Monday, June 21, 2010

White House Phone Answerer Says FINE!

I called the White House a few months ago to complain about the lawbreakers and criminal drug pusher types in the medical field. After all I had heard Obama declaiming how we have to "bend the curve of health care costs downward." Sounds wonderful doesn't it? If they quit using the dangerous drug Versed on everybody and FORCED medical people to comply with the regulatory dictate of "informed consent" they could save MILLIONS of dollars every year in unnecessary health care costs couldn't they? NOT SO FAST!

The man who answered the White House phone gleefully informed me that he felt that Versed was used to prevent lawsuits, like this was a justifiable excuse to melt people's minds! I generally don't tend to lump people into categories, but this gentleman had a heavy ghetto accent. What would he care about some stupid white lady complaining about illegal drug use by health care "professionals?" I was totally shocked by this statement. Versed as a lawsuit deterrent! Oh yeah that makes it OK. (NOT) So Obama isn't the slightest bit interested in "bending the curve of health care costs downward" at all. It seems to me, after my conversation with his minion, that Obama is only interested in having the government take over health care so that any "profit" that health care insurers get will be transformed into government money. Yippee for the so-called "Health Care Reform." It isn't reform at all.

With the attitude of his ghetto boy phone answerer it means even more unnecessary mind control injections for the benefit of health care providers and the coffers of the government! Not forcing health care people to follow the law, and then giving them immunity from lawsuits (they already have this in the main part, but they want MORE immunity) will only result in INCREASED costs and a wholesale assault on patients. Are you starting to feel as I do that we are all slaves on the plantation and it doesn't matter what medical people do? Must keep those slaves in line... Who would listen to their slave anyway?

This is not an isolated incident with Obama. His take on securing our border is this "If we do anything to secure the borders then Republicans (like they are evil people and like ALL Democrats are in favor of having open borders for drug smugglers and human traffickers) won't vote for "Immigration Reform." Reform only means "amnesty for lawbreakers" and "anything goes," whether we are talking about health care or illegal immigration. Question anything coming from the government that has the word "Reform" in it. Reform only means bad things for us citizens...

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