Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Safe Patient Project: I got off easy

I guess I got off easy. I only had apparently hardened criminal drug pusher types inject me with enough drugs to stop an elephant, without permission, informed consent or alerting me to their subversive ideas. So much for patient autonomy. Could have been worse I guess. They could have killed me. I know they tried real hard. I have a medic alert bracelet to prevent me being given Midazolam/Versed and also NOT to transport me to the place I went for treatment. I can't help but feel that if these people treated me like they did BEFORE I have had them investigated by various and sundry boards for breaking numerous patient laws and by the FBI for fraud, imagine what they would do to me now...

I guess I got off easy because my broken arm didn't have to be amputated due to the inept surgeon. Luckily I got the offending hardware taken out BEFORE it completely severed my tendons and before it caused enough nerve damage to render me a complete cripple. I only had to have one more surgery to correct the mistakes made in the first one. Lucky me. I will never be the same because of my botched surgery, but I still have partial use of my hand. I got off easy.

I think I got off easy because the KIDNEY infection I got from them playing around with a catheter could just as easily been an MRSA infection. Mine was curable. Course it costs money to get cured, or I could have let it go and had kidney failure, but I didn't. Lucky me I had enough DOG pills around that I got rid of the infection on my own without any more "help" from medical people.

I got off easy because it only took 4 years, counseling and Lexapro to get back my normal mental function. Sort of. But at least I didn't end up in a loony bin because of their little drug Versed/Midazolam. I didn't end up in jail either for murdering the arrogant careless slobs who attacked me at the medical center. I am so blessed.

Many of the people at this site Safe Patient Project: Share Your Story - Medical Errors have not been so lucky as me. The common thread through here is CARELESSNESS! Followed by the laws that protect these inept medical people from being held accountable for their actions. Mistakes happen, but more and more we are hearing stories about careless, entirely preventable mistakes costing people their lives and their health. There doesn't seem to be any way for patients to rein in these quacks and get them out of health care. No way to sue them, hell, we can't even get them to admit that there was a mistake or apologise! We can't get our medical records. We can't get them to explain what the hell they were thinking! Why should they be any different? They don't give a damn about their patients and they are completely protected by law. We are only items of enrichment. Even if they kill us they still get paid, so where's the downside? These stories make me sick. They also make me feel lucky, lucky, lucky!

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