Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pleasant woman in No Distress

In the report below please note under "General Condition: No distress." Also note when this document was allegedly signed. 10:00. The surgery was to start at 9:30. Why am I being evaluated at 10:00? At 10:00 I was already struggling to fight off the Versed. Also, quite contrary to every other piece of paper, my wrist is described as having "sig. deformity." This is the only time that my wrist has been described thusly. Everywhere else, there is "no visible or palpable deformity" and only "mild to moderate edema."

In the report on the right it once again states plainly "GENERAL: She is alert and oriented to person, place, and time. MOOD PLEASANT. Affect appropriate. She is in NO DISTRESS." (italics mine) So why was I given Versed? This also substantiates my claim that I was just fine before surgery.

Here we have an assessment of my mental state. Please note that none of the boxes are checked with a "Y." I wasn't anxious, depressed, didn't have ineffective coping, cognative impairment, I wasn't withholding information, had no attention seeking behavior, no disruptive behavior, no delusions/hallucinations, no potential for self inflicted injury, no other, etc. The only one marked is this one "Do you feel concerned for your safety at home? "N" Funny I was just fine here, but AFTER surgery I was obviously a nut case... I have no cognative impairment, but oddly one of the CRNA's said that I had "moderate understanding" along with "anxiety."

I am going to show medical records in here which show that I was a pleasant woman in no distress. You can tell by the tone of this blog that this is no longer the case. I will also show how I woke up. I will point out glaring deficiencies in these reports. They are from the day of surgery... Here we have on record from the hospital that "The patient is a pleasant 51 year old female..." Also of note is the erroneous statement that I sustained a "fall from a horse landing on her outstretched left wrist." This is all wrong. I was knocked down and then rolled over my arm in an awkward position! I didn't land on my outstretched wrist. Here it also shows that we had "SIGNIFICANT discussion of the risks, benefits, and alternatives. NOT TRUE! It was never revealed to me all the problems with this surgery, or the fact that this Dr. refuses to work on conscious patients. He didn't even tell me where the incision was to be. Silly me I imagined an oblique entry rather than slicing through my tendons. The alternative of an external fixator was never mentioned. The loss of the use of my hand was never mentioned. The risks of tendon injury from the devices was never mentioned. The benefit was supposed to be that I would work again... More on that in another post. Here I am, a pleasant female without history of depression or anxiety. Also of note, my descriptions of problems with anesthesia are not shown. I guess that paradoxical reactions are just a problem for the patient and not worthy of mentioning at all.

More incomplete charting and more lies

Here is the preoperative report. Note that it says that I have no history of problems with anesthetic. This is a lie. I went into great detail about my paradoxical reactions to anesthesia, my previous 4 open reductions of my femur 2 without general anesthetic (none with sedation), the reasons why they did it that way, right down to the hair loss. This is completely missing from my chart. They only list my tonsillectomy (my bad paradoxical reactions not even mentioned although I told them all about it!) and my c-section, for which I was NOT knocked out! I explained in graphic detail all the problems that I had with the first 2 femur surgeries when they used general anesthetic, along with the fact that I had an epidural and stayed awake and chatting with the operating team the whole time the last 2 times. I told them that the anesthesiologist for the femur surgeries said that I fought them the whole time under g/a. He was more than happy to have me awake. Why do you suppose that entire conversation and any allusions to it or a broken Femur are missing? HMMM?
I don't have ALLERGIES to anesthesia. I guess paradoxical reactions, waking up in restraints, depression, hair loss etc. are the patients private problems, not a problem for health care providers! They could care less. If you do not die, then it's just ducky with them.
Look what Aaron put at the bottom. "Alert pt. prior to GA if necessary." I didn't say to ALERT me. I said we would have a discussion about how best to proceed if THEY thought it would be necessary. I informed him that an additional local anesthetic such as procaine or pain medication would have to suffice. AT NO TIME DID I GIVE PERMISSION IN ANY WAY SHAPE OF FORM FOR SEDATION OR G/A! I TOLD him that general anesthetic was NOT going to be necessary, that we would just have to figure it out if the block didn't work. What I didn't say precisely (not that it would have worked) the magic words "under no circumstances." I thought that a simple "no," along with not signing an informed consent (or any consent) for this kind of anesthesia would suffice. I would have signed out AMA before I risked death etc. for a stupid broken arm. The Versed prevented this...
It also states at the bottom that the "Plan and Risk of Anesthesia explained to the patient/guardian; understood and accepted. This is a false statement. Yes they explained that they desperately wanted to give me general anesthetic, but I vigorously declined this! How dare they simply state this as a fact! Where is my signature stating that I accepted this? What risks were explained? I don't see any risks outlined! The hospital was cited for this. What about the risk of DEATH just to fix a broken arm? What about the risk of brain hypoxia and PTSD from their sedation. See anything at all about SEDATION?
Also on this page is an "Evaluator Signature" Who the hell is this now? Nobody knows. This is in violation of patient right laws which state that the signature must be legible. It also violates the law in that this person was never explained to me, he and his job are not listed as one of the people involved in my care. Course there is no list at all about anybody... The hospital was cited for this one. I have a right to know who is performing any tasks.
I also want to point out that nobody offered me a Bier block. See the boxes in the corner. This is the block I had to remove the hardware before I became a cripple. The Bier block worked PERFECTLY! There was no need for the dangerous and inconsistent Axillary block! No "need" for general anesthetic and positively, absolutely, no need for Versed. It is as a direct result of being poisoned with Versed that I had this horrible, unnecessary and controversial surgery at all.
Also note that the DATE is wrong. Could this be a replacement chart? It is dated the day AFTER surgery. I wasn't anywhere near this place on that date. My age is also erroneously listed as 55. I won't be 55 until next year and this was 3 years ago. I am also NOT 15'6" tall. My goodness that would be some kind of trick wouldn't it? My records are replete with false, manufactured, erroneous, incomplete and incorrect data.

Medical Records Omitted

In my chart from the hospital there should be a graph of my heartbeat and respiration. I have a piece of one that shows a sharp drop to the bottom of the chart, but I can't read it. Could I have been walloped with Versed to the point that I now have brain hypoxia? I warned them that I have paradoxical reactions to anesthesia agents, were they trying to knock me down? I wasn't the slightest bit nervous or anxious prior to the Versed injection, but who knows what happened once they totally disconnected my brain. My memory is clear right up to the point that the CRNA took out my partial and shoved a tube down my throat. Is this when I crashed? I am including this chart here. This is also the chart which contains the fact that I was given an additional 4 mls of Versed post surgery. I was in the hospital for 7 HOURS for a 70 minute operation. My BP crashed to 80 over 30 for half an hour. They gave me 1400 cc of "Crystalloid" why is that? Here is a studySecondary Abdominal Compartment Syndrome After Severe Extrem... : The Journal of Trauma that shows how dangerous this is. What is 10cc of EBL? Why did the anesthesia stop so long after the surgery? Why in the hell was I given anesthesia at all? I wanted a nerve block and pain meds. There is absolutely no excuse for this! I had 2 mls of Versed preop, apparently 1 more ml at the start and 4 more before being carted to the PACU. They charged me for more, but since they refused to release my medication chart I have no idea. They don't show the Propofol injections, the timing of the Flurane gas, Benadryl, or any of the rest of it. I have no EKG charts, nothing.

Motion for Summary Dismissal

My case was thrown out of court even though I could prove negligence and harm. I have already gone over the singular problem with getting redress for my assault with grievous bodily harm. Nobody wants to take these cases. apparently GW passed some kind of law making it nearly impossible for us patients to use our civil laws. There is a movement afoot to protect doctors and nurses from prosecution in Katrina type disasters. They were so upset that they got caught giving patients Versed TO KILL THEM BEFORE THE DISASTER STRUCK that they have conned our elected officials into giving them immunity for this kind of murder.

If you are in the health care field, do not bother posting and saying that these kind people were just trying to help. Do not even try to argue that they used Versed and an opioid. Versed alone in sufficient doses will kill you. That's why you have to be trained in airway management before you can inject Versed. In fact Versed is such a potent poison that you can only use the tiniest amounts and even then you must inject it slowly in order not to kill the patient. I don't care how many other drugs can kill people, this one is the worst of the bunch.

Anyway, my case was thrown out because judge Lansing Haynes said I didn't prove "causation." You would think that that meant the my case had no merit and deserved to be thrown out, wouldn't you? Actually it means that judge Haynes gets to sit up there and claim that since you didn't pay an expert witness their 25,000 dollars, that the case has no merit. You can bring in all the proof that you want, x rays, letters, medical reports etc. and it won't do you any good. You have to have deep pockets to get justice in this country. This judge very clearly stated that I am to be held to the highest standard of attorneys, representing myself. ( remember I am just a moron truck driver) The Dr. gets to slide. He is not held to a standard at all. The Dr. isn't held to any procedural deficits in his care, but the truck driver trying to get justice for an attack IS!

I had to sit quietly and listen to the attorney for the defense, Mr. Sestero go on and on about how Ms. Murray ADMITS that the anesthesia provider was not an employee of Dr. M and that Dr. M had no control over him. (the LAW says otherwise) I couldn't believe my ears! Then Mr. Sestero went on about the second Dr.  I saw trying to convince me that the screws had come out of the bone because of this "bone shrinkage" or "settling." The rest of Dr. V's statement was that he hadn't seen the x rays of my arm immediately after the surgery, or from Dr. M's office which clearly showed that this is exactly how Dr. M installed them. There was no change, no shrinkage, no settling. Either Dr. V was deliberately trying to protect Dr. M or more likely (I hope) Dr. V couldn't BELIEVE that another Dr. would be so careless as to install these screws like that.

Judge Haynes didn't allow me to read THE REST of Dr. V'sstatement where he admitted that he had never seen the previous x rays. I asked. There were also many many inaccuracies in my medical records which I was not allowed to address. I guess whatever lies Dr's put down in their reports are gospel. Since when have Dr's never told a lie? Seems to me they lie A LOT!

I was allowed to read the laws which pertain to "informed consent" into the record, along with the laws which clearly state that regardless of the anesthesia nurse not being an employee of Dr. M, that Dr. M IS, BY LAW, IN CHARGE OF THE ANESTHESIA NURSE. I heard Dr. M order Aaron to "put her out." He WAS in charge of the damn arrogant little nurse. It's the law, and apparently not even the attorney for the defense knew the law. You still think that they care? They don't even know the law, and why should they, it didn't matter anyway.

As a small consolation I observed Mr. Sestero making notes as I was reciting the laws in court. I hope he was writing down what I was citing for future reference so that nobody else has to sit there helplessly and listen to the attorney for the defense make their case for them, after the judge has ruled that there is no case. Mr. Sestero by his own testimony in court showed that the laws had been broken and that there was complete ignorance of the law, seemingly even by himself, a "super lawyer." Ignorance of the law isn't a defense for us normal people, but it is for the exalted Dr.s.

Mr. Sestero brought up that my regular Dr. put in my chart that I had been previously diagnosed with PTSD! This was quite a surprise to me. I remember him asking if I had ever heard of PTSD and I said yes I had heard of it. He said that is what was wrong with me now. I never said that I had been diagnosed with this before! It doesn't matter anyway because Dr's are infallible truth tellers. Don't ever take for granted that what is in your chart is true and accurate. You have the right to amend your chart. Take advantage of this and regularly check. In my case the clinic that I go to refused to allow me access to my chart, in violation of the law. Is this just one more law that nobody knows about and nobody enforces? I had to purchase my records or pay for a doctor to go over them with me. They feel it would be too upsetting for an "untrained" person to view their chart, but it's OK as long as I PAY to look at them. I listened to this dumbfounded. How can I ever trust another medical provider?

I brought the skeleton arm with the hardware that my doctor installed as shown in another post, all the x rays, medical reports on how the surgery I had is best performed the way I wanted it with a nerve block instead of with general anesthetic. I brought excerpts from medical journals showing where Dr. M had gone wrong, the proper placement of screws, warnings about revealing possible tendon injury to the patient etc. I brought Dr. V's ENTIRE statement. I brought the medical records from the Dr. that took the implants OUT of my arm, without Versed or general anesthetic. I brought copies of all the laws that were broken by Dr. M and the rest of the staff. I brought copies of the citations from the Idaho Board of Health and Welfare. I wasn't allowed to use any of it. It's PROCEDURE that matters not substance. You either pay somebody tens of thousands of dollars to state the obvious for you or you are out the door.

The attorney for the defense didn't seem to know the law as it pertains to "informed consent" documents. He seemed to have no clue that the alleged informed consent which I had signed was actually not legal. It didn't contain all the things required by law at all. It actually only had the first 3 things, my name, the name of the procedure, and the Dr's name. The whole rest of the document was in violation of patient rights law. Even the way it was obtained was illegal. Did it matter? Hell no. JUDGE HAYNES REVEALS THAT MEDICAL PROVIDERS DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAW, AND IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU HAVE BEEN INJURED BY CARELESS ILLEGAL ACTS BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. RES IPSA IS MEANINGLESS! Any questions?

My case for summary dismissal was heard on September 3rd 2009, at 10:00 in Judge Lansing Haynes courtroom at the Kootenai County Courthouse in Coeur D'Alene Idaho. I assume that this is public record and anybody can research it or get a copy. As soon as *I* get a copy I will put it up here.

Versed, Stress, Drugs and Hair Loss

One of the odd things that nobody in the health care field cares about is HAIR LOSS. You have heard about it with cancer drugs, but did you know that this is a common problem with any number of drugs? I have not been able to find any studies on this but for me and some of my friends, anesthesia causes hair loss. Maybe it's a symptom of being poisoned? I have also found references to drugs like Propranalol (Inderol) mentioned elsewhere in this blog causing hair loss. Do you wonder, like I do, what other things are going on in your body subsequent to being poisoned? If these drugs cause hair loss are they also causing more hidden problems? Can they cause sloughing of cells in saaay your BRAIN! How about kidney function? Heart problems?

For myself, every time I have had general anesthetic, I end up with hair loss. On the one hand, I have tons of hair, so I haven't gone bald, but on the other hand my luxurious thick hair has always been my signature. Ever since I the Versed incident I have had a huge die off of hair follicles. Three years later my hair is getting very thin. I have to get it cut in shorter and shorter styles. In another couple of years I guess I will have to wear a wig. My long beautiful hair clogs the drain when I wash my hair. It clogs the brushes I use and it even clogs up my vacuum cleaner. My hair covers my pillow when I get up. Maybe this is just ducky for health care providers, but it isn't just fine with me. Anything that kills off the scalp is not something that should be injected into patients on a whim.

ALL patients are being over medicated these days. There is no reason to use Versed for the convenience of the staff. There is no excuse for using general anesthetic for minor procedures. They can take their Propofol and stick it as well. I can see maybe using some of this ( EXCLUDING VERSED!) for open heart surgery, but for dental work, fractures and colonocopies? Are you kidding me? My body has been poisoned and it is showing itself by hair loss, memory loss, anxiety and obsession with the drugs in particular Versed. Versed is not safe, short term or long term. Not even for your hair!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nurse Jacqueline's role

I honestly thought that the nurse Jacqueline was on my side. I even called the hospital to thank her. I thought that right up until the time I read the intraoperative report. Those bastards gave me 4 MORE MLS OF VERSED AFTER THE SURGERY WAS OVER!!!!!! What the hell were they thinking? What is the point of vandalizing my brain again, with a HUGE amount of Versed all at once AFTER SURGERY? Did they take heed of my paradoxical reactions only to the point of drugging me further? Why did they do this to me? This wasn't just one bad actor in this particular medical clinic, it was "standard of care" to deliberately and maliciously drug people. Is it that giving me this much MORE Versed would keep me in the PACU longer? More money for the hospital? There was no reason to do this to me and it didn't work anyway. I woke up in a towering rage, LOOSE IN THE PACU! I was trying to attack people! My own husband says he was scared of me too, when you guys went and got him! Jacqueline, I trusted you! I thought that you were my advocate! When you were laughing at my distress, I thought you were laughing because the nasty little CRNA was going to be in trouble! The horror of this will stay with me the rest of my life! Is this why you got into nursing? So you could traumatize people and laugh at their unhappiness? How could you do this to me? YOU, JACQUELINE, are the one who injected this enormous amount of ADDITIONAL Versed into my IV! Why? Was I already out of control, just like I warned you about? Why didn't you tell Aaron (CRNA) to shove it? You were there, was I fighting the general anesthetic like I told you I would? Is that why my surgery turned out so badly? I didn't even have one person on my side. Apparently even you, my favorite nurse, were only to happy to inject me with poison. I know you have seen this reaction before. Didn't you care that my life as I knew it would be over? I am crying as I write this, I hope you are happy.

Nurse Jill's role

If you are under the impression that the OR nurses are on your side, think again. My nurse Jill, listened to my litany about prior surgeries, heard my demands for a NERVE BLOCK ONLY, heard me say repeatedly that they were NOT to give me either incapacitating drugs, or any general anesthetic. She heard me warn the smirking CRNA that he would not be happy when I woke up if he tried any funny business. Jill heard the CRNA describe Versed, excuse me "Vitamin V" as simply a muscle relaxant. Did she warn me that he was pulling a fast one? Did she describe amnesia or forced cooperation? Hell no. This individual Jill, went right on ahead and squirted 2 mls of this poison into my IV knowing full well she was in violation of every single patient rights law, not to mention that what she was doing was unethical. Jill didn't give a rat's patooty about my rights. This is the same Jill who tricked me into signing a "surgical consent" by pretending it was just a blood transfusion consent. She was pretty pleased with herself when she snatched the blood products consent away from me. That's right, she nearly ripped it out of my hands. She happily announced that I had signed in the wrong place, but didn't give it back. When I looked at it months later I saw that SHE, JILL, had made a little star mark for me to SIGN IN THE WRONG PLACE! What kind of people work in medical centers these days? She also signed that she had witnessed "THE CONSENT." What she witnessed was me singing the document in the wrong place at her direction. This is just fine with everybody. Business as usual. They know what's best. Most people love Versed. Most people are happy to wake up and find it's all over. Well, JILL, this attitude went out of favor in the 1960's. I realize that you are too young to remember all this, but don't they teach you anything in nursing school?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Before you read the following posts...

Before you read the next 3 posts I want to tell you this. I have all the x rays to prove my point. ( I am going to try to scan them here as well.) I have the x rays from the hospital where this surgery was performed, I have them from Dr. M's office and I have them from another Dr.'s office. I have the correspondence from Dr. M showing how he dismissed my concerns and concealed the effects and after effects of this surgery. He also concealed the fact that he was going to force me to have general anesthesia. Here is an article claiming superior results with a nerve block instead of general anesthesia. A nerve block with pain medication was exactly what I gave permission for. journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology -Regional block best for distal radius repair He even claims to have no idea what Versed is although he fully expected me to have amnesia about the event and to be able to lie about what really happened. All documented. I have the citations from the Idaho Board of Health and Welfare. These are a matter of public record. I have all the laws about informed consent at my fingertips, and you can find many of them here on this site! Nothing that I have said is untrue. Everything that I have said is provable. I am not doing this maliciously, but as a public service. Nobody should get the surprise of their life like I did. Even murderers deserve better than what I got.

Bad anesthesia and bad surgery

Here is snapshot of what was in my arm. The screw on the bottom was by far the most painful. I thought it was because my Ulna was also fractured, but surprise, surprise, once this stuff was out of my arm, most of the pain went away. Lucky me because it was excruciating! One of the "LOCKING SCREWS" was sticking out the tender underside of my wrist right into all those tendons!!! ( here is a problem with nobody answering my questions... That most distal locking screw head that is loose (confirmed by Dr. who removed this hardware) isn't covered by the remnants of the quadrate pronata and actually is cutting the tendons or is it covered by the tattered remains of the qp and only causing more damage to it? I don't know, but it was REALLY painful. Aching agony on the underside of the wrist that periodically shot up my Ulna almost to the elbow!) File:Gray817.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He also took apart my pronate quadratushttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8d/Pronator-quadratus.png You can see the screws sticking out into this here, it's a blue screw. The purple ones and the gold one are in other pictures as well. No wonder I am half crippled now. This was the worst surgery ever. I was never warned about Dr. M severing my Brachioradialus tendon, http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/Gray418.png never warned that my thumb wouldn't work, never told that there is a 50% complication rate, necessitating further surgery, not informed that by fixing my bone that I would sacrifice my hand! I am still facing reconstructive surgery for the partially ruptured tendons, Two Case Studies of Patients with Flexor Tendon Injury Following Locked Volar Plating eOrthopod.com and my hand is turning into a claw. I was never warned about the numbness, 70% loss of grip, the crushing of my upper arm by a tourniquet. My upper arm muscles have never been the same either, simply because of careless application of crushing pressure. I will never do any heavy lifting again because Dr. M severed the brachioradialus http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/Gray418.png and the next Dr. had to sever it a second time. I can't ride a high strung horse, use a shovel, ride a snowmobile or ATV, do any rock climbing or pick up a child because my hand and arm don't work. They don't tell you about this when you "ELECT" to have this surgery. I would never have consented to this kind of surgery if I had been told the truth. The law says that they must reveal these things, but they don't! They want your MONEY! My feelings on this are that I was mugged, drugged, raped and physically harmed by this Dr. and all of his minions. The anesthesia was forced on me, I am am still in counseling for the Versed induced PTSD and my hand and arm are permanently ruined. The cost for this was about 14,000 dollars. Then I had to pay for more surgery, a kidney infection, counceling and drug therapy. Bad anesthesia and bad surgery. I wish I had just gone home. Complications of Volar Locking Plates for Distal Radius Fractures: Experience of a District General Hospital. -- Britannica O...

Never have this surgery!!!

This is a copy of my implant record showing the extreme length of the screws involved. My wrist is about 7 inches around at the widest part of the Ulna and dorsal ridge of the distal Radius. Where it broke is presently 6 1/2 inches. My arm at its most distal is about an inch and 1/2 tall (maybe a little less) measured from volar to dorsal where a watch would go.
Here are some more screws sticking out into the soft tissue of my forearm. Every time I moved I could feel these ripping and gouging the muscles! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/09/Brachioradialis.png, Extensor pollicis longus muscle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia These are exactly the height shown and measured in the x rays from Dr. M'soffice and later x rays from another Dr. The second Dr. tried to convince me that my bones had shrunk and settled causing this. Too bad he never saw the first x rays. Dr.s will lie for each other. (Even if this was true, where is the informed consent outlining this kind of problem with this surgery? See here Complications Following Internal Fixation of Unstable Distal... : Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma) This is exactly how Dr.  M installed this hardware! You can really see the gold screw where Dr. M drilled straight out into my wrist. You could actually FEEL this gold screw under the skin it was out so far. Dr. Mpicked the very longest screws possible even though my bone structure is very small.

Here's what the screws SHOULD have looked like...Broken Wrist, Distal Radius Fracture Here is a discussion of the "Future and Controversies" I had no idea I was having a dangerous and controversial surgery!Radius, Distal Fractures: Follow-up - eMedicine Orthopedic Surgery

Don't let a Dr. con you into this surgery!

This is the exact volar plate and screws that were in my arm. This is a nearly exact duplication of what Dr. M's x rays show and that he considers "good placement." Please note the long gold screw that sticks out into my wrist joint! This screw, which Dr. M thinks was just fine was actually rupturing the tendons, just sawing them in half. It felt like a cheese grater in there and ever time I tried to get my wrist to move, it just swelled up! This screw also interfered with my range of motion in my wrist. You can also see the "locking" screw at the bottom. See that blue one sticking out? Nobody warned me that a "locking" screw would "migrate" out of the bone. That's a crock, but one of the lies I was told. If this is business as usual, then why wasn't all of this explained to me, as required by informed consent laws? I wasn't even allowed to know where the incision was to be. Slashing through the underside of my wrist would have alarmed me and made me refuse this surgery. NEVER ALLOW THEM TO PERFORM THIS SURGERY!!! This surgery is too intricate and I would bet that most Dr.s performing this are incompetant to do this without all these side effects. My Dr. swore that I would never work again unless I had this surgery. Well guess what Dr.? I won't ever work at that kind of job again BECAUSE OF this surgery. ScienceDirect - Injury Extra : Late rupture of flexor pollicis longus tendon after volar distal radius plating: A case report...

Here is a video about my exact surgery from the manufacturers of the exact device implanted into my wrist. Please note the things to be careful about...YouTube - Volar Plating Distal Radius

Friday, September 25, 2009

Other problem drugs

Do NOT take Propranalol, a common blood pressure medication. Don't take Ambien, a sleep medication. Do not take Zocor for cholestrol. These drugs can cause loss of brain cells. They also cause amnesia, and possibly premature Altzheimers type reactions. The FDA is asleep at the wheel allowing poisons like these and Versed to be used on us.

Friday, September 18, 2009

All kinds of "REFORM"

Right now our US senators are embroiled in a battle to provide health care for everybody. Don't belong in this country? No problem we will have the citizens pay your way. Can't afford health care? Too bad for you if you are a citizen, we will fine you thousands of dollars for being such an idiot as to work for a living and still be poor. They are talking about "insurance" reform and "tort" reform, but what about reforming the rogues who populate our medical clinics and hospitals? Hear anybody talking about reining in excesses? How about actually ENFORCING patient laws. I will be down at my local senators' offices on Monday Sep. 21, 2009 to find out what they intend to do about all of us being forced to endure drugs like Versed simply for the convenience of the staff and the overwhelming interest of more and more money by medical people.

Do not let anybody fool you, especially rich Doctors who have lobbyists at their disposal. These people desperately want to be allowed to have zero repercussions no matter how bad they are. Since they don't follow the law anyway, and they have had everything their own way for decades they think that now is the time to get their tort reform passed. This will be very bad news for patients. The state of Idaho instituted tort reform and now these people feel no compunction to follow the law. No lawyer will take the case! Tort reform has not lowered the cost of health care in Idaho it has INCREASED IT! This is the unintended consequence of protecting these people from lawsuits. They are careless. Hell, they don't even KNOW THE LAWS THEY ARE BREAKING! If I tried that on my log book, I would be paying the fines forever! An honest mistake on my trucking paperwork can cost upwards of 3,000 dollars. So I am held to a higher standard than the well educated personnel at medical facilities! What's up with that? Maybe I should try to get away with what Doctors do... Gee officer I didn't hurt anybody too badly by speeding and crashing into things, so no ticket and no lawsuit please.

The insurance companies are salivating about all the new people who will be forced to pay the price for this new "insurance" reform. You really think that forcing people to buy this product will bring the price of health care down? HELL NO IT WON'T! They will simply charge more. Is this the kind of reform you had in mind, or did you imagine reining in out of control cost? You are a fool if you think that forcing people to buy insurance that nobody can afford will bring the cost of health care DOWN! My COBRA for a family of 3 is $1,127.00 per month. My deductable is $2,500 per year and they pay like 80% of the COVERED problems. What a deal. It will only get worse if the clowns in the senate have their way. I urge you to call your elected "representatives" amd remind them that they represent the people, not big medicine.

Of course you already know my take on Versed/Midazolam being forced on us because the providers like it. It is absolutely unecessary and actually harmful to dope us with this evil poison. There are laws to prevent this from happening to us, but they are being ignored. It is in the hospitals financial best interest to use this on every person so that they can charge 10 times as much for NOTHING! If our elected officials would just put some teeth into patient rights laws, I think they would be amazed at how much less out health care would be. I am suggesting that hospitals, medical clinics, outpatient clinics etc be fined $10,000 dollars PER VIOLATION! I think that CRNA's need to be fined $10,000 dollars for assaulting us with Versed. If they don't get to use Versed, then we might have a chance to prevent them from doing even more harm. After all a patient who can actually REPORT VIOLATIONS is going to be treated far differently that somebody that they feel will have amnesia! It is time to lift the veil of secrecy that permeates the evil medical empire and let some light shine in!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Germans more humane than US Doctors!!!

This abstract is taken from an on line report which can be viewed here...FHA - Midazolam-pain, but one cannot remember it: a survey among Southern German endoscopists - Article Summary A fellow sufferer sent me this, thanks!


BACKGROUND: Benzodiazipines, especially Midazolam, are the most frequently used agents for gastrointestinal endoscopy worldwide. Among the parameters the quality of sedation is determined by patients' satisfaction assessed after endoscopy. This approach is misleading as the potent amnestic effect of Midazolam conceals pain actually suffered during the endoscopic procedure involving distraction of the endoscopists (poor babies) from their actual tasks by audible reactions and defense movements. In this study, we eliminated the influence of patients' amnesia on the assessment of the quality of sedation and rather interviewed endoscopists and their assistant personnel about their experience with Midazolam sedation. We replaced the mostly vague term 'compliance' (compliance, here we have the number one reason for Midazolam use) by terms which unequivocally describe the reactions of the patient during unpleasant endoscopy. METHODS: A short survey consisting of 12 questions was developed. The questionaires were distributed to the participants - 115 endoscopists and their assistants - of a tutorial about sedation for gastrointestinal endoscopy in three major Southern German cities. The questionaire retrieved the endoscopists' experience regarding the patients' discomfort or pain under sedation with Midazolam, their wish for better sedative agents, their preferred sedative regimens, their medical specialty and their professional experience. RESULTS: Participants were highly experienced with the majority having more than 10,000 procedures and a median of 18 years of endoscopic experience; 77% of endoscopists utilized Midazolam for sedation. 98% ( that's almost every single on of these doctors!) of the questioned physicians felt that the patients have pain during endoscopy with Midazolam +/- opiod but do not remember later. 92% reported that it happens that patients moan aloud because of pain and almost half (48%) reported of screaming. (read that again! Half of the doctors report patients actually screaming in pain) The majority of endoscopists (91%) reported fierce defensive movements (this is almost unbelievable that Doctors in Germany are truthful enough to report this! What happened to this "wonderful drug" that everybody just loves?) with Midazolam or the need to hold the patient down on the examination couch because of fierce movements, respectively 75%. (75% of doctors are holding the patient down so that they can continue to torture them.) 70% of the endoscopists wished to have the rooms for endoscopy preferably soundproof away from the waiting room and 93% wished for better sedative agents. (Here we have the meat of the story. Versed is sooo bad that they wish for a soundproof room well away from other people. A TORTURE CHAMBER ANYBODY? How can anybody justify this inhumane treatment and glibly say that Midazolam is a good drug when they have WITNESSED people enduring this kind of pain?) Conclusion: Midazolam was rated as insufficient for sedation by both endoscopists and their assistant personnel. A wish for better sedation drugs exists. (I shudder to think what 'better sedation drugs' means. In another post we see that a medical person wishes not to have people scream in his ear, so he wants to sedate people. Here we have members of the most trusted profession out there talking about being irritated that these patients are screaming and trying to escape. They want torture chambers so that nobody knows what they are doing. Nobody is talking about pain relief are they?)

Monday, September 14, 2009

An update on my personal saga.

3 YEARS after my initiation into modern medicine I am back in counceling. My PA prescribed Lexapro and Buspar for my anxiety disorder stemming from the incident at the hospital when I was drugged into submission, in violation of the law and forced to endure medical treatment that in no way was explained or permission granted for.

I never even filled the Buspar prescription. The Lexapro on the other hand is a very interesting drug. I researched it and found out that this is a highly addictive drug. While I have a horror of becoming dependant on any drug (or alcohol for that matter) I was so unnerved by the whole experience and having to relive the whole thing for my unsuccessful lawsuit, I decided to take it.

I took this stuff for 3 weeks in a much reduced amount than my PA suggested. It seemed to control the anxiety, but I was still aware of the anxiety in the background. This anxiety continued to grow, but the drug made it bearable, or so I thought. I chose to take a break from it for a few days to try and mitigate any addiction that I might be aquiring. I noticed that I was becoming increasingly alarmed and obsessed with having this drug available to me at all times. Worrying about when I would run out and that sort of thing. I am not the kind of person who wishes to have yet more anxiety about a damn DRUG! I have enough anxiety about Versed...

So for three days I went without my Lexapro and guess what? My anxiety level dropped. This drug Lexapro seems to simultaniously create and control anxiety. The anxiety ran in the background, getting worse and worse, but the drug convinced me that it was helping by artificially preventing me from exibiting the anxiety. Creepy. You need to keep in mind that I am a person who has paradoxical reactions to a lot of drugs. I had hyperactivity disorder as a child. I have paradoxical reactions to anesthesia agents, Versed didn't give me amnesia, that sort of thing.

A LOT of Versed sufferers are given this drug Lexapro and become addicted to it. Just be careful what you take to try to alleviate the Versed thing. If you have already had a reaction to Versed which is supposed to calm people, you may be predisposed to have bizarre reactions to other chemical compounds.

Maybe some other people with training in this area can post some comments about this?

Friday, September 4, 2009

List of Laws commonly broken by the medical community

This is the copy of my alleged "informed consent." As you can see there is nothing in here about Versed, conscious sedation, risks of general anesthetic, risks of the surgery, etc. you can see how I was tricked into signing this. Note the mark at #3 from Jill. That's the extent of the information. Only about blood transfusions. See the little star at the bottom? That's where she had me sign instead of at the proper spot. I feel like such an idiot. Do you see anything in here that is INFORMATION ABOUT MY SURGERY AND OR ANESTHETIC? No wonder I didn't recognise this as an "informed consent."
Here is a partial list of patient rights laws that my surgeon and the medical center broke. Not that it makes any difference. These smart aleck Doctors don't even know the law! Why should they, there is absolutely nothing that a patient can do about it! They really ARE God!

First of all there are laws which pertain to "informed consent."


1) The name and signature of the patient
2) The name of the hospital
3) The name of the procedure
4) The name of ALL practitioners performing the procedure and individual significant tasks if more than one practitioner.
5) Risks
6) Benefits
7) Alternative procedures and treatments and their risks.
8) Statement that the procedure was explained to the patient.
9) Signature of the professional person witnessing the consent.
10) The name and signature of the person who explained the procedure to the patient.

Here is what my informed consent said. This is the whole consent for the surgery, anesthesia, blood transfusions, students practicing on me, everything.
This has been found insufficient by a regulatory body.
1. I hereby authorize Dr.____________________ and whomever he/she designates as his/her assistants to perform upon____________________ the following procedure: _____________________________________(What about your right to know who these people are, and their duties?)

In addition I authorize my surgeon to perform any additional procedures that he/she deems advisable due to conditions found at the time of surgery. What is the purpose of an informed consent is you are going to allow them to do anything they want without any information?

2. I AUTHORIZE MY PHYSICIAN TO ORDER THE ADMINISTRATION OF BLOOD/BLOOD PRODUCTS TO ME SHOULD MY PHYSICIAN DETERMINE THAT BLOOD REPLACEMENT THERAPY WOULD BE BENEFICIAL. I understand the risks, benefits, and alternatives, which have been explained to me. With this who is to say what has or has not been explained? Please also note that the blood products "informed consent" is in bold face type and ALL CAPS! Isn't it curious that they use this as a means to draw your eye to the IMPORTANT blood products and not the rest of the sheet of paper which contains a surgical consent for anything whatsoever they desire? What risks, benefits and alternatives? They never explained anything like that to me! I didn't need a blood transfusion anyway, but I should have paid a lot more attention, something that is difficult with all the hubub in a preop area. They slipped the surgical consent into the blood products page in a very sneaky and unethical way.

3. ___ I DO NOT AUTHORIZE THE ADMINISTRATION OF BLOOD/BLOOD PRODUCTS TO ME. I understand that my refusal to accept blood products may result in death or in temporary or permanent damage to one or more organs such as the brain, heart, and/or kidneys. (NOTIFY SURGEON AND ANESTHESIA IMMEDIATELY IF PATIENT REFUSES BLOOD.)

Patient Signature_____________________________Date/Time

(Or representative/relationship)
4. The nature and purpose of the procedure, possible alternative methods of treatment, the risks involved, and the possibility of complications have been fully explained to me. I acknowledge that no guarantee or assurance has been made as to the results or outcome of the procedure. ( This is NOT what is required. These things must be written out, so that it is sure that the patient received this information. The medical people can and will say that you have been told everything, only to find out later that it isn't true. They will point to a clause like this... This is in violation of the law.)

5. I hereby authorize and direct the above named physician(s) to arrange for additional services deemed reasonable and necessary, including the administration of anesthetics, radiological procedures, pathology services, or consultants from manufacturers, or laboratory tests (HCG urine/serum testing is required on menstruating pre-operative female patients during their menstruating years (from start of menses to one year after their final menses) If patient refuses please have them sign the refusal statement on the back of this consent form. (this does not comply with informed consent either. You get a refusal for pee test, but not Versed or general anesthesia which result can include death. See anything on here about anesthesia risks or benefits?)

6. I consent to the disposal, by authorities of Kootenai Medical Center, of any tissues or parts that may be removed. (This means they can experiment with your body parts, play with your DNA etc.)

7. For the purpose of advancing medical education, I also consent to the admittance of observers to the procedure room. (This means that you will have people giving you pelvic exams, examining your prostate, practicing catheterization etc. They are NOT merely observing. If you get an infection, too bad, you were advancing the cause of medicine. Aren't you special.)

8. I certify that I have read and fully understand the above consent for the procedure, that the explanations therein referred to were made, and that all blanks or statements requiring insertion or completion were filled in and inapplicable paragraphs, if any were stricken before I signed.
Signature of Patient________________________ Date/Time___________
Signature of Witness________________________ Date/Time___________
Physicians Signature________________________ Date/Time___________

The slick little RN obviously had a little trick up her sleeve for patients like me who were asking too many questions. She went over the blood products and then made a little mark AT THE BOTTOM of the page without giving me time to read it. I still thought it was only for blood transfusion which I wasn't going to need anyway. THEN she gaily said "Oh you signed in the wrong place" and snatched the paper away. This was with practiced ease. She knew how to trick patients into signing a blanket consent for anything. Clever girl. This whole alleged "informed consent" is in violation of the law. It contains nothing of substance and does not meet the requirements of the law. They do not care. The Surgeons signature was not timed also in violation of the following law. My surgeon was over an hour late for surgery and left me there being systematically poisoned with Versed and being charged BY THE MINUTE FOR HIS TARDINESS!

42 CFR 482.24 (C)(1) ORDERS DATED AND SIGNED All medical records entries must be legible, complete, dated, timed, and authenticated in written or electronic form by the person responsible for providing or evaluating the service provided, consistent with hospital policies and procedures. Nothing in my medical records is any of this. The problem with where I went was that they claim to have no fiduciary duty to see that the laws are being followed in their facility.
(i) All orders, including verbal orders, must be dated, timed, and authenticated promptly by the ordering practitioner, except as noted in paragraph (c)(1)(ii) of this section. (My surgeon didn't put a time his signature... Hmmm could it be that he didn't want to be caught by saying he was there to answer questions or explain the procedure prior to surgery, WHEN HE WASN'T? Or is it that he doesn't want anybody to know how freaking LATE he always is. Another law broken.)

Here is yet another law broken;

(1) A hospital must inform each patient, or when appropriate, the patient's representative (as allowed under state law), of the patient's rights, in advance of furnishing or discontinuing patient care whenever possible. They must not have figured it was possible to do this for me, so they circumvented the law.
(2)(b) The patient has the right to participate in the development and implementation of his or her plan of care. Oh yeah right. See above "informed consent." Does it look like I was allowed have this right? Another broken law.
(2)(b)(2) The patient or his or her representative (as allowed under state law), has the right to make informed decisions regarding his or her care. The patient's rights include being informed of his or her health status, being involved in care planning and treatment, and being able to request or refuse treatment. This right must not be construed as a mechanism to demand the provision of treatment or services deemed medically unnecessary or inappropriate. They WAAAAY broke this law. Not only was I not informed of Versed, or that they would force me to have general anesthetic, even the surgery turned out to be so horrible, I would never have consented to it either. I refused all drugs except pain meds for all the good it did me!

Here's what the law says about drugs like Versed;

42 CFR 482.13 (e) STANDARD: RESTRAINT OR SECLUSION All patients have the right to be free from physical or mental abuse, and corporal punishment. All patients have the right to be free from restraint or seclusion, of any form, imposed as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation by staff.
(B) DEFINITION OF RESTRAINT: A drug or medication when it is used as a restriction to manage the patient's behavior or restrict the patient's freedom of movement and is not a standard treatment or dosage for the patient's condition. These things are exactly why Versed was used. I had zero anxiety, this drug was used to coerce me into accepting general anesthetic, it was used for the convenience of the nasty CRNA and I feel it was used in retaliation for my saying NO to some of what they wanted. This snarky little creep wanted to violate my right to sign out AMA, so he chemically restrained me with this poison. I guess little nursey poo showed me who was boss. It's against the law! This CRNA also mentally abused me by turning me into a helpless amoeba and then making crude insulting statements about me when I was incapacitated with Versed. I sure would like to know what he said when I was unconscious. My implicit memory caused me to have a visceral hatred of him, so I imagine it wasn't good....
(3) The patient has a right to be free from all forms of abuse or harassment. Besides abusing me, the little anesthesia nurse also harassed me about general anesthetic even going so far as to threaten me with inducing it in the preop area. There are laws about what you did to me.

Speaking of laws pertaining to CRNA's here's another law that was broken.

42 CFR 482.52 (4) A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), as defined in 410.69(b)of this chapter, who, unless exempted in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section is under the supervision of the operating practitioner or of an anesthesiologist who is immediately available if needed. My surgeon AND HIS LAWYER were unaware of this law apparently! That's how much they give a damn about patient rights and laws.

42 CFR 482.21 (c)(2) QAPI FEEDBACK AND LEARNING; Performance improvement activities must track medical errors and adverse patient events, analyze their causes and implement preventative action and mechanisms that include feedback and learning throughout the hospital. Here is what an investigative entity said about where I went "the hospital failed to investigate incidents in order to decrease medical errors and adverse patient events." They completely dismissed my adverse event. Said it was "Standard of Care"

I'm going to throw this in here because people are having a hard time getting their medical records.
Patients often struggle for access to medical records - USATODAY.com Here is the law about that. I haven't been able to get my medical records either. My surgeon has a whole chart which I am not allowed to see. All I got was his self serving sanctimonious letters to others. The Medical Center apparently redacted my medical records as well.

US Code Title 5, 552 (a)(d) ACCESS TO RECORDS Each agency that maintains a system of records shall-
(1) Upon request by any individual to gain access to his record or to any information pertaining to him which is contained in the system, permit him and upon his request, a person of his own choosing to accompany him, to review the record and have a copy made of all or any portion thereof in a form comprehensible to him, except that the agency may require the individual to furnish a written statement aauthorizing discussion of that individual's record in the accompanying person's presence;
(2) Permit the individual to request amendment of a record pertaining to him and-
(A) Not later than 10 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal public holidays) after the date of receipt of such a request, acknowledge in writing such receipt; and
(B) Promptly, either-
(i) Make any correction of any portion thereof which the individual believes is not accurate, relevant, timely or complete; or
(ii) Inform the individual of its refusal to amend the record in accordance with his request, the reason for the refusal, the procedures established by the agency for the individual to request a review of that refusal by the head of the agency or an officer designated by the head of the agency, and the name and business address of that official.

If any of you would like to look at the proof that this medical center violates patients on a regular basis and see what a pattern of abuse looks like, just look here...
Bureau of Facility Standards Look under hospitals etc. and click on some of the hospitals and see what they are up to...