Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waah Waah Waah!

I got this from a fellow Versed sufferer!  They have an excellent introduction, such that I have nothing to add.  Here's the e-mail;

You're going to love this, Jackie...
An article written by an ER(?) medical person who complains about having to "sit through " a course on conscious sedation in order to understand it...also  about having to "take a test" about the medications used...and also  about all the "pre-procedure forms" that have to be filled out... like it's all a waste of his/her time !

Best comment :    "But I just don’t think that the paperwork is appropriate, and I think the overwhelming focus on paperwork is bad medicine."    OMG!!!!

Let me know if you think:

Poor little medical BABIES, crying about paperwork, crying about continued education, blah blah blah.  My heart bleeds for them, it truly does.  I have a suggestion for these spoiled brats ...  STOP SEDATING EVERYBODY!  Personally I hope that they freakin' PILE on the paperwork!  These lazy people SHOULD have to justify why they are poisoning us with Versed.  I can hardly wait to see them document that they use Versed simply in order to make their jobs easier.  Maybe if the paperwork is too tedious to bear, they will stop this nonsense and actually do their job instead of relying on doping people to get through their unbearably trying day.  Boo hoo.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gummy Bears and Midazolam

Occasionally I choose to interject some humor into my blog.  I found this little gem here;  Synaptic Meltdown  Yes, I love the title!  So appropriate.  "Buahahahaha!"  Absolutely hysterical!  What a leap between xylitol in Gummy Bears to protect our teeth ( yeah right) to Midazolam in Gummy Bears to protect us from... energetic children?  Great post, you should go read it!

Midazolam/Versed Shortage

I found a discussion about what to use instead of Versed on this site;  Drug Shortages | Anesthesiology | Student Doctor Network  There are a few notable quotes in here that I want to share;  Here's one;  "I have found versed to be hugely overused and overrated by virtue of drug shortages."  This from member 240830,  AA-C.  Another one;  "no words on midazolam shortage but I hardly use it.."  From member 184803.   Quote from member 225281, California Dreamin, "Just don't use versed. I don't use it unless I'm doing a block or a mac case."  (I wish this person didn't use it then either.  I had a block and I sure as Hell didn't need Versed for it!  Tim over at got Versed for his MAC and he didn't need it for his procedure either.)  There are more negative comments about Versed and some suggestions for other drugs to use at the site linked at top of page.  Next time you go to the medical treatment center and some snotty little anesthesia provider derisively asks you what he/she should use instead of Versed, you can knock 'em dead with your answer!

A Dr. Confirms My Objection!

I was reading this morning and I came across this little blurb from here;  Anesthesiology: versed induced amnesia, colonscopy, important decisions  While I dislike this doctor because of his pro Versed stance, every once in a while he says something which I agree with!  Here is the quote

"As for being asked about more meds, while you are not cognitive enough to consent for surgery, etc, you are still awake enough to know if you are in pain or discomfort and can answer that question (if you don't answer, then you are sleepy enough and they won't give you more).The anesthesiologist should have told you about the amnesia but now you know for the future."

" are not cognitive enough to consent for surgery..."  (after Versed)  Anybody who has read my blog knows that my crna Aaron claimed that I gave consent for g/a AFTER being injected with Versed.  He actually claimed that, in writing, to the Nursing Board, in response to my complaint.  BUT (big but!) he omitted any reference to giving me Versed!  He also claims that I approved of the use of g/a in the negative, ie after he knocked me on my a$$ with plenty of Versed, I didn't object.  Actually I couldn't object.  I remember it!  So how did this happen?  Why did the nursing board "not object" to such a devious plot to obliterate patient rights law?  Under no circumstances did I give permission to this man (fake doctor, lying, sneaky little nurse) for general anesthetic, nor did I give permission for any sedation and absolutely NOT an amnesia drug.  I said the exact opposite!  Good Lord, what part of NO did this man fail to understand?  The second part "The anesthesiologist should have told you about the amnesia..."  I agree with this one too!  However I want to point out the almost universal omission of this particular little item.  It is shocking to me that this doctor is brushing aside our concerns by saying "...but now you know for the future."  What a crock!

Here's another quote, which I agree with, but in practice is nearly impossible;

"If you are dead set against having amnesia, just tell future anesthesiologists your wishes and they should comply with them."
Like that will happen!  Not without world war three!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Obamacare, Nursing, Education

I found this post on this site; Nurse Jane is educated AND smart. I wish I could clone her. Anyway, here is her post.

I am so Glad to See This! I am a former Shock Trauma Surgical ER RN Level 1! And with Obama Care There would be NO Shock Trauma Nurses or Doctors! Trauma Care is very specific and Saves Lives that would have normally not be saved! Sadly where we live - the 2 hospitals have nearly fully implemented Obama Care - And We have seen the Results!

Dan loved his family and Harley Davidson! He got hit by a truck going through a red light. It badly messed up 4 Vertebrates in his back. He had a fission that lasted for 3 hours of 4 vertebrates. Then he was discharged 3 hours after surgery in a hospital wheelchair on the Bus! With Narco 5 for his pain. Dan died and was in Incredible Pain when DIED 3 days later. His wife and children are without him!

Then a Dear Friend of mine, Michelle. She lived down the street from our house. She has since moved to another part of the city - not too far from us and still stays in close touch. She had a Bi-Lateral Mastectomy at the 2nd hospital. She was in surgery for 2 hours, then sent home after 3 Hours later! She was told she could take a Regular Shower the next day. She did. Then she came over to my house in a panic! Her bandages (of course) were all messed up. So she asked if I could put new bandages on her. Thank God I had them. But I did see that she now had Step! A Deadly Infection. Well I told her and that we had to call her doctor immediately. We did. We both spoke to her doctor, and I was able to convince the doctor to see her ASAP! He told me with me just being a nurse, I was probably wrong on the strep. It turned out I was right on Target. We went to the Doctor's office, he saw her and looked at me, "My God - she does have strep!" She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where she nearly died for the next 4 days. She remain for a total of 9 Days, then went home and is healthy today. She blames me - Ha Ha!

Then we had a friend named Greg. He had very bad knees as the result of a car accident several years ago. He was looking forward to going in the hospital and getting his knees fixed. He had some problems with the anesthesia. His heartbeat became extremely irregular and iractic. The ICU which would have most likely saved his life was Full! So they sent him to the ER where he was put in a room. No one went to check for over an hour. When they did they found Greg DEAD! That is a case of Clear Medical Mal-Practice!

That is a 63% Failure Rate. Now any Hospital, or Medical Clinic with anything less than 70%, Would normally be closed! But not under Obama Care. OH, And Bill Clinton was our Governor for 3 Terms. And of course Hillary want to put her ideas in with Medical Care! And sadly she did.

Now, my education includes a Associate, a double BAS, and a Master's and a PhD. UCLA and Stanford. That was to get my certifications in Surgery in ER, and Shock Trauma! These doctors here went to school for 8 years TOTAL! Normally a doctor is required to have 12 years. Then 4-8 additional years for their specialty. A nurse I spoke with, who was Michelle's Charge RN! Michelle wanted me to look at her records in the hospital. So I went over and did. Her RN said she would have to stay with while I was reading it. As I read it, she questioned me, "You Understand all of that????" I said, "Of course I do, I'm an RN!" I asked her how long she had been in school to become an RN. She told me she had a 2 year certification with no degree. And that she only finished 8th grad. NO College! That's good enough for a CNA but NOT an RN! That takes a Master's Degree at the Minimum! Education Make the difference between life and Death. And its very Clear here.

So these are the reason's I do not approved of Obama Care!

Peace Be Unto You all and God Bless! Jane."

Who Is More Dangerous?

Who is more dangerous, a long haul truck driver who is a serial killer or a medical provider who is a serial killer? I ask this because it has come to my attention that (allegedly) perverts and killers are choosing long haul trucking in order to facilitate their life of crime.

Starting with the truckers... Do you trust these people absolutely? Even though there are laws which pertain to random drug testing for truck drivers, do you believe that they are drug free? Would you let that truck driver give you drugs? Would you confidently get into a big rig with a stranger? Would you willingly get naked with a perfect stranger who happens to drive a long haul truck? Truck drivers have to document where they are and the times they are there, by law. It's called a log book and it is filled out in 15 minute intervals, at least once every 4 hours, and mileage must be tracked. Failure to do so is a MISDEMEANOR!Feeling safer yet? A lot of these trucks are carrying satellite transponders which track the vehicle at all times. Does that matter? These trucks are pulled into government run truck inspection and weigh scales at any time. Right there with the highway patrol and occasionally the IRS... These trucks must also often go into well lit truck stops teeming with people to get diesel, food, showers etc. Feel safe yet? If the truck driver is hauling any kind of regulated substance they must obtain an FBI background check every 2 years. Does that help? Lastly, just how many people use hitching a ride with a long haul trucker to get from point A to point B? Not many I would imagine. Let's turn to medical people.

There is no mandatory drug testing for medical people required by law, as a routine condition of employment that I am aware of. No random drug screens at work. Despite the fact that medical people have access to pure, undiluted drugs all day, every working day. There are articles which state that drug addiction is a common problem with health care workers. Why aren't they held to the same standard as a truck driver? Does this make us safe? These medical workers shoot us up with unidentified substances, one of which, Versed, is used to create amnesia while leaving the victim awake and very, very obedient. Why is this fine? Are medical people a different species from truck drivers or are they the same human beings with a different job?

Why are we confident going into an enclosed area with strangers just because they wear a name tag and a smock? Why do we feel that we must comply with getting COMPLETELY NAKED and vulnerable in a medical setting? Sometimes it may be necessary, but come on, we don't all need to be in the nude...

As far as I know, there are no requirements for an FBI background check for medical people either. So any medical person with access to potentially deadly drugs and unfettered access to vulnerable patients has no mechanism in place to weed out the bad guys. Feeling safe yet? Just how much oversight do medical people have? Not much apparently. Crna's claim that "oversight" is only something to put down in the medical records with no basis in fact. There is no requirement to document the what, where and when of their day. There are only hospital records which are absolutely forged, just like truck drivers can forge their log book, except there are no fines, fees or misdemeanor charges involved with medical workers. They are not tracked in 15 minute intervals and inputted every 4 hours either. I'll bet hospital workers would have a cow if they had something like a transponder which tracked their movements during the day... These medical workers are not being watched like a truck driver, who has no access to myriad potent drugs and compliant patients. Does this make you feel safe? How many times are medical people subjected to random searches by law enforcement? Never? If a serial killer is loose in a hospital, there is a very good chance of getting away with it, which is far different for a truck driver. Medical people can kill people with impunity and fob off responsibility... Destroy the evidence. Claim equipment malfunction, patient illness as the cause of death, claim adverse reaction to drugs, there is a long list of ways to hide medical murder.

How is a truck driver to claim that he/she accidentally killed the victim? The bodies can't just be sent to the morgue with an excuse. A truck driver isn't completely autonomous like medical people are. The major point is that we don't trust truck drivers like we trust medical people! We should not be so trusting of health care workers. We don't REQUIRE riding in a truck, like we require the services of medicine! How many people have never been in a big rig as opposed to how many people have never been to a hospital? We present ourselves to medical personnel, trust them with our lives, get naked for them, let them shoot us up with unnamed poisons, yet we don't know as much about THEM as we do about the driver of the big rig. These medical workers are not held to the same standards and regulations as the truck driver. Insanity! Why would any sane person assume that some medical people are not choosing medicine in order to facilitate their nefarious career? Or get access to the really good drugs? It's a perfect gig for a serial killer isn't it? Serial killers come in the form of a human being. It's just that human beings that choose medicine have more access to victims and enjoy an inordinate amount of trust in the general population.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Informed Consent Again

I found this one this morning...  Section Three- Patient Care  When I find things like this which outline what I *should* have had and compare it to the high handed and illegal treatment I was subjected to, it irks me!  Here's a quote from the article;

"For all procedures performed in the angiography lab, informed consent must be obtained. This is a form that the patient must sign stating that the procedure has been explained to him or her. This form includes the procedure and possible complications. The patient must also be given the opportunity to have all of his or her questions answered. That is why it is called informed consent. The patient should be consented by the physician performing the procedure, and someone who is not part of the team performing the procedure should witness the consent. Consents may also be oral. Oral consents are done when the patient is unable to sign (for example, he or she is paralyzed and doesn't have use of the writing hand). Click here for an example of an Informed Consent. If the patient is unable to give consent it may be given by the next of kin or, in a medical emergency, by the chief of staff.
Prior to the exam, the physician performing the procedure reviews the patient's history and physical (H & P). The physician will also review the indications and any contraindications that the patient may have to the procedure. The patient's labs are also reviewed. Common labs are CBC, BUN, CREAT, GLUCOSE, PT/INR, and PTT."

[Informed consent] " a form that the patient must sign stating that the procedure has been explained to him or her."  So far so good, I was tricked into signing this, but here is the rest of it!  The part that was completely omitted by my employees.  "This form includes the procedure and possible complications."  Oops!   My form didn't have a single word about this kind of stuff!  My alleged "informed consent" is here on my blog, go look!  Let's see what else was left out...  "opportunity to have all of his or her questions answered?"  I don't think so!  The form I got SAYS that I did, but once again, it's not true.  

 "The patient should be consented by the physician performing the procedure...!"  My surgeon never showed up prior to surgery at all, let alone got any kind of consent.  I admit that his PA was there, somebody I had never met, didn't recognise as my surgeon and did NOT hire to do my surgery.  He never answered any questions at all!  How was I to know that he was even supposed to answer any questions?  He never identified himself.  Maybe so that I WOULDN'T  ask any questions?  Maybe to hide the fact that my surgeon had fobbed me off on him and that a PA was going to do the surgery?  Next item.

"...someone who is not a part of the team performing the procedure should witness the consent."  The sneaky, lying little nurse who witnessed me signing a paper (definitely NOT an informed consent) was a part of the team performing the procedure.  She was very accomplished at getting patients to sign documents which were unrecognisable as an informed consent.  It looked like a blood transfusion consent to me and she made SURE that that is what I thought it was.  It's here, go look at it! 

ORAL CONSENT!  Here is where my medical team made its most egregious steps into felonious behavior.  My crna went right on ahead with what he wanted to do, regardless of my instructions.  He claimed I made an "oral consent" by not objecting.  Oral consent is only available to medical practitioners if the patient cannot sign the consent.  Drugging me so that I would be unable to sign a consent, or even object, while knowing full well I would NEVER HAVE CONSENTED to his plans and never did, is unconscionable.  The other part of this is; why did this snotty little cretin have to say I gave consent by not objecting, if I had signed a true consent prior to beginning as the law states.  In the records of the complaint, he even omitted that I was drugged with Versed prior to "not objecting."  Nowhere is it recorded that I emphatically declined the very things he did to me over my objections.  Oh, he knew what he was doing. 

At the bottom it says that "the physician (not the PA or the OR nurse or the crna) will also review the indications or contraindications that the patient may have to the procedure."  IF my surgeon had decided to grace me with his presence we would have had the same discussion that I had with the nurses, the high and mighty anesthesia nurse and that PA that I failed to recognise as my new surgeon.  We had already had the discussion in his office, but apparently he needed to be reminded that sedation and general anesthetic were out of the question.  (hence a "review" as the article states)  So was having a PA performing my intricate surgery.  So was having an inexperienced nurse doing a nerve block, let alone that damn sedation and general anesthetic which I had declined. 

I guess I should be grateful that there are some medical treatment centers that actually have an informed informed consent!

They Are FINALLY Getting It!

Mostly the medical profession seems to care about nothing but money.  That's why complaining about the bizarre and long lasting side effects from their nasty little drug Versed/Midazolam does nothing but incite hatred from medical minions.  I have offered up the opinion many times that one of the main reasons for the "sedation for everybody" mindset is the money to be made by "sedating" everyone!  Here is an article from a reputable news source that looks into this. 

Study: Colonoscopies often come with costly, unnecessary sedation - HealthPop - CBS News

In this study they have uncovered almost a BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in costs for unnecessary "sedation."  It's probably a lot more than this if you can get through the "hidden" costs, like nursing "tiers" of care, extra time in recovery, the expense of perforations, etc.  If anybody wants "sedation" then let them request it and pay for it separately, like at the dentist.

Quote from article linked above;

"These services are not harming patients. They're basically giving them a luxury that is not strictly necessary," said study author, Dr. Soeren Mattke, a senior Rand Corp. scientist. That matters because policymakers are trying to rein in rising medical costs, the authors said."

"These services are not harming patients."(?)  Oh really?  What about all the perforations?  What about all the people complaining about PTSD as a direct result of their sedation?  "They're basically giving them a LUXURY that is not strictly necessary."  "Giving" (No, these people are charging a fortune for sedation, they are not "giving" anybody anything!)  "A LUXURY?"  I don't consider being attacked with brain poison and forced into compliance a "luxury."  How luxurious was it for me to have to see a counselor for years?  I didn't want a LUXURIOUS experience in the first place, I wanted a "no frills" experience...  Since when can medical people unilaterally decide to FORCE people into an unnecessary "luxury?" These services are most definitely "harming patients."  These services are harming patients physically, emotionally and financially.  It's about time somebody tried to put the brakes on medical spending by cutting out THIS almost billion dollar a year "luxury."  I've been writing about this for years and FINALLY somebody is looking into it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mefloquine; Another Zombie Drug!

Anybody ever heard of Mefloquine? It's an allegedly "safe and effective drug" used to prevent and treat Malaria. Surprise, surprise, as it turns out this is yet another drug which, along with Accutane and Versed/Midazolam, causes psychosis! Here is a definition from here; Mefloquine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Can you believe this? Oh yeah and this drug is one of them from that bastion of truth about their brain damage/psycho drugs, Hoffman La Roche. Roche is also responsible for all of the drugs I've mentioned above.

Here's a quote from Wikipedia; "Neuropsychiatric effects are reported with mefloquine use.[1] The FDA product guide states it can cause mental health problems including: anxiety, hallucinations, depression, unusual behavior, and suicidal ideations among others.[7] Some have reported severe central nervous system events requiring hospitalization in about 1:10,000 people taking mefloquine for malaria prevention with milder events (e.g., dizziness, headache, insomnia, and vivid dreams) in up to 25%" Sounds just like what we get from both Versed and Accutane doesn't it?

Here is a very interesting broadcast from Democracy Now! I got it through brasscheck's news service here; Health and Medical: Mefloquine, the military's own zombie potion  They are saying that the damage is P-E-R-M-A-N-E-N-T! Doesn't matter if you stop taking it, the damage is done. They say that 11% to 17% are adversely affected with brain damage type problems! Sounds like Versed doesn't it? Our military are being force fed this poison, just like we are being force fed Versed. There is no end to the drugs produced by big pharma that do more harm than good? DOES ANYBODY CARE?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

MRI anyone?

I grabbed this one; I'm proud that I've never had an MRI or CT scan because the author has some choice things to say about "Standard of Care" in hospitals and medical centers. I absolutely LOVE how this man puts it!

Here are some quotes;

"I hate unnecessary testing and unnecessary treatment." In this one the author is referring to MRI's, CT's and costs thereof. It can also easily be used for the use, misuse and abuse of "sedation." (don't they also insist on Versed/Midazolam sedation for these tests?) He goes on...

"And don’t give me any of that “standard of practice” hokum.

You know better than I that you and your colleagues, often not based on unbiased best evidence, and functioning as a cartel, create that “standard of practice.”"

Oh yeah, 'that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!' (I stole that phrase from one of my esteemed medical people who posted on my website!) I agree that medical people are NOT using "unbiased best evidence" especially in regards to sedation. THEY like it and it does not matter how many people complain about this matter, the medical folks just keep on doing it. Not only that, they (medical workers) get angry and abusive towards all of use who hate this drug and what it did to us. [Medical people] "functioning as a cartel" created that "standard of practice" hokum!" I love it when great minds come together!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oliver O'Quinn Anesthesia Nurse

I had to do some reading to confirm my suspicions regarding this story. Oliver O'Quinn, a nurse, murdered his platonic female friend in a fit of jealous rage over her upcoming nuptials. He shot her up with Propofol, app. 4 times the amount needed to kill her. He wasn't "just a nurse" at all. After some digging I found this article;
In it he is clearly identified as an anesthesia nurse although it doesn't say whether he is a crna, an aa or what.

Everybody can guess how I view this behavior and how I feel about the industry which spawned this devil. Makes you wonder how many other deaths can be attributed to this person...

You've Got To Read These Comments!

Here is the link; As you read through the comments look at the ANIMOSITY shown by the crna's! It isn't just the patients that these nurses have disdain for! I love it! Even the president of the AANA shows up to badmouth doctors! (and anybody else who objects to these so-called advance practice anesthesia nurses.)

I also was very interested in the "nerve block" comments. No wonder my nerve block wasn't successful! (According to the moron nurse who administered it!) He wasn't properly trained for this according to some comments. I would NEVER have allowed a nurse to try this kind of thing with me. He even tried to scare me with how "dangerous" this kind of block was! Of course it was dangerous with an unskilled crna at the helm. The only reason I accepted the risk was because 1) I had REFUSED general anesthetic and debilitating drugs and 2) He presented himself as a doctor. I wish he had warned me that he was just a damn nurse before subjecting me to all this unnecessary risk.

I also want to point out once again how crna's are using the law in a novel way. They claim that "supervision" is just so that medicare can be BILLED! They claim that supervision is non existent and that they all PRETEND that this law has been followed so that they can BILL the government. Why aren't they being sued by the government for deliberate FRAUD? I can't believe that they would actually say this, in writing. They are defrauding the taxpayers by falsely claiming supervision that never happened, nor even existed in theory. That's fraud in anybodies book. The law isn't supposed to be simply a billing tactic. Wow!

The Neuroskeptic

I found a new blog today while reading this from Dr. Kevin's blog; The link is in the article and also here;

This man is on the same wavelength as I am. I encourage everybody to read what the neuroskeptic writes and add to their own body of knowledge. His blog ranges all over the map and there is a lot of information here to cause pause for thought. It's from a neuroscientist, not just an arrogant anesthesia provider. In other words this man has a clue as to what goes on in the brain... AND he doesn't claim to know everything there is about it! How refreshing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"The Mystery Of Memory" This link provided is the work of a drug company so view it with that in mind. A commenter or two on this blog have accused me of being uneducated. I want to use this video as an example of how little THEY know. Here we have brilliant people trying to figure out the intricacies of memory with the idea of PREVENTING exactly what we are chemically subjected to with Versed! How bright is it of these erudite medical workers to deliberately (and often maliciously) inject us with brain poison to wreak havoc with our memory? This is the other side of the coin. Ironically, Versed is used to research memory loss.