Friday, June 4, 2010

They KNOW about this problem!

I have had cyber arguments on sites like and this link for nurse-anesthetist. Prior to this, nobody has admitted that Versed can and does cause problems, but look at all these newer posts! On one of them it states that the individual was given 4 mls of Versed POSTop, just like I was, for his agitation upon waking up. I think that is why *I* personally got 4 mls of Versed POSTop as well. This information has been concealed from me and I wonder if they informed the individual spoken of in that particular post of what he did. I have paradoxical reactions to anesthesia drugs which I was very candid about for my ill fated surgery. When I became aware of my actions I was on my feet throwing things, swearing and in danger of seriously injuring myself. I had a plaster cast attached to my numb arm which I was using as a club. (Nearly clubbed myself.) If I wasn't so dizzy maybe I would have killed somebody? (I warned them that I have always awakened in the PACU struggling in restraints)

Here's a thought. If an anesthetized patient wakes up irate with partial control of their faculties, can they be prosecuted for murder or assault? Especially if they had specifially forbidden anesthetic drugs that alter mental status? (aside from pain killers and anti emetics) Would it be my fault if I clobbered them, or THEIR fault for giving me drugs which I had warned them don't work well on me and cause paradoxical reactions? I did warn them...

In fact Aaron CRNA, when I told you that if you tried any funny stuff with medications that you would not be happy, what did you think would happen when you ordered me shot up with vitamin v and then gave me general anesthetic against everything I told you? Are you happy now? Are you tired of being investigated for your actions yet? When you apologise to me for your behavior is when I stop sicking people on you. Did the hospital say anything to you for bringing down all these investigations on their hospital? How do you like the new REAL informed consent? And you thought I was just a moron truck driver to be abused at will. How do you like me now? (Actually you can't hate me any more now than you did when I trusted you with my nerve block, which by the way according to YOU, you screwed up!)

Anyway, here's the conversation on nurse anesthetist. Paradoxical reaction to midazolam - Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Forums I am pleased to see that they are not all denying that this could happen although a few suggest that being a teenager, older, etc. was the culprit, not their Versed. However, if these excuses are true, then maybe teenagers and older people should NOT be given Versed? Or is that too reasonable?

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