Saturday, March 30, 2013

Open Wide And Say Moo!

I wrote about this book a while back and I just found out that it is available on Kindle.  I don't have a device that can do this for me, so I'm hoping some of my friends who read this can buy it and let me know how good it is.  If this comes out in hard bound I will get it.  Dr. Rich is really good as a writer! Open Wide and Say Moo! The Good Citizen's Guide to Right Thoughts and Right Actions under Obamacare eBook: Richard N Fogoros: Kindle Store

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Great Link on Medical HARM

A friend of mine sent me this link:  When Harm in the Hospital Follows You Home - ProPublica  It's fabulous.  Be sure to read the comments. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Sorry For The Anesthesia Nurses!

Well, maybe I'm not so sorry for them after all.  My original crna, the one who pretended to be a doctor, the one who gave me Versed and general anesthesia against my will in the face of my continued refusals and without a signed "informed" consent, that one?  Well, he is the person responsible for me being here.  Why would I feel sorry for him?  Maybe because he thinks he can read minds (psychic abilities) and "knows what's best" for people he has never met before in his life, even when it turns out badly?  Aren't we supposed to feel sorry for people who suffer from delusions?  I'm not feelin' it...

Anyway, I found this post on in the colonoscopy medications section. 

jessica says:
I’m an internist and often request that patients undergo colonoscopy exams. I always thought that the sedation was to keep patients comfortable and that a qualified anesthesiologist would attend my patients. I’m shocked to find that many colonoscopy patients (most) undergo a brutal, painful and traumatizing exam without anesthesia, but inadequate “conscious sedation versed/fentanyl) administered not by an anesthesiologist. but by a nurse/crna who is not qualified to keep my patients comfortable. Colonoscopy patients often tell me that the nurse anesthetist doesn’t make the exam tolerable; they are thrashing about complaing of pain while a CRNA keeps telling then that “you are doing great”; administering an amnesia drug (Versed) in the hope that the unfortunate patient will forget how badly they were treated during the colonoscopy……. nurses (CRNA) are not qualified to administer any form of anesthesia..I will NOT recommend colonoscopy of any procedure requiring sedation unless an anesthesiologist (MD/DO) actually does the anesthesia 100% him/herself. I have too many patients who have had such a bad, dangerous experience with CRNA that they will NOT consider future lifesaving procedures,,,,

I promise the above is not me.  However, it exactly parallels my thinking, so all you crna's who have called me various names, insulted my intelligence etc. can see that a doctor holds you in the same regard as I.  That is; lower than dirt.  I will never consider ANY procedure which involves sedation or an anesthesia nurse.  I will make sure that the 'doctor' who wants to do my anesthesia is actually an MD doctor before proceeding. (As opposed to a nurse who has earned a doctorate in something other than medicine, like nursing or basket weaving, [HUMOR] you have to watch out for that one!)  I may even have them sign a consent for ONLY an MD doctor's care prior to the procedure.  I also want to avoid an assistant or other unskilled person performing my procedure.  I'll put that right there with the "no sedation or Versed in any amount for any reason, before, during or after my procedure."  Sorry to increase your workload MDAs but an anesthesia nurse is unacceptable to me for any part of my future procedures.  Just like the internist above says. 

My wonderful stepfather is also an internist, and he refuses Versed as well.  He has noticed what a nurse friend of mine says, that is "every time one of my patients gets Versed, a little bit less of them comes back."  Versed is tantamount to legalized torture, with the added fillip that we have to pay enormous amounts of money for this dubious "sedation" from an overpaid anesthesia nurse.  Thanks Jessica for this post.  We are RIGHT about this "medication" and crna's.  (At least MOST anesthesia nurses.  The good ones are the exception to the rule.)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Obamacare = $10,000 Per Illegal Alien

Not only do we have an out of control health care system, aided and abetted by Obama's "[un]Affordable Care Act" (actually a medical bailout) now we get to pay $10,000 per year for each illegal alien's health care.  Did you know that?  Our congressman told us all about it at his townhall meeting a couple of months ago.

Nobody has said or done anything about "bending the cost curve down" as promised.  No, oh HELL no, we are just going to shift the burden of health care onto taxpayers, via exhorbitant new taxes, whether we can afford it or not!  So now, when we working class stiffs are up at night worrying about the $20,000 dollars per year that the IRS says we should pay for health care, we get to fume over the fact that ILLEGAL ALIENS who are breaking the law by invading our country, tax evasion, identity theft,etc. all felonies by the way, we get to offer them 'free' health care which only costs US $10,000 EACH per year!  Do the math.  The government says that there are 12 MILLION illegal aliens here, probably more like 50 million if you factor in the way our government computes things!  I think there are 12 million in Los Angeles county alone...  What's not to like? 

These aliens come in with all kinds of diseases, like the drug resistant tuberculosis, chagas disease, AIDS, typhoid, and on and on it goes.  They spread it to us as well, so now everybody gets to have an expensive contagious illness.  Only problem is that only illegal aliens can afford to have these diseases thanks to our elected officials deciding that we get to pay for THEM to have healthcare that WE can't afford for ourselves.


There has been zero legislation so far to rein in the excesses of our current health care delivery system.  Not one single jot or tittle.  Nothing about this absurd 'sedation for all' mentality, nothing about any QUALITY ASSURANCE to make sure that we aren't being killed, maimed or harmed by medical care.  There is nothing about any 'mediation' processes whereby we patients can have some recourse when medical care harms us.  Oh they want tort reform to leave us all helpless, but nothing to actually HELP with this crisis.  There is nothing about the 'chargemaster' rip off scheme being dismantled.  Nothing in there to cut back on the number of highly paid [so-called] professionals that are involved in patient care needlessly.  The FDA is still fully funded by a corrupt big pharma industry.  

The "Affordable Care Act" is one gigantic devastating boondoggle which will PREVENT anybody who actually works for a living from having health care.  If you are middle class you are screwed.  Poor people and illegal aliens will be leeching off of you, they get 'free' health care from YOU!  The rich people have no problem paying for health care insurance of $20,000 a year like the IRS says.  Just wait for the next wave of insurance premium hikes.  Can't afford $20,000 now?  You are going to have sticker shock when they start implementing this legislation.   That is unless you are an illegal alien or one of the 'poor' folks.

If you have a job, get ready for it to be part time.  Employers are eager to double their employee roster by dividing one full time job into two part time jobs.  That way they can avoid the Affordable Care Act mandates.  Kills two birds with one stone doesn't it?  The unemployment rate will go down and the employer gets to stash whatever money they would have spent taking care of their full time employees.  Don't ever believe that the Democrats aren't in the pockets of big business. 

Why we couldn't have legislation that actually looked at why our health care is so expensive and instituted common sense reforms is beyond me.  I guess they must be smarter than I am.  Instead they bailed out the medical field and big business.  Instead they encouraged more illegal immigration by offering free health care along with the rest of the basket of goodies, paid for by the working class of this country.  More job security for the medical field by allowing illegal aliens in without health checks.  More expense thrown up on the load that we are already carrying. 

$10,000 DOLLARS PER YEAR, EACH, FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS TO COME HERE AND SPREAD THEIR DISEASE.  THAT'S THE START, IT WILL GO UP FROM THERE.  YOU AND I WILL PAY FOR THIS, FOR PEOPLE WHO SHOULDN'T BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Where are the news reports on this?  We have Pravda US as a news system in this country.  My own congressman says that if this $10,000 per year, each, illegal alien benefit were reported the people would be up in arms.  And that, boys and girls, is why this is a secret from us.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Blog About Medical [non] Care

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine who blogs here;Hysterectomy Information - Home

Included in the e-mail were links to yet another medical care sufferer.  Losing My Leg To A Medical Error. - Medical Office Group.: Ashworth College Community  His story scares me on a personal level because my crna Aaron saw no problem with cranking down a pressure cuff on my upper arm to the point that for weeks/months afterward I experienced excruciating pain from it.  The pressure cuff caused more pain than the botched surgery and was right up there with the pain I experienced from the kidney infection I got from the hospital.  The pain was worse than the nerve pain from my ulna where my esteemed surgeon (or another) had left a LOCKING screw head loose and interfering with my ulnar nerve.  (I emphasize LOCKING screw because I fail to understand how a LOCKING screw could rotate out of the bone and into my ulnar nerve.  That really can't happen; I work with locking screws all the time and have NEVER had one back out, regardless of a vibration level far in excess of anything that happens inside the human body.  My surgeon (or the janitor) HAD to have installed it that way.)

According to this doctor, I may eventually need to have my arm amputated.  I have moderate numbness in my hand, that I assumed was from the doctor (or janitor) "tugging on the nerves" as my surgeon put it, during my ORIF distal radius surgery.  Now I find out that the pressure cuff could actually have caused more damage than I ever imagined.   

Aaron the crna, had use of a pressure cuff that could be inflated and deflated by a dual mechanism.  I didn't know this until my second surgery to correct the major defects in the first.  Apparently the pressure cuff contains two pressuring devices side by side.  That way the cuff can be inflated in an adjacent area and deflated in the other in order to provide relief from a single pressure point.  My second crna did this for me.  When the pain became too great, he simply moved the pressure point.  (In this second surgery I was NOT knocked out, nor sedated as per my instructions.  Amazing that one crna understood me and Aaron couldn't!)

Aaron obviously didn't care to do this for me.  After all, he had sedated me and knocked me out without permission and against my will, so OBVIOUSLY he didn't give a damn about what was "best" for me to start with.  I'm sure he kept up his insulting chit-chat about me, while ignoring the potential for harm from him clamping down on my arm so severely and leaving it in that one spot for the duration of the surgery. 

BTW the excuse I got for the trauma to my upper arm was that my blood pressure shot up (after Versed) and that the cuff had to be extra tight in order to combat that.  My muscles actually drooped from the crushing of the pressure cuff.  It was startling to me and even to my surgeon when I lifted my arm and displayed the droop.

The moral of this story is, don't ever trust medical people.  Stay awake, without amnesia (that's for medical people who redefine the English language) if at all possible.  That way if something hurts they will rectify it instead of leaving you suffering and causing yet more problems for you.  After all, as this doctor says, the amputation cost $150,000 and the artificial limb cost another $50,000.  We truck drivers have a saying for this kind of misbehavior and it's called, "job security."  Don't allow them to use YOU AND YOUR BODY for their "job security"!

Ever Heard About The "Chargemaster"?

I had never heard about a "chargemaster"!  The "chargemaster" is the internal billing scheme used by hospitals and medical treatment facilities to fleece the public out of billions of dollars.  You really need to watch the video contained in this piece!  The article in it's entirety is worth reading, the contents will shock you...  No wonder 60% of all bankruptcies are from medical care.  And it's all UNNECESSARY!  Hospitals are raking it in, making massive profits at our expense.  It surely isn't because of the stellar care that we are [not] receiving.   Iatrogenic medical deaths are the number 1 leading cause of death in this country regardless of the outrageous and unsustainable costs associated with medical care.

The Absurd Costs of American Health Care 

Also worth watching is this video, linked obscurely on the site:Suzanne Somers Throws Knockout for Cancer - YouTube#at=520#! 

Of particular note for me was Suzanne's take on mammograms which follows exactly what I have been saying on this blog.  She also takes on the ubiquitous and misnamed "Standard of Care" which many places point to as their wonderful blueprint of patient care, which is actually a bogus claim.  The only "standard of care" that I see is the standard of caring for medical workers and medical centers, the patients be damned.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Versed Victim...A Doctor!

I found this post at the end of this thread;  Midazolam Sedation Is Not ALWAYS Safe - Forum Thread Page 4  Please note the date of 04 Mar 2013.  I and others have been complaining for YEARS about Versed, what it did to us and the lack of effective oversight pertaining to its use and misuse.  I'm absolutely baffled as to why anybody would allow its use!  Why would people ASSUME that those of us who have a severe and long lasting reaction to this particular brain poison are all 'tin-foil-hat' people?  I'm perplexed about the unholy zeal to use this nasty drug! 

Versed/midazolm Is Often A Nightmare For Patients

posted by Jenn on 04 Mar 2013 at 7:58 pm

Please take my comments with a grain of saly; initially I thought that anyone who complained about their experience with Versed/midazolam was a crackpot/tinfoil hatperson. My opinion has changed; Versed/midazolam harms MANY patients. I'm just a patient/mom/wife 47 years old who just had a procedure (colonoscopy-egd) and I was told that the "sedation" would be a comfortable experience with no risk because of the Versed that was administered. Wrong! The Versed caused me severe anxiets, panic reactions and forced me to lie imobile in agony without being able to communicate. It was a nightmare. I'm a physcian and I would not recommend this drug to anyone. My procedure was aborted due to my severe reaction to Versed and I have been bothered by PTSD-like symptoms after receiving Versed. My GI team was totally upset by my horrible experience with Versed (the nurse who tried to administer additional Versed to stop my complaining about pain) ended up getting punched before the procedure was aborted. I never hit anyone before, but the Versed scrambled my memory of this..all I remember is:pain, panic and dysphoria. Does any patient deserve Versed? nope. The GI doc is my friend and she nearly had a stroke when I told her that I would rather risk colon cancer that consent to "sedation" with's not sedation, it's a chemical straightjacket and amnestic (until you get home) control drug. they use of amnesia drugs such as Versed makes me sick

Of note is the fact that the nurse tried to inject yet more Versed because the patient was complaining about pain.  The nurse wanted to shut the patient up with more sedation instead of addressing the patients pain.  Isn't that nice of her?  I have another article here on nomidazolam which explains that Versed is an ANTI-analgesic.  Versed actually causes people to experience MORE PAIN!  It defies logic to hear that medical people, those loving, caring individuals WANT their patient to experience more pain, but they want them to shut the hell up and endure it as well, so they go for yet more of their torture drug Versed.  They can't be bothered with pain medication.  What is up with that?

PS You go girl!  I'm always happy to hear that there were consequences to medical people indulging in some illegal drug pushing.  If more of us became violent when we were violated with Versed injections maybe it would begin to rein in the arrogant excesses and actual harm that our medical workers are indulging in vis a vis Versed/Midazolam!  Here's to hoping that little nursey poo will think twice before trying to  'sedate' somebody into immobility instead of doing their primary job of relieving suffering.  Maybe she'll grab the Fentanyl next time!  One can hope.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Another E-mail About Death By Medical Care

A friend of mine sent me the following e-mail.  Her mother was (allegedly) killed by medical care at the same place I went.  She herself also suffered life-threatening medical problems CAUSED by improperly performed surgery.  Anyway, this is the same medical field that feels that we patients are just determined to file "frivolous" lawsuits.  Unfortunately for all of us patients, some medical workers are taking a "frivolous" attitude towards our care.  Why should they care if you live or die?  There is no downside.  I am NOT talking about those in the health care field who actually do good work.  There are plenty of those, the problem being the shroud of secrecy surrounding "iatrogenic" (iatrogenic - definition of iatrogenic in the Medical dictionary - by the Free Online Medical Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. ) deaths and adverse effects, coupled with ZERO enforcement of the law and ZERO capacity to file a lawsuit.  How long do we have to put up with this? 

Remember the old saying that "one bad apple spoils the whole bushel"?  There is no way for those who wish to do their jobs well to report those who don't.  Those that take a very lighthearted view of their patients care are pulling the good ones right down with them.

Learn more:
(NaturalNews) From the late 1990s to now, more and more statistical evidence regarding death and injury from medical interventions, known as iatrogenic deaths and injuries, have been exposed.

The rate of iatrogenic deaths is quite high, higher than traffic fatalities, heart attacks, and cancer deaths. And there are even more iatrogenic episodes that result in permanent disability or lifelong pain.

Unlike the UK, doctors, clinics, and hospitals in the U.S. Are not required to report adverse events. It's estimated that no more than five percent of adverse events do get reported. So it takes a lot of digging to tally up the statistics of iatrogenic episodes.

Unnecessary surgeries, such as removing non-cancerous thyroid nodes, preventative mastectomies, or Cesarian deliveries, and surgical errors are often responsible for iatrogenic diseases and deaths.

An error by one individual in a surgical team leads to a disaster of performing surgery on the wrong lung, leg, or arm. But surgical sloppiness is only a portion of the bigger picture.

Big Pharma's dangerous drug invasion

A conservative tally of over 100,000 deaths per year is attributed to correctly prescribed drugs. Non-lethal adverse reactions are estimated to triple that number.
This does not include technically legal off-label prescriptions, drugs approved for one symptom but used for another, or incorrectly prescribed drugs. And it doesn't include adverse events from over the counter (OTC) drugs that anyone can walk in and buy. Between 30,000 and 50,000 emergency room visits annually are from those "medications."

With drugs that are correctly prescribed and approved by the FDA, doctors are protected by standard of care guidelines established by the various medical and psychiatric boards and institutions and accepted as what all MDs should be doing.

No matter how many suffer lifelong agony, go crazy, or drop dead, there is no liability or accountability if interventions and prescriptions are within a standard of care guidelines.

Those doctors just keep on prescribing. And it usually takes years before any drug stacks up enough destruction and death before it's taken off the market or merely labeled with warnings that are rarely fully disclosed to patients.

The FDA and Big Pharma have a financially symbiotic relationship. The FDA receives a half-billion dollars or more annually in user fees from Big Pharma companies that were initiated to speed up pharmaceutical approval processes.

Then there are those revolving doors that permit pharmaceutical industry people to sit in on the FDA's approval committees. Here's Mike Adam's 2005 interview of Dr. Ray Strand, author of Death by Prescription. (

All factors included, the total U.S. Iatrogenic death toll is staggering. Over three-quarter million victims a year.

Apparently vaccines are not included in deaths by prescription drugs

With most pharmaceutical medicines, the prospect of financial liability exists from individual and class action lawsuits, or even government fines. After the swine flu vaccination debacle of 1976, a government vaccine court was established to provide a buffer for vaccine manufacturers.(
A recent study from VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system), which is a voluntary system that receives reports from only a small percentage of actual events has high enough numbers for significant additions to iatrogenic deaths. (

A common vaccine injury denial activity is to accuse parents of recently vaccinated infants who suddenly died of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) or dismiss it as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).