Monday, December 30, 2013

Don't be upset with me! Blame the crna.

A lot of people are upset that I write about Versed/Midazolam.  They are upset that I slam crna's and anybody else who routinely damages patients brains with Versed.  They are upset that I reveal what "informed consent" has devolved into.  They are really upset that I have taken on the horrible effects of Versed on the human mind and the cavalier disregard our medical workers have for our cognitive function.  I have news for them...

The ONLY reason I am here typing away on my computer is because of a crna, his lack of concern for the LAWS pertaining to medical care and his absolute disdain for me as a person and ALL of his trusting patients as a group.  Think of it.

Had my crna LISTENED to me about not getting sedation or general anesthetic and the reasons why, I wouldn't be here.  I would never have known what Versed was.  Versed is such a tightly held secret, that many or most people who are kicked in the head with this poison DON'T EVEN KNOW they got it!  They don't know that the reason their memory is impaired or "foggy" is because of a sedation drug.  They don't know that the reason mom, dad, grandma or grampa ended up in a nursing home after surgery is because of a sedation drug.  Of course medical people will feign ignorance about the reason the loved one went senile suddenly.  They will never reveal that the drug they love to use, that makes people docile and amnestic, is the culprit.  My crna is responsible for me KNOWING AND CARING about this particular poison.  Without him defying my wishes, I wouldn't be here.

My crna was above following the law.  He knows and I know that he broke the law by treating me against my wishes.  It wasn't like I didn't discuss with him fully the parameters of my care.  I told him in no uncertain terms not to sedate me (actually I said NO DRUGS THAT WILL INCAPACITATE ME) and not to give me general anesthetic.  There was no UNLESS in my instructions.  I did NOT leave anything to his discretion.  It's the LAW that he respect this.  This man was so accustomed to breaking the law, that apparently he didn't give it a second thought.  I am thinking that nurses are trained to ignore patient wishes in favor of what they personally want to do.  That's NOT why we have patient rights laws and protections.  There would be no need for these LAWS if the medical workers were allowed to do whatever they want, now would there?  *I* knew that there were laws to protect me from overzealous medical workers!  I expected them to be followed.  I KNEW what an informed consent should look like and I never signed one.  Boy was I stupid.  So now I know that informed consent laws are violated with impunity.  How did I find this out?  Who is to blame for this?  The crna, that's who.

So we have a crna who breaks the law, a medical entity who has no fiduciary duty to make sure the law is followed, and an informed consent which has been turned into a hold-harmless document.  A vague consent which allows any kind of law breaking.  By signing todays "informed" consent what the patient is actually doing is giving away ALL OF THEIR RIGHTS!  Just take a look at what passes for INFORMED consent these days.  It's a joke.  There is no information there.  Just statements that say everything has been explained, not exactly WHAT was explained as required by law.  On my chart the crna wrote that everything had been explained AND ACCEPTED by the patient.  He lied.  My signature isn't on that document either.  But that's what he wrote.  So the crna is a LIAR!  The problem didn't start with ME, it started with a lying lawbreaking crna who used a control drug to have his way with me.

So if anybody is mad at ME, for revealing what happened to me in regards to Versed, maybe you should think about where this all started.  It started with an arrogant scoff law of a crna.  If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't know what Versed was.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Post From UK About Midazolam

Here's another post from the UK about using Versed to kill people.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Execution Of Death

IVADS, including Midazolam, "significantly increased risk of death".

This is Family Practice News 
Although prospective, randomized controlled trials are needed to confirm the findings of this retrospective cohort study, the data should heighten awareness of the potential adverse effects of anesthetic drugs, Dr. Peter W. Kaplan said at the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society.

Of 171 adults who presented to University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, with status epilepticus between January 2005 and January 2011, 63 (37%) were treated with intravenous anesthetic drugs (IVADs), including thiopental, midazolam, propofol, and/or high-dose phenobarbital, and 18% of the patients died. After adjustment for status epilepticus duration and severity (based on status epilepticus severity score) and for critical medical conditions, those treated with IVADs had a significantly increased risk of death, compared with those who did not receive IVADs (relative risk = 3.16), said Dr. Kaplan of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.
Those who received IVADs also had a significantly higher rate of infectious complications (43% vs. 11%). The infections were diagnosed during the course of treatment, and 25 of 27 infections were respiratory infections. The remaining two cases were urinary tract infections.
Severe hypotension also occurred more often in the patients who received IVADs.
A Pubmed submission confirms this last finding -

A 72-year-old patient received 0.1 mg morphine by the intrathecal route and 2 x 1.5 mg midazolam as adjuvant therapy. Severe respiratory depression and somnolence supervened 3.5 h later, which lasted over the next 24 h and necessitated intubation and mechanical ventilation. Continuous administration of >6 mg naloxone to antagonize the supposed effect of the morphine had no effect. The patient's condition was not normalized until a single dose of 0.3 mg flumazenil was administered. For the time being, especially in the case of elderly patients, we recommend that strict indications are adhered to when intrathecal administration of morphine is considered and that less than 0.1 mg morphine is given. Diazepines should be avoided. Respiration should be monitored for quite some time.

This interaction between Morphine and Midazolam to compound their effects is also of note. This was not picked up on by Baker (Gosport Inquiry), was not considered by Ellershaw (LCP) and was not acknowledged by Neuberger (LCP Review). That is gross oversight and negligence.

Morphine depresses respiratory drive in any case.

Hence, use for symptom management for breathlessness? All nice and tidy and reassuring for the relatives at the bedside...

But fatal if you've been diagnosed as 'dying' and you're not actually dying.

Perception is everything. Those PROMs are all-important to tick the boxes.

There has been outcry in the US in regard to Midazolam being a 'cruel and unusual punishment' and this has been reported in these pages. This is a more recent report in the Guardian 

The European Commission imposed tough restrictions on the export of anaesthetics to US corrections departments in 2011, and amid the squeeze a succession of states has been running out of their primary lethal drugs supplies. As a result, Florida has turned to midazolam hydrochloride, a drug never before used in executions, provoking an outcry that it might be inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on condemned prisoners.
The EU Commission moratorium has so affected application of the ultimate sanction that Correction Boards are now resorting to other protocols including Midazolam to execute death.

Please! Mr. Ellershaw, a letter to the Florida Department of Corrections in regard to the safety and efficacy of Midazolam would, surely, not go amiss.

Further reading -
Liverpool Care Pathway - A "Cruel And Unusual Punishment"?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My DOCTOR Has Heard It!

I was speaking to my doctor a few days ago and he suggested a procedure "just to make sure".  Unfortunately this particular procedure generally involves generous amounts of "sedation" whether the patient needs it or not.  I flatly pays to do your homework.  I already figured he might want me to have that procedure and already knew it involved Versed/Midazolam.  No dice.

Of course he questioned me.  I think he was surprised at my refusal.  After all, he IS the doctor.  I'm PAYING him for his expertise and here I am saying an emphatic NO!  So I told him that Versed was used for that procedure and that Versed was NOT going to be used on me, never, ever, never, not under any circumstances!  I began to get nervous and jittery.  I don't want to be a "bad" patient, but I have zero intentions of putting myself "in that situation" (as one poster put it) where I might get Versed.  I have said I'd rather be dead than have Versed again and I thought that might be in the cards if I refused this procedure.  I didn't reveal that to the doctor however.  I just said NO!

The doc wanted to know what my problem was with Versed.  So I told him.  Here's where it gets almost unbelievable.  He said that he gets at least one patient per year that has the same reaction as *I* had.  (he's not a gastro, so his patients are more limited)  Amazing isn't it?  Crna's, ICU nurses and the like (the theme is nurses of any kind) will categorically DENY that there are any problems with the drug.  Oh HELL to the no, it cannot be Versed.  Versed is wonderful and safe.  NOBODY ever, Ever, EVER has a bad reaction to Versed.  It must be ME!  Yeah, well, OK, but my DOCTOR says otherwise and so do many of his patients.  The biggest difference is that my educated specialist of a doctor believes his patients.  Fancy that!

My doctor went on to explain (in an incredulous tone) that when these anesthesia/sedation people get patients like me, they give them MORE Versed!  Right from a doctors mouth.  If the patient has a paradoxical or other bad reaction to Versed they give you MORE of it.  Sure, that makes sense to me.  NOT!  On the surface it makes no sense...but in reality, given the nature and mental processes of these anesthetists, crna's or whatever, this does make sense.  If you are willfully blind to the effects of your favorite drug.  If you refuse to believe what the stupid patients are telling you.  If you do NOT read any scientific studies which show the devastating effects of Versed on people, then sure, let's give the patient MORE of what caused the problem in the first place.  How ignorant is that?

Although I will not be having the procedure that my doc wanted, we came up with an alternate plan, and will avoid the whole Versed issue for now.  He stated that he will personally ensure that I don't have Versed, even if it turns out that I really do need that procedure.  My highly educated DOCTOR will make sure the anesthesia person doesn't give me Versed.  I'm thinking that my doc doesn't need me struggling in restraints during the procedure. (he doesn't know that I was trying to kill people last time, the only time, I got Versed)  He also caught a glimpse of the emotional toll Versed took on me.  We haven't talked about the other NO I have in mind.  That being that a crna is a big NO, nein, nyet!  I want one of my doctor's peers, not an underling.  He/she still can't use Versed on me, but at least an anesthesiologist can do their job without it.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Isn't This Perfect? NOT!

I came across this article in my search.  Click here: Does It Save Money Not to Have Anesthesia During a Colonoscopy? | Finance - Zacks

You won't believe this, but the anesthetists may be able to charge you for NOT doing any anesthesia.  When will this end?  There are some other alarming statements in the article as well.  Stuff like the gastro's deciding that you can't have a colonoscopy without sedation.  Oh really...  Go read about it.  UN FRICKIN' BELIEVABLE!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Here's Another Article

This one is a lawyer blog which discusses "anesthesia" primarily in sedation dentistry.  My readers already know about the deaths in dentist offices...

 Click here: Anesthesia Complications In Routine Surgery | Litigation & Trial Lawyer Blog

Reno Man Kills Doctor Over Botched Surgery

There are some articles online about a Reno man who walked into a doctors office and started shooting.  He claims his surgery was botched.  Some articles reference his "vasectomy" as a problem.  Well, I'd sure like to see his "informed consent" for the surgery!  Did it detail all of the problems with the surgery?  Lots of men experience pain and some other very serious side effects from this surgery, like CANCER, ALLERGIES TO HIS OWN SPERM, A SPECIFIC MENTAL DISORDER.  Look it up!  You may have to look hard to find the real side effects from vasectomies.

Anyway, I also wonder if this man also got some Versed?  If he got PTSD from his Versed injection and then went on to experience some other severe side effects from the surgery itself, I can see him going postal. The guy lasted 3 years or so before he went berserk...more than enough time to come to the conclusion that he had been duped, drugged and damaged by the medical profession.

It all comes down to INFORMED consent.  That and banning Versed.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Victim Thoughts On Being Raped With Versed

I found this while researching what ever happened to Kevin Cobb, the nurse convicted of raping many women and killing one woman by using Versed.  Here is what a couple of the victims say about what they felt while under the influence of Versed while this guy raped them.  Sounds like they were really relaxed and perfectly fine with being raped doesn't it?  NOT!  Yet patients are subjected to what amounts to rape, even if it isn't sexual rape, by medical people every day.  This is what this medical wonder drug does to people.

I FEARED NURSE WHO RAPED ME WAS FATHER OF MY CHILD; Fiend stole 40 minutes of my life ...he could easily have ended it. - Free Online Library


Monday, December 16, 2013

"The Long-Lasting Effects Of Versed" by Anonymous

I got this article from yet another person who has been harmed by Versed.  This victim of Versed/Midazolam wishes to remain anonymous, but I can assure you that *I* did not write this post.

The Long-Lasting Effects of VERSED

Can doctors and researchers assure us that VERSED has not attributed to the onslaught of Alzheimer's Disease in the elderly (and not so elderly) in the past several years? My guess is that they could, but they won't, because the drug is so handy and useful for their needs.

VERSED was administered to me before a colonoscopy, in 2009. “Just something to relax you,” they said. Only when the procedure was over did I learn the name of the drug and the fact that it had put me in a state where the doctor could talk to me and get my cooperation during the procedure; yet I did not remember anything about it, including the pain and discomfort associated with a colonoscopy. (If you've ever had a colonoscopy without some type of sedative, you know what I mean.) When I came to my senses, I was upset, knowing that my mind had been manipulated, that, in actuality, I had been hypnotized, something I never would have stood for, had I been informed ahead of time. But I wasn't!

In the recovery room, everything was “spinning.” And, a few minutes later, in the outpatient room, where my husband sat with me, the nurse asked several times how I was feeling. Each time, I begged for something to counteract the extreme nausea and dizziness, but each time, she said, “We’ll just wait a little while and see how you feel.” Finally, I told my husband to get me out of there. The ride home, which should have taken 45 minutes, took 3 hours because I couldn’t stand the movement of the car, and we had to keep stopping to let my stomach and my head get in line.

Four years later, I am still feeling the effects of the VERSED—not nausea, but loss of memory. I am a writer, and I find that simple words and phrases I had always used are “lost” to me at times. There have been other minor incidents, too, but nothing as drastic as Alzheimer's—yet. They “say” that memory loss caused by drugs like VERSED is only temporary, but have they ever really checked to find out? Or is it so handy a drug that they just don't want to know, or to have its real effects revealed? Is it possible that many elderly people who have medical procedures done with the use of VERSED have, or will, become victims of Alzheimer’s?

In the near future, I expect to see an ad on TV by attorneys who have set up a class action suit against the manufacturer(s) of VERSED and against doctors who continue to use it without telling their patients it is a mind-altering drug that could have long-lasting effects. I will be one of the first to call those attorneys.

In the meantime, I insist that all of my doctors put 'NO VERSED!' on my chart. I would suggest that anyone reading this do the same. Of course, the first thing you'll be asked is 'Why'? Don't be afraid to tell them. It's your body, your mind, your future.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blog Page Featuring A Midazolam Discussion From UK

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - A "Cruel And Unusual Punishment"?

The death penalty - the ultimate sanction - is still widespread in the States. But controversy reigns. Is this drug safe for use in the US penal system?

This is Reuters 
Seven death row inmates have a case pending in U.S. district court in Jacksonville, claiming that the Constitution's ban on "cruel and unusual punishments" should bar use of midazolam as the first part of the three-drug death protocol adopted by Florida's Department of Corrections.
In the two previous executions involving midazolam last month, the Department of Corrections said it was a humane replacement for pentobarbital, the sedative used previously, but refused to identify research or scientific studies, saying that would compromise security.
America's National Public Radio is also reporting on this important debate. This is NPR 

A Witness To Lethal Injection In 1989, William Happ was sentenced to death for the murder and rape of 21-year-old Angie Crowley. For decades, Happ appealed and lost. 
His death sentence remained, but the method of execution had changed since his conviction. Since 1924Florida had used the electric chair to execute prisoners, but in 2000, facing pressure from the Supreme Court, the state switched to lethal injection. 
More than a quarter century after Crowley's murder, Happ's execution date was finally set for Oct. 15, 2013. But the state had a problem: Supplies of pentobarbital, a drug commonly used for executions, were running low. As the execution date approached, the state ran out of the drug altogether. 
So the Florida Department of Corrections decided to use a new drug — a sedative called midazolam that had never been tested for execution. Nobody knew exactly how it would work.

This is all something somewhat Pythonesque. This is dark humour, surely...

They are concerned for the welfare of a convicted killer, that this drug, Midazolam, is not safe to use. Its use is being challenged in Texas, also, and elsewhere.

This drug, Midazolam, has been in common use across the UK in hospital and in hospice, in home and in care home. It is a protocol drug in use in the EoLC Programme to limit life, in use in the Liverpool Care Pathway (LKP) and its partner protocols mentioned in these pages.

It is not safe for use on Death Row...

A medical holocaust has proceeded and there is none to raise the hue and cry.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Excerpt From Time Magazine "Secrets of Genius

I bought a Time Magazine special a while back entitled "Secrets of Genius".  While most of us here are not that kind of genius, myself included, I found a little blurb about memory, genius and PTSD that I want to share.  A lot of us are curious about why Versed affected us in such a horrible way...

"But one thing all the prodigies did have was a superior working memory-that is, the ability to actively hold more material in mind at one time....But while excellent working memory may seem like an unqualified gift; research suggests it may also increase the risk for post-traumatic stress disorder."  If you can get the magazine, do.  There is a lot of interesting information in it that can be used to decipher what happened in our heads because of Versed.

So what does Versed target?  It targets "the ability to actively hold more material in the mind."  It interferes with the pathways creating memory.  My opinion is that bright people have more of these pathways which may or may not be affected by Versed.  Hence my own memory working well, regardless of the pathway(s) that Versed affected.  I remember every detail of the horror.  I remember every nasty word that the minions spoke.  I remember the shock of realizing that my "team" had broken every informed consent law on the books.  I remember the craven obedience, all of it.  I remember trying to move and being completely uncoordinated. I remember trying mightily to make my lips speak English, not gibberish.  I remember how my brain USED TO WORK!

Maybe I don't have the specific kind of genius that Einstein or Steve Jobs or Richard Feynman etc. possessed, but I do have an ordinary bright mind.  Versed was the very last drug I should have been given.  Judging by the alarming number of bright analytical minds other than my own that have been affected by Versed, it's time to stop damaging the brains of smart people and giving them PTSD.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

CRNA Rapist Gets Life Plus 25 Years

I looked on line to see what kind of sentence Paul Patrick Serdula the crna rapist/child molester got for his crimes.  I'm happy to report that he got life plus 25 years in prison and if he is ever released, he will be on probation for the rest of his life.  That's great.

I want to point out that Mr. Serdula the crna was well thought of in his circles and was very busy.  (sick pun)  His co-workers and others describe him as a nice person, hard working, generous, gentle and kind.  Well, Mr. Serdula got away with being a rapist for a very long time.  What did people expect?  If he was an aggressive bastard, he wouldn't have gotten away with his dastardly deeds for a decade would he?  Of course everybody was just so shocked...really?  This guy did these heinous acts right under their noses and they didn't get even a glimmer of what he was up to?  I'm amazed, sort of.

In my experience crna's will defend one of their brethren no matter what they may do.  I see it in their snide comments all over the web.  I see it in their hate filled diatribes here on this blog.  Maybe his co-workers KNEW what Mr. Serdula was up to and chose not to say anything, to protect their own misadventures with Versed?  After all, if the patient is sedated with Versed "what difference could it possibly make" if he was raping and molesting patients?  The women and girls will never know, right?  I mean if it's OK to torture patients and coax them into revealing their secrets for the entertainment of staff, then why would rape be any different?

These people rape us anyway according to the definition of rape.  The whole "consent" to foreign objects being placed into the vagina thing, unauthorized pelvic exams on anesthetized women, unauthorized prostrate exams on anesthetized men etc.  They already don't care about CONSENT so why should they object to the actual rape of  "sedated" patients?

Rape vs. consensual sex is all about CONSENT by definition!  Patients don't consent to this or that and medical people proceed anyway with impunity, why draw the line at all?  My crna says that I "consented" to general anesthetic by "not objecting" to it after he gave me Versed.  I didn't "consent" to Versed either, in fact I was absolutely and categorically ADAMANT about NOT getting anything like Versed.  You know how far that got me.

So maybe these women and girls "consented" to sex with Mr. Serdula by "not objecting" after he injected them with Versed?   Maybe they just don't remember giving consent because of the amnesia properties of Versed.  Or maybe they just "imagined" the rape due to the (alleged) Versed hallucinations? ( I had to add this in later...One crna actually wrote that the victim of a Versed rape, was actually mistaking a "flesh toned LMA tube" for a penis.  Can you believe it?)   Maybe Mr. Sedula used the "obedience" factor of Versed to induce them to agree?  (heavy sarcasm)  The line is blurred by medical workers vis a vis Versed.

I can see how Mr. Serdula operated without detection (or at least without his co-workers turning him in) for so long, thanks to Versed/Midazolam.  I wonder if any of my detractors will come here and defend Mr. Serdula and his misuse of Versed.  Or will they say it all with their (continued) silence about this kind of crime?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The INSANITY Of Obamacare

I was at the dentist's office last night.  He had an announcement for me.  He is now forced to purchase DENTAL insurance for his children.  How's that for government absurdity?  The one size fits all has consequences.  My DENTIST has to buy dental insurance for his own children.  It's not really funny, but I can't help but laugh.

This is the same dentist who told me that fillings should cost around 25 bucks each.  They don't, they cost much more.  There are so many government mandates and taxes, fees etc. that in order to do the $25 filling he has to charge enough to cover the ridiculous cost of the government intervention.  Now we can add more cost...that of buying dental insurance for the children of the dentist.  I wonder if he can get a subsidy?

I hope he chooses a dental plan which includes him as a provider.  How does that work?  Does he have to pay to be a provider on a group plan?  Then he has to pay an insurance premium to be insured through the same insurance company that he (maybe) has to pay to be a provider?  I'll have to ask him.  Does he have to prove that he paid his himself?  Is he going to have to pay a fine to the government for not having dental insurance on his own children, if he decides he really doesn't need dental insurance on his own children (of a dentist)?  Mind boggling.

I wonder if he has to purchase dental insurance for his office workers who get their dental care from him for free?  It's just so bizarre as to be unbelievable.  It would be unbelievable except that our out-of-control government is telling us so many unbelievable things right now that the truly bizarre is becoming normal.

Only the government could come up with something so ludicrous that it defies logic.  Just think of all the new rules and regulations, backed up by ever more over-paid government minions to correct (or ominously ENFORCE) this defect in the law.

This is just one small part of the outrage and expense of Obamacare.  Had enough yet?

BTW the optometrist is now taking your blood pressure and REQUIRING to know what medical problems, drugs you are taking etc.  To have a vision test.  They took my teenager into a back room at the optometrists and demanded to know if she smokes and promised not to tell.  You aren't even safe from government snooping in the EYE GLASSES Dept. of Walmart.  Your CHILDREN aren't safe from medical prying, regardless of the wishes of the parents.  What the bloody HELL!!!???

Monday, December 9, 2013

Just Say "NO" To Tort Reform!

I'm so sick of people saying that medmal insurance is the primary driver of health care costs.  This is such a LIE and yet it has been repeated enough that many people believe it.  Malpractice insurance IS NOT the primary cost related to health care.  Doctors want you to believe this lie and feel sorry for them.  I don't, not even a little bit. You know what happens in tort reform states?  You get poor care at enormous cost.  You didn't think that a savings on malpractice insurance would translate into lower costs for patients did you?  The added benefit for health care workers is they don't have to worry about any careless oops moments either.

You know what else happens in tort reform states?  Your medical minions can COMPLETELY ignore "informed consent" laws.  Why should they follow them?  There is no punishment for NOT following the law.    Who do you think is going to be responsible for making sure that the law is followed?  The hospital itself?  rofl.  They want no parameters on what they can do to patients.  That's what they get with "tort reform".  There's a LOT of money to be made from doing way more than the patient needs, requires or gives permission for.  The doctors, the nasty little anesthesia nurses etc. do not want patients to be able to do anything about how they were treated.  They want carte blanche.  Who wouldn't?  This then is what is driving the "tort reform" discussions.

Lawyers and lawsuits are the ONLY THING keeping a lot of  medical care takers on the straight and narrow.  Without the malpractice lawyers, (some, many?) medical people have no compunction about harming you.  What do they care?  They don't know you from Adam.  So you die, so what?  They get paid anyway.  Disfigured?  Who cares.  Had foreseeable complications that weren't explained as required by law?  Too bad.  Got sedated and/or general anesthetic against your will, in defiance of the law?  Hey, they were only trying to "help", now pay up or they will take your assets.  The law is on their side on this and don't think they won't come after you to the fullest extent of the law.  They just don't want YOU the patient to use the law to have recourse against THEM.  Got crappy surgery performed by the janitor,or whomever they pleased other than the person YOU chose/gave permission to do it, also in defiance of the law?  Who you gonna call?  The cops?  What are they going to do?  There IS nobody else besides lawyers to help us.

There is too much money to be had in the medical field without lawyers keeping these people in check.  Just think...if you are like me and demand minimum intervention, no sedation, no g/a etc. well, DAMN that just doesn't pay enough.  They can make 3 or 4 times the money for the same amount of time.  With tort reform they can do this with impunity.  What would YOU choose?  Be honest.  You would choose to subject the patient to the most expense possible for the time allotted.  Well, medical people are not that different than you and me.  They are maybe a little MORE greedy if anything.  They feel entitled to make your stay as costly as possible, because they have some expensive education.  So you as a patient OWE IT TO THEM to allow them to make as much profit as humanly possible, or something like that.  Only the threat of lawsuits can stop the medical behemoth from giving you substandard care at bank busting prices.

I mostly dislike crna's.  I read on a crna site about how to charge the most money possible.  If they do a nerve block, they can do it at a certain time, and can then charge extra for it.  So they have members explaining to the other crna's how to bill the procedure and the TIMING so they get extra money for doing their job.  Where are the laws about price gouging in medical care?  This is the kind of thing driving health care costs, not torts.   It's about MONEY!  It's all about maximizing profit for themselves and to hell with the patient.  It's not about lowering cost OR getting better care.

Don't let them fool you.  Tort reform isn't the panacea that medical people want you to think it is.  Tort reform leads to a medical free-for-all.  The only loser is the patient, once again.

This is my own opinion, yours may vary.  I'm entitled to my OPINION based on what happened to me in a tort reform state.  The utter and gleeful lawlessness by the medical people charged with my "care" had to be experienced to be believed.  My experience will be coming to you too with tort reform.  How will you feel when bad things happen to you or your loved one?  You will be wishing you could call somebody who could help.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Death Row Inmates Refuse Versed/Midazolam

Not that I care very much about what death row inmates want, I don't blame them for objecting to Midazolam.  I didn't want it either.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

US judges dismiss Florida death penalty challenge

JACKSONVILLE — Two federal judges threw out Wednesday challenges from seven Florida death row inmates arguing that the state's use of its lethal injection drug constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, but said the decision was based on legal technicalities.

U.S. District Court Judges Marcia Morales Howard and Timothy J. Corrigan said Wednesday that the lawsuits are not trivial, as a state assistant attorney general asserted, and gave the inmates and their lawyers 60 days to file new complaints. The state Attorney General's Office will then have 30 days to respond.

The lawsuit stems from the state's recent change of its execution protocol to include the sedative midazolam hydrochloride, instead of the previously used pentobarbital.

"Midazolam is not intended for use as an anesthetic," the lawsuit said, adding that it is typically used to sedate patients before anesthesia is administered. "Its use in this context is wholly untested."

The seven inmates are challenging the new procedure in U.S. District Courts in Jacksonville, Ocala, Tampa and Orlando. The inmates had earlier sued to stop the previous lethal injection drug mix and filed amended complaints to reflect the new procedures. They now will have to file more amended complaints.

The ruling will not affect the scheduled execution of Darious Kimbrough next week because he is not one of the inmates appealing the new protocol, said attorney Maria DeLiberato, one of the attorneys representing the seven inmates. Kimbrough broke into the Orlando apartment of 28-year-old Denise Collins as she slept in October 1991. He sexually assaulted Collins and then beat her to death.

The judges questioned the evidence from the inmates' attorneys and state lawyers. Neither side submitted medical expert statements.

"If it's so great, why weren't they using it before?" Corrigan asked Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown Thursday, referring to midazolam. Brown responded that enough is administered to render the inmate unconscious.

Corrigan said he was not questioning whether the use of the new drug is proper, but he wanted more evidence from medical experts.

Source: AP, November 7, 2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~