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Anesthesiologists Are Victims...

From Dr. Kevin's blog;  Anesthesiologists are victims of their own success 

A lot of this stuff is true for crna's as well.  Why do we need exorbitantly paid nurses for sedation?  We don't.  Most of us don't need sedation either.  Anyway, this article is germane to the issue of cost control.  Check out the comments at the bottom, where, drum roll please, the crna's pipe up as usual with their arrogant sneering.  How in the HELL are patients supposed to be able to interact with these self proclaimed demi-Gods of nurses, when these mid-level providers can't even get along with anesthesiologists, whose education is FAR superior to their own?  Haven't we been subjected to enough abuse from these minions yet?

PS a crna admits that people on Versed babble on in the comments section.  He says that ortho's don't want to hear it.  So, anybody who is telling you that you are not spilling your guts while you're under the influence of Versed is a LIAR!  Dan says so.  He also told me to "name your poison" so it seems that Dan the crna is cognizant of the fact that Versed is POISON.  Imagine that.  Yes I know he didn't mean it literally, but I was very interested that he chose that particular phrase.  It's a Freudian slip in my opinion.  A bubble from his subconscious..

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The COST of Medical Care-HuffPo

Here's the link;  Health Care Costs Will Be Higher Than Half Of Country's Income By 2037: Study 

Why do you suppose that is?  I can tell you part of it...crna's (anesthesia nurses) getting six figure salaries that allow them to live a life of "wealth and privilege" in the 90th percentile of US wage earners.  Did you know the AVERAGE salary of one of these little princes/princesses is $182,000.  How does that grab you?  For this we get sub par and inhumane treatment which includes the next driver of medical cost...VERSED SEDATION!  This "sedation for everybody whether they need it or not" has to stop.  Just the sedation and related costs add THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to the most mundane of treatments. 

Then there are other costs associated with crna's and their brain poison, that being that they can and do get away with giving their helpless patients FAR more treatment than the patient consented to.  They can and will LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH about how you consented to more treatment by NOT OBJECTING any more after they shot you up with Versed.  After all this drug is meant to conceal their actions from you, not make you the patient comfortable.  Versed is a shroud of darkness over events that has gotten medical workers accustomed to lying with impunity.  After all, the main effect of Versed is AMNESIA, followed by craven obedience.

So, they get LOTS of money for perpetrating this freak show against their patients, they get to do whatever the hell they want to patients without reprisal and they get to lie like rugs.  What's not to like.  As long as you are a medical minion that is.  If you are a patient, it's a whole other story isn't it?

For those of you like Julia the anesthesia nurse who feels that health care reform will help her out, I wouldn't count on it baby cakes.  Even our bloated tax happy government can't afford all the promises in the [un]Affordable Care Act.  The fallout is beginning already and this atrocity hasn't even been implemented yet.  The government WILL be coming after you.  They will cap your salary and prevent you from sticking your needle of Versed into us on a whim.  There will be MORE accountability and you are going to be in the middle of it.  We can't afford you people, nobody can.  Change is in the wind.  I can hardly wait.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Lighter Side Of Medicine

A friend of mine sent me this one!  It's really funny, but before anybody goes all sideways on me because of the content, keep in mind that my own father is from Jamaica.  He came into this country the LEGAL way.  My Jamaican grandfather was the ONLY doctor for a time on the entire island back in the early to mid 20th century.  He passed in 1955.  The doctor in this piece is Jamaican as well.  She has the typical Jamaican sense of humor.  Very funny!  (I assume that this was filmed prior to Versed being widely used.  This patient is the perfect "candidate" for sedation isn't he?  Lucky him!)

Archie Bunker and the Doctor - YouTube

Anesthesia Nurses Strike Again!

A while back I wrote about a comment from here; Colonoscopy Sedation Medications  The comment and commentary can be found here on this blog;  No Midazolam: I'm Sorry For The Anesthesia Nurses! 

When I went back to the original site I found (no surprise here) that an anesthesia nurse had taken exception to Jessica's remarks.  It's so odd that real MDA's, you know those insufferably arrogant, insecure and expensive DOCTORS don't go on sites and vandalize them like the nurses do!  The quote below epitomizes the absolute arrogance and disregard for human suffering that these nurses feel.  Gotta love it.

Julia says:

That is just MD elitism. A little insecure about your position in medicine?
How unfair to blame the nurses for treating the patients badly (“brutal, painful, and traumatizing” as you put it) during colonoscopy procedures…how about the gastroenterologist maneuvering the big scope.
Anyone in medicine realizes that there is a fine line between adequate sedation and over sedation resulting in harmful and potentially fatal side effects.
CRNA are well educated professionals and trained to administer anesthesia just like the anesthesiologists without the overinflated salaries. Good luck with health care reform!

Excuse me, but JESSICA, an internist, is suffering from "MD elitism"?  Rofl!  Oh dear God, this Julia can't see her own "medical elitism?  Is Julia just a little insecure about her "position in medicine" as a NURSE?  This is hysterical.  The proverbial "pot calling the kettle black".  I sure don't see anesthesiologists looking for things to be offended by, just the nurses.

Then we move on the the crybaby part.  It's so UNFAIR (boo hoo) to blame the nurse for her lack of skill in her primary job of alleviating suffering.  If there wasn't a gastroenterologist maneuvering a small scope, not BIG as the nurse puts it, then there would be no need for pain control.  She blames the doctor, which is typical.  Not herself for failing to give pain relief.  It is her fault the patient experiences "brutal, painful and traumatizing" treatment.  Yes it is.  That's her job to alleviate.  Julia needs to go back and read what her job description is...

At least Julia ADMITS that Versed can cause harmful and potentially FATAL side effects.  What she doesn't want to talk about, despite all the posts about it on the hospital soup site, is that "adequate sedation" as she puts it, ALSO causes severe side effects.  There is no "safe" dose of this medication even if  you omit FATALITIES, of which there are many.  It doesn't matter WHO injects Versed, the drug is dangerous and unpredictable.  It causes severe side effects in almost any minuscule amount!  The very nature of the drug is a "severe side effect" in my opinion.  Abject obedience, amnesia, blood pressure spikes, all severe side effects.  Of course the obedience and amnesia are desired effects for anesthesia nurses.  Nonetheless this is pretty severe brain poison to cause these symptoms.

The next bit of incredible hubris is where Julia claims that anesthesia nurses are "professional" and trained to administer anesthesia JUST LIKE THE ANESTHESIOLOGISTS!  This is not true.  Anesthesiologists have far more education and training, in anesthesia and everything else medical, hence the MD behind their name.  It's just a fact and not subject to discussion.  In my own experience, my crna was completely and undeniably UNprofessional.  This Julia also seems to admit that she is UNprofessional, as she is accepting zero responsibility for her patients pain.  (her job) Blaming the doctor instead for doing HIS job.

I'm almost done, I promise.  Julia references "overinflated salaries" of MDA's.  Pardon me, but just WHO has an overinflated salary?  That would be little anesthesia nurses getting a six figure salary for being a NURSE.  Apparently these nurses make as much or more than your gp.  That's without medical school or the additional expense of running an office.  Crna's are usually EMPLOYEES of an anesthesia firm!  Another factoid that needs to be kept in the forefront is that it costs JUST AS MUCH to have an anesthesia NURSE as it does to have a real doctor do your anesthesia.  This is also just a fact, as I have the proof in my own medical billings.  The nurse involves ZERO medical savings.  None whatsoever. 

Julia's last snide comment about "good luck with health care reform" is a non sequitur, but I will try to analyze it anyway.  I think she is referring to the cost savings (non existent) in the health care reform bill.  She apparently thinks that anesthesia nurses will supplant doctors...  I think Julia should worry more about HER job in the reform of health care.  The cost needs to be brought down and the easiest, quickest way to do that is to turn "sedation" into an out of pocket expense.  You want "sedation" YOU pay for it, not me through my premiums.  That means less work for anesthesia nurses.  It's my understanding that "sedation" (and easy procedures) is what most anesthesia nurses do.  The hard cases are left for the real doctors.  You know, the ones that Julia claims she is on par with.  It is also my hope that medical salaries will be decreased and deflated, especially for mid level providers.  Why have an np, pa or crna when there are no SAVINGS attached to it?  It makes no sense.  Crna's have really inflated salaries for their amount of training, and this needs to be reined in.  Just my opinion.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Couple Of Sites About Dementia

We all know that sedation in the ICU in particular causes dementia.  Versed being the most culpable.  Dementia is very serious, even though our medical workers appear not to give a damn, so long as sedating people makes their job easier.  The following links about dementia are worth reading.

 One in Three Elderly Have Dementia When They Die

Dementia Tops Cancer, Heart Disease in Cost

I have had both doctors and nurses contact me and tell me about how Versed causes dementia.  The best quote I have from a nurse is that whenever one of her patients gets Versed a little less of them comes back.  Why is the medical field doing this to us?  They give us a chemical lobotomy with Versed, when they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about brain function, or the long term ramifications of using such a drug!  It frightens me when I hear of patients getting a continuous infusion of Versed to keep them docile.  This drug is so dangerous I can't believe that its use is allowed.  And these medical people use it ALL THE TIME!  For any specious reason!  They are completely dependant upon this drug in order to do their job.  They want a shroud of secrecy and an obedient patient, all the while subjecting patients to torture and brain damage.  The simple torture of being immobilized and treated like slabs of meat, bored out of your mind by sadistic nurses would make anybody want to die, let alone being subjected to enormous "stimulation" (pain) as well.  Personally I would rather be dead than get even one more injection of Versed.

An aside about the "stimulation" comment above.  I have had two different doctors tell me that it is easier to operate on somebody who is simply sedated because the "enormous stimulation" of pain and agony keeps the blood pressure up.  Isn't that special?  They rely on amnesia instead of pain relief so that the patient isn't as hard to maintain.  All of this is stored in the subconscious as far as anybody knows, implicit and explicit memory being two separate and distinct brain functions.  Patients on Versed exhibit similar brain wave patterns to being wide awake and without amnesia.  There is no way to tell if the patient is experiencing amnesia of the event.  And the 'care givers' don't give a damn.

More Insanity From Arrogant Nurses; Part Two

Here's the second post I got recently.  This is even more fun! 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I'm Sorry For The Anesthesia Nurses!":

Actually a CRNA IS qualified to deliver anesthesia. In fact, CRNAs were administering anesthesia long before there was any such thing as an anesthesiologist. To become a CRNA, one must complete a bachelor's degree in nursing (with at least a 3.5 GPA for most CRNA schools), pass the NCLEX certification exam, complete at least 2 years of bedside nursing in the intensive care unit, get a high score on the Graduate Record Examination, apply, interview, and be accepted to a credentialed CRNA program, complete 2 years of rigorous coursework and clinicals, and pass a licensing exam. We are taught and are qualified to do everything an anesthesiologist (MDA) can do. No one with a doctorate in basket weaving is qualified to provide anesthesia, unless of course the basket weaving degree was earned in addition to their Master's of Nurse Anesthesia, Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia, or Medical degree. Please get your facts straight before posting ignorant rants on topics which you know nothing about.

A crna is not qualified to deliver anesthesia.  At least not to me!  In the very post this person commented on, I wrote AT LENGTH about what happened to me at the hands of a so-called anesthesia nurse.  He wasn't qualified to perform his task, witness MY REACTION TO HIS MINISTRATIONS!  I will NOT HAVE an anesthesia nurse do my procedure ever again.  Now that I know anesthesia nurses exist, I will grill whoever thinks they are going to do my anesthesia to ferret out the truth about their credentials.  A nursing credential won't cut it.  I was attacked and damaged once by a nurse, and I'm not that stupid, regardless of what this commenter thinks.  It won't happen again.

Cupcake, maybe you better have a history lesson.  Back in the day, they didn't have certified registered nurse anesthetists, now did they?  They had nurses who HELPED THE DOCTOR!  Nice try.  All that education you claim to possess pales in significance to what an MDA has to do.  Changing bedpans and starting IV's doesn't even begin to describe what doctors have to go through.  Do you grasp that concept?  Or are you so enamored of YOURSELF that you truly can't see a difference?  You are NOT taught and qualified to do everything an anesthesiologist can do.  When did you complete your MD degree?  In which case you would be an MD and not a nurse.  All that BS about how hard it is to get your nursing degree reads like blah, blah, blah, I'm so wonderful.  Give me a break.

Please get your facts straight before posting ignorant rants on topics which you know nothing about!  Back at ya babe. 

For all my readers, this is EXACTLY the attitude you will get from most anesthesia nurses.  They teach them complete and total arrogance in school I think.  They all tell each other how wonderful they are until they believe it.  No humility here, only HUBRIS!  I just love the "ignorant rants" part especially.  I've heard this exact phrase SO MANY TIMES I can't count them.  Nothing new here, just a repeat of what we have already heard.  BTW I obviously know quite a bit about the topic at hand.  More than the commenter knows with all their alleged education.  So sad, but it's unfortunately true.

More Insanity From Arrogant Nurses

I decided to allow anonymous postings here again...for a little while to give me something to write about!  Get a load of this arrogant little nurse.  Of course I am happy to correct any misperceptions this nurse has about his/herself.  Keep in mind that this is the kind of tripe I expect from nurses who specialize in anesthesia!

Here's the first one.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Tammy Wynette Dead From VERSED?":

Any drug can be lethal if not properly used. You can overdose on Tylenol, you know? Perhaps you should start telling people that healthcare workers are evil because they administer Tylenol or Advil. Versed is a safe drug. However, it is not safe when administered by someone who is not an RN, CRNA, or MD. By the way, what credentials do you have that make you an expert on this "evil" drug?

First we start with the trite and stupid phrase that I have seen time and time again from medical minions.  "Any drug can be lethal if not properly used."  OMG, I had NO IDEA that this was true!  I could actually overdose on Tylenol!  Who knew?  (heavy sarcasm)  I wonder how much Tylenol I would have to take to destroy my brain like Versed did?  Do you think it would take more than 2 mls? 

Should I tell people that healthcare workers are evil because they administer Tylenol or Advil?  Ummm, no, cupcake, that's not the point now is it?  Tylenol and Advil are over the counter PAIN medications that as far as I know do NOT cause people to have amnesia.  Nor do these drugs create an abnormal obedience.  They do not typically cause dementia either, now do they?  What a stupid comparison...  Really?  This is what you want to compare VERSED to?  No wonder we patients are being overdosed with Versed in such a cavalier way by snotty medical workers.  They equate Versed with aspirin!  Versed is actually an ANTI anesthesia drug, in that it causes patients to feel pain more acutely.  I have the studies on the blog.

Versed is NOT SAFE no matter who administers it.  I'm not only talking about actual death resulting from Versed even though there is plenty of evidence to show that people do die from having Versed administered by an RN, crna, or MD.  That's the truth.  I'm talking about the devastating effects from this drug on brain function post injection.  By the way, who gets to administer this drug anyway?  I have yet to have anybody threaten to give it to me who isn't in the medical field.  I hope this cretin knows that Versed can be used by street people (allegedly) to control seizures.  Funny that this "safe" drug that can actually cause seizures and is (allegedly) being used to control them.  (I say allegedly because this use of Versed is an OFF-LABEL USE! The FDA frowns on this kind of behavior, not that this nurse would care.)

What credentials do I need to have had a bad experience with this poison?  What credentials do I need to research this evil drug?  I will tell you this my high and mighty medical worker, my IQ is still higher than yours even after you people tried to completely obliterate it with Versed.  I AM an expert on this particular subject.

Using Sedation To Kill People


Wolves in Sheep's Clothing?



By Kelleigh Nelson
April 10, 2013
"... we must be wary of those who are too willing to end the lives of the elderly and the ill. If we ever decide that a poor quality of life justifies ending that life, we have taken a step down a slippery slope that places all of us in danger. There is a difference between allowing nature to take its course and actively assisting death. The call for euthanasia surfaces in our society periodically, as it is doing now under the guise of "death with dignity" or assisted suicide. Euthanasia is a concept, it seems to me, that is in direct conflict with a religious and ethical tradition in which the human race is presented with " a blessing and a curse, life and death," and we are instructed '...therefore, to choose life." I believe 'euthanasia' lies outside the commonly held life-centered values of the West and cannot be allowed without incurring great social and personal tragedy. This is not merely an intellectual conundrum. This issue involves actual human beings at risk..." —C. Everett Koop, M.D. * *taken from the book KOOP, The Memoirs of America's Family Doctor by C. Everett Koop, M.D., Random House, 1991
Florence Wald and American Hospice
Florence Wald is the most famous leader of the modern American hospice movement. She was born Florence Sophie Schorske in New York on April 19, 1917. She received a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College in 1938 and an M.N. from Yale School of Nursing in 1941. She received a second master's degree from Yale University in mental health nursing in 1956, and became an instructor at the school's nursing program. In 1959, she became Dean of Yale's School of Nursing. The Yale School of Nursing was founded in 1923 with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.
Wald's entrance into hospice came about after she attended a 1963 lecture at Yale by Dr. Cicely Saunders, founder of St. Christopher's Hospice in London. Saunders' lecture emphasized minimizing pain in terminal cancer patients so that they could focus on their relationships and prepare for death. Wald immediately began reshaping the nursing school curriculum to put more focus on patients and their families and to emphasize care of the dying. Feeling further effort was required, Wald resigned as dean and went to London to study at St. Christopher's. Upon her return, she organized the first U.S. hospice in Branford in 1971. Connecticut Hospice, which began by offering in-home care but eventually built its own inpatient facility, became a model for hospice care here and abroad.
Florence Wald, an agnostic and secular humanist, was an open advocate of euthanasia and assisted suicide, while Saunders, a devout Christian, opposed the practice and believed hospice made it unnecessary.
As productive and influential as Florence Wald was, she sharply disagreed with Dame Cicely Saunders' life-affirming approach to end-of-life care and said: "I know that I differ from Cicely Saunders, who is very much against assisted suicide. I disagree with her view on the basis that there are cases in which either the pain or the debilitation the patient is experiencing is more than can be borne, whether it be economically, physically, emotionally, or socially. For this reason, I feel a range of options should be available to the patient, and this should include assisted suicide."
So, is Wald saying assisted suicide should be made available for society's economic needs? Or perhaps she's referring to the family's inheritance? Economic because it costs the family too much or the health care system too much? Social reasons because a dying family member is a stressful situation on the family?
Wald's pro-euthanasia type of hospice is what is being delivered in many parts of this country, though many hospice professionals will strongly deny that. Those who do remain faithful to Dr. Saunders life-affirming vision, who relieve the suffering of the dying until a natural death occurs in its own timing, will say they do not hasten death. Those who do hasten death will say the same. The public often has no way of knowing which type of hospice their loved one will experience.
Many hospice leaders have spoken out against euthanasia and assisted suicide, and the whole American hospice movement has rapidly expanded since its inception. In 1983, Congress required Medicare to pay for hospice care, which put the treatment in mainstream medical practice. According to the Center for Nursing Advocacy, in 2010 over 5,100 hospice programs served nearly 1.6 million patients a year in the United States.
Hospice was once a grass-roots, home-based model of end-of-life care, but is now part and parcel of corporate medicine. In 2005, for-profit organizations accounted for half of all hospices, and they charted profits of about 12 percent from 2001 to 2005, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. (MedPAC) [Link]
Hospices that remain true to the Cicely Saunders' life-affirming mission will not hesitate to proclaim the sanctity of life, while they intervene to relieve suffering at the end-of-life. Those for-profit and volunteer hospices that are willing to hasten death normally do not speak about the sanctity of life, and they do not teach their staff to never impose death. In fact, their training results in quite the opposite. The hospice industry has marketed itself as this "compassionate thing" that exists all over the country and is filled with angelic staff who care and work the kind of wonders Dame Saunders encouraged.
There are thousands of stories of wonderful care received from hospices and how the patient and the family have benefited. There are also thousands of stories of patients being put to an early death by overdosing with pain cocktails or by dehydration and starvation. There has been a very slick, sophisticated and well-financed campaign to completely twist the positive contributions of hospice into something the public would never openly accept.
To be perfectly clear, water and sustenance are not heroic efforts to keep the dying alive. This is keeping the patient comfortable. When sustenance cannot be delivered, at least hydration can be given to keep the body comfortable. However, there comes a point where the patient's body shuts down, and neither food nor water are desired or taken and death is imminent. [Link]
Palliative Care and Terminal Sedation
Palliative care is not exclusively practiced in a hospice. It is the specialization in the field of medicine which relieves the distressing symptoms of any serious illness at any stage of life, whether terminally ill or not. The World Health Organization states that:
"Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual."
Terminal or palliative care is used by a majority of hospices today. This often involves permanently sedating the patient, allowing the patient to dehydrate and die. It looks outwardly peaceful as the patient is made to sleep in a medically-induced coma, but the patient's death is the result.
Terminally-sedating the patient is something that can be done in hospice that doesn't outwardly appear like euthanasia where a lethal agent is given. (Morphine is the potent opiate which directly effects the central nervous system. It has neurotoxic effects on the brain. Overdoses lead to asphyxia and respiratory depression. It slows metabolism, causes incontinence, and has acute and chronic effects on the endocrine system, blood, the heart and lungs. The hospice "cocktail" usually consists of Ativan, Haldol and Morphine). It also doesn't outwardly appear like assisted suicide where a patient takes a lethal medication prescribed by a physician. Terminal sedation is more subtle and deceptive. This is what happened to my friend's relative who I told about in Part 3. The man wanted to be with his family, but food and water was denied by hospice. (Yes, there are hospices that refuse to give any food or water and you must sign on to that when they are hired.) The sedating "cocktails" were given to the point where respiratory function was decreased enough to cause early death.
Palliative medicine is commonly used by hospice to relieve many symptoms of the dying patient. It is precise and tuned especially for each patient's illness. However, there are facilities wherein every patient is sedated because all the patients are "agitated." It is a perversion of hospice as well as palliative care. It is a deliberate railroading of patients to an imposed death, a hastened death through "palliative" or "terminal" sedation.
Surprising to many, terminal, palliative or "total" sedation is so commonly used today to hasten death (a method of stealth euthanasia) that it is defined by the pro-euthanasia Compassion and Choice's "Good to Go Resource Guide" glossary. They define it as:
"the continuous administration of medication to relieve severe, intractable symptoms that cannot be controlled while keeping the patient conscious. This treatment renders the patient unconscious and relieves suffering by inducing an artificial coma. The unconscious state is maintained until death occurs."
Unfortunately, it is used way too often on patients who are not having severe, intractable symptoms that cannot be controlled while they are conscious.
Ron Panzer of Hospice Patients Alliance states, "In many cases, the Adult Protective Service system is even used to intimidate those who truly care about the patient and object to clinically unnecessary or harmful interventions. These can be as common as giving morphine when there is no pain, sedating a patient who is not agitated, depriving the patient of needed medications when they are still benefiting from them or not providing food and fluids as needed when they patient is still benefiting from them. We have received many calls from families who tell us the hospice falsely accused them of being a threat to their own loved one and called APS when they voiced their objections to the death-protocols being implemented at the hospice. So we have those who truly care about the patient being accused of being a threat, and those who hasten death in charge of the agency entrusted to care for the patient!"
Euthanasia Society and Hospice
Many supporters of the sanctity of life simply do not know how deep this all goes and how successful the heirs of the original Euthanasia Society of America have been in our nation. They do not know how the Euthanasia Society is connected with the largest segment of the hospice industry in America, and when some have finally understood it, they have been shocked. Most of those who affirm the sanctity of life view hospice as the rightful alternative to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Sadly, this is becoming a rarity.
The largest hospice organization in our nation is the successor organization to the Euthanasia Society of America. According to the most prominent hospice leaders in the world, many hospices in the United States today have no reservations about hastening death through "terminal sedation," or "palliative sedation." Federal regulations governing hospice are far fewer in number than those protecting patients in nursing homes or hospitals, or that state agencies inspect hospices less frequently than nursing homes or hospitals. Some hospices may go years without being inspected at all. Because of the HIPAA privacy regulations, nobody interested in researching what is actually going on in hospice can get access to the data, so hospices that have an agenda can act without any outside interference or supervision.
Unlike Dame Cicely Saunders, a majority of leaders at the top of today's hospice certainly look nothing like the sanctity-of-life hospice Dr. Saunders founded, yet they pretend to be. They are what we call utilitarians, interested in the profits, and expansion of their influence and business. The leaders at the top of the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization ("NHPCO") are the Euthanasia Society of America's heirs and benefactors philosophically. The NHPCO is legally and corporately the final successor organization of the Euthanasia Society in the very strictest sense of the terms.
The Euthanasia Society of America successors, especially in hospice, are now proceeding with their plan to implement stealth euthanasia for citizens whose "quality of life" is deemed "unworthy of life." The elderly and severely disabled are the targets, which feeds right into Obama Care. They don't and won't have to be the "very" elderly or "very" disabled. With Obama Care it will be the "not-so-elderly" (even 60 years old) or disabled, being placed in hospice and dying shortly thereafter, even though they had no terminal illness at all. Others have warned about these developments:
"In an era of cost control and managed care, patients with lingering illnesses may be branded an economic liability, and decisions to encourage death can be driven by cost. As Acting U.S. Solicitor General Walter Dellinger warned in urging the Supreme Court to uphold laws against assisted suicide: "The least costly treatment for any illness is lethal medication."
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Here is the succession of name changes the Euthanasia Society of America has gone through. It is from Ron Panzer's book, "Stealth Euthanasia, Health Care Tyranny in America."
Several people who work with the elderly and dying have contacted me with first hand stories of what they've seen with hospice care. Others have been family members who have witnessed the lack-of-care in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as the euthanasia tactics of many hospice care givers. Still, some have been treated to wonderful care, the sanctity-of-life treatment Dame Cicely Saunders wanted for all of us who will eventually face death.
In Part 6, we'll look at the origin of "Living Wills," the changes to Medicare/Medicaid, and the non-profit and for-profit Hospice organizations and salaries.
Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,