Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Outraged Versed/Midazolam Victim

This is from my own inbox.  The author requested that he/she remain anonymous.  I have also included a response to this by yet another Versed victim, also to remain anonymous.  Yes boys and girls there are a lot of us.  We do communicate with each other when we can find each other.  Is this the "underground" that hypocaffeinemia is speaking of?  We consider it a victim's support group, no different than any other victims of violent crimes group.  Anyway the arrogant, sanctimonious disregard for our rights, dignity, and persons MUST STOP!  We are tired of being attacked and drugged into submission to satisfy the whims and desires of twisted medical workers.
Hi Guys,
In response to the latest article regarding versed I have to tell you a story. After I was treated with versed I was of course complaining and as you will recall very stunned and angry ( I'm still angry) I was talking to my son who is a paramedic. He said they use versed all the time. He said I was lucky they didn't give it to me in the ambulance because I was refusing treatment. He said when his patients refuse treatment and they believe its needed they just inject them with versed so they will be able to do their job. Also my cousin who is a paramedic made the remark that if he had answered my call he would have strapped me down gave me profonol shoved a tube down my throat and called it a day. So it is not just the doctor or the dentist and this has been happening for years. Also remember the reason these people believe I should have been sedated is because I did not want to wear a neck brace ( I had a fractured hip!) So this is considered agitated behavior. In the hospital they gave it to me for the same reason and because I would not lie on my back I wanted to lie on my side. I guess if you don't just do anything they want you are considered unruly and agitated. The same son who said I should have had the versed is also the one who said that I was yelling when he saw me. I had already had the versed by the time he saw me. I was not yelling before that.
You medical people don't see a problem with this?  What happened to patients rights and/or informed consent?  Just because YOU "believe its (medical treatment) needed" you will "just inject them with Versed so they will be able to do their job."  This is illegal, unlawful behavior AND in my opinion constitutes criminal assault.  We have a right to decline treatment.  Deeming somebody "agitated" (a subjective analysis by untrained medical people) so that you can do your job easier isn't right.  Similar to the RAPIST who claims that "She wanted it" or "she was wearing provocative clothes."   For you clueless medical people, *I* am agitated by the very idea that one of you unskilled, anti social creeps will shoot me up with Versed again, against my will, AGAIN, for spurious, self serving, ridiculous excuses! 
Response to the above e-mail (in red) I didn't write this response either.  The posts in red are from two separate individuals.

I have this taped to the back of my drivers license:   DRUG ALLERGY:    Versed (Midazolam Hydrochloride).     

And the sister of one of my closest friends is one of the best medical malpractice attorneys in the state.    Beware.

If you caught a glimpse of the post I had up here and took down because the author wanted me to, you KNOW that medical people can't read.  They can't or won't read a patient chart, an allergy bracelet, OR more than likely a drug allergy posted on the back of a license.  They will not listen to the patients wishes or instructions and feel justified in attacking a patient with permanently brain-damaging drugs if they are not totally obedient.  I fear for all our safety and privacy as the stupid, out of control FDA gets paid enough blood money from pharma to continue that attack on the very citizens they were formed to protect.  Add in supremely arrogant and supercilious medical providers and you have the recipe for personal disaster.

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