Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doctor (allegedly) Rapes Sedated Patients

Oh my this just can't be true! "Our patients are always treated with respect and dignity." "There are too many people involved in the care of our patients for anything like this to happen." "Patients would never do anything under sedation that they wouldn't ordinarily do!" "You people are crazy to think that any sexual misconduct could happen to sedated or unconscious patients!" These and other similar statements are on this blog and can be found all over the web. And then I found this little jewel of a web-site. Unethical Doctors « Vitals Spotlight – We Give the Doctor an Exam My my. I want you to check out Dr. Kevin Lang.... GASTROENTEROLOGIST. Isn't this the exact profession where bare bottoms and Versed are routine???? Here's the excerpt, but the rest of the site is good reading as well.

Dr. Kevin Lang: Sexual Misconduct Involving Sedated Patients


Dr. Kevin Lang, a gastroenterologist at Marshfield Clinic and Saint Josepth’s Hospital, resigned after admitting to allegations of sexual advances that were brought forward by at least two female patients.

Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing are pursuing legal action against Dr. Lang based on receiving reports from former patients being touched inappropriately. One patient said she felt his sexual advances while she was recovering from sedation, after her medical procedure was completed.

The clinic is waiting to see if any other patients will come forward, as Lang’s attorney is not denying these allegations, instead communication how ashamed his client feels about his conduct.

The state Medical Examining Board is pursuing claims of about a dozen incidents following endoscopic examinations.”

According to Vitals (bad link removed) Dr. Kevin Lang completed his medical degree at University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Medicine which is one of the top ranking medical schools nationwide.

Please call Marshfield Clinic to report any incidents involving Dr. Kevin Lang: 715-221-6606


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