Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Anecdotal" Evidence

Our omnipotent health care providers are telling us how safe Versed is. They tell us how everybody just loves it. (Except YOU, you deviant) They tell us that our procedures would be too scary, too painful, just too everything bad for us to possibly bear without their control and humiliation drug Versed, don't they? They also ridicule those of us who have had a bad experience with this drug, insult our intelligence and otherwise harass us about just this one little poison, saying that our suffering and mental dysfunction from Versed is merely "anecdotal." Know how often *I* have heard that our experience with this drug is just "anecdotal" as if anecdotal evidence is beyond the pale? Probably at least one hundred times. Since they all love injecting patients with Versed, why would there be any scientific studies about this? They wouldn't want empirical evidence to prevent them from using Versed on YOU would they. Well, here's more proof that they don't want to be poisoned with Versed THEMSELVES! Oh heavens NO, they are protective of their brain function, yours doesn't matter. (thanks Tim from for finding this)

Here's the quote:Gareth Says:

Physicians and most nurses know enough to avoid Versed. There is just too much anecdotal evidence against Versed to recommend it. I graduated from pharmacy school in 1980, then medical school and now I’m retired. I always thought that the and versedbusters were nuts. Not anymore. I recently had a procedure and got 4mg Versed; the experience (and the nighmares) were horrible. I have tried (more or less) every anesthesia drug on the planet (and I was credentialed for deep sedationand to administer propofol)………I would not use Versed for anything………. (Huh? "Too much anecdotal evidence" for health care PROVIDERS to have Versed used on them? italics and bold face type mine)

Here's the link to the entire site:

Amnesia from anesthesia? My experience with conscious sedation « inquisitive geek with fibroid tumors ™ blog

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