Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't know what the heck is going on in our health care world, especially CRNA's, but I would like to know WHY? Why are you people so insufferably arrogant? You are an over paid human body technician, that's all! Those in anesthesia "know what I'm talkin' 'bout!" (quote from comments section) Even doctors are weighing in on this issue. Why are you acting like this?

Why are you guys giving us a drug, Versed/Midazolam that you KNOW we won't like? Then when we complain you guys pompously proclaim that "everybody" loves this drug. No, they DON'T! It is absolutely unfathomable why you would make a claim like this! It's preposterous on its face! There are zero drugs that everybody likes! Sooo why do you do it? Does reality enter your world or is it left at the hospital door? There are many of us who absolutely HATE this drug, something like half of us... Yet you knock all of us in the head with it on any pretext whatsoever. Why?

Why are you people attacking us verbally when we express our dislike of Versed? Does it make you feel better? Does attacking us and besmirching our character, mental health and abilities make you feel like we don't count and so our opinions are more easily dismissed? Statements like "tin foil hat" people are spoken to make us feel better about Versed? Or do these nasty statements make you feel important and omnipotent? Do you ever even have one single moment of doubt about this drug and/or your own abilities? Why ARE you doing this? Do you have even one single smidgen of compassion?

Why do you guys demean us when we point to long term anxiety, memory and other emotional problems after you slid this one drug into our veins? Does it occur to you that WE ARE NOT LYING AND WE ARE NOT INSANE! Why don't these long term side effects matter to you? Are you all so filled with self importance that you don't give a damn what happens to us in the long run as long as this Versed makes your life easier short term? Why are you acting like this? Don't you make enough money doing next to nothing? Versed makes your job easier still, so you slam us with it, without giving a damn about that Versed creates these issues in us and makes our lives harder? Why is that?

Whether you like it or not there ARE laws about what you are doing. Do you think that these laws don't pertain to you and if so, why? There are informed consent laws that you are not following. There are laws about CRNA's being supervised. Why do you deny facts? A fact is a fact, but while you guys are claiming falsehoods as facts, IE that we all love Versed, that it "relaxes" us, that it kills pain etc. at the same time you are claiming that real provable facts like THE LAW are false, why? Why do you feel so sanguine about breaking the law? This is very disturbing to us patients.

Why do you deny that Versed is dangerous? Versed has killed any number of patients. It has caused respiratory arrest in many many patients even when they were able to be resuscitated, yet you deny it's dangerous! Why? You have to inject the the tiniest amounts ever so slowly so that you don't KILL US! Still you continue to claim it is safe. This attitude is INSANE! But you accuse those of us who don't want anything to do with Versed of being insane. This attitude doesn't make any sense to me, so why do you have it? You are supposed to have a superior education, but from your own examples, I have doubts... Why do you guys do and say things that make me think that you are deranged? How are we patients supposed to TRUST you with our lives when we have serious reservations about your mental health, simply because of this whole Versed thing?

Why would you medical people think that we would want a drug that basically dehumanizes us? Why would normal people want a drug which is so degrading? Why would we need a drug to "help us relax" when we are already relaxed enough? Why would patients want a drug which causes us to behave in an undignified manner? Why would we want a drug that allows you to use LESS PAINKILLER, and let's you laugh at our agony? What makes you think that we all want amnesia? Why would we want a drug which forces us to be obedient, even when we are unhappy about what you are doing? Why would we want to risk the long term PTSD like symptoms? Why would you imagine that we would want these things? Can you tell the difference between your own imagination and reality?

Ever since I was poisoned with Versed by a nasty little CRNA, I've been trying to get answers to these and other questions I have pertaining to the love affair medical people have with Versed and all I get is ATTITUDE! Why is that?

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