Thursday, April 30, 2015

Midazolam REJECTED For Lethal Injection!

Here's an article for you!  Midazolam aka Versed (VERsatile SEDative) aka "Vitamin V" is creating controversy within the lethal injection crowd.  Apparently it is "cruel and unusual punishment".  The opponents of the use of Midazolam are complaining that there is "SEARING PAIN" that the poor little inmates are expected to bear as the other drugs are injected.   The ones that finish them off.  Here's the weird part...we patients are subjected to Midazolam and searing pain, not just from the other drugs, but also the procedures themselves...but we don't count.  How is it that the final moments of a convicts life are important but innocent patients are expected to deal with "searing pain"?   Midazolam is unacceptable for use as a part of lethal injections and it is unacceptable to use on blameless, trusting patients.  BAN THIS DRUG!

Here is the article in situ;
Manufacturer asks Oklahoma to return any execution drugs -

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stop Saying "Memory Loss"

I'm so sick of medical workers calling things by some kind of gentle euphemism I could scream.  The favored one is "memory loss".  The real word is AMNESIA.  Memory loss sounds more palatable because it really doesn't describe what Versed does.  Memory loss sounds innocuous, especially when they proclaim that you might not remember the procedure or even claim that you will be asleep.  NO boys and girls you will have AMNESIA.  You will be awake and aware, suffering and screaming, but you will have AMNESIA of the event and lots of other time as well.  Your brain will be short circuited like Alzheimer's does.  Damaged by the drug Versed.  You really think that a poison which acts upon the brain, selectively like this, is benign and without the possibility of permanent problems?

When they say the drug will "relax" you, it isn't relaxing at all, like you would think of relaxing.  Your muscle control will be knocked out, but you will be wide awake inside a body which is flaccid.  You will not be able to do anything but weakly struggle and scream if the pain becomes too great.  Who cares about this if that very same drug scrambles your brain and causes AMNESIA (not possible memory loss)  Of course the medical minions have NO WAY OF KNOWING if you have amnesia or not.  Why is that?  Because you are not asleep, nor are you unconscious.  You are still acting like you are awake and alert.  So even if you really ARE awake and alert, cognizant of the pain and torture, they can't tell the difference.  If your muscle control is negated with Versed and you are lying there basically paralysed by Versed, how will they know that you are still wide awake, without that "memory loss" and suffering?  They can't tell.  My own crna claimed that I was "very relaxed" during the time that I wanted to murder him.  Thinking of murdering somebody but being unable to respond isn't relaxing.  I was FURIOUS, not relaxed.  The Versed kept me from properly reacting to the threat and forced me to lie there seething.

This is such a bad drug it should be banned.  All this talk about preventing anesthesia awareness by using a drug like this is ludicrous.  They don't give a damn if you have awareness with Versed!  They will just tell you, "Oh well, everybody reacts differently to anesthesia.  We are sorry YOU are UPSET."   The implication being that YOU are the problem and really have no right to be upset.  The medical minions have become so hardened and callous by using this torture drug, that they just don't care.  It amazes me that they get away with this.  Versed is given for the benefit of an uncaring medical behemoth.  They do not care about the horror of this drug, they don't care about the torture and they DON'T CARE about the long term problems with their drug of choice.

All of the actions of the torture committee are designed to be hidden with their little "memory loss" drug.  Stop saying that!  Be honest about this drug and the reasons you use it.  It's chemical AMNESIA!  Say the word.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Vitriolic Comment Attempt

As I have written numerous times, I post what I want to.  I have an O-P-I-N-I-O-N about the state of medical care today and the abuse of a very bad drug called Versed/Midazolam.  I have warned many times that I do most definitely pick and choose particularly vile posts to show what medical workers think of us.  That's just how I want to do it.  I don't care what a control freak wants me to do here.  In this place medical workers are not in charge.  I continuously encourage the anti-social rantings from medical workers.  Why is that?  Don't think for one minute that I actually enjoy being attacked verbally!  It's so that I can show, without any question, the thought processes of certain medical workers, in particular those who claim to be anesthesia nurses.  Aside from the money, there are other reasons why somebody might want to work in anesthesia.  I like to point them out.  Here is a recent HATE comment from a wonderful, caring medical worker. (cough)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Heart Cath and Amnesia":

"Along with elderly, substance abusers, and people with preexisting mental issues, patients receiving cardiac procedures are the number ONE patient class to suffer POCD. Please do your research properly before opening mouth and inserting foot. Also, myself and others have noted that you FAIL to put entire posts that include researched data, but rather only post exerts that you can use to further your slander. Why not show the public EVERYTHING if you are so honest? Please, just take your medication."

I want you to know the absolute disregard for the patient and for the patients brain function from this "sympathetic" person.  The very first sentence says it all...  You may infer from this comment that ONLY the "elderly, substance abusers, and people with preexisting mental issues" suffer from POCD.  Does that make sense to you?  POCD "post operative cognitive dysfunction" ISN'T caused by the drugs used in the surgery?  Really?  (heavy sarcasm)  Oh it's those people who are SUBSTANDARD IN SOME WAY that suffer from the side effects of the drugs used in surgery.  That's right boys and girls, it isn't the fault of the drugs, it's ALL YOUR FAULT!  If you weren't such an inferior creature you wouldn't have POCD!  If you have a bad reaction to Versed, then it's your own fault.  It is never EVER the fault of the Versed, nor is it the fault of the idiot who gave Versed to a person whom they suspect might be a candidate for POCD.  So if you seem normal to the anesthesia person you will get Versed and if you AREN'T normal you will get Versed because, what the hell, if the patients gets POCD from their administration of Versed, then it's a matter of supreme indifference at best or comments such as the above at worst.

The "research" I have done, combined with my own experience with Versed is called into question by this commenter as well.  Here's the deal.  This person exemplifies why their own idea of "research" is flawed.  Look at how they try to deny that Versed is causing problems.  It's so transparent.  Versed is the main culprit in this.  Medical workers are in denial.  It's the ABV (anything but Versed) syndrome I have written about.  Why would I trust ANY so-called "research" done by medical workers who so LOVE this poison called Versed that they will actually blame the victim instead of the poison?  After ADMITTING that post operative cognitive dysfunction is a problem, they then go on to blame US for it.  How about not using a drug known to cause POCD no matter how narrowly defined their little explanation of why this is so?  Is that too hard to do?

Why is the incidence of POCD so high with heart patients?  I'm not drawing a correlation from this comment.  Are they saying that POCD is OK because these are old people (one of the "flaws" in patients which causes POCD because, apparently, Versed doesn't cause this) and they are already substandard due to age?  That makes it OK?  Actually it looks like older people are at risk from Versed, according to our esteemed medical worker and maybe should NEVER be given it.  I still am not sure why this medical worker tried to insult me over this.  It's TRUE people are getting POCD from heart surgery.  (and everything else where Versed is featured) What difference does it make to point out that people with heart problems are the number one group of patients at risk for POCD?  Does that number make any difference whatsoever to what I wrote about or the people who commented on askapatient?  Does that make it OK to go ahead and create POCD with Versed, just because they are already at risk for it?  Talk about cya!  Research has shown that Versed is a major player in developing POCD and dementia in the hospital.  There is no denying it.  The facts are the facts.

As far as slander?  I have your post here slandering me, now don't I?  Let's see, implying that I am a substance abuser, alcoholic, have preexisting mental issues and am on medication for same isn't slander?

Oddly this person is conflating POCD and the effects of Versed as if they are one and the same.  OK, so POCD IS something that Versed creates or causes?  I've been saying that for a long time, but it appears that this person is agreeing with me.  Or are they trying to pretend that something ELSE is at work here...  It's the Versed.  I was the Versed in my case and judging by the sheer numbers of people who have had a bad experience with Versed, it was the Versed in their case as well.  It's a mental disorder, in my opinion, to come on this blog and attack, insult, threaten and deny.  What is the commenter hoping to accomplish?  Their very own words prove my point and condemn themselves.

Why don't MEDICAL WORKERS THEMSELVES show us all that research that shows that Versed is detrimental to our health?  They want me to show slanted "happy clouds" "research" that somehow "proves" that Versed is a "good" drug".  Wow.  Really? What's the name of this blog?  That's right: NO Midazolam.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ambien: The Working Man's Versed

Here's an article about Ambien.  Of note is the drug's method of action.  Pretty much what Versed does.

Sleeping Pills So Dangerous There’s Now an “Ambien Defense” | The Alliance for Natural Health USA

People are running around, walking, talking, driving etc with no memory of what they have done.  Perfect.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I highly recommend for everybody who wants to read unique posts by Versed victims.  Versedbusters isn't full of MY thoughts...which some people may like better.  I highly recommend that Versed sufferers go to Tim's blog and read what others who have gone through what you are going through are thinking.   Post your own experiences.  For medical types, Tim censors posts as I do.  The difference is that on Tim's blog, you will not ever see your post appear, or reappear if you like, along with commentary.  At least here you may have an entire post devoted to your comment.

Heart Cath and Amnesia

I had an alleged crna come on here recently and opine that the elderly, along with drug addicts and alcoholics are the "typical" people who might not deal with Versed well.  (He/she didn't go into it in detail look up POCD and see how "benign" it is.)  Here's the strange part...look at the people who took the time to bash Versed on this site

VERSED: Side effects, ratings, and patient comments

There are two patients who have been given Versed for a heart procedure just in the last month or so.  So, how old do you figure most people are who have a heart cath?  How is it that they were given Versed, IF, as one alleged anesthesia person writes, the elderly are at elevated risk of POCD from Versed?  Does it make sense to use Versed when they KNOW they could be damaging cognitive function in their patient?  Kinda puts paid to the idea that Versed is for the patients well being. The two writers I am referencing had horrible experiences with Versed, to the point they went on to relate their experience.   Here are the excerpts;

 1 Cardiac cathHorrible paranoia, heard the people talking in operating room,felt the needle being put into my arterie. Wad intibated and woke feeling that I had been buried alive. Wwould never recommend this drug to anyone.F2 days

 1 surgery to fix heart arthymiaThe doctors said I fought them at the end of surgery, HARD! I fell off the surgery table, heard the metal crashing against metal of the surgical tray that fell . Nurses pulled me out from under the table. I came out of anesthesia too early. I could hear the doctors and nurses talking but could not move. They said I was not breathing on my own, so the anesthesiologist tried to intubate me and put the tube in my throat improperly. He crushed 2 vocal chords and then decided he would make an incision in my throat and neck. A smart nurse told him to let her try to intubate me. She got it right away but he already did the damage! Then I opened my eyes, looked right at him and pointed at him very angrily. My voice still isn't right after 2 yearsF60
unknown 1X D

There is no zero rating for any drug on  A (1) is as low as it goes.  This explains the "high" rating of 2.7 out of 5.  If there were a (0) we would have a more accurate picture of how PATIENTS view this drug, regardless of the propaganda disseminated by medical people.

As an aside, when I had my heart cath done WITHOUT VERSED, I felt like I was over reacting to the possibility of being given Versed.  I was absolutely adamant that I not get it.  I brought Amy the patient advocate with me to make sure I didn't get it.  Versed is bad, Bad, BAD!  The procedure is not worth getting your brain insulted with poison so that you "forget" the trauma.  It's a non event.  No trauma.  What the hell is wrong with these medical people?

I wanted to put this one up so you can see just one more person who hates Versed.  This person got the "anesthesiologist" fired.  Good for her.  I heard what my crna was saying, as did the rest of the laughing "team" in the OR where I went.  MY nurses joined in the fun.  MY nurses heard me say "no incapacitating drugs" and merrily shot me up with Versed anyway.   MY nurses were complicit in the abuse.  This lady was so very lucky to have the nurse she had.  I am very envious.  You can go to t see the posts in situ.

1 I was given Versed for surgeryvery painful spasms of arms and legs. Extreme feeling of heat, to the point of weeping and begging not to be given any more of "whatever you're using." The surgeon was not in the room at the time, and thought I was being given diazepam.the anesthesiologist remarked to the three surgical nurses, "Oh, we have a drama queen here. Let's give her more Versed." One of the nurses ran to get my surgeon, who stopped the anesthesia and postponed the operation. (abdominal laparoscopy.) The anesthesiologist later was dismissed by the Memorial/Herrman hospital system.F631 days
1X D

Proving My Point

My hope is by putting up links to other blogs wherein their authors find Versed objectionable on many levels, physical and mental, and the universal lack of true informed consent as required by law, that the medical people who love to hate me will see a common denominator. I truly believe that medical workers know full well that Versed is a bad drug... Despite my tirades, I don't believe these people are that ignorant that they can't see for themselves that Versed is bad. I just think that in true (base) human nature these workers prefer to damage their patients rather than to bother with them. Either it's really boring to explain things to patients and calm their fears, over and over all day long, or worse, medical people WANT their patients to make asses of themselves. They may also grow addicted to the sheer power of destroying people's personalities and turning them into gibbering idiots whose only desire is to OBEY the practitioner. Either way, it's not looking good for Versed pushers...

I copied it for you here as well...

Lost morning

At first, we thought it was kind of funny. But as I learned more about what went on, it isn’t so ha-ha anymore. In fact, I’ve been drowning in alternating feelings of anger, embarrassment, and betrayal.

I’m talking about having my memory stolen.

On Tuesday of this week, I went in for an endoscopy/colonoscopy. Nasty tests, and I’m glad they put you “out” for them. I recall the nurse telling me, “We’re going to start your medication now.” I’m like, “Go for it…I don’t want to know what’s going on anyway.”

The next thing I remember is being at home, almost four hours later.

OK, recap. At 10:30 a.m., a lady was talking to me in a dark room. Then, blackness. When the world comes into view again, it’s 2:00 in the afternoon and I’m walking to the sofa in my living room.

Here is a list of things I (reportedly) did after the procedure:

  1. Met with the doctor

  2. Chatted with the nurses

  3. Signed a release form

  4. Got out my phone and put a follow-up date in my Droid’s calendar

  5. Got dressed

  6. Walked to the car

  7. Conversed with the Thriller on the ride home

Now I’ve had a total of 13 different surgeries in my life. I am no stranger to the effects of anesthesia, and I’ve had all kinds of knock-out drugs. But I knew something about this was totally different. It wasn’t Valium or Demerol, and it obviously wasn’t Propofol (the drug on which Michael Jackson overdosed) because there was no anesthesiologist present. So what went on?

When the Thriller told me all the things I did, and got to the part about me putting a date in my Droid, I didn’t believe him. He said, “Get out your phone and look.” The horror I experienced when I saw that I had indeed done it is difficult to describe.

Well, that evening, a nurse from the doctor’s office called to check on me. After the pleasantries, I asked, “Hey, I’m curious. What kind of sedative was I given for the test?” She said, “It’s called Versed [pronounced ver-SED].” I told her I hadn’t heard of that before, and that it’s strange but I have absolutely no recollection of anything after being brought into the endoscopy room. She chuckled and said, “Yes, Versed causes amnesia; it’s kind of like the date-rape drug,” meaning rohypnal, or “ruffies.”

(Oh, really. Then that explains why, when I was being admitted, the nurse asked me, “Do you trust the person who drove you here today?” I said, “Well sure…he’s my husband.” I thought to myself, what an odd question to ask someone. She went on to instruct me — and she said it at least twice before I started the prep session — “Do not make any important decisions today. Do not sign any legal documents or make any large transactions.” Whaaat? Well, it’s clear to me now, since the fog has lifted.)

Anyway, I was gobsmacked after the “date-rape drug” reference. I made some fool comment, I don’t know, about having to ask my husband five times what the doctor said he found in the test, thanked her, and signed off the call. I can’t describe to you how I felt. Well, yeah I can. I felt violated — like something was taken from me without my permission. I decided to shake it off, but the curiosity lingered, so I did some research. Turns out Versed isn’t the happy la-la juice people might think it is. I know everyone reacts differently to medications, and I was one of the fortunate ones who did not experience the horrors many others endured — namely, the waking up inside your head in excruciating pain, but not being able to wake up your body to scream out loud. Right there is what every surgical patient fears, I think.

Now I’m not a Chicken Little, and I don’t believe everything I read on the Internet. But having gone through this experience myself, I can see where these people in the above post are coming from. Moreover, to some, it may not matter that there is a black hole in their day. But the fact I said and did things I don’t remember (one of them rather embarrassing, involving me saying something about my husband in mixed company that I would never say normally) bugs me. Really bugs me. Taking away my self-control is not funny to me.

So there it is — a rare “serious” post from the Fink. But in the public interest, I thought I ought to bring you up to speed, so when it’s your turn to have these tests — and if it isn’t yet, it will be one day — you’ll know what to ask. This drug was not mentioned anywhere in the pre-procedure paperwork that I signed. Nowhere in the document did I see the phrase, “You will have no memory of large blocks of time.” Well I can tell you that it’s not going to happen again.

Next time I have one of these tests (and I will have more…the joys of being over 50), I am going to insist on another medication, or even on having an anesthesiologist there and going the Propofol route. Anything other than Versed. Anyone who knows me knows that I am firmly against anything that steals people’s joy. I have been largely a joyless creature for the past two days, and I’m ready to quit it. It wasn’t altogether harrowing, and nobody died, and the world goes on, and the sun is shining and life is good…but the Versed thing ain’t happening again.

I read on one blog that people who object to Versed are “pansies.” I wear the badge proudly:

Now let’s have a good Thurgsday, shall we? Jake and Justin this morning, then lunch with Rae, dinner with the Thriller, and at some point, shopping with Mavis. I’m going to “forget” about the bad stuff.


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  1. Mavis

    / 1 July, 2010

I hear you loud and clear, my sistah. I, too, am one that experienced the after effects of the demon drug, Versed. I lost memory and time, but I also experienced terrifying (to the point I was actually screaming, so I was told) hallucinations. Very scary stuff, that. Like you (as you know) I’ve had many surgeries and know the meaning of pain. I will GLADLY wear a pansy badge and stand with you on this issue. Bad, bad drug. Glad that you’re back to your normal self, love, and thank you so much for informing the fiends on this personal subject. You’re awesome!!

Rat Fink Reply:
at 8:36 am

Hey thanks, Mave. We’ve both been around the block and back in Surgeryville. I didn’t want to make a big huge deal about this, but I was mad when I realized I was clueless! There’s something to be said about the devil you know vs. the one you don’t. If I’d known all the side-effects of Versed, you can bet I’d have been on the horn to them. Fortunately it worked out, sorta….but forewarned is forearmed! LOVE U


  • Greg

    / 1 July, 2010

  • That’s what bothers me a bit about having a colonoscopy! I’ve never been under any form of sedation and living alone compounds the fears. Maybe I’d just go under and that would be it–or maybe I’d start telling jokes in an Irish brogue, swear at the medical staff like a crotchety old git, take a Vespa on a trip to Monterey or book a world cruise–all without being aware of it! Great. Something further to discuss at my next doctor’s appointment!

    Rat Fink Reply:
    at 9:02 am

    Yep — regardless of the drugs they use, you will definitely want, say, Celeste to drive you there and stay awhile with you at your house afterwards. Under Versed, you might do any number of things (cuz yer crazy anyhow).

    Definitely talk to your doc about alternatives!


  • Edwin C. Rasterburn

    / 1 July, 2010

  • Thats scary. Thanks for the heads up.


  • BoomR

    / 1 July, 2010

  • Next time, just ask for a few swigs of Riuniti Lambrusco like the old days!! :-) That is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard! And DEFINITELY appreciate the heads-up & will make it a point to ask about meds the next time I have to go under the knife or whatever….

    Rat Fink Reply:
    at 10:32 pm

    Ah, Riuniti! Whoa, that brings back memories…

    You make sure you ask a ton of questions when you schedule your test. And did you post this comment from the aeroplane???


    Is it odd that medical people think we are pansies because we DON'T need sedation? What is so pansy about that? I take exception to medical workers twisted view of what constitutes a pansy. Obviously it's the freaking PANSIES who WANT sedation, not vice versa. Leave it to medical folks to try to blame the victim and accuse the victim of unrealistic stuff, like being a pansies because you want to remain with you body and brain intact. Medical workers who are afraid to treat unsedated patients are the REAL pansies. In the old days I would have challenged any of these medical workers to meet me out behind the barn and we'll just see who is the pansy! LOL Without a syringe in their hand, they are spineless jellyfish, scared of people who aren't sedated. They would never get away with their cruel and antisocial behavior without Versed. Yup, I heard what you said and I saw what you did, Aaron! (my crna) You are the worst kind of serial killer type, nasty, hatefilled, bully. Not to mention Aaron is a coward and a PANSY!

    Wednesday, April 8, 2015

    Homeopathic Help For The Versed/Midazolam Damaged Brain

    There are a couple of new supplements which I have found helpful.  I have already suggested mega doses of fish or krill oil are like chapstick for the brain.  I still take those supplements.  However I have a new combo I'd like to share.

    The first one is HCF.  (Happy-Calm-Focused)  It has a blend of vitamins and minerals plus amino acids.  I have used several of the ingredients as stand alone vitamins/minerals, but this is easier.  3 capsules daily instead of ten or twenty.  There are no chemicals or preservatives in it.  This works on the jangled nerves, the anxiety, depression and the rest of this type of problem from the Versed encounter.  I use it myself or I wouldn't recommend it.

    The second one I take is something called Prevagen.  I only found out about it a month ago and decided to try it.  It works for me.  Prevagen helps with the brain freeze part of the Versed damage.  You know how you are talking to somebody and all of a sudden your thoughts stop?  You're sitting there searching for the word you've used you entire life which is suddenly unavailable...  That's the kind of thing Prevagen helps with.  I use the extra strength capsule.  I can tell the difference when I forget to take it.

    We may never return to normal, but you kinda get used to it after a while. These two products along with your krill or fish oil ( I use red Krill and wild Salmon oils) and in my case extra Magnesium and Vitamin D help manage the problem.  Sorry the Prevagen and HCF are pricey but it's worth it to me...maybe to you as well.  One day if I'm feeling brave I will try the HCF and Prevagen without the additional supplements.  For now I'm quite happy with the results.

    Recent Spate of Hate Mail

    Recently I have received a spate of hate-mail from people purporting to be anesthesia nurses.  I can assure you that I read every single one of them, even if I do not allow the comments to be posted.  As I have explained before, I heavily censor what goes up on the blog.  I do however save them.  Just in case, if you get my drift.

    What I still find amazing is just how bad the behavior is.  Of course it's all anonymous, so the writers can hide behind that.  Very few actually have taken me up on e-mailing me.  Why is that?  Do you think attacking me AGAIN after my debacle will somehow make me and others who have been harmed by your favorite drug feel better about it?  You know what makes me feel better about crna's?  Guess.  When they say that they don't use Versed on everybody just to make their job easier or to gain that "compliance" or "cooperation" they tout.  You guys are supposed to be PROFESSIONALS.  Every single one of you uses this as an excuse for what happened to me.  It isn't professional to disregard "informed consent" laws for any reason or to surreptitiously inject innocent trusting patients with Versed, especially if they have declined it.

    I have seen the posts on how impossible it is to follow the law.  It's on allnurses, it's on nurse-anesthesia, it's in posts all over the internet.  How do you think that makes me feel after MY incident?  You think it makes me full of joyous anticipation for my next encounter with health care?  My crna, the nurses, the hospital where I went, all decided that informed consent is a joke and that THEY didn't have to follow it.  They caused me great harm and then laughed it off.

    I never received one ounce of sympathy for the ordeal, not one apology, nobody got in trouble, it was business as usual, except for the part in the PACU.  Even then, I was admonished that I was "upsetting" the other patients.  Really?  What about the part where I had every reason to be upset?  I was given that damn Versed without warning or permission.  I had clearly stated that nobody was allowed to give me any drug which would incapacitate me.  I never signed an anesthesia consent.  How would I know that I was going to be attacked with "vitamin v" the simple muscle relaxer?  I TRUSTED them.  I declined the general anesthetic.  I TRUSTED them not to give it to me.  Absolutely trusted them.  I had THE LAW on my side as well to prevent the very thing that happened to me.  I was such an ignorant fool.  Believe me I already feel like the most stupid person on the planet for TRUSTING the medical minions.  They took that trust in themselves and informed consent laws and ground it up under their heel.  Then I am supposed to just get on with my life, and forget about it...AFTER I PAY you for the assault of course.  I TRUSTED you people to treat me with respect and dignity, and in compliance with the law.  Instead I got a crna who figured I was unimportant, my wishes were unimportant, my previous experiences were unimportant and I apparently was just a slab of meat, a defiant one at that, which needed to be dealt with by any means possible.  That was with Versed...vitamin v.

    So after dealing with the abuse of my crna, whom I discovered was a crna when I complained to the outfit that sent him, I got the brushoff again.  I didn't even know crna's existed.  This is required to be explained to me before surgery.  I have a right to have a doctor instead of a nurse.  It's the law.  I had no intentions of having general anesthetic, declined it vigorously along with sedation so I wasn't all that worried.  I TRUSTED THEM.  Obviously with my previous history with anesthesia I would NEVER have allowed a nurse to try their hand at it.  He KNEW the minute I walked in what he was going to do, I said no and I got EVERYTHING HE WANTED TO DO TO ME ANYWAY.  I GOT THE ENORMOUS BILL FOR IT AS WELL.  NOBODY GAVE A DAMN ABOUT ME.  How does it feel to be treated like a barnyard animal?  How does it feel to be given a NOTORIOUSLY bad drug against your will?  Cavalierly given to a patient with a history of bad reactions to anesthesia drugs?  I don't think you people (oh yes I did use that term) think about that at all.  The thing is, even if I had allowed Versed to be used on me, the nature of the drug is such that I would have had a bad reaction to it, like so many other people, the difference being in ALLOWING IT.  I rejected this drug and every other one with the same effects.  (10% bad reaction to Versed times the number of procedures comes out to millions of people)  I also had a bad reaction to being rendered helpless by people I trusted and treated with disdain for me and for the law.  To have it given to me by a NURSE in DIRECT defiance of my wishes and listening to his nasty, ugly chatter about me was horrifying.  The other nurses were laughing at the comments and at me.  If there was a doctor in the room, he/she ignored what was going on.  You clearly have no idea how bad this is.

    So the way to keep the abuse fresh in my mind is for anesthesia nurses to come here and attack me some more.  Sure makes sense to me!  Defend your alleged superiority over me.  Defend a nurses ability to defy the patient and the law.  Defend patients getting Versed AND general anesthetic when they say no.  Defend it all.  I will post your comments for the world to see.  (and believe it or not, this blog is seen all over the world.  People from England and Australia have written to me about their bad experience with Versed.)  Somebody needs to rein you guys in.  My hope is that one of my elected officials, the crna organizations, the nursing organizations, SOMEBODY whom I have sent this blog to will pay attention.  Versed is a BAD drug.  You are exhibiting BAD behavior.  I'm calling you on it.  I think all of you nurses who leave those nasty anti-social messages for me should have remedial training.  I suggest sensitivity training, anger management classes and classes on informed consent law.

    Monday, April 6, 2015

    A Comment from a Hostile Medical Worker

    Here is one of the comments I received which I did not post.  It illuminates what I am saying about the mindset of medical minions perfectly.  Let's see what this medical person has to say, shall we?

    "Hmm. Psycho, much? The RELATIVE of a competent adult does NOT get final say over the anesthetic choices of another adult. Tantrums notwithstanding, this woman was NOT the patient here. And "fuzzy mental processes for two weeks after sedation with Versed"? As a pharmacologist, I have a high suspicion of BS. The "stress" of a relative of a patient is a FAR lower priority than the stress of the actual patient, IMHO."

    on Knee Replacement, Versed, and an Enlightened CRNA

    We start right out with the insult.  "Psycho"  Sorry commenter anonymous, I am not psycho.  I know you guys try to convince yourselves that anybody who disagrees with your exalted wisdom is a psycho, but it doesn't work like that.  I think you are projecting.  Are you familiar with that psych term?  Moving on.

    I guess you guys are not accustomed to making medical decisions in a family.  My husband is NOT a child.  We make decisions based on our own experiences, research and by asking others who have had the same surgery what the results were.  We do NOT blindly trust any medical "human resources" opinions.  Not after my debacle.  Who knew a simple wrist surgery would cause such problems...but it's not about me, as you pointed out, it's about my husband.

    So, genius, do you really think that after my husband saw what happened to me after the Versed incident, saw what happened to others, listened to my phone conversations with hysterical people from all over the country who had a very bad reaction to Versed, you think he wanted to try it?  You really are off your rocker if you think he would.  Absolutely NOT!  My job was to make sure that he didn't get it.  Guess who was on the paperwork with power of attorney?  That would be me.  Guess who was on the paperwork of the advance directive, genius?  That would be me as well.  So you see that your whole premise is a falsehood.  I was in charge of my adult husband's medical treatment.  Oh yeah, huh?  Forgot about that part didn't you?  Maybe you didn't know about POA and advance directives?

    (added later; what do you think advance directives and POA do?  If you know about them, do you know what they entail, and/or do you regularly defy them, knowingly or unknowingly?  I'm curious.  I may have to instruct the next medical people on what these legal papers mean.  These documents are not just a formality or a "hold harmless" agreement like "informed" consent has devolved into.  They are not open to interpretation and are legally binding.)

    I didn't have a "tantrum".  Is that supposed to be more of your psychic abilities?  I was simply very firm.  I know what happened to me and extrapolating from that, patients and their caregivers need to be more than just firm. A firm NO might convince the minions that you really didn't mean "no", you might mean "no, unless you have a better idea", or "no, unless you really, really want to".  You have to make sure that NO is interpreted as NO.  It isn't my fault that I have to do this, it's yours (plural).  If it had been necessary to have a "tantrum" as you put it, then we would have gone home and rescheduled with somebody else.  No tantrum.

    The "fuzzy mental processes" statement was a direct quote from the crna whom I allowed to work on my husband after our brief conversation.  If you don't believe the crna about her own experience with Versed, what can I say?  I don't see where YOU get off making a statement like you did without even knowing the people involved.  Your accusation about the crna's statement being BS is really over-the-top.  How would you know what her experience was?  Are you psychic?  Or just narcissistic?  I am very defensive about her, as *I* liked her.  You have no right coming on here and talking about her experience with Versed like that.  She is a crna.  I'm supposed to doubt her when her experience parallels mine to a degree?  Wow.  You guys are just upset because I'm playing favorites.  Get over it.

    In your final statement, honey babe, the stress of the caregiver has a direct correlation with healing post surgery.  I'm sorry you can't see that.  What would have additionally stressed "the patient" is to have his caregiver stressed out.  The very last thing we needed was to be stressed out worrying that Versed would have the same effect on him as it did on me.  Does that make sense?  Or does that seem all "psycho" to you?

    I have had crna's coming here, extolling their virtues and claiming that their previous nursing experience makes them better at what they do.  IF that is true, then you guys know full well how important the patients support group is, whatever form that takes.  Yet here we have an alleged fully trained professional with a "high suspicion of BS" taking the opposite tack.

    Sunday, April 5, 2015

    Ghost Surgery Legal Definition

    Ghost Surgery Legal Definition  This one is very interesting.  I have opined that with the evidence of my poor surgical outcome, and the absence of my doctor that the PA was allowed to perform my surgery without my consent.  Hospital documents show the PA as my surgeon without even showing my surgeon as his assistant.  (hospital was cited for this)  How would I be able to PROVE the substitution when I was slammed with Versed, draped and then given general anesthetic against my will without ever having seen my surgeon?  I was awake and cognizant right up until the tube was jammed down my throat and at no time did I see my surgeon although his signature appears, without the required time stamp, (another violation of the law) on the records.  He is signing that I have been told about the risks and benefits by himself and that I have agreed to it.  Also in violation of the law.  All that risk/benefit stuff is supposed to be in law.

    No matter if it was the janitor pressed into service or the physician's assistant, this substitution BY LAW has to be explained to me and my consent given.  Please tell me how this can happen when the whole thrust of medical care is to conceal this kind of information from the patient.  It's a violation on so many levels, yet it seems to happen so frequently.  I'm beginning to believe that cameras recording a single copy of the surgery on a disc, and available to the patient should be the law.  If the surgical center wants to record surgery for training and other purposes and disseminate the images far and wide, then we should have access to those images.  Obviously we patients need to have some way of determining what the medical minions are doing to us, once they have us incapacitated.

    It's not just surgery, it's using us as living cadavers, training tools without our consent.  It's not having students line up to probe our vaginas or colons while we are out.  It's having no way of knowing if the people involved are washing their hands so we don't get a hospital acquired infection.  It's seeing just how many extraneous people are running in and out of the sterile field, watching, "assisting" or otherwise indulging in non essential things during that time we are most helpless and vulnerable.  We need to know if we are being sexually assaulted while "alone" with a medical minion.  It has happened in several cases.  If we have not given specific consent for all these other people to do things to us, then we have a tort.  Except if you are unfortunate enough to live in a tort reform state, then what you have is too damn bad.

    The Empowered Patient Coalition

    Here is an interesting outfit.  They have done research into patient harm.  The pie charts are eye-popping.  (If anybody doesn't know by now that iatrogenic harm is the third leading CAUSE of death can read about it here: Hospital Errors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.    New Hospital Safety Scores Show Improvements Are Too Slow  and here:  Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death)

    Here is the link to The Empowered Patient Coalition:   View Reporting Data -

    I took the liberty of excerpting some of their data.  The items below are from The Empowered Patient Coalition and are used to encourage people to go to their site and read the rest of the statistics.  (In the very first Pie chart I had the first, the second, the third the fourth and the fifth adverse events in a single encounter.  The rest are just as significant.  Look at the chart asking how the facility responded.  (4th down)  You can see the prevalence of cya machinations.  Right up until yesterday I am still getting denials from the medical treatment center I went to claiming that there was nothing at all wrong with the way I was treated and what happened to me while in their care.  BTW NONE of the respondents is me.  If I had reported to The Empowered Patient Coalition, the stats would be even worse.


    Midazolam in the (bad) News

    According to the Spokesman Review, on the afternoon of 7Aug13 a man named Brett Birge "was in the middle of a raging drug blackout" when he hit another car driven by a 21 year old woman and killed her.  What is of interest to me, is what was in his system while he was in his "raging drug blackout".  Can you guess?  Yup, Midazolam, aka Versed.  Isn't that interesting?

    Where did Mr. Birge get an anesthesia drug like Versed?  The article doesn't go into that.  It does NOT sound like he was employed with any hospital either, so where in the sam hill did he get his hands on Versed?  I am very interested to know the details of this.  I have an article or two on this blog about how Versed is used to treat seizures and that apparently anybody can get a prescription for Versed to be used in this manner.  My concern was how and where this drug is kept by these people in their private homes?  Is it in the medicine cabinet?  Bedside table?  Refrigerator?  I was concerned that it wasn't under lock and key and that thieves could obtain Versed for nefarious purposes, not to mention the very real possibility of death from overdose.  Apparently my fears were justified.  I hadn't thought about meth heads using Versed and driving around like they were in a bumper car, killing innocent people.

    Where did he get it and WHO is responsible for supplying this idiot with a drug like Versed?  Birge claims that he was in a drug blackout for a WEEK!  So he had plenty of Midazolam.  He had the wherewithal to also dose himself with Methamphetamine.  Can you imagine an uninhibited, amnestic Versed user combining that with amphetamines to stay overly stimulated in that state?  "He said he doesn't remember anything" said the father of the victim.  Gee imagine that!  The newspaper should have reported on just why this guy had no memory of events.

    Maybe the news could do a better job of describing the effects of Midazolam than this one; "Another drug in his blood, Midazolam, usually is given to patients before surgery to make them sleepy."  No it isn't!  Midazolam is given to patients before surgery so they can stay AWAKE!  All it does is give the patients amnesia (they hope) and make them docile.  That's the whole thing with Midazolam, you are awake and alert by design so that you can follow orders and have your secrets ferreted out for the entertainment of medical staff.  (Yes this is in an article I put up on this blog)  You are NOT asleep.  You are wide awake, the lights are on but nobody is home.  So this is how Mr. Birge managed to kill the young woman, after nearly killing others.  Driving under the influence of Versed/Midazolam.

    I hope the police find out who gave Mr. Birge Versed/Midazolam because they are just as culpable as Birge is.  Whether it was a hospital minion or a private citizen with a prescription for Versed, this person or persons need to be tracked down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  I wish that Midazolam would be outlawed here, and everywhere.

    Stirred the Hornets Nest

    Apparently people still don't like it when they get called on the carpet for assaulting people with Versed.  For all you people who feel that I will respond kindly to threats and intimidation, are you really that crazy?  It is precisely that attitude which originally caused me harm.  The name calling and threats are juvenile.

    For the doctor who wrote me recently, you have it wrong, but you already know that.  Part of the reason it is so hard to get any kind of justice for medical problems is because of tort reform.  I am actively speaking out against it.  It costs too much to get redress for our harm.  I have gone into this at length elsewhere on the blog.  The FACT that there was no informed consent for what was done to me is irrefutable.  The hospital was CITED for it.  I did NOT give permission in any way, shape or form for what was done to me.  I am the INJURED party and I'm angry about it.  You guys KNEW that I didn't have the money to fight you, so you treated me with utter disdain.  I have explained the details of my lawsuit on this blog.  I have the x-rays on this blog.  I have the actual alleged "informed" consent on this blog.  The exact one that the hospital was cited for.  Yes it is hard to prove things in a court of law, but you know what?  I have real doctors who are more than happy to testify on my behalf.  They just aren't "expert witness" doctors.  Yet you want to pretend that I was wrong or a liar?  Nice try.  You (apparently) and *I* both know what happened to me in that hellish place.  It was against the law.  Pretending that it was anything other than a complete disregard for the law is sophomoric.  Reorganizing what happened to me and making false statements about material facts is also kind of strange.  As far as "getting help" do you know how many times aggrieved people who don't deal with criticism well have told me that?  Me neither.  Too many times to count.  So you think that you (non specific you) should be allowed to cause PTSD with your treatment of patients and then cavalierly dismiss them by saying "get help"?  Is that your answer?  Let me ask you this...IF everything I say is a big fat lie, why am I so angry?  What made me this angry if everything was PERFECT?  Hmmm?  Make sense to you doc?  I have had a few more encounters with health "care" since then.  Funny how when I relate good experiences the hornets come out.

    (added later:  I looked on line to see if the anesthesiologist involved had moved.  He hasn't.  I looked to see if the crna involved had suddenly become an anesthesiologist, he hadn't.  So whomever tried to comment, claiming that he/she knew everything that had happened in my case is, what shall I say, lying.)

    Anyway, here's the deal.  I don't have to print ANY of the comments.  I find it amusing that people come here and berate me, swear at me, try to take me down a peg or two, denigrate me, insult my intelligence, lie about what happened to me and all the rest.  Like I care about that.  The worst they could do is done.  I will never, EVER allow a nurse to perform any kind of anesthesia on me again.  Ditto for Versed.  I am in charge of what goes on.  Freedom of speech and all that.  The crna's, well, if I didn't have proof of their hostility, maybe I would be more concerned with their little feelings.  Oh yeah, and I specify that Aaron isn't allowed in the room with me or my family.  BY NAME.  THE FULL NAME.  I have that right.

    Just so everybody knows, "anonymous" still allows me to grab your IP address.  If the threats get to the point that I decide you are a danger to me, you WILL hear from me.  Think about that...  I already had to track a nurse to Texas and warn this person, who isn't even a crna, that I know who he is, where he was and where he worked.  Can you imagine an advanced practice nurse sending me threatening hate mail FROM WORK!  He has an I-pad and apparently too much idle time on the job.  Yes you can be tracked that easily and reliably across the Internet.

    (added later: I don't mind if you anesthesia types need to vent and take your frustrations out on me.  I'm an easy target.  Believe me, I know that.  The only reason to ferret you out is if you make actual threats of any kind, beating me up, threatening my family, lawsuits etc.  If you make credible threats and/or not so credible threats I treat them as such.  It is in my best interest for me to find out how serious the threat is.  That means I have to figure out where you are, who you are and the level of danger you present.  Just verballing me, name calling and insults don't rise to that level.  You are safe from me having you tracked and identified.  Just be careful about any actual threats of harm and you can call me every name in the book.  I really don't care.  If your comment is really, REALLY nasty I like to put those up along with my commentary because it proves my point.  Everybody needs to know what kind of people they are dealing with in a medical setting, don't you think?  I think of it as a public service.)

    One more point.  Please do not write and ask me what anesthesia I would use for surgeries.  That's your job.  Of course I see the point.  You guys are trying to pretend that Versed is NECESSARY for surgery.  It certainly is not.  How silly.  I've had so many anesthesia people ask me what *I* would use for surgery it's mind boggling.  What are you trying to prove by asking stupid questions?  DON'T USE VERSED.  If you are using Versed as anesthesia for gall bladder surgery etc. you are out of your mind!  Who would want that?  I have heard that some institutions use Versed because they want the "stimulation" IE pain, to keep the patients blood pressure up.  (a whistleblower doctor told me that) I also wouldn't use Ketamine, especially in conjunction with Versed.  I've read the stories, don't bother to deny this.  I don't want propofol either or any of the other drugs designed, not to minimize pain, but to short circuit the brain by creating amnesia.  For God's sake don't use sevo on me or anybody like me.  My crna did that.  What do you do with patients with a history of paradoxical reactions, wild awakenings and difficulty anesthetizing them?  Use sevo?  Jeez do I have to educate all of you?  Apparently so or there wouldn't be SO MANY of you writing to ask me what to use for different kinds of surgery.  Trying to conflate amnesia with being unconscious is another no go.  The absurdity of trying to pretend that awake and aware, suffering from pain, begging for the procedure to stop, all the while with the team laughingly telling each other that this kind of suffering doesn't matter because of an unpredictable amnesia drug, is somehow comparable to being unconscious or asleep is abhorrent.  It really is.

    Once Again

    I am going to answer a commenter about what exactly *I* expect from medical workers when I go to the hospital.  Hopefully this will be the last time I have to answer this question.  Here is the comment;

    Jack has left a new comment on your post "Recent Hate Comments":

    I've poked around on your blog but can't really figure out what happened to you that has caused you to demonize Versed. Can you explain what happened?
    I've administered Versed to thousands upon thousands of patients with no ill effect. More than anything else, patients want a guarantee that they will remember/feel nothing. Versed is just one of the drugs I go to in my toolbox to ensure my patients have a good experience. I've also had patients request a regional anesthetic and to remain awake during their procedure. That's not a problem and I don't think most anesthesia providers would have a problem with that. I've had family members receive Versed and I would want it if I was having surgery.
    Really, all anesthetic agents cause amnesia. Should they be eliminated? How would you like to be cared for if a regional anesthetic isn't an option if you are going to exclude all drugs that cause amnesia?


    Dear Jack, in a nutshell I have always had problems with anesthesia from when I was a kid and had my tonsils out.  For unknown reasons which btw have nothing to do with drug addiction, mental illness or alcohol consumption, I fight anesthesia.  I know that there are drugs that will basically paralyze me, so I'm not sure where the fighting comes from, but EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR who has ever given me general anesthesia has had a problem with me.  It is what it is.  They prefer me to have regional blocks and no sedation.

    My experience was that when I wanted and gave permission for a regional block for my distal radius fracture ORIF, my crna, who was posing as a doctor, decided in his infinite wisdom that *I* didn't know what I was talking about.  Apparently stupid patients aren't allowed to say no to anything the nurse wants to do.  So he showed me!  He shot me up with Versed.  Said it was simply a muscle relaxant when I asked what "vitamin V" was.  That's a big fat lie.  Immediately I couldn't speak, and was rendered completely helpless.  Then he began to make disparaging comments about me, I was completely helpless and humiliated.  You already know about the creepy "obedience" that Versed causes.  I never got amnesia, didn't know I was supposed to...  (refer to informed consent laws) but I sure had to listen to the "funnies" that my crna came up with.  Then he gave me general anesthetic which I had COMPLETELY DECLINED.  I explained my previous experiences with it.  I told the story of the ORIF femur I had without general anesthetic, only a regional.  He didn't give a damn and in fact told me that as *I* wasn't a trained medical professional such as himself, that he "knows what's best for me".  He found it amusing that I was upset.  "Too bad, what are ya gonna do about it" was his attitude.  This is also the attitude of most of the crna types who come here and write comments, so it's not unusual.

    The upshot was that I got PTSD from the assault.  I completely trusted the crna (thinking he was a doctor) and he betrayed that trust in such an egregious way that it caused me SEVERE emotional problems.  The surgery was so poorly done I had to have it redone somewhere else.  For a year and a half I had those screws (look at the xrays on this blog) shredding my tendons.  I had a loose "self-locking" screw interfering with my ulnar nerve.  IF the crna had obeyed me and limited my treatment as required by law, whomever did the surgery might have been a little more careful.  If it was the JANITOR who performed the surgery (yes it was that bad) then I would have been aware of it as well.  All of this was accompanied by a HUGE hospital bill, for no reason.  The minute I was shot up with the poison you call Versed the charges started racking up.  Oh yeah and I got a nice kidney infection as well.

    When I came to my senses after the huge amounts of anesthetic pumped into me, including a shot of 4 MORE MLS of Versed after the surgery was over, on top of the continuous shots of Versed during surgery and before surgery, I was already on my feet trying to kill people.  I kept fading in and out, but observers said that my speech was continuous and coherent so somehow even though my memory is in bits and pieces I was "lucid" according to them.  They are lucky I was so dizzy because I absolutely wanted to murder them.  Versed took away my inhibitions, and I was so angry at the arrogant, cavalier treatment and the nasty comments about me, that I really truly wanted them dead.  It took years to get over that blazing hot HATRED.  It scared me and it scared my husband.  It scared the crap out of the nurses.

    I have seen the comments from crna's on nurse-anesthesia.  I am well aware of the "esteem" in which we patients are held by these nurses.  I went to the hospital for a minor surgery, BEST DONE WITH A REGIONAL BLOCK LIKE I WANTED and I got an anti-social arrogant nurse who defied me AND the law by performing those things which I had declined.  He beat me into submission with Versed, did whatever he wanted to...  One of the things that really got me was when he claimed that I gave "consent" in the operating room by "not objecting".  He made damn sure I COULDN'T object by shooting me up with Versed, which I had declined by saying no sedative or drugs which will incapacitate me.  He left that part out because he is a lying snake.  Since when is consent given in the negative?  We had the conversation.  I laid out concise permission for the parameters of my care.  I explained myself fully.  I'm not good enough or important enough to be able to put restrictions on a demi-God of a crna now am I?  I'm still angry as you can tell.  You guys have no right to do this to people.  I don't give a damn how many people like Versed.  It has a HUGE amount of people who hate it.  I would never have allowed its use for any reason and my crna knew that.  He just didn't care.  No patient was going to tell him his job.

    The actual consent form is on this blog.  The hospital got into a lot of trouble over it, because it isn't a legal consent.  Look and see if you can find anything on it about sedation, risks and benefits or consent for any kind of anesthesia whatsoever.  The crna himself wrote a note on the anesthesia report stating that not only had he explained his plan to me (he didn't) but also that I had ACCEPTED this plan.  Lying sack of excrement.  See if you can find where anything is written down about the risks and benefits of my surgery?  It's not there.  There were all kinds of errors and omissions, the wrong block was listed and the paper I got AFTER surgery saying what I had received it is also against the law.  The dates are mixed up...was that when they went back and redid the electronic records?  The physicians assistant is listed as my surgeon. I remember him asking me the same question as a dozen nurses had already asked, but he didn't identify himself as my surgeon or as the PA.  So anyway, the hospital had to change their "inferred" consent to actual "informed" consent.  In the 21st century.

    As for the statement that all anesthetics cause amnesia, no they don't. Please don't insult my intelligence by conflating unconscious with amnesia.  I had a crna try to tell me that SLEEPING means you have amnesia.  You know that's a crock.  Plus the effects of Versed on the brain are NOT like any other.  Yes I have had problems with anesthesia but NOTHING like the problems I have had since the Versed.

    PS I have enough money saved up to go to INDIA if I have to have any major surgery.  Especially heart surgery.  They are pioneering a way to do open heart surgery without general anesthetic.  My wild awakenings after surgery would kill me if I had open heart surgery.  Do you understand now?

    Friday, April 3, 2015

    Recent Hate Comments

    Some crna decided that in order to convince me of the perfection of their exalted being they needed to insult me and my intelligence.  Rather than have them languish in the comments sections of individual posts of mine, I decided to make a whole new post for their comments.  Anybody who has had the "benefit" of a crna instead of a doctor and has been treated with arrogant indifference to their needs/wants and in violation of current "informed consent" laws needs to read this.  As usual the commenter(s) can't see the narcissistic nature of their comments.  It's all part of the illness. So here we go;

    Comment #1 from "anonymous"

    "I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Versed. I am a CRNA. If my patient tells me they do or don't want a drug, I certainly try to accomadate, (sic) and versed certainly goes in that category for me. I know many anesthesiologists and CRNAs, both groups having good eggs and bad eggs. Please don't extrapolate your negative experience with one pretentious CRNA to us all as a whole. I tend to think (because of my bias) that CRNAs typically listen to their patients more because of their nursing background as opposed to the physician background, but that's my opinion. The anesthesiologist who downplayed the CRNA's involvement in your husband's case, I take issue with him as you have described him. Oh well. Good egg and bad eggs in each of the Anesthesiologist and CRNA camps. I try to be the best I can at what I do, but the day I stop listening to my patients and customizing the anesthetics to each individual is the day I should stop administering anesthesia."  This one is fairly innocuous, but he/she doesn't get it.  Once you have been AMBUSHED by a crna, the fear and loathing doesn't just dissipate.  She/he [seems female to me, judging by writing style] talks about good eggs and bad eggs.  It is so important to have GOOD people in anesthesia.  It isn't good eggs and bad eggs, like your Ford dealership employees.  Anesthesia providers must be held to a higher standard.  I was happy that the anesthesiologist was in charge AS THE LAW PROVIDES!  In my opinion, crna's do NOT listen to their patients more than doctors.  They feel that they are the final arbiters of "what's good for you."  That mind set isn't listening to the patient.  That being said I MIGHT entertain the idea that this person be in charge of my anesthetic.  This is my absolute right!  I can decline the services of a nurse any time I want.  It's the LAW.

    Comment #2 Is this from the same "anonymous" as above?  It was commenting on the same post of mine.  hmmmm

    "You sound looney! How do you make your husband's surgery all about you? Poor you can't take care of someone who has had surgery? I feel bad for your husband, Your entire blog is absolutely ridiculous and without merit."  Now this is more what I have come to expect from crna's and the like.  The first comment shown above is the EXCEPTION.  Since *I* don't like Versed and I saw what happens when you have sloppy anesthesia provided by an arrogant nurse, and don't want a repeat of same with my husband, I am the bad guy.  So this proves that not only do crna's not care about the patient, they don't give a damn about what the caregivers go through either.  Believe me, I don't want a Versed crazed man who outweighs me being turned loose into my custody.  For that I'm the bad guy.  Wow.  Please note that the commenter goes beyond their faux outrage at my concern at being a caregiver if my husband reacted the same way *I* did and condemns the whole blog.  Of course, because this cretin wishes to pump Versed into people regardless of outcome.  As I've previously complained, all these crna's are interested in is their own selfish wishes for an easy time with the patients no matter the aftermath.  Once the patient is out the door they could care less what the patient and their family/caregiver has to go through.  The proof is in the comment.

    Comment #3 from hypnus

    "Dear's obvious that you have no concept of what it takes to become a CRNA. The training for a CRNA is NOT emptying bedpans or bathing patients. To clarify any misconceptions you have let me detail this for you.
    A doctor does a 4 year undergrad degree, usually in a science field but this is NOT a requirement. They then attend a 4 year medical school. The first 2 years are didactic studies with the last 2 being clinical work that includes learning to take history and physicals from patients, etc. Benign work and they don't make any clinical decisions regarding patient care. Upon graduation they do a 1 year general internship where they rotate through all hospital departments. It isn't until their 2nd year that they begin their residency in anesthesia. At this point they are in the same residency program as a CRNA. Upon completion of the residency doctors are not required to prove competency through any board certification, although many do complete the certification.
    A CRNA completes 4 years of undergrad, specializing as an RN. The last 2 years are spent specializing in nursing practice and doing actual patient care at the bedside under supervision. A far cry from emptying bedpans, this includes insertion of oral gastric tubes, IV's, drawing arterial blood gases, inserting foley and rectal catheters, reading cardiac monitors, learning to regulate IV medications...many of which are potent, and so forth. Upon graduation the RN is required to spend a determined amount of time working as a critical care nurse before they can even apply for a CRNA program. In the ICU the RN becomes skilled at patient assessment, IV monitoring, use of ventilators, reading and determining meanings of Swan-Ganz readings (inserted into the hear), titrating potent drips, etc. As yes, the RN will empty bedpans because we are not above taking personal care of a patient. Most CRNA programs require that a CRNA applicant be a certified critical care RN (CCRN) before they will even entertain interviewing them. The interview process for CRNA programs is grueling. Because the programs expect the RN applicant to have understanding of critical care medicine, interviews are performed in front of a panel of professors and even anesthesiologists/CRNA's. The interview consists of questions regarding specific medications and their pharmacokinetics, ventilator settings, Swan-Ganz interpretations, arterial blood gas interpretations, and so forth. This usually lasts an hour to an hour and a half. The panel the weighs in the applications accuracy at answering questions, how well they performed under stress, their GPA's, their work history and type of critical care experience before making the selection. There are typically 250+ applicants each year to programs that only welcome 50-75 students. This allows programs to select only the very best for their programs. Upon entering the program the applicants spend 1 year minimum in intense didactics, studying the same material as medical students. Because the students already have bedside experience in critical care and training in nursing, unlike medical students who have no prior experience in medicine, the didactic portion of the program is more condensed than medical school. There is no need to begin with basics of patient care with CRNA students. After the didactic portion of the program is complete the residency begins. For nearly 2 years the CRNA will work in the residency program alongside physicians, learning through experience and with supervision. Yes, there is a difference between the CRNA resident and the medical resident. The CRNA is not paid, the medical resident is. Anyway, the CRNA will spend between 60 to 90 hours a week training in surgery, taking call, and being scrutinized. Upon completion of the residency the CRNA student (RRNA) must take a board certification exam, which must be repeated every 8 years, to provide competency. So before you speak of how CRNA's are incompetent, educate yourself or you will continue to look foolish."  
    So here we have a typical rant from a crna trying to prove, once again, that they are superior to everybody else including doctors.  The whole comment is nothing but a self serving attempt to show all us cretins how superior they are.  Amazing that they would even try this.  So do these nurses start out like this with anti-social tendencies or is it something that is drummed into them in school?  It's uncanny how many of them display this attitude.  Surly, arrogant, disrespectful, insulting diatribes aimed at?  What is this poster striving to achieve?  Can anybody tell?  The insults are designed to do what?  Make us all love crna's?  Somebody please tell these "bad eggs" that this kind of behavior is having the opposite impact on patients, if the idea is to convince us to allow a nurse to do our anesthesia.  As an aside, an hour and a half interview is what university applicants are expected to do as well.  If this example was supposed to show us how onerous the training is, it is a fail.  GPA for crna's is what?  3.0 I've heard.  If you can't get a B average in a NURSING school you are seriously not a good candidate for a crna.  If you can't tell the difference between being a technician and having a true patient care objective, I can't help you.  You are describing mechanic school for one aspect of the human body.  Sort of like the person who can only do brakes on a car.  Where is the concern for the person?

    Comment #4 from "anonymous" again

    The funny thing is that this poster tried to comment on "ANOTHER Amnesia drug" by stating the following

    "Lady, I'm sorry to tell you this and burst your hysterical rant bubble, but Versed isn't the only hypnotic/amnestic given during induction. Propofol also has these properties, so does anesthesia gases. Versed has many other properties too, such as prevention of seizures that can occur when large doses of local anesthetic is injected intraop, decreasing brain hypoxia, decreasing the dose of opioid needed for pain relief resulting in less postop nausea and vomiting, and many more. POCD (postop cognitive dysfunction) is typically only seen in the elderly, substance abusers/alcoholics. It is thought to be caused by the inflammatory process of surgery. Read the facts."  Here I am on my blog talking about other amnesia drugs, as I have over the years, and this genius takes the time to deride me for saying so by stating what I have ALREADY written about.  Hint:  if you are commenting on an article in which I reveal YET ANOTHER amnesia drug, does it stand to reason that I might already know this?  So what's up with the snarkiness?  The title of my post would give normal people the idea that I am well aware of the FACT that there are other amnesia drugs in use.  I have written about many of them.  Including Propofol.  Ketamine, a blood pressure drug, Ambien, etc.  So here we have the oh-so-very-intelligent commenter pretending that I don't know anything.  Of course the usual digs about not being educated, "hysterical". "rant", "bubble", blah blah, blah.  So predictable. Yet another crna blowing their own horn.  Yawn.  Of particular interest is how this person tries to disseminate propaganda by saying POCD is "typically" only seen in the elderly (who cares about them, right) SUBSTANCE ABUSERS AND ALCOHOLICS.  So the implication to take from this is that IF you have a bad reaction to their wonder drug, it isn't the drug...YOU must be a substance abuser or alcoholic.  Blame the victim once again.  "Typically" is nothing but an obfuscation, an "anecdotal" based aggressive attempt to disparage anybody who has a bad experience.  Careful nursey poo your compassion is showing...not.

    Comment #5 again from "anonymous"  short but sweet.

    "Ridiculous dribble. Did you get rejected by a CRNA program? Is this why you are so jealous and bitter?"
    Is this what they teach in crna school?  Attack people who have had a bad experience at the hands of a nincompoop nurse who feels they are a God.  If somebody disagrees with them, they claim some ulterior motive and impugn their experience?  Of special note; this commenter is commenting on a post where I actually LIKED a crna.  Maybe they are jealous and bitter about some other crna getting a compliment from me?  LOL

    Comment #6 anonymous again, last one, tried to post to "My Hope For Versed Pushers"

    "That's super nice of you wishing harm on other people."  So this commenter doesn't like it that I wish Versed pushers to suffer the same way I did?  Too damn bad.  You have no problem causing suffering in your patients do you?  You have the nerve to try to take the high moral ground while forcing your patients to suffer?  Doesn't work like that.  You people deliberately and maliciously use a drug which CAUSES suffering in so many people and then have the unmitigated gall to try to castigate me?  You make your patients endure what amounts to torture and that's OK but if *I* opine that you should get the exact same treatment, *I* am the bad guy?  Spare me.