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Now I see that this lady has updated her website with a video.  Please watch as this mother explains how her extremely ill child was tortured by the medical team.  Sedation/Forgetter Drug | Free Help For Cancer

Hope For The Helpless!

For years now I have felt the terrible hopelessness that Versed brought me.  For those of us who seem to have long-lasting problems subsequent to getting Versed/Midazolam, we are not the only people who are alarmed with the results of being injected with brain disabling poison.  Here is a post from a reader; 

Life has left a new comment on your post ""FDA Approved Drugs With Serious Side Effects" Jo...":

Have added you to my blogroll. You might be interested in mine, though I'm nowhere near as prolific with my posts as you.

Here's one I wrote about the British benzo cover-up scandal that broke in November of this year ...

Here is the link to this person's extremely well written post.  My readers may also want to subscribe to this blog as well.          Benzo cover-up scandal could pave the way for large class action lawsuits | life lies waiting …     Don't forget and as well.

Monday, December 27, 2010

"FDA Approved Drugs With Serious Side Effects" Jonathan Emord

I got this article in my inbox.  While it doesn't specify Versed (yet) it goes to the issue of the FDA being a wholly owned subsidiary of pharmaceutical companies as I have opined elsewhere.  Here is the link;  Jonathan Emord -- FDA Approved Drugs with Serious Side Effects 

Here's the first paragraph from this attorney...  I have taken the liberty of adding emphasis as usual. 

"In my book The Rise of Tyranny I explain that FDA has become a captive of the drug industry and that repeatedly its Commissioner approves drugs over the safety objections of FDA medical reviewers. Dr. David Graham, FDA’s Associate Director of the Office of Drug Safety, has severely criticized his own agency for repeatedly approving unsafe drugs. “FDA is inherently biased in favor of the pharmaceutical industry,” said Dr. Graham. “It views industry as its client whose interests it must represent and advance. It views its primary mission as approving as many drugs as it can, regardless of whether the drugs are safe or needed.” Indeed, FDA performs no drug safety testing of drugs but relies entirely on the drug sponsor’s own testing. If the drug sponsor, who has an obvious economic interest in either not revealing or downplaying risks, fails to bring all identified risks to the agency’s attention, the agency presumes those risks de minimis or non-existent. Perhaps as many as 15% to 20% of all drugs on the market today are ones that carry serious side effects, including heart attack, stroke, neurological disorders, kidney failure, liver failure, and death."

It was hard for me to emphasize the relevant statements in this one because EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE is pertinent!  This attorney nails it.

All you CRNA's etc which have contacted me, threatened me with lawsuits and bodily harm, reviled me, belittled me and called my mental capacity into question because *I* don't believe that the FDA approval means that your Versed is totally safe, start looking beyond your narrow viewpoint. 

Recently you people are upset because there are some sedation MACHINES that the FDA approved that will knock you off the "sedation gravy train." (quote; stanman from nurse-anesthesia)  Well, I don't believe this machine is much safer than your precious Versed.  You will defend Versed to your dying breath, and claim that it must be good because the FDA APPROVED IT, (My Dr's LAWYER even sanctimoniously claimed this!) yet you are upset about another FDA approved medical treatment!  ROFL

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Relationship between Benzos and Depression in Clinical Settings

This one is fairly self explanatory.  Since I have not allowed anonymous postings here, there haven't been any medical people berating me for so much as suggesting that Versed might be causing problems.  Here is a recent study stating that sedation appears to be the culprit. 

For medical workers, this study doesn't specify WHICH Benzo is used in ICU.  Since I already know that Versed is the drug of choice, and I already know that if ANYBODY says anything negative about Versed you all go psycho on us, I must conclude that this drug IS Versed.  Can you just start CARING about your patients?  Can you CARE what OUR quality of life is after your ministrations instead of demanding that you damage our mental health for YOUR benefit?

ICU Medication May Influence Later Depression | Psych Central News

There are hundreds of these studies on the same subject...  This is not an isolated concern.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Interesting Read

This is from a new reader who wishes to remain anonymous.  This person found some very relevent pieces of medical journalism.  I am very happy to give my readers this web site as well.  Commissioner - 05HDC07699

The patient said that she was allergic to Morphine and didn't want it.  It's a long involved story best read in situ...  However the findings are that she was given Morphine in defiance of her wishes. "[Mrs A] appears unhappy that intrathecal morphine was used when she clearly considered she was allergic to it, and that morphine should not be used. The validity, or otherwise, of the allergy is not the point at issue. It is clear from [Dr B's] letter of 8 August, in which he states that [Mrs A] was 'very anxious due to her past experience and did not want me to use morphine', that he understood she did not want him to use Morphine."   Then he proceeded to use it on her anyway.  This is a great quote; "The validity, or otherwise, of the allergy is not the point at issue."  I hope any CRNA's or MDA's reading this let that statement sink in.  Whether or not YOU PERSONALLY BELIEVE that the anesthesia is without risk, or doubt the validity of our statement that we are allergic to a certain drug is not the point at issue.  It is an issue of "informed consent" and our right as a patient for self determination and autonomy. 

A Gold Mine from a New Reader

I got an e-mail from a new blog follower.  This person sent me a GOLD MINE!  Here is the first link my reader sent.  Commissioner - Informed Consent and Anaesthesia  As usual I have excerpted and reproduced some really astonishing paragraphs!  There is much more, please read the entire web site...

"My recently released report on Gisborne Hospital makes it quite clear that a practitioner's sincere belief that treatment would be in the patient's best interest is no excuse for treating a patient without informed consent. The following case study is based on one of the incidents discussed in the Gisborne Hospital Report.

A patient booked for surgery at Gisborne Hospital advised her anaesthetist that she had experienced a serious adverse reaction to the anaesthetic drug fentanyl in 1981. She specifically requested that she not be administered fentanyl again. The consultant believed that her previous reaction to fentanyl had been due to an overdose, and not a true allergic reaction. He decided to re-expose her to fentanyl in a closely controlled environment in order to establish whether she was in fact truly allergic to it because he believed that "it was not in the patient's best interests to spend the rest of her life not having fentanyl available to her". The anaesthetist administered fentanyl and the patient did not show any signs of allergy. The anaesthetist was found to have breached right 7 of the Code by administering fentanyl to a patient in the face of her specific refusal to consent to such administration." 
Personally I love Fentanyl.  However it is within this patients rights to have her "allergy" respected, not to be used as a guinea pig for an over bearing anesthesia provider to subject her to additional risk to prove to themselves that the patient is in error.  My God, it's hard to understand the mind set of a medical person who so far forgot themselves as to experiment with a patient!  It happens often, I have another post on this subject with quotes from about patient "allergies."  SHE SAID "NO" YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO GAINSAY THAT!!!!

Here's the next excerpt;  I have emphasized some of this as it follows what happened to a lot of us...

"Anaesthetists: "Guidelines on providing information about anaesthesia" (1994). Specifically the complaint was that the doctor did not allow sufficient time to read a consent form, administered midazolam to the patient without her consent, and was aggressive and rude.
A patient attended a pre-assessment anaesthetic clinic appointment where it was noted that she had a past history of addiction to benzodiazepine and was concerned about the choice of anaesthetic. She did not want drugs from the benzodiazepine family. In the theatre reception just prior to her surgery the consumer met another anaesthetist, who checked her notes, took her medical history and asked her to sign an anaesthetic form. This was the first time the consumer was made aware she had to sign a separate form for anaesthesia. Some discussion of her reluctance to use an oxygen mask occurred and she repeated her concerns about certain drugs being used. The anaesthetist explained the safety record of the drugs in question and the patient was taken into theatre. He reported that the patient appeared extremely anxious and that there was very little time for the consultation to take place. The patient, noticing she was being administered a drug, asked the anaesthetist to tell her what drug she was receiving. The request was initially ignored. The patient became distressed and repeated the request, which was then answered. The drug, midazolam, was a short-acting benzodiazepine that the anaesthetist believed had no risk attached to it and would help to relax an anxious patient. He proceeded to administer it on the basis that it was in her best interests. The anaesthetist was found in breach of rights 5(1), 6(2) and 7(1) by failing to effectively communicate with the consumer, by failing to enable the consumer to make an informed choice, and by administering midazolam without her consent."

Pretty self explanatory and pretty much like *I* experienced, right down to the phony "appeared anxious" and the idea that the anesthetist administered a drug which the patient had declined on the flawed premise that "it was in her best interests."  What in the patients best interest is that their instructions are followed without any second guessing by arrogant anesthesia staff.  Why is this so unclear to our so-called health care professionals?  Either one of these examples of egregious meddling by uncaring staff should be enough to make everybody realize that there are 2 separate agendas at the point of treatment.  Yours and THEIRS!  Be very cautious in dealing with these tricksters.

For more information please read the "rest of the story" on the link I provided.  THANKS SO MUCH TO MY NEW READER.  I am very sorry that you had such a bad experience that you had to come here, but thanks for the help.

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"Good News" or "My Hero"

This is one of my older posts on this site;Anesthesiology: Versed, date rape drug, criminal consequences  since you probably already know my story I will cut to the answer from MY HERO!!!!!

Answer (from JM Starkman MD)I've addressed the Versed controversy in some previous postings.  The good news is that this drug is now sold as a generic so it is no longer making any money for big pharma (as to what the pharmaceutical industry is often referred);  pressure to buy and utilize the drug is therefore OFF and I think you'll see it drop by the wayside like Halcion, a similar drug, did.  I pray that this is true!!!  Isn't it terrible that "big pharma" can cause patients to be mishandled, abused and tortured just for monetary gain?  I think that the medical practitioners are going to be loathe to give up the "cooperative" patient and the amnesia.  It's too much work to have to deal with patient's minds, when all they want to do is work on the body...  I have another post on this topic in this month's diatribes.

Please note that I'm not a legal expert.... It seems to me that if anyone "admitted they [gave you] Versed against your will" they have committed a battery to which there may be civil and criminal consequences.
Ah contraire mon frere (that's French I think) there is nothing to stop these people which I found out the hard way.  No recourse whatsoever, which boys and girls, is EXACTLY why I was treated like this in the first place. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beware of the "Blood Transfusion" Consent

I was made to feel like an absolute IDIOT because the "blood transfusion" document was actually a consent for anything at all, including anything the Doctor wanted, and drugs, therapies, people, interns, the use of my body parts for research etc.  Course it was all about just the blood transfusions right?  Here is somebody who had almost the EXACT SAME THING happen to them with that EXACT SAME BLOOD TRANSFUSION SUBTERFUGE!  I am so surprised! 

Never, ever sign a "blood transfusion" document without an attorney's help.  I'm serious.  Please see many of my previous posts where I expound on this very problem with the "blood transfusion" language being used as a vehicle for lulling the patient into signing an uninformed "informed consent!"  I have the real document on reproduced on here, a real copy, the one I actually signed...  If you want to see a genuine, unaltered "blood transfusion" document, which is actually (sinisterly) a blanket consent.  Anyway, this person's experience with a blood transfusion document is the same as mine.  My glasses were gone, IV in place, 20,000 (more or less) medical people running around, asking me the same stupid questions over and over, threatening to give me g/a against my will and to induce it in the preop room, etc.  I was STUNNED to find out that this blood transfusion document was actually a vague, all inclusive (illegal) "informed consent."  This is NOT funny.

This is from this site;  Medical Privacy, A Patient Oriented Discussion: Taking of Videos and Pictures Without Permission  Isn't it odd how all these medical problems work together?  I wonder if there are any videos of me naked for my wrist surgery?  I found out later there were "sales reps" in the room...  Were they looking at my crotch and making jokes?  I did NOT expect to find that there were people other than my medical team spying on me.  I can't stay awake regardless of my wishes and precise instructions, but they can come in and watch?  Maybe videotape?

Here's the excerpt in its entirety; 

jw said...

We experienced this situation. The consent forms patients are asked and required to sign have language in small print. After a surgical procedure that we were extremely displeased with both the process and the outcome, we requested and obtained the medical file. It was then we read the fine print on one consent form. After the patient was in the OR holding area, in bed, IV running, vital signs taken, ready for surgery, a nurse approached and ask the patient to sign a consent form that was for blood transfusion if necessary. The patient of course at this time had no corrective lenses and they signed the form. It was only after obtaining the medical record and entire file that on this form the patient also signed consent to having others stand in during their stay in the OR and allowed photos and video taping while in the OR suite. We were appalled and furious. This is basically a standard form used by many surgery centers. Upon complaining to multiple agencies, JCAHO, Dept of Health, Board of Nursing, Medical Board, on and on, nothing of any satisfactory resolve was done. None of these agencies do anything. All you get as a dissatisfified patient is MAYBE a "gee, so sorry you had a bad experience." Doctors are told by their legal counsel never to appologize. The doctors' didn't even give us the time of day. Only the administrator of the surgery center responded. Our advice is to get all consent forms a week or so in advance that you will be asked to sign and read them carefully. Cross out anything you don't want to consent to and fully discuss it with the surgeon. The best thing would be to also have an advocate stand in during the entire time. I don't know the success of being able to do that in today's world, but my contention is there are many people (some with no training of the medical world) that are allowed to stand in. Manufacturers' reps, equipment reps, students, etc. So I don't how they can refuse an adovcate.

For those of you who know my story, I went through the same thing vis a vis the so called "agencies" that are supposed to help us.  I got the EXACT RESPONSE "gee, so sorry you had a bad experience" as the above patient!  This isn't a coincidence is it?  This is a reasoned and deliberate flouting of the law.  My Dr. fired me for complaining, without admitting that he did the tiniest thing wrong.  The medical center said that everybody is a "contract worker" without any oversight and they are not responsible for anything that happens in the medical center, not even, apparently, the complete disregard for patient laws as shown by the unlawful "blood transfusion" document which was actually consent for anything at all.   

I was also "extremely displeased with both the process and the outcome."  This is just too damn bad they said.  You walked in here, and you should have read that document more carefully.  It's all YOUR FAULT!  The patient relations woman Dorothy, even went so far as to tell me that it was my own negative thoughts which CAUSED the whole problem...  The screws, the numb unuseable hand, the Versed paradoxical reaction, the bad g/a experience, the preventable infection, everything was caused by my attitude, not their shoddy business practices and inept medical people! 

At least this poster had a hospital administrator contact them...  All I got was the so called "patient relations" nurse who is actually risk management.  She was apparently too damn morbidly obese to do her job as a nurse, so they gave her one where she can sneer at unhappy patients and goad them into fury with her "gee, so sorry you had a bad experience" but we are not sorry that we deceived and tricked you, gave you much more than you agreed to, deliberately and maliciously assaulted you with drugs and procedures you didn't want and had declined, gave you a kidney infection, humiliated and shamed you, botched your surgery and put you into bankruptcy over a broken arm, its all STANDARD OF CARE, blah blah BLAH!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Sedation Gravy Train" Over?

One of my readers sent me this link along with this comment;  FDA Reconsiders Approval of Personalized Sedation System 

 I was reading an article on Nurse Anesthesia ,  and came across an interesting comment made by "stanman1968" (CRNA).  He actually thinks the "sedation gravy train"  will end soon !  Maybe I'm reading too much into his comment ( or maybe it's just wishful thinking !),  but are anesthesia providers actually starting to realize how much Versed is over-used,  or starting to see too many bad reactions ?  Let me know what you think."
Here's the quote referenced...  I actually respect Stanman to a certain degree, so I am not slamming him in any way shape or form.  I am grateful that he seems to agree with me about sedation being a "gravy train."
"The truth is that the sedation gravy train WILL end and sooner then later, I do a lot of it right now but I do not think it is a viable career choice for the long hall."

I actually do have an opinion on this!  Surprise surprise!  This thread was started by CRNA's who take exception to their job being automated, just like anybody else whose job is on the chopping block because of automation.  Ask farm workers and manufacturers of any kind of goods how much they like being in the unemployment line because of computer robotics, machinery etc. doing that job better, faster and more efficiently than humans can... 

What do *I* think about replacing a bunch of arrogant, overpaid CRNA's with a machine?  BRING IT ON!  But Jackie, you say "Don't you want the human touch, the ability for your CRNA to save your life if things go wrong with the machine?"  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  At least the machine won't be trying to second guess me.  The machine isn't going to decide unilaterally that IT "knows what's best" is it?  No it's not.  A machine isn't an egotistical miscreant intent on imposing its will upon me is it?  No its not!  There is no humanity in (most) CRNA's that I can detect.   Why would I miss what I never had?  As for some fool needing to ram a tube down my throat as one poster on nurse-anesthesia says, (scuse me "intubate") well, that's what alarm bells are for.  They have them all over the place in the hospital, let alone in a surgical suite!  They are there to summon the help.  Just like a maid's bell.  Either I or the machine rings, you come running.  That's as it should be.  A machine is better, safer and less expensive that a CRNA, at least the one *I* had.  I want a machine to administer Fentanyl only to me, at my direction, and I want that "anesthesiologist" to "supervise" the machine instead of a nasty little CRNA.  Get it?  I had a machine in the hospital that allowed me to administer the dosage of pain killer (Morphine at the time) that I needed.  It was very effective and *I* had absolutely NO PROBLEM with my machine. 

Obviously I am looking askance at Propofol as well.  That's because "sedation" as practiced doesn't mean being in a serene state of mind.  It means becoming a mindless zombie whose life revolves around making their torturers happy.   I am NOT interested in sedation in any form!  Fentanyl as pain killer AND sedative works great.  It just makes the CRNA's job harder because they can't treat you like dead meat.  You'll REMEMBER IT!

To address my reader's hopefulness about the "Sedation Gravy Train" being over...  This is what *I* get out of it.  CRNA's are on their way out as it pertains to sedation and paying the OUTRAGEOUS FEES to these nurses to slam patients with Versed (and/or Propofol) whether they want it or not.  I hope this is true.  The machine in question dispenses Propofol only as far as I can gather and not Versed... (or Fentanyl)  As health care gets more and more expensive, due in part to NURSES making 6 figures for abusing their patients trust, I imagine that less and less trained people will be allowed to do sedation AND automation will take the place of those marginally skilled people, relegating them to computer technicians.  Good.  I hope that health insurance companies will take a good hard look at Versed and decide not to pay for it at all.  All it does is create a "sedation gravy train" for CRNA's and is unnecessary and actually harmful to patients. As I've said before FOLLOW THE MONEY!  It appears that I am vindicated about the Versed use.

You know my view of the FDA, as I have not been shy about what *I* think about them.  Their latest ruling in favor of injectable Versed solidifies my absolute CONTEMPT for this wholly owned subsidiary of pharmaceutical companies.  They are remiss in their primary duty and that is the SAFETY OF PATIENTS.  Here's a quote from an SRNA (student registered nurse anesthetist) SuccsDrugs&Rocuron;   
"would love to see a "virtual jaw thrust" or a robot intubator~
can u imagine the insane cluster f*ck when the apneic pt starts to code, and no one is there to
handle the code & intubate the pt, there is no positive pressure/ambu-bags in room,
unfortunately, must be a ton of money $$$$ smoozing the FDA officials from the GI doc groups~
oh well, after the first person dies (and they will) maybe things will go back to a safe anesthetic delivered by CRNAs."

When my dear readers recover from their hysterical laughter over this one, here's what I see.  An undereducated person without a grasp of the English language postulating on things they know nothing about.  You may quote me.  First of all there is undoubtedly an alarm which sounds off if the machine detects over sedation.  (It says so, if you can read the other posts on the thread)  There are LAWS AND REGULATIONS about what MUST be in the room where this "sedation" is being practiced.  That would include those 'missing' "positive pressure/ambu-bags" and personnel trained in airway management.  IT'S THE LAW!  Since when are sedated patients left alone in rooms, self medicating,  without anybody there and without the required by law resuscitation devices?  It's illegal to do so.  Any patient who is being anesthetized, (sedated if you will) must be monitored by a person trained in airway management and whose duties are solely devoted to the patient.  There are heart monitor leads, oxygen saturation apparatus etc.  I'm not a trained medical person and I know that! 

Here's the part that really slays me!  "...must be a ton of money $$$$ smoozing the FDA officials from the GI doc groups..."  How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot?  Where were all of you people when patients started to complain about Versed?  Where were all those CRNA's who want that "safe" anesthesia, delivered by themselves, when the Police were allowed to inject people with Versed and without a CRNA?  (just an EMT)  The only reason you people even still have Versed in the face of all the complaints, deaths and disorders from it,  is because the FDA was bought off by those same GI docs and others like YOU and pharma who love this drug no matter how bad it is for patients!  It's your own fault that people are looking into ways to DECREASE the cost of health care!  You people (CRNA's) are the ones on the "sedation gravy train" gobbling up health care dollars and demanding more and more money for a job apparently best left up to a machine!   

We need a new type of nurse.  An ARN.  That would be an Airway Registered Nurse.  (Aren't most nurses trained in airway management and how to handle a coding patient?)  Then nursey nurse's whites won't turn yellow at all.  (from another post same place)  By the way, what a pompous, overbearing, disgusting way to describe a fellow professional nurse.  Shame on you!

Another quote from an SRNA "Volatile" (gotta wonder about the name choice, is this a personality trait or an allusion to anesthesia gasses?) showing that patients aren't the only ones who bear the brunt of the megalomania of anesthesia nurses...  "This is stupid! The GI docs pushing this are STUPID and should be ashamed of themselves. I cant imagine endo nurses managing a propofol drip on any given patient, much less leaving it to a machine. Wow."  So, not only are patients stupid, but also the FDA, endo nurses, nurses who wear white uniforms, AND GI Docs.  Welcome to my world.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jon Rappoport--"Gimme A Freebie"

Got this in my inbox this morning from Jon Rappaport again.  Here's the link;   Jon Rappoport -- Gimme A Freebie   Of course it's about the future of medicine, but I and others have already experienced this callous treatment in medical settings...  The complete lack of regard for our rights, the lack of any meaningful recourse, the drugs that cause known side effects which are denied if the personnel likes the drug enough.  Or maybe just because they don't know how to do things differently?  After all only an admitted 10% of patients have severe side effects from Versed, so who cares.  Anyway, Jon nails it again.  Here are some excerpts;

"Who cares? It's great. Anesthesia, the O/R, trained doctors whittling away at your body, recuperation in hospital, a battery of tests, flowers, time off work, sympathy, get-well cards, visits from old friends, pain killers, TV in your room, and assurances that you're getting the best medical care in the world.   (emphasis mine)
Of course, once you enter the system, you have to fall in line with all diagnoses (for the rest of your life) and the prescribed treatments. You can't refuse. You can't argue with your doctor. He knows. You don't.   (emphasis mine  Doesn't this sound familiar in re Versed?)
If he tells you, post-surgery, that you're suffering from clinical depression and need a drug that carries the risk of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, further depression, suicidal ideation, suicide, violent outbursts, atrophy of the brain, you go along. It's part of the program. In for a penny, in for a pound."  (emphasis mine  The medical people had me on all kinds of medication because of my severe reaction to their wonder drug Versed.  What a scam.  At least I am not forced to take these additional drugs like I was forced to have Versed...  Yet.  It's funny in an ironic way that Jon hit upon some of the exact symptoms I got from the use of VERSED, post surgery!  Depression, suicide ideation, violent outbursts.  All just fine because Versed made me OBEDIENT, "RELAXED" (as in unable to defend myself because of the lack of muscle control) and they hoped I would have amnesia so they could LIE to me about what happened.  It was ALL ABOUT what made the medical team happy, not one bit about what *I* needed or didn't need.)

"Anyhow, you have other things to worry about. Why cry over spilled milk? Too late now. It's done. You can't go back. These unfortunate accidents happen, and over time it all evens out.  (This too sounds familiar!  The comments from Dorothy, the "patient relations" nurse were along these lines.)
And since the system is the system, why should citizens be allowed access to medical studies and other relevant information? What purpose would that serve? When a doctor makes his decision, you follow. That's the way it works. "  (touche)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dr. Says "Hospitals Are Death Traps"

From my inbox is this from Dr. Douglass;  Hospitals are death traps  Here is the single most alarming quote of all from Dr. Douglass' article!  (Other than the sheer NUMBERS)  "Still, that adds up to at least 80,000 unnecessary deaths in a single year, and the biggest reason for them can be summed up in a single word: DRUGS. Medication errors — the wrong drug, or the right drug in the wrong amount — accounted for more than half the deaths in the new study."  It would be nice to know how many deaths and adverse events are attributable to Versed/Midazolam abuse and over use...  Medical people love this drug so much that any kind of objective reporting is impossible in my opinion.

Dr. Douglass' opening statements;  "Thousands of Americans are killed every month — and thousands more are badly hurt or sickened — by carelessness, stupidity, and neglect in the one place where they least expect it." (emphasis mine) 
"The hospital."      (emphasis mine) 
"New government numbers prove that zoo animals get better care than America’s seniors — because one in seven hospitalized Medicare patients suffer from serious medical mistakes."  (emphasis mine)
 Here's another quote;  "Other patients suffered from preventable infections, falls, incorrect procedures, bleeding problems and more. Some suffered from more than one mistake — and one elderly patient hit the opposite of a jackpot: Six errors in one hospital stay."

Versed/Midazolam was the wrong drug for me in any amount.  I know it and my so-called caregivers KNEW it!  They knew it before they gave it to me.  Didn't make any difference.  I got the "preventable infection" too AND my procedure was done incorrectly.  So, while I didn't hit the jackpot like the patient referenced above by Dr. Douglass, I had enough problems to bring me here to this page!  Thanks Aaron and Doug.  (my CRNA and surgeon respectively)

Here's what it costs us to have a bunch of incompetent people in the medical field;  "The only encouraging stat here is the cost of all those mistakes — $4 billion a year. That’s practically pocket change in an era of trillion-dollar stimulus and bailout packages."  That's 4 BILLION dollars a year of EXTRA MONEY for hospitals to correct the mistakes they made.  Can we say RACKET?

(Medical) Bureaucracy

I found this quote about an entirely different subject, but it's so apropos that I decided to include it here!  I am going to reproduce it, comment on it and then include the link at the end this time...  Here's the quote;

"Most employees in a bureaucracy want to decrease the number of tasks they are required to perform. Like all of us, they want more for less. Adding a step is not in their self-interest.
On the other hand, it is in the self-interest of their supervisor. Now we come to another law of bureaucracy, an extension of Parkinson’s famous law: “Work expands so as to fill the time allotted for its completion.” Professor Parkinson had another law, less known but more rigorous: promotions take place when a bureaucrat increases the number of employees subordinate to him. Parkinson worked out the numbers in the 1950s. It was no joke. There is a large body of academic articles devoted to this rule."

Think of the above quote in the terms of a medical bureaucracy and you will get exactly why we are being treated like cattle.  "Most employees (medical workers) in a (medical) bureaucracy want to decrease the number of tasks they are required to perform."  So if these medical workers can sidestep patient care, explanations, any type of human contact with the patient it makes their job easier.  Eliminate true "informed" consent.  Say whatever is necessary to avoid any prolonged discussion with a patient.   As many CRNA's at least have mentioned, if they use lots of Versed, they can cut down on the narcotics.  Narcotics are notorious for side effects and the patient would have to be monitored more closely.  My contention is that these medical servants also use Versed so that their monitoring job is easier, along with the ease of having zero interaction with patients.

 "Like most of us, they want more for less."  I can't tell you how many articles I have read with sniveling CRNA's moaning and crying that they aren't paid as much as Doctors for (in their opinion) doing the same job.  They want more money, 6 figure salaries aren't enough for being a nurse, they want more and more for doing next to nothing toward actual patient CARE.  Their idea of hard work is forcing patients to accept Versed, so that they can get back to their hospital gossip.  IN MY OPINION!  "Adding an extra step (human interaction with the patient) is not in their self interest."

"On the other hand, it is in the self-interest of their supervisor."  Supervisors in this case would be the actual Doctors who are allegedly "supervising" the CRNA's so that they can bill for more money.  They probably skim a lot of money off the top because there is NO DIFFERENCE in the anesthesia bill whether you have a fake anesthesiologist (CRNA) or a real Dr.  So it IS in the "supervisors" best interest to have lots of do nothing stuff as long as it can be billed.

“Work expands so as to fill the time allotted for its completion.”   All manner of dawdling, narrowly defined duties, and excessive medical personnel doing the "minor variations of the same job" all adds to the cost of a bureaucracy.  This fits in with both of the above.  The "supervisor" had more minions to "supervise" and the minor players have less to do.  Versed helps this along.  We have to have CRNA's or other expensive nurses to inject the poison, some phony "monitoring" instead of simply treating each patient as a human being, and omitting the Versed "therapy."  Phony "supervision" of the anesthesia nurses.   Perfect.

"Professor Parkinson had another law, less known but more rigorous: promotions take place when a bureaucrat increases the number of employees subordinate to him. Parkinson worked out the numbers in the 1950s. It was no joke. There is a large body of academic articles devoted to this rule."  Is this why it took at least 18 separate medical workers for a 70 minute out patient surgery?  The more people you can have working under you, the more "promotions" (money) you can have (and for less work)?  Is this why we have all of this?  Floor nurses, nursing assistants, CRNA's, supervisory Doctors (really?) nursing supervisors, patient relation nurses, scrub nurses, physician assistants, circulating nurses, LPN's, RN's, NP's etc, each going up the chain of command in the hospital hierarchy!

There you have it, my take on hospital bureaucracies!  Now for where this quote came from;

TSA Tyranny » TSA Tyranny: Starting and Ending with Money    The "other" bureaucracy that sends out petty tyrants to impose their will on a hapless public.  TSA wants you to do exactly as they say "or else."  There is an $11,000 dollar fine for refusing.  Pretty much the cost of a "minor" surgery with Versed...  "If you set foot in an airport you are giving up all of your rights" so says TSA.  Exactly what the patient relations person told me about going inside a medical treatment facility!  TSA "security specialists"  want to see you naked!  Hospitals want you naked.  TSA "screeners" want to fondle your genitals!  Medical centers want handle your genitals and stick tubes up your crotch whether you need it or not.  It's "for your own good"  says TSA.  Hmmm, now where have I heard this before?  So far TSA hasn't suggested a Versed injection in order that their passengers are "relaxed."  YET!  The police have it for "unruly" people, so why not TSA?  It's so fun living in America with all our freedoms and rights isn't it?  (rhetorical question, heavy sarcasm)

PS I got a kidney infection, totally preventable, from dirty gloves or hands at the medical center where I went.  The TSA screeners wear gloves for their own protection and do not change them or clean them each time they stick their hands down somebodies pants.  We are going to get STD's from the "enhanced" groping in the airport line.  It's only a matter of time.  Apparently even HIV can be spread in this manner along with all the curable STD's.  Crabs and other external parasites can and will be spread by the sham that is TSA "screening."  Our health is at risk at the airports now, just as much as at hospitals.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Phony (?) "5" Rating From Askapatient

On one of my recent posts my reader opined that there were some phony appearing top ratings for Versed/Midazolam on a PATIENT data base.  Here's my reader's quote;
"5 more phony "5" postings on Ask-a-patient !  Probably written by the same person - the claims are that she was "happy as a clam"  and "fit as a fiddle" after being given Versed... and having no memory is "the way it should be" (OBVIOUSLY a medical person)"

This is yet another problem with devious medical people!  They go to a site for PATIENTS to discuss their medications and put up a bunch of tripe lest their patients decline Versed.  Of course this is just a minor roadblock because these people will give it to you anyway!  It just adds some drama to their day as they try to con you into accepting it. 

I can just imagine how irritating it must be for them to have to explain how marvy Versed is.  Then they give it whether you agree or not.  "You evil, aggravating patients!  How dare you try to second guess we professionals?  We have ways of dealing with your type!  We are not here to answer your stupid questions 20 times a day.  We have a job to do and this just messes with our minds.  We owe you NOTHING by way of explanation.  Your job as a patient is shut the hell up and let us do as little as possible.  We want to drug you into an obedient form of plant life and we WILL NOT TOLERATE your objections!  How dare you think that exalted beings such as we are (medical people) should actually deign to speak to such as yourself(patient)?  Or worse yet, expect us to follow a PATIENTS wishes!  Who the hell do these patients think they are?"

Anyway I went over to VERSED: Side effects, ratings, and patient comments and  picked the most recent "5" rating.  It appears to be from a medical worker, not a patient...  See if you agree.

Rating  "5"

Reason   "Endoscopy"

Side Effects    "No side effects whatsoever.  Just nice and relaxed.  When the procedure was over, alert and self-sufficient."       

Comments   "I am a person who always checks out drugs, procedures, etc. before blindly walking into the "unknown."  I am very cautious as I have a heart issue which can be irritated by certain drugs.  As I had never had Versed before, I turned to askapatient for knowledge.  By the time I finished reading the user comments, I was terrified.  I was awake all night before and cried all of the way to the hospital in fear.  I had already convinced my self that I was going to refuse Versed.  However when I spoke with my physician (whom I trust explicitly), he assured me that I would not experience any problems.  So, we went ahead with the Versed.  Thankfully I had absolutely no issues with this med.  I watched patient after patient roll in and out of the procedure room with no problem."
First of all the terminology used in the "Side Effects" smacks of medical people.  "Relaxed" being the most abused buzz word in regards to Versed.  How in the world would a patient describe the experience of being relaxed if they had amnesia?  How would they know what they felt?  Secondly, medical people warn patients not to make any decisions, operate any machinery and to obtain the services of a driver to take you home afterward.  Why would they do this if, as this lady claims, she was instantly "alert and self-sufficient" after the procedure was over?  Patients only APPEAR "alert and self-sufficient after the procedure was over."  Is this lady basing her statement on observation, and not her own personal experience? 

Moving on to the "Comments."  Starting right off this alleged patient takes a sly dig at people who have been harmed by Versed.  She states that SHE always checks out drugs and procedures before "blindly walking into the 'unknown.'"  She insinuates that it is all our own fault for being stupid,  ignorant patients who trusted our medical team.  Then she states that she herself trusted her physician "explicitly."   This makes my head hurt!  Add to that the fact that medical people do not discuss, reveal, or make any allusions to their amnesia and control drug at all.  Not before, during or after the procedure.  Versed is a huge secret...  What a nasty comment!

Then she goes on to blame US (the 10% or more of us who have had a bad reaction to Versed) for her (alleged) terror and sleeplessness!  I'm sorry, WHO is responsible for injecting this poison?  hint;  It isn't patients.

This "patient" says that she has "absolutely no issues with this med."  She actually watched "patient after patient roll in and out of the procedure room with no problem."  So nobody has any issues with this med, according to a Versed addled patient?  ROFL  I also want to know where this lady was that she was able to examine "patient after patient?"  Surely she wasn't observing all these patients from INSIDE the procedure room?  What?  Was she stationed in a hallway?  Why was she in a hallway?  Where was the preop area with the curtained off cubicles to protect patient privacy, and why wasn't she in it?  Why wasn't she in the PACU afterwards, partitioned off while she shook off the zombie effects of Versed induced Alzheimer's?  Just how many people are rolling in and out and up and down, to and from procedure rooms in plain view of patients in screened off cubicles and behind partitions?  Or was she lying on a gurney in a hallway for hours being systematically fed IV Versed?  She was "watching" patients?  While she was under the influence of an amnesia drug herself and had the mental capacity of a carrot?  LOLOLOL 

By her own statements one would think that she KNEW by osmosis(?), that all of the patients she observed were under the influence of Versed.  How else would she come by this HIPPA protected information?  I want to know if she did a scientific follow up on those patients who actually did have Versed to find out if they had "no problem" with this med.  The whole idea of Versed is to turn normal people into a vegetable group.  They would not exhibit any likes or dislikes in route to and from a procedure room...  Does she have psychic abilities like my own CRNA claimed to have?  Somehow she just KNOWS? 

The only way this story makes any sense is...drum roll please...this person is a nurse!  She GIVES Versed, not gets it!  Can't argue with logic folks.

More From My Inbox; "versed ordeal updates"

This is an update from "Linda."  This is an excellent example of the lack of oversight and the supreme indifference to patient suffering, patient rights and THE LAW, by those entrusted with our safety.  How frustrating.

"Hi everyone,
I wanted to write to let everyone know of my latest sham. As you are aware two years ago I contacted NYS dept. of health regarding the illegal and clumsy treatment I received at the hospital. As you are also aware they did an investigation (ya right) and found no problems. This year I finally completed my letter of rebuttal (thanks to PTSD triggers it took a few months) anyway even with the proof of illegal behavior clearly outlined they continue to say nothing happened. I contacted the attorney general he has referred me to the inspector general as he explained they investigate state agencies. Also the attorney general recommended a private lawyer. I'm not sure if this is another way to ignore the facts but I will send a letter to the inspector general. I am so sick of this. And by the way Jackie I have been reading your most recent blogs. Let me say that we know the culprit of your illness is versed. It now three years following my getting versed without permission and although the anxiety is mostly abated ( as long as I don't go to any medical providers) I still have trouble organizing my thoughts and memory issues. I have already mentioned the PTSD (love the flash backs and insomnia). Anyway hope everyone is prepared and enjoying the season of cheer. Keep up the good fight. I love all you guys and the never ending energy you put into this fight. Medical people beware, we will not give up and we will not tolerate abuse. Take care Linda"
As anybody who has read this blog, or looked at the 2009 posts which reveal my personal information knows, I went through pretty much the same experience as "Linda."  The only people who actually did do an investigation (regardless of the phony claims where I went the point of treatment) was the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare.  The Medical Center was cited for NUMEROUS AND BLATANT VIOLATIONS OF PATIENT RIGHTS!!!  The only part of the ENTIRE (alleged) "informed consent" that was legal and lawful was my name on the document and the name of the procedure.  Even my signature on this unrecognisable, alleged "informed consent" was obtained through fraud and deception!  (I have lists of the very laws that were broken elsewhere on this blog)  How do they get away with this?  Linda explained it pretty well.  Phony claims that the incident was "investigated" and found to be "without merit," the inability of LAW ENFORCEMENT to do their job, (I even filed a complaint with FBI for medical fraud) the complete and total inability for medical centers et al to know the law and follow it etc.  No oversight + no recourse has led to disdain for us patients. 
P.S.  Even though the medical center where I went was CITED for all kinds of violations of the law, there was no FOLLOW UP to ensure that the legal remedies demanded by the Idaho Board of Health and Welfare's reforms were actually implemented.  I would love to have a copy of the new, LEGAL "informed consent" that the place uses now!  Or is this just another scam to get patients off their back?  Promise to follow the law and then continue on their merry way with their "inferred consent" which went out of favor in the 1960's.

Monday, December 6, 2010

"When Healing Meets Marketing"

I got this article in my inbox today from Jon Rappoport, investigating journalist.  Jon Rappoport -- When Healing Meets Marketing  There are a couple of things in this report which are pertinent to my discussions of Versed, forced medical treatment, the arrogance of our supreme beings called medical workers etc.  This is a frightening take on the future of medicine.  However, in some ways the future is here already, as those of us who have been chemically forced into obedience with Versed,  without consent.  I have chosen a couple of sentences from Jon's report to show below.

"In case you've been living in a cave for the last 30 years, drug companies and their researchers can invent any vague disease label they want to—and then they can invent five or six sub-categories of the label—and they can set out rules on how to diagnose each sliver of the label—and of course the doctors will make these diagnoses and prescribe drugs. It's marketing and “healing” at the same time."  In my case and many others the diagnosis was either "anxiety" (whether or not the patient themselves felt this anxiety or knew about this diagnosis) or it was "agitation" which vague diagnosis includes those patients who declined medical care or were a little slow to obey their masters.   This automatically makes us a "candidate" for the brain poison named Versed!  They don't even have to tell the patient what the diagnosis is (in their opinion) OR get consent for giving this drug.  I feel that they know that most would refuse amnesia and abject humiliation that this drug causes, but these medical workers feel justified.  "It's for your own good!" they parrot.  "Everybody NEEDS this medication!"  "I don't have the TIME to follow the law and get informed consent, besides patients are so stupid that they can't understand it anyway."  These are the actual words from medical people justifying their assault on patients.  The law is slanted in their favor because "they were only trying to help."  "Healing" my patooty!

"A little thing called individual freedom. Which includes the right to refuse medical treatment, no matter who prescribes it under what regulations.
People imagine that this right is some arcane matter best debated in medical-ethics journals. It's an obscure curio.
They couldn't be more wrong."  This is where the rubber meets the road.  I and all the rest of us who have been damaged by the unauthorized use of a psychotropic drug weren't told of the split second diagnosis of "anxiety" or "agitation" so that we could rebut the findings.  We weren't given any options or an informed consent, we were simply stealthily injected with Versed.  Then we were subjected to more intrusive treatments than we had consented to.  We don't have individual freedom already as regards to medical treatment, or we would never have received this drug in the first place.  Res Ipsa Loquitor. 

"As I've been writing, the ObamaCare plan contains the seeds of a future in which, by law, the citizen will have less freedom to determine his own medical fate. The walls will gradually close in.
The Founders knew what they were talking about when they warned of the incursion of government and the loss of freedom. At every crossroad, since then, the issue of freedom has resurfaced as the unavoidable key factor.
Well, we're at one of those crossroads again."  I have talked about this exact thing in other posts.  We have no more freedom if the medical community is allowed to dictate what we shall have done to us.  We already have tort reform and a singular lack of oversight for medical personnel as I've said before.  We are all slaves of the system.  They steal money away from me in order to facilitate my enslavement.  As bad as the drug Versed IS, just think of what other freedoms can be stolen once it is established that an individuals health is government business. 

No more overweight people or you will be taxed and denied services.  No more smoking, drinking or any drugs or homeopathic remedies except the ones from the FDA whackos.  Motorcycles banned, horseback riding, bicycles, skateboards, skydiving, swimming, loud music, snowmobiling, boating, home grown apples,  etc. all too dangerous for slaves to indulge in.  You must remember that you are a member of society and as such must not indulge in risky behavior which could cost society (government) any money.  The "greater good" thing.  Oh yeah and if they can save just one life it is all worth it.  Unless you are old or disabled and your benefit to society is negligible, in THEIR opinion.  Think about the consequences to your freedom from officials that feel that "saving one life" is an admirable goal at any and all costs.  (except health care costs)

Since Versed is a mental drug, imagine all the new and different diagnoses that we will be forced to accept, just to justify and facilitate the use of Versed!  It boggles the mind.  Any excuse will do because medical people love this drug.  The 10% of us who have had a really bad reaction to it don't matter now and will matter less once the government owns our body and brain through the mis-named "health care reform" bill. 

Versed is used to 1) Maximize profit for the medical center.  2) Minimize health care workers duties.  Sorry guys but patient comfort isn't a part of this, and you people know it.  You can reserve the right to refuse treatment if I don't go along with the program, but *I* want to retain my right to put restraints on my medical treatment starting with the absolutely unnecessary and costly Versed "sedation."

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bipartisan Hatred of Versed

I am a Republican.  This post is from the Democratic Underground.  I am happy to report that I am in complete agreement with the person who started this thread;  is versed (an amnesiac medication) evil? - Democratic Underground  Three cheers for bipartisanship!  Excerpt from the previous link as follows.  Of course I have added emphasis as usual.

"versed is often given patients undergoing medical procedures that do not require general anaesthesia. versed has most of the properties of anaesthesia, except that (at normal doses) does not cause unconsciousness. it is, however, very effective at blocking the transfer of memories from short-term to long-term.

in other words, you will feel almost everything the doctor is doing to you, will only minimal pain reduction; however, you will have no memory of it after a few minutes.  (They HOPE you won't have any memory of it!)

personally, i feel this is an evil medication, inspired by lawyers seeking to avoid damaging testimony. yes, i am fully aware it is far safer than general anaesthesia. however,
i find it repugnant that, the war on drugs being what it is, they find this a wonderful alternative to actual painkillers.  ( Oh yes and just who is inspiring these lawyers?  It can't be medical workers can it?  *Rhetorical question*)
i have personally witnessed (back when i was an emt-in-training) a doctor take about 5-7 minutes setting a severe radius/ulna (forearm) fracture on a poor little 8 year old who was screaming his head off. i mean, i thought his face was going to explode. his parents were right there, cringing.

where did they get the idea that an inhuman level of pain is fine, just so long as you can't effectively testify about it later?" 
(Any medical people want to address this one?  I thought not.)

Older Article about Anesthesia and Premature Death...

Read it and weep!  Even when surgery is over, sedation's risks could linger - Los Angeles Times  2 research studies suggest that deep SEDATION is linked to an increased risk of death for a year or two after the sedation.  I wish I could find a follow up for this.  The researchers discovered that people were dying after non heart surgery from HEART ATTACK and CANCER!  If this wasn't frightening enough, here's a quote from near the end of the article;  "The idea that what we do in the operating room may impact outcomes in our patients, weeks, months or years down the road is exciting,..."  (emphasis mine)

I really hope that the Doctor, apparently a highly regarded one, didn't mean this statement like it sounds.  It's EXCITING to have people die of heart attacks and cancer subsequent to and as a result of deep sedation?  Really?  Do we need any more proof of how medical workers regard patients?  OMG!  I may have to stop now, the warm and fuzzy feeling I get from possibly dying from heart attack or cancer as a direct result of deep sedation is making me giddy with joy and excitement.  (sarcasm)  I am so glad that somebody is EXCITED about this!  (more sarcasm)  I am thinking that ALARMING would be a more appropriate term for this?  I'm just sayin'.

Friday, December 3, 2010

More from a Versed Victim

I get e-mails from fellow Versed sufferers.  We have a kind of support group for one another as the medical community is singularly lacking in any kind of compassion or empathy for the people they harm with their drug of choice...  This particular sufferer is in anguish about the latest dereliction of duty from the FDA.  You know my take on the FDA.  They are open to the highest bidder.  Their studies are bought and paid for by the very people who want approval.  There is lots of evidence, anecdotal and empirical that Versed, or for that matter Benzos are very bad drugs.  Lots of problems associated with their use and YET!  We have the FDA approving another use of Versed, this time injectable.  I'm now waiting for the aerosol mist so that every predator can have a field day and every medical worker can make their job even easier.  Anyway I digress.  This particular person is having a Versed day...

The same article was printed here:  (reference to previous article on injectable Versed)

Jackie, this depresses me NO ONE taking us seriously ?  And have you checked out AskAPatient lately ? Someone (obviously medical) has been posting phony "5" ratings (again) from so-called patients who trusted their doctors and supposedly had good experiences with Versed. When I read those reviews, I can't help but wonder why my experience was so different ?  What the hell happened to me? I will never get over my experience, EVER.  When I went for counseling, the therapist told me not to think about it or continue to read about it, that was feeding my obsession... no more therapy for me. He didn't get it either. I will never feel safe until the drug is banned;  doctors will continue to assault patients with that poison even if they refuse it, , because they know they can get away with it. (As you can see, this is a "bad" Versed day for me !)  Keep up the good work on your website, and keep me informed if any medical people respond. Thanks.
Does anybody in the medical field feel this person's pain and fear?  Are medical people so calloused and accustomed to causing pain instead of alleviating it that this kind of story makes them angry instead of feeling bad?  Are they so consumed with their own importance that they have lost sight of what they are there for?  I.E to HELP people.  Are any of the people in health care today doing it because they love people and want to help or is all about money, power and control?  Medical workers seem to have lost their humanity.  If this person's post makes you angry instead of sorry, maybe some serious self examination is in order..

Study on Natural Altzhiemers as Opposed to Synthetic Altzheiers Via Versed

It is my contention that the "amnesia" that most people get from Versed/Midazolam is a deliberate and malicious drug induced Alzheimer's.  Since most of our medical people, in particular CRNA's, seem to feel that once they give a patient Alzheimer's disease by drugging, that they are free to make nasty comments about their patients, and to disregard patient pain.  Don't bother to deny this, I HEARD what my loving CRNA Aaron said about me.  It was part of the whole freak show at the hospital.  Since I had NO IDEA he had tried to produce amnesia without my knowledge and consent, I was shocked, appalled, horrified, humiliated, furious, helpless, impotent, incompetent, words fail to tell the tale of what I felt, to be rendered insignificant and humiliated by people that I had trusted.  (Aaron states that I was "VERY RELAXED" during all of this!)  Don't ever believe that "amnesia" can insulate your patient from your nasty, rude, unprofessional, unspeakably cruel treatment of them.  It can't.  Here is a study on natural Alzheimer's, which DIRE AND DREADED DISEASE YOU PEOPLE PURPOSEFULLY GIVE TO YOUR TRUSTING PATIENTS!

Patients with amnesia still feel emotions, despite memory loss

I have stated this as my premise as to why people who were abused and tortured by their medical providers experience PTSD and anxiety disorders subsequent to treatment.  Our brains are marvelous and delicate instruments.  Memory isn't something that has been studied in enough depth to know exactly how it works.  Implicit, explicit, inherited memory such as migratory birds and Monarch butterflies exhibit, aren't mechanisms that are understood by the medical community.  I just can't get over the fact that medical workers are so sanguine about harming their patients and inducing a dreadful disease with a chemical!  Why would you ever think that this is without side effects?  Are you insane?  You don't know what memory is, how the brain works, nothing basically, yet feel smugly superior and perfectly willing to destroy people's brains.  The HUBRIS!

Since I didn't get amnesia prior to the g/a I can't judge that amnesia part.  However they told me that I was awake and alert prior to my memory starting back in after surgery.  I awoke in a rage, already on my feet, violently throwing things and swearing.  According to witnesses, my transitions in and out of memory acquisition mode were seamless.  Oddly I remember going in and out, but somehow I knew what I had been saying during the "black hole" experience.  So even though I have partial amnesia after surgery and my explicit memory wasn't working, something was.  I had full knowledge of where I was and just who was responsible for the assault.  AND I have never been the same since.  My vocabulary sucks, I'm irritable and unable to cope with the simplest frustration, can't multi task etc.  Versed absolutely wrecked my brain. 

Here's a question for all of you know-it-alls out there who love Versed....  Is my newly acquired mental disorder a result of way too much Versed, being used in a manner and in amounts that were unjustified?  Was I so overdosed that it caused serious brain damage?   OR is my memory of the shockingly bad treatment I received after injection the culprit?  Since you medical workers claim Versed has zero side effects, it must be the PERSONAL attack, like a rape or beating that caused the PTSD, right?  I was absolutely "relaxed" to the point of helplessness, while my CRNA continued to arrogantly force me to have treatments I had declined and he had some "amusing" commentary about me while he was at it.  So which is it?  Either way, you are exposed as the sadists you are.  Alzheimer's patients have emotional memory of events and so do chemically induced Alzheimer's patients.  Overdose of a dangerous and unpredictable drug designed to mimic a lobotomy or Alzheimer's or patient battery.  Your choice.

Another Outraged Versed/Midazolam Victim

This is from my own inbox.  The author requested that he/she remain anonymous.  I have also included a response to this by yet another Versed victim, also to remain anonymous.  Yes boys and girls there are a lot of us.  We do communicate with each other when we can find each other.  Is this the "underground" that hypocaffeinemia is speaking of?  We consider it a victim's support group, no different than any other victims of violent crimes group.  Anyway the arrogant, sanctimonious disregard for our rights, dignity, and persons MUST STOP!  We are tired of being attacked and drugged into submission to satisfy the whims and desires of twisted medical workers.
Hi Guys,
In response to the latest article regarding versed I have to tell you a story. After I was treated with versed I was of course complaining and as you will recall very stunned and angry ( I'm still angry) I was talking to my son who is a paramedic. He said they use versed all the time. He said I was lucky they didn't give it to me in the ambulance because I was refusing treatment. He said when his patients refuse treatment and they believe its needed they just inject them with versed so they will be able to do their job. Also my cousin who is a paramedic made the remark that if he had answered my call he would have strapped me down gave me profonol shoved a tube down my throat and called it a day. So it is not just the doctor or the dentist and this has been happening for years. Also remember the reason these people believe I should have been sedated is because I did not want to wear a neck brace ( I had a fractured hip!) So this is considered agitated behavior. In the hospital they gave it to me for the same reason and because I would not lie on my back I wanted to lie on my side. I guess if you don't just do anything they want you are considered unruly and agitated. The same son who said I should have had the versed is also the one who said that I was yelling when he saw me. I had already had the versed by the time he saw me. I was not yelling before that.
You medical people don't see a problem with this?  What happened to patients rights and/or informed consent?  Just because YOU "believe its (medical treatment) needed" you will "just inject them with Versed so they will be able to do their job."  This is illegal, unlawful behavior AND in my opinion constitutes criminal assault.  We have a right to decline treatment.  Deeming somebody "agitated" (a subjective analysis by untrained medical people) so that you can do your job easier isn't right.  Similar to the RAPIST who claims that "She wanted it" or "she was wearing provocative clothes."   For you clueless medical people, *I* am agitated by the very idea that one of you unskilled, anti social creeps will shoot me up with Versed again, against my will, AGAIN, for spurious, self serving, ridiculous excuses! 
Response to the above e-mail (in red) I didn't write this response either.  The posts in red are from two separate individuals.

I have this taped to the back of my drivers license:   DRUG ALLERGY:    Versed (Midazolam Hydrochloride).     

And the sister of one of my closest friends is one of the best medical malpractice attorneys in the state.    Beware.

If you caught a glimpse of the post I had up here and took down because the author wanted me to, you KNOW that medical people can't read.  They can't or won't read a patient chart, an allergy bracelet, OR more than likely a drug allergy posted on the back of a license.  They will not listen to the patients wishes or instructions and feel justified in attacking a patient with permanently brain-damaging drugs if they are not totally obedient.  I fear for all our safety and privacy as the stupid, out of control FDA gets paid enough blood money from pharma to continue that attack on the very citizens they were formed to protect.  Add in supremely arrogant and supercilious medical providers and you have the recipe for personal disaster.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Medical Ethics" or "What did NOT happen for me."

I started laughing when I read this.  This is a joke right?  "Medical Ethics" is an oxymoron to me any more.  Everything that happened to me in my contact with the medical field is in direct opposition to the statements contained in this article.  Here's the unedited link.  AMA - Principles of Medical Ethics

Here's the edited version for my readers.  The italics, highlighting, underlining, etc are mine.  Please read the article in situ for the original text without my tinkering.


The medical profession has long subscribed to a body of ethical statements developed primarily for the benefit of the patient. As a member of this profession, a physician must recognize responsibility to patients first and foremost, as well as to society, to other health professionals, and to self. The following Principles adopted by the American Medical Association are not laws, but standards of conduct which define the essentials of honorable behavior for the physician.

Principles of medical ethics

I. A physician shall be dedicated to providing competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights.  (I was treated with complete and utter disregard for my dignity and rights.  There was zero compassion for me.)
II. A physician shall uphold the standards of professionalism, be honest in all professional interactions, and strive to report physicians deficient in character or competence, or engaging in fraud or deception, to appropriate entities.  (Honesty was also singularly lacking.  I was defrauded and deceived, and there is NOTHING to stop it!  Doctors don't follow this guideline, see my charting from the second opinion doctor!  He tried to tell me some false hoods to get my original surgeon off the hook.  He should have turned in my surgeon, in my opinion.)
III. A physician shall respect the law and also recognize a responsibility to seek changes in those requirements which are contrary to the best interests of the patient.  (Please see my other posts about how egregiously the law was flouted in regards to my care!  I have a list of the laws that were violated...)
IV. A physician shall respect the rights of patients, colleagues, and other health professionals, and shall safeguard patient confidences and privacy within the constraints of the law.  (I was informed that once I walked through the doors of the hospital that I no longer had any rights, that by my mere presence there, I had waived any rights.  Also, how do you "safeguard patient confidences" when you give them a drug, Versed, which causes an obliteration of the patients own censorship.  Patients blab about all kinds of things for the amusement of the staff while under the influence of Versed.)
V. A physician shall continue to study, apply, and advance scientific knowledge, maintain a commitment to medical education, make relevant information available to patients, colleagues, and the public, obtain consultation, and use the talents of other health professionals when indicated.  ( I needed to know just how bad this surgery could be, the loss of grip, the nerve damage, the forced sedation and forced g/a, the huge fail rate of this surgery, the COST of it all, the tendon damage, my surgeon's particular fail rate, the TRUE benefits, not some over stated pie in the sky rating from the surgeon, etc.  None of that was available, see surgeon's notes in 2009)
VI. A physician shall, in the provision of appropriate patient care, except in emergencies, be free to choose whom to serve, with whom to associate, and the environment in which to provide medical care.
VII. A physician shall recognize a responsibility to participate in activities contributing to the improvement of the community and the betterment of public health.  (This one floors me!  Not only was I kept completely in the dark about my treatment, but everybody denied that there was a problem afterwards.  Please see my x rays and the surgeon notes saying that this was all just fine!  I would say that admitting that the surgery was a failure from beginning to end would be the start of a learning curve.)
VIII. A physician shall, while caring for a patient, regard responsibility to the patient as paramount( It is my contention that nobody had any responsibility to the patient (me) at all.  Even the hospital administrators claim that they have no fiduciary duty to me as a patient.)
IX. A physician shall support access to medical care for all people(How about physician shall support affordable access to medical care for all people.  Doesn't do any good to have access if financial ruin is the result.  How about giving your self payers the same deal as you give the rich and powerful insurance companies?) 
Adopted June 1957; revised June 1980; revised June 2001.

"...An Unrecognised Post Endoscopy Adverse Event."

A friend sent me this little jewel.  What drug do you people use for endoscopy, hmmm?  SpringerLink - Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Volume 55, Number 10

I have reproduced the entire page here for you, the link above will take you to the article in situ.  I highlighted the pertinant information in this blog...




Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder have been described after surgical procedures, but not after gastrointestinal endoscopy.


The aim of our retrospective survey was to determine if new-onset, persistent (>1 month) psychological and/or physical symptoms develop after gastrointestinal endoscopy. We also sought to assess how endoscopy teams respond to patient discomfort during the procedure.   (What's not on here is what RESPONSE the medical team had to patients requesting or gesturing for the procedure to stop!)


We conducted in-person interviews among 57 gastroenterologists and endoscopy nurses at two large academic medical centers and a community hospital. Response rate was 81% (57/70).


Among gastroenterologists surveyed, 62% had encountered at least one patient with persistent new-onset unexplained physical symptoms, and 48% had encountered at least one patient with persistent new-onset psychological symptoms that started after an endoscopic procedure. A total of 44 such patients were identified, and most were women between 20 and 40 years of age. Common new symptoms that developed after gastrointestinal endoscopy were abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, globus sensation, anxiety disorder and depression. Duration of these symptoms was 1 month to 3 years. Gastroenterologists reported that 4% and endoscopy nurses reported that 10% of patients undergoing endoscopy gestured or requested that the endoscopic procedure be prematurely stopped due to discomfort. Only 11/29 (38%) physicians reported that while obtaining consent for endoscopic procedures, they routinely discuss the possibility of stopping prematurely if the patient becomes uncomfortable.


Persistent physical or psychological symptoms can develop in some patients after endoscopic procedures.
For all our medical people who are in denial...  IT"S THE VERSED STUPID!

"Psychiatrists have long known that Benzodiazipenes can cause brain damage."

Brain Damage from Benzodiazepines: The Troubling Facts, Risks, and History of Minor Tranquilizers | Psychology Today

Quote from above article;  "David Knott, a physician at the University of Tennessee, voiced strong concern about short-term memory loss among such patients, warning: "I am very convinced that Valium, Librium and other drugs of that class cause damage to the brain. I have seen damage to the cerebral cortex that I believe is due to the use of these drugs, and I am beginning to wonder if the damage is permanent" (qtd. in Whitaker 137)."  This was from 1975!  It is my belief that studies are not initiated because of 2 reasons.  The MONEY (always follow the money) to be made by destroying people's minds and in the case of Versed/Midazolam, the patient control, malpractice deterrent properties of amnesia, and the ease of working on people whose minds are detached.

Everybody in the medical field should be required to read this article.  How much more damaging are IV Benzos in strengths where 2 mls causes Alzheimer's like symptoms?  All you CRNA's who routinely smash into patients' brains with this evil poison, should think about somebody besides yourself before deliberately damaging your patients.  Recent studies...  My pattooty!  I've been complaining for 4 years.  Others have been complaining for a lot longer than that!  Since at least 1975 doctors who care about their patients have been sounding an alarm!  Here's your "empirical" evidence!  Here's the result of "scientific" studies, not just our personal experiences with the absolute nightmare that Versed/Midazolam is!  Stop screeching "anecdotal evidence" and stop being so lazy and selfish medical people.  We pay you far more than you are worth and enough to make you take care of US instead of coddling yourselves.

The COST of Medical "Care"

I found this article by a Dr. about the enormous cost of medical care. Bedside manner may need to include cost of care discussions 

As most of my readers knows I tried to find out the COST of the surgery my surgeon wanted.  His office quoted me $1,700 for the surgery.  Actually his bill was over $2500.  He even had the gall to explain to me that my 3 follow up visits were "free."  The only reason they were "free" is because their cost had been added to the original $1700.  Medical people we can't all afford this.  My Dr. and I did have discussions about the cost issue.  You can read the notes from him as they are posted in 2009. 

He and his office misrepresented the cost of the surgery, the length of time I would be away from work, the major, major issues with this type of surgery, including the permanent damage from the surgery itself and the 50% likely hood of needing additional surgery.  My Dr. when questioned concealed the fact that he only operates on unconscious patients even though I discussed my issues with g/a including the cost thereof.  HE HAS IT IN HIS NOTES, BUT HE DIDN'T GIVE A DAMN IF HE RUINED ME FINANCIALLY! 

 My surgeon had no answer when I asked him if he realized how much the total bill was.  I asked him how I was supposed to pay it.  No answer.  At the time I was upset about the cost "overruns" and that I was now facing yet another surgery if I wanted to retain the use of my hand!  I couldn't pay the initial trumped up bill and now I needed more surgery?  It was horrifying.  There is no excuse for misrepresenting the cost of this!  It should have been my choice to decide if I could afford it, not his to do as he liked and then destroy me financially.  Believe me it wasn't worth the money to have a marginally straighter arm!  (Or the kidney infection or the PTSD and anxiety disorders from being treated against my will.  A fractionally straighter arm wasn't worth any of it.  I sooo want a do over!)

I asked for a "no frills" experience, explained that my employer didn't offer health insurance etc. and instead of working with me, the hospital personnel, most egregiously planned THE MOST EXPENSIVE TREATMENT IMAGINABLE!  Why would they do that?  Well, as it turns out, once they perform the work, you as the patient are responsible for the bill unless you file bankruptcy.  You have absolutely NO RECOURSE!  Insurance companies negotiate huge discounts for themselves and us poor folks who can't afford health insurance take up the slack.  The hospital can and will sue you even though you opted out of  the expensive parts of treatment like sedation, that most ridiculous and expensive treatment that does absolutely nothing but add to the cost of any procedure...along with making our overpaid and under worked medical servants' jobs easier!

When I telephoned the hospital to get an estimate of the cost of doing an open reduction of my distal radius fracture, one of the most common fractures imaginable, they COULDN'T TELL ME THE COST.  How many hundreds of thousands of the same surgery do they have to perform before they can give you an estimate?  How STUPID are these people and how stupid do they think I am?  This isn't some kind of new or experimental surgery! 

I was quoted a price of around $3,000 excluding MEDICATION.  What they left out was that every single thing they did would be charged separately.  The tiers of nursing care, the radiologist (My surgeon can't read an x ray?  Rhetorical question as I know now that my surgeon cannot read an x ray-see his notes and the xrays in 2009) the rental of blankets, booties and blood pressure machines.  The charges for a nitwit CRNA, rental of a fluoroscope, a charge of $280 for g/a which was for writing g/a on a chart.  $200 for electronic transfer of data, the list goes on. 

The fact is that even in my initial contact with the hospital I clearly declined g/a and sedative type drugs.  That should have been clearly written on my intake forms as a contact.  It never was.  They can look it up and see that I refused that level of intervention, but they can't put that in my electronic chart.  I did everything right and what I got was lies and subterfuge.  Anything to get me into the hospital where they could take advantage of me. 

Tort reform and an almost total lack of oversight has made these people predators.  Their favorite prey being the self pay people because we don't have corporate lawyers like the insurance companies have, to keep these people in line.  There is no downside and EVERY REASON to make sure that your stay isn't limited to the day of surgery and that it is the most intrusive and expensive possible.  Not to mention that the self payers pay a rate that is substantially higher than the insureds.  So the very people that are most in need of curtailing costs are the ones singled out for aggressively priced options.

I recently read an article about this very subject on this very medical center.  If I can find it again I will put it up.  The author says that the place *I* went to plays with the books and that results in self pay patients paying twice as much as necessary and pay they will unless they file a medical bankruptcy.  Shame on them.