Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Various quotes from CRNA types; WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!

I thought it might be helpful to make a list of the comments from our esteemed medical folks. Since I personally haven't had any comments about how shocked or dismayed any of them are that their colleagues are acting like this and giving them all a bad name, maybe seeing them all in one place will help. Is there any wonder that we patients are skeptical of the quality of care? Is there any wonder that an increasing number of us are becoming more vocal about our abuse at the hands of health care workers?

I have always been polite and circumspect on other peoples sites, such as allnurses, nurseanesthetist etc. It would never occur to me to go on their site and use profanity and personal attacks to make my point. I have questioned their use of a dangerous, unpredictable drug which has caused the same long lasting mental symptoms in almost half of patients as far as I can see. I have questioned the seemingly unethical way that Versed/Midazolam is surreptitiously administered and the lack of informed consent for the drug and this is what I get!

askapatient shows that fully half of patients hate the drug. The other half seem to love it. That's not a good track record for a drug. I have not seen any other drug create such animosity toward it. Yet we are polite in trying to educate our anesthesia providers about their drug of choice. The following are what we get in return. So we not only have to deal with PTSD like symptoms and all the attendant misery, but we also have to deal with the hateful people who sneakily push it. So Versed is an evil drug on two fronts. Some of these comments have a whole post all to themselves... With my commentary of course.

I italicized the pertinent words and phrases for ease of identification. Some of these are excerpts and the entire comment is also here, find them in the "comments" sections throughout the blog.
The ones that have been gleaned from elsewhere are fully identified in my posts where they originally appear.

"...So you came out of the procedure with the same number of braincells you started with...... which is obviously inadequate."

"dont sign a consent for anesthia you stupid bitch!"

"your dumb ass signed it!"

"Wow you people are crazy. Do us all a favor and stay away from hospitals"

"i hearby authorize you to be a stupid bitch and sign all these permits to allow treatment and then deny it after your realize your too stupid to realize what i signed."

"Now chew on that and GFY." (clarification of GFY: go fuck yourself)

"some good points were raised. But others make this person sound very ignorant"

"Thanks for making the sweeping generalizations you jackasses."

"That is ridiculous, and you are a moron. Period."

" There is no informative information on this site, just stupid whining and fear-mongering."

"Give me a fucking break. Kill yourselves. Out of the gene pool. "

"All you do is complain and moan about how horrible these people were to you, yet you don't give specifics about what exactly they supposedly did to you. I predict from the tone of your rant that you "suffer" from fibromyalgia too. Those in health care know what I'm talkin' bout!" (Oh, yes, I do have specifics up! They are in the 2009 posts...)

"So go back to the old "Gunsmoke" days and have ole Doc have you bite on a leather strap while he pours some Redeye on you wound to sterilize it. He'll then have you lay on your kitchen table and dig out the bullet you shot yourself in the foot with. Saves a lot of health care money. And you'd probably die from infection"

Remember dear reader, these are ALL purporting to be from medical personnel. Is the problem with them and their drug becoming clear? For those of you who actually like the Versed being used on you, are you as willing to allow it now? Knowing that this is the attitude if you didn't like it, or if it caused brain damage? Knowing that this is how they view their patients? Also just so you know, I have not corrected or altered these posts in any way, except for the aforementioned italics. The lack of writing skill in many of them is theirs. Makes you wonder how they got through college doesn't it? What has our education come to in this country? Oh well, that's another subject.

I am adding more of the statements from health care "professionals" as I glean them The following are from http://www.versedbusters.blogspot.com/

You people are idiots.

You sound like a bunch of control freaks.

a website is started by morons

It is people like you that makes Anesthesia hard

You genius's that are so willing to just run your mouth

your all off your rockers

it is your awakening stupidity

people like you (sue happy)

let me guess you read some stupid shit on the internet and that makes you a professional,

a internet self taught fool

exactly what the hell is wrong with you idiots

i hope you hurt like hell and i hope you do have every memory of that pain you stupid bastards deserve as much misery in life.......your idiots...your hopeless sue happy idiots......

flabbergasted at its population of paranoid nutballs.

Isn't it interesting that those with the least amount of verbal and writing skill are the ones most irate about us? Are they feeling a little inadequate? More later.

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  1. Wow, I think the CRNA's protest too much... When CRNA's protest this much; it prompts (or should prompt) the rest of us to seriously consider that they are either in denial or they are out-right lying about Versed, it's true effect on patients and the real reason it's used. The above comments are very suspect...