Friday, June 4, 2010

More of the Same

Versed Blog this is a very interesting conversation on a couple of levels. First of all there is Pam from Adventures in Cardiology talking about her experience in a prestigious hospital with a renowned surgeon and the deception, subterfuge and substitution. Not to mention being drugged into oblivion, AND while still being "awake" they were literally ripping her heart to pieces. Then we have the same typical response; when what you are doing is way, way out of control, resort to ridiculous hyperbole.

These medical people just cannot admit that ANYTHING they do is wrong. Not even when it is as egregious as what happened to Pam. There is no aspect of her care that should be "standard of care" at any hospital in a civilized society. Not one. There is NO EXCUSE for what happened to her. NONE! The scary part is that this hospital, Johns Hopkins is revered as a shining example of the very best of care. Sorta makes ya wonder doesn't it? We are not safe anywhere are we? Not even in the best hospital (arguably) in the entire country.

It doesn't matter if its MORALLY reprehensible or illegal, they will find excuses. YOU signed for it! We need the practice! We didn't lie to you! You said we could have the dog catcher perform your surgery! You are insane! You just don't understand us with your feeble mind! It's for your own good! Or like Chris on this versed blog; he takes an extreme and incomprehensible tack wherein he accuses people who have duped and damaged by such as him (I presume) of being anti Dr. etc. Compare this response; "Of course, doctors = evil, medications = root of all evil, Big pharma = root of all evil" to Drew's post from elsewhere on here, and it is very similar to some other comments I have up on this blog. Same old familiar refrain. I wonder if they put this in the black box warning? "If patient takes exception to what you did to them with our lovely medication make wild accusations about them being Dr. haters and further accuse them of hostility toward ALL drugs and Big Pharma!" Sure, this is rational... NOT!

Then Chris adds a bizarre non sequitur to his "you hate us all" rant; "Using Fentanyl in combination with an opioid during a procedure allows for the use of less of both drugs." HUH? I thought Fentanyl was an opioid! Synthetic opioid is it not? So using an opioid with an opioid results in using less of each? How freaking AMAZING! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? We are not complaining about Fentanyl anyway and who gives a crap if you get to use less? I mean really? What are you trying to get at, Chris? I think you meant using Fentanyl with a BENZO like Versed, allows you to use less of each. Like the 2 mls of Versed it takes is a massive amount? I want MORE Fentanyl, stupid, to make certain I am not screaming in pain and being ignored by such as you because you rely on amnesia. If you think this is a wonderful excuse to use Versed, are you deranged? Give me enough Fentanyl to stop the pain and forget about the damn amnesia. Can't you do your job? If you need to hide behind amnesia then YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG! If you can't manage pain and need amnesia from Versed, you my friend are incompetent. (period) God save us from sanctimonious idiots like Chris. As a final thought, if I am going to be in so much pain that Fentanyl won't stop it, then I need general anesthesia, not amnesia. What a sadistic person you are Chris. You need help!

We have a legitimate complaint about the use of one particular drug. We have legitimate complaints about our ABUSE because of this drug's amnesia and obedience components. These people only make themselves look nuts when they defend the indefensible. (please see my post on "Narcissistic Personality Disorder.") There are too many of these insane people in medicine right now...

I have to mention once again that there are many of us who do not get the desired (by them) amnesia. What the hell are you medical people saying to people like me? HMMMM? Oh yeah one other medical person poster told me... GFY. Nice.

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