Monday, June 7, 2010

My blog wouldn't be complete without this! The Midazolam MAFIA

The Midazolam Mafia hypocaffeinemia I just love this one. For some reason my computer isn't showing the picture of the Simpsons in a maddened rioting crowd complete with firebrands and torches.. Maybe it was a copyright infringement! However it was funny that the author of this item considers that we who take exception to Versed can be compared to a mob of cartoon characters. Midazolam MAFIA! Like we run around shooting people, dealing in drugs, gambling and making people propositions they can't refuse. (sounds more like medical personnel doesn't it?) Too funny. It goes on from there! I will comment on some of this person's comments.

The second sentence is this one; "There seems to be an underground movement against the use of Midazolam (Versed) or any sedation at all while undergoing procedures such as colonoscopy." "UNDERGROUND?" We are not underground at all. We are right here in your face. Yes, we are against any sedation at all WITH MIDAZOLAM while undergoing procedures such as colonoscopy. We are against Midazolam for splinter removal, anesthesia induction, or any other purpose. We are NOT against sedation, just the so-called "sedation" with Midazolam, which is anything but. Read this definition of sedate in non medical parlance. "Serenely deliberate, composed and dignified in character or manner." Note that this description is NOT applicable in medical terminology. For them sedate means obedient, amnestic, chatty and amusing, (not composed) and includes making an ass of yourself, (UNdignified) revealing personal secrets and doing whatever stupid thing they tell you to do. Quite a difference, so no, we don't want this kind of "sedation." "Against" is also italicized as if the author just cannot BELIEVE that anybody would decline this little poison! Unfortunately who wouldn't be against sedation with Versed if the use of this drug were properly consented with the word A-M-N-E-S-I-A and possibly O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E featured prominently. Plus at least a passing nod to HALF THE DAMN PATIENTS HATE THIS DRUG AND IT CAUSES PTSD! How about the torture part? Do you explain that? WE get to use LESS pain killer, yippee! We can let you scream and writhe in pain and laugh our asses off because we don't think you will remember it! Try telling patients that they will be unable to stop that colonoscopy no matter how much they beg or cry because they are sedated and they don't count any more. Try that line and see how many people want your sedation.

In the next paragraph this person states; "It's an interesting if not quite articulate group." Does anybody else think that *I* am "not quite articulate?" How about all the rest of us?

Another sentence; "They infiltrate medical boards such as allnurses and start quasi-professional sounding pity party threads seeking out sympathy from nurses and, presumably, trying to maximize their google exposure for future patients." This is a long one, so let's take this sentence apart. First of all "infiltrate" has negative connotations doesn't it. Sort of CIA-like infiltrations of biker gangs or whatever. We are not infiltrating anything. We are voicing our opinion in a place that is frequented by medical types who routinely shoot up patients with Midazolam. Maybe we should be "infiltrating" swimming clubs with our "underground" message in re Versed? Does that make sense to you?

First this person accuses us of being "not quite articulate" but NOW we are "quasi-professional" sounding. I guess we are ALMOST to the believable stage, but still not there. For my part, this is the way I talk. If you find that it sounds "quasi-professional" that's YOUR take.

"Pity party threads" is another bizarre interpretation of our complaints. I am royally pissed hypo, I am NOT looking for a "pity party" or any "sympathy." I want you to listen to me hypo and all the rest of you; DON'T GIVE ME ANY OF YOUR PRECIOUS MIDAZOLAM. I WILL ASSAULT THE NEXT MEDICAL PERSON WHO INJECTS ME WITH IT AGAINST MY WILL! I remember the onset of the burning desire to OBEY and I will do the exact opposite next time. You will have a fight on your hands. Remember the part about how Midazolam lowers inhibitions? I will have no inhibitions about fighting back. Since I didn't get the amnesia, you can take that to the bank! I am merely warning you guys that your control drug is going to get you in trouble, and I am not the only person who feels this way. Not only am I going to get physically violent, (like what happened in the PACU last time) I am going to sue the dog snot out of you. Versed will be clearly outlined on any form at all that I sign next time. Not just what I might think is an informed consent, any freakin piece of paper that is shoved in my face with a pen extended is going to have NO VERSED/MIDAZOLAM IN ANY AMOUNT FOR ANY REASON written upon it. As for the last part, hypo lost me on that. What exactly would be the purpose of maximizing google exposure? For future patients? This makes no sense to me. What an imagination you have!

Anyway, this little blog is replete with similar amusing details. Don't forget to take apart hypo's pseudo intellectual wording and sentences to get at the "underground" meaning. "There is no reasonable discourse path to take with these people." Yes hypo, this sentence applies to YOU medical people as well. If there were any 'REASONABLE DISCOURSE" with you people I wouldn't be here now would I? I wouldn't have even been aware that Versed existed if "reasonable discourse" with you people regarding my treatment had been available. Anyway, happy reading!

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  1. For anybody who would like me to clarify and comment on any other of hypo's statements, drop me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to dissect it for you. Sincerely, Jackie, owner no midazolam