Monday, June 7, 2010

For New Readers; Medical Records are in 2009 Posts

This blog is getting a little long. My medical charts, correspondence from the surgeon (in lieu of the real charts which he has continued to conceal from me, in violation of the law) my x rays from all sources, excerpts from medical journals pertaining to my ORIF surgery outlining what the risks are and admonishing about revealing these risks, including the fact that better results are obtained by having the patient awake, a youtube video of an ORIF showing the PROPER installation of the hardware, pictures of a fake skeletal arm with my actual hardware installed on it to the exact specifications as shown on my x rays, a list of the laws broken, links to the investigations by the bodies and boards which oversee medical care etc are all in the posts from 2009. What I don't have are some charts, as I said, the surgeon refuses to release his and the hospital heavily redacted what little they gave me! I also do not have the results of the JCAHO, they refuse to release these as well.

If you come upon a link which doesn't work any more such as the one where the hospital was cited by the Idaho Board of Health and Welfare for numerous violations pertaining to my care, please drop me a line. I can scan those documents into the computer and put them up for your viewing pleasure. (That's right, I printed them out just for such an eventuality) I have used these documents to prove my case. They also had a draft of the new and improved "informed" consent which actually has most of the information required by law on it, in the Idaho Board of Health and Welfare pages along with Dorothy's (patient relations nurse or shall I say lawsuit mitigation person?) lame excuses about "inferred" consent. It shows where Aaron claims that I gave consent by "not objecting" once he gave me tons of Versed. Course he very pointedly leaves out that I was sedated at the time I "didn't object." Sedation is never ever mentioned anywhere at any time. He didn't have my permission to sedate me. Find one spot in here where I allegedly knew about any sedation. He told this same story to the nursing board, so there is ample proof of his duplicity and inability to tell the WHOLE truth. Aaron doesn't mention any signed consent forms for any of this either. I let you draw your own conclusions about that, but, if you were being investigated by just about every single board there was, wouldn't you mention an informed consent if there was one? Fun link.

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