Friday, June 4, 2010

"Hospitals Fail to Improve Patient Safety and Kill Thousands Every Year"

Here is the entire article. U.S. Hospitals Fail to Improve Patient Safety and Injure and Kill Thousands Every Day >> Four Winds 10 - as you click through this grim article by Dr. Mercola, look at some of the other posts he has up.

In particular this one; How Hospitals are Killing ER Patients Dr. Mercola comments thusly; (green italics are mine)

Lackadaisical Attitudes in the Face of Grave Mistakes

Unfortunately, surveys have also found that physicians, nurses and other health care workers rarely challenge a colleague when they see a mistake being made in patient care.

For a previous study, researchers spent more than 10,000 hours observing and interviewing more than 2,000 health workers at 19 hospitals across America. Among the disturbing evidence they found:

  • Doctors (84 percent) and nurses and other health care providers (62 percent) have seen co-workers repeatedly take shortcuts that could place patients in danger Versed anybody?
  • Doctors (88 percent) and nurses and other health care providers (48 percent) work with people who show poor clinical judgment Judging by our treatment this seems awfully LOW to me...
  • Fewer than 10 percent of doctors, nurses and other caregivers said they directly confront colleagues about their concerns; one-fifth of those doctors have seen harm come to patients as a result of the behavior of those colleagues They seem to be too busy defending themselves and disparaging patients to confront one another. Nobody confronted my CRNA or surgeon! Not one person remarked "Wait a minute Dr. this patient hasn't given consent for ga." No nurse said, "Oh Ms. Murray, that drug he wants me to inject will cause you to go along with that ga you forbade and anything else! It will probably give you amnesia and I know you said you wanted to "awake and alert" so this is the wrong drug for you!" Nobody said, "Aaron, this patient said she didn't want any drugs other than pain and nausea meds, I can't inject her with vitamin v." They knew harm would come to me and they didn't care.

Mrs. Green’s demise, captured on video - leaving nothing to the imagination, highlights and brings these problematic attitudes to the fore. The complete and utter absence of compassion and care exhibited by the staff at Kings County psychiatric ER is truly chilling. "The complete and utter absence of compassion and care by the staff "at any hospital is seems "is truly chilling."


Please go and see this for yourself and subscribe to Dr. Mercola's newsletter! The attitude that we are complaining about is REAL. The abuse we suffer at the hands of medical providers is REAL. The attitude and everything else is REAL. Dr. Mercola offers studies, proof, personal experience etc. to prove what we patients are saying. Dr. Mercola is on our side.

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