and  picked the most recent "5" rating.  It appears to be from a medical worker, not a patient...  See if you agree.

Rating  "5"

Reason   "Endoscopy"

Side Effects    "No side effects whatsoever.  Just nice and relaxed.  When the procedure was over, alert and self-sufficient."       

Comments   "I am a person who always checks out drugs, procedures, etc. before blindly walking into the "unknown."  I am very cautious as I have a heart issue which can be irritated by certain drugs.  As I had never had Versed before, I turned to askapatient for knowledge.  By the time I finished reading the user comments, I was terrified.  I was awake all night before and cried all of the way to the hospital in fear.  I had already convinced my self that I was going to refuse Versed.  However when I spoke with my physician (whom I trust explicitly), he assured me that I would not experience any problems.  So, we went ahead with the Versed.  Thankfully I had absolutely no issues with this med.  I watched patient after patient roll in and out of the procedure room with no problem."
First of all the terminology used in the "Side Effects" smacks of medical people.  "Relaxed" being the most abused buzz word in regards to Versed.  How in the world would a patient describe the experience of being relaxed if they had amnesia?  How would they know what they felt?  Secondly, medical people warn patients not to make any decisions, operate any machinery and to obtain the services of a driver to take you home afterward.  Why would they do this if, as this lady claims, she was instantly "alert and self-sufficient" after the procedure was over?  Patients only APPEAR "alert and self-sufficient after the procedure was over."  Is this lady basing her statement on observation, and not her own personal experience? 

Moving on to the "Comments."  Starting right off this alleged patient takes a sly dig at people who have been harmed by Versed.  She states that SHE always checks out drugs and procedures before "blindly walking into the 'unknown.'"  She insinuates that it is all our own fault for being stupid,  ignorant patients who trusted our medical team.  Then she states that she herself trusted her physician "explicitly."   This makes my head hurt!  Add to that the fact that medical people do not discuss, reveal, or make any allusions to their amnesia and control drug at all.  Not before, during or after the procedure.  Versed is a huge secret...  What a nasty comment!

Then she goes on to blame US (the 10% or more of us who have had a bad reaction to Versed) for her (alleged) terror and sleeplessness!  I'm sorry, WHO is responsible for injecting this poison?  hint;  It isn't patients.

This "patient" says that she has "absolutely no issues with this med."  She actually watched "patient after patient roll in and out of the procedure room with no problem."  So nobody has any issues with this med, according to a Versed addled patient?  ROFL  I also want to know where this lady was that she was able to examine "patient after patient?"  Surely she wasn't observing all these patients from INSIDE the procedure room?  What?  Was she stationed in a hallway?  Why was she in a hallway?  Where was the preop area with the curtained off cubicles to protect patient privacy, and why wasn't she in it?  Why wasn't she in the PACU afterwards, partitioned off while she shook off the zombie effects of Versed induced Alzheimer's?  Just how many people are rolling in and out and up and down, to and from procedure rooms in plain view of patients in screened off cubicles and behind partitions?  Or was she lying on a gurney in a hallway for hours being systematically fed IV Versed?  She was "watching" patients?  While she was under the influence of an amnesia drug herself and had the mental capacity of a carrot?  LOLOLOL 

By her own statements one would think that she KNEW by osmosis(?), that all of the patients she observed were under the influence of Versed.  How else would she come by this HIPPA protected information?  I want to know if she did a scientific follow up on those patients who actually did have Versed to find out if they had "no problem" with this med.  The whole idea of Versed is to turn normal people into a vegetable group.  They would not exhibit any likes or dislikes in route to and from a procedure room...  Does she have psychic abilities like my own CRNA claimed to have?  Somehow she just KNOWS? 

The only way this story makes any sense is...drum roll please...this person is a nurse!  She GIVES Versed, not gets it!  Can't argue with logic folks.


  1. My thoughts exactly ! If she had "no side effects whatsoever", and was "alert and sef-sufficient" after the procedure, why did they keep her in recovery so long ? (She must have been there a LONG time to watch "patient after patient roll in and out of the procedure room" !) When I had my colonoscopy with Versed, they couldn't wait to kick me out, even though I had extreme vertigo & nausea after the procedure. (I was told to "go home and sleep it off," even though I could barely lift my head.) Also, while some people do have immediate problems with the drug, for many, many, people the REAL problems start about a day later, when they're home, and then no one cares...