Monday, September 5, 2016

Dentist Arrested On Charges

A New York dentist was accused of rape and aggravated sexual abuse, stemming from giving a 16 year old "some type of anesthesia" and then raping her.  Now, what "anesthesia" do they use in dentists offices?  Novocaine wouldn't incapacitate the girl, so, let me guess:  VERSED!  The girl stated that "the effects of the anesthesia were strong enough to render her helpless.."  He beat that rap only to be arrested again.

Read the articles for yourself.

Dentist Is Charged With Rape -


New York Dentist avoids conviction in ’93, arrested and charged again in 2003 | Medical Sex Abuse

This is what happens with the diabolical drug Versed.  I wonder how many times this kind of thing goes on and is unreported because of the dense amnesia?

Another Anesthesia Person Found Guilty

There has been a spate of anesthesia types being convicted of sex crimes lately.  Here is one from Toronto.  He was CONVICTED of sexually molesting 21 that's TWENTY-ONE female patients that we know about.  He simply "sedated" them and then had them perform oral sex on him, among other things.  At least he's off the streets of Canada now.

Still feel safe when some medical person wants to give you a nice needle full of Versed?  Want to give your (in this case creepy) anesthesia provider a blow job while you are not aware of it?  This is how Versed works.  You remain awake and alert to all outside observers and are extremely obedient. You can and will do all kinds of things and remain unaware of it because your brain has been disconnected from your memory banks.  This drug is NOT necessary.  Ever wonder why the medical people won't let you decline it?  Hmmmm.  Well, here's just one thing they don't want you to remember, but need you to be able to follow orders...

Toronto anesthesiologist George Doodnaught found guilty of molesting 21 patients

More From The Comments

I got this little gem of wisdom from the comments on this post:  No Midazolam: Medical People Speak Out Against Versed

The article quoted was from a colonscopy discussion and yet, here is this comment...

 "Versed may be an evil drug but I'm pretty sure the patient not being aware while being cut open and the head of a bone sawed off was not entirely for the "staffs convenience""

Once again we have somebody, presumably a medical person, telling us that if we refuse the Versed, we will be subjected to torture and nothing else can or will be used to ameliorate the pain in what appears to be a painful, though unnamed, procedure.  I can assure you that colonoscopies do NOT include sawing off the heads of bones.  According to this commenter,  nothing but Versed can/will be used, no Propofol, no G/A drugs, no Fentanyl, nothing.  Does that sound right to you?

Can you imagine being cut open and the head of a bone sawed off with just an unpredictable amnesia drug?  What if, like me, you don't get amnesia?  It curdles my blood to think about it, yet this is what the commenter would have us believe.  It's either take the amnesia drug to (maybe) scramble the delicate processes of your brain while they do this, or you decide NOT to have the amnesia drug and they do this to you just the same.  Whether it works or not, they have no way of knowing.  The staff doesn't want you suing them for their inhumane treatment, so they give you amnesia, but not pain relief apparently.  Right.  How stupid do you think I am?

Even if this kind of surgery were done with ONLY Versed, it would still be for the staff's convenience, not the patients'.  They wouldn't want you to REMEMBER how vicious they are and how they tortured you without relief, but they still want to torture you, according to this poster.  The pain you suffer through is the same whether they give you amnesia or not.  Why is this fact so routinely dismissed?  Versed has ZERO pain relief properties, in fact studies have shown that patients actually feel pain more acutely with Versed in their brain.  It's called CONSCIOUS, as in awake and aware (see the commenter's lie above) and able to feel pain, SEDATION for a reason.  So Versed use in this scenario is ONLY for the benefit of the staff, the claims of this poster not-withstanding.