Friday, June 18, 2010

Originally this blog was mainly about Midazolam

Weirdly enough, although this blog originally started as a NO MIDAZOLAM/VERSED blog, it is evolving as I root around in the medical field. Versed is only the tip of the iceberg. My ill fated encounter with medicine as practiced today was the TOTAL disregard of my wishes about anesthesia, IE, no sedation type drugs and no general anesthetic. This started my saga. Next on the agenda was the total and complete lack of communication from my surgeon as well. He concealed pertinent information including such items as where the incision was going to be, side effects, risks, and alternative procedures. He also concealed his lack of skill, letting me believe that he was an EXPERT at this surgery. ZERO communication regarding the anesthesia and the surgery is NOT an auspicious start.

Which leads me to this next revelation! Read Adventures in Cardiology also listed in another post and then read THIS! BlogCatalog This is must read material if you ARE a woman, have a mother that you like, a girlfriend or wife. This is how we are viewed by the medical community. The complete disregard for us or our bodies is shocking. It's a short article and I draw your attention to the comments section.... in particular the comment from June 16, 2010. It wasn't me making any of these comments by the way. Do you see a pattern of abuse by medical practitioners and a singular lack of restraint on their part? Do see any reason why the medical folks are screaming about "tort reform?" As egregious as their behavior is, it is still impossible to hold these people to any kind of standard OR hold them accountable for violations of the law and/or their ineptitude.
Here is the excerpt; as usual the italics and bold face are mine.
At June 16, 2010 10:50 PM , Anonymous ViolenceAgainstWomen said... I was hysterectomized and castrated without my consent, and even at my refusal to consent. If you say "no" to sex with a man and he rapes you, he will be arrested. If you say "no" to a hysterectomy, and the doctor hysterectomizes you anyway, the doctor is rewarded. What kind of sick country is this? I've learned the hard lesson that doctors have immunity when it comes to hacking up and mutilating women and they know it. I also filed a fraud complaint with my insurance company and they said they don't investigate that type of fraud, but they are sure there waiting for their money if you recover in a lawsuit. My attorney told me the same thing you were told, that the police wouldn't help me. I surpassed the police and contacted the county prosecutor, who also blew me off. Why are doctors criminally immune to medical abuse? I read your blog post about your's sickening that they will investigate if the doctor fondles your breasts, but if he does bodily harm against your will then that's okay. These cases are criminal not civil. I don't know what country I live in anymore either. I'm ashamed to be an American.

As I glean this kind of thing, I become more and more alarmed. It isn't just women either. There was a story not too long ago about a man who had his penis cut off by the surgeon, also without "informed" consent. Just because he may have signed a generic style "consent to treat" masquerading as "informed" consent doesn't give these medical people carte blanche, although they all seem to view it that way. If the patient verbally says NO even after they sign the hold harmless agreement, oh, sorry, the ahem "informed consent" that means that their consent has been withdrawn. That's the LAW! Here is that link;Man Sues, Says Doctors Amputated Penis Without His Consent - Health News Current Health News Medical News -

And here is what the Dr. says;Man's Penis Removal Was 'Medically Necessary' to Treat Cancer, Doctor's Lawyer Says - Health News Current Health News Med... NO DOCTOR IT WASN'T "MEDICALLY NECESSARY" TO FORCE TREATMENT ON THIS MAN!!!!! Do you get that? The scope of medical intervention is up to the PATIENT! The patient did NOT want his penis excised for any reason. It isn't YOUR decision to do something this drastic without the permission of the person who owns the body. It is up to the person whose body is to be mutilated to make that decision as to whether or not the benefits out weigh the risk. I point out that most men have a relationship with their penis that most women don't understand. It's a guy thing. This man may have been suicidal after this nasty business. How is it helpful to cut off the prized penis, if the (previous) owner of said then kills himself?! Some people prefer not to have radical intervention, so that we have DNR orders, or do you disregard those as well?

I echo the sentiments of the poster above who states; " I'm ashamed to be an American." So you have my experiences chronicled here, plus many, many people who are complaining about the high handed treatment with Versed they receive at medical centers, and these others with physical problems CAUSED by medical people... I know that the heart lady Pam received Midazolam, and I also believe that the hysterectomy lady and the penis man most likely received the little miracle drug Versed to quell any insurrection by these patients. Nice going medical people. TONE DOWN YOUR ARROGANCE! We are in charge of our own bodies and we are getting sick and tired of being forced into more treatment than we want. That goes for Versed and the wholesale assault on our bodies by people who shouldn't even be butchers. Thanks Tim from for bringing the hysterectomy blog to my attention!

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