Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beware of the "Blood Transfusion" Consent

I was made to feel like an absolute IDIOT because the "blood transfusion" document was actually a consent for anything at all, including anything the Doctor wanted, and drugs, therapies, people, interns, the use of my body parts for research etc.  Course it was all about just the blood transfusions right?  Here is somebody who had almost the EXACT SAME THING happen to them with that EXACT SAME BLOOD TRANSFUSION SUBTERFUGE!  I am so surprised! 

Never, ever sign a "blood transfusion" document without an attorney's help.  I'm serious.  Please see many of my previous posts where I expound on this very problem with the "blood transfusion" language being used as a vehicle for lulling the patient into signing an uninformed "informed consent!"  I have the real document on reproduced on here, a real copy, the one I actually signed...  If you want to see a genuine, unaltered "blood transfusion" document, which is actually (sinisterly) a blanket consent.  Anyway, this person's experience with a blood transfusion document is the same as mine.  My glasses were gone, IV in place, 20,000 (more or less) medical people running around, asking me the same stupid questions over and over, threatening to give me g/a against my will and to induce it in the preop room, etc.  I was STUNNED to find out that this blood transfusion document was actually a vague, all inclusive (illegal) "informed consent."  This is NOT funny.

This is from this site;  Medical Privacy, A Patient Oriented Discussion: Taking of Videos and Pictures Without Permission  Isn't it odd how all these medical problems work together?  I wonder if there are any videos of me naked for my wrist surgery?  I found out later there were "sales reps" in the room...  Were they looking at my crotch and making jokes?  I did NOT expect to find that there were people other than my medical team spying on me.  I can't stay awake regardless of my wishes and precise instructions, but they can come in and watch?  Maybe videotape?

Here's the excerpt in its entirety; 

jw said...

We experienced this situation. The consent forms patients are asked and required to sign have language in small print. After a surgical procedure that we were extremely displeased with both the process and the outcome, we requested and obtained the medical file. It was then we read the fine print on one consent form. After the patient was in the OR holding area, in bed, IV running, vital signs taken, ready for surgery, a nurse approached and ask the patient to sign a consent form that was for blood transfusion if necessary. The patient of course at this time had no corrective lenses and they signed the form. It was only after obtaining the medical record and entire file that on this form the patient also signed consent to having others stand in during their stay in the OR and allowed photos and video taping while in the OR suite. We were appalled and furious. This is basically a standard form used by many surgery centers. Upon complaining to multiple agencies, JCAHO, Dept of Health, Board of Nursing, Medical Board, on and on, nothing of any satisfactory resolve was done. None of these agencies do anything. All you get as a dissatisfified patient is MAYBE a "gee, so sorry you had a bad experience." Doctors are told by their legal counsel never to appologize. The doctors' didn't even give us the time of day. Only the administrator of the surgery center responded. Our advice is to get all consent forms a week or so in advance that you will be asked to sign and read them carefully. Cross out anything you don't want to consent to and fully discuss it with the surgeon. The best thing would be to also have an advocate stand in during the entire time. I don't know the success of being able to do that in today's world, but my contention is there are many people (some with no training of the medical world) that are allowed to stand in. Manufacturers' reps, equipment reps, students, etc. So I don't how they can refuse an adovcate.

For those of you who know my story, I went through the same thing vis a vis the so called "agencies" that are supposed to help us.  I got the EXACT RESPONSE "gee, so sorry you had a bad experience" as the above patient!  This isn't a coincidence is it?  This is a reasoned and deliberate flouting of the law.  My Dr. fired me for complaining, without admitting that he did the tiniest thing wrong.  The medical center said that everybody is a "contract worker" without any oversight and they are not responsible for anything that happens in the medical center, not even, apparently, the complete disregard for patient laws as shown by the unlawful "blood transfusion" document which was actually consent for anything at all.   

I was also "extremely displeased with both the process and the outcome."  This is just too damn bad they said.  You walked in here, and you should have read that document more carefully.  It's all YOUR FAULT!  The patient relations woman Dorothy, even went so far as to tell me that it was my own negative thoughts which CAUSED the whole problem...  The screws, the numb unuseable hand, the Versed paradoxical reaction, the bad g/a experience, the preventable infection, everything was caused by my attitude, not their shoddy business practices and inept medical people! 

At least this poster had a hospital administrator contact them...  All I got was the so called "patient relations" nurse who is actually risk management.  She was apparently too damn morbidly obese to do her job as a nurse, so they gave her one where she can sneer at unhappy patients and goad them into fury with her "gee, so sorry you had a bad experience" but we are not sorry that we deceived and tricked you, gave you much more than you agreed to, deliberately and maliciously assaulted you with drugs and procedures you didn't want and had declined, gave you a kidney infection, humiliated and shamed you, botched your surgery and put you into bankruptcy over a broken arm, its all STANDARD OF CARE, blah blah BLAH!

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